Good Reads: Here We Are, This is You and Me

I don’t have any makeup on yet, my favorite jeans have a big hole in the knee, Tom’s on his third outfit so far, and we both smell faintly of spit up.

He just started crawling, so things are about to look very different around here.

But enough about me, let’s get to the good stuff:

Have you seen the Reluctant Entertainer’s Apple Pie in a Jar recipe? It makes jars of apple pie filling that you can give as hostess gifts or use to make a quick pie. But really, don’t you see yourself opening up a jar and just eating the pie filling instead of actually making a pie?

The Lesson on Mental Clutter at Unclutterer is a super-helpful approach to getting things done and letting things go, especially when you live with other people. I try to remind myself of this when I’m picking up around the house.

For her daughter’s birthday, Megan said, “I told each of the mamas of the party guests (all are sweet friends of mine) that we have more than enough toys and other stuff in our home already. For this party, I invited each of them to send their daughters with a wrapped book for a book exchange. In other words, everyone brings a book and everyone goes home with a book.” Read more about the red bird themed party at SortaCrunchy.

A couple of years ago we thought it was a good idea to have some food stored for emergencies, so I bought extra canned goods and we kept them in the bottom of the linen closet. Of course, no one wanted to eat those foods, so they stayed there until we finally had to eat them as we emptied the pantry during No Spend Month. If I had first read the helpful advice in Prepping 101 from Homestead Revival, we might have been saved from all those cans of “vegetable medley.”

I just found out today is a National Day of Unplugging, and here I am giving you more to read. (I didn’t even realize when the Olympics were about to start a few weeks ago, so maybe I need to stay a little more plugged in.) It’s a big change from the entertaining 1995 Newsweek article about how the internet is an over-hyped fad and no one will want to shop online.

And did you know today is the first day of spring?! We’ve got to do something special for this today.

Enjoy your weekend!
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  1. First day of spring? We’ve got snow and 30 mph winds. Quite depressing!

    Tom is about to crawl–eh?!! Yes, life gets interesting for a bit. Love the picture of him asleep while you’re taking pictures. I love those moments!

    mrs.e´s last post…Friday Favorites

    • We’ve got snow too, which is such a surprise for Dallas! I can’t believe the fat snowflakes that are coming down right now.

  2. I love these pictures!! One minute asleep…one minute NOT! So cute…

  3. This was a great post! I loved the Newsweek article, and now I want to make pie. So, Thanks! Happy Spring!

  4. Thanks for the linky-love. You have an awesome site here!

    Sandy´s last post…Live with Gusto: Goodbye Auntie Ellen!

  5. Thanks for the great sites! Love the pics!