Good Reads for Your Weekend

So many tips I want to pass along to you this weekend…

Why You Need A Sidekick And How To Get One — from Inspired to Action

Struggling with Time-Debt — from Get Rich Slowly

Kideos — online videos for kids, kind of like YouTube, but screened to be safe and age-appropriate. (Our three-year-old daughter will surprise us with how well she uses the computer. She somehow added a little pink pet to my husband’s Facebook account, and it took him a good half hour to figure out how to delete it and restore his manly rep.)

You’re guaranteed to find new lunch ideas you like from the nearly one hundred amazing comments you shared this week. I especially liked Rochelle’s idea (why didn’t I think of this?):

I usually try to bring leftovers for lunch at work. Many times I will actually portion out my lunch first. I started doing this when there were consistently no leftovers at night, and no one seemed to complain about there not being enough. It also helped me choose smaller portions at dinner time!

Special thanks to artist Mary Anne Davis for sponsoring Small Notebook. She makes fine porcelain dinnerware and serveware from her studio in the Hudson Valley. Learn more about her work (including custom work) at Davistudio.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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  1. m streets says:

    Saw this storefront photo in my blog reader and was jealous that Dallas doesn’t have the sort of street character of where this must have been taken (hamptons, mass islands, etc.). Then I clicked on the link and realized it’s taken a two minute walk from my house.

    Gotta stop and smell the roses!

    • What a nice surprise! We’ve spent many weekend mornings at Corner Market. I like the chicken salad, the BLT’s, and their iced coffee.

      Next door is Society Bakery which is owned by a friend of mine.

  2. I love the link to Kideos. I’m going to share that with my sister, who’s looking for this kind of thing for her little ones.

  3. Those dishes have the most beautiful delicate hues!

    Laura @ PARING DOWN´s last post…Crate and Barrel Vase: My FIRST GIVEAWAY!

  4. Vermontmommy says:

    Love the picture of the store front ands the pottery. Thanks for the book suggestions. I will check the out at out library. Love your blog.

  5. I bookmarked your post on lunches earlier this week – there were so many great answers! I already have a ton of new ideas for lunch to try this week!

  6. I had no idea that Kideos even existed. I’m so excited to spend some time there with my granddaughter!

    Tina@RideOnToys´s last post…The Razor PowerWing Scooter Provides A Side-To-Side Ride

  7. Thank you for mentioning my work, Rachel! It is a pleasure to support your wonderful tips. I look forward to reading your blog when it arrives in inbox. Warm regards and a happy belated Earth Day!

    Mary Anne Davis´s last post…Erica Bertke and Joe Nickol

  8. Ooh, I can see myself serving all kinds of yummies in those dishes. Perhaps chocolate lavender mousse and prosecco … while the kids are watching Kideos. Love it.

  9. Wow. Thanks for the link, Rachel!

    And that Kideos site….my kids are going to LOVE it!

    Kat @ InspiredToAction´s last post…GIVEAWAY! Motivation Monday: Get Ready For Summer

  10. Oh- my face is beet red! I’m so glad I could help you.

    Rochelle´s last post…After work chaos

  11. Love the picture of the store front ands the pottery. Thanks for the book suggestions. I will check the out at out library. Love your blog.