The Closet Makeunder

Before: all the clothes piled on the floor because I had too many clothes in four different sizes. After cleaning them out and then adding a couple of things, my clothes now feel more like an ensemble rather than a mish-mash of clothes that don’t fit.

And the closet floor stays clean!

Doug’s side of the closet always stays organized. It’s so easy: you have shirts, and you have pants. All the same size and all worn year-round. I’m a little envious.

And then here’s my side, and yes it does feel a little odd to show my closet to everybody, but here it is finished!

What I like most about my side of the closet is I have room to hang up all of the summer and winter clothes together, since I have fewer clothes now. I used to keep the off-season clothes stored away and would rotate them, but that required extra work. Now I keep my maternity clothes stored away.

These hanging canvas organizers have been so handy. They’re simple to move from one apartment to the next. I use mine for shoes and sweaters, and Doug uses his for socks and underwear, sweaters and shorts. I like how easy they are to hang from the bars with velcro, so we don’t have to mount them. Every time we change apartments, we rearrange them. I really like the half-sizes, but we also have some full-length ones. The three-shelf size is so versatile, and so is the shoe organizer.

In the corner behind the door we wedged dresses, scarves, and his shoes. The laundry hamper fits behind the door.

When I was going through the closet, I didn’t take it all out at the same time, but I worked in sections over a few days. It was easier to sort through just the pants and see which ones I should give away rather than face everything at once. I also took time to clean it, because closets can get rather dusty.

I cannot even tell you how much nicer it is to get dressed in the morning now!

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  1. Looks great…and really organised; it makes it so easy to find stuff.

    Clothes always seems so much easier for men! :-)

    laura@move to portugal´s last post…A {Frugal} Challenge

  2. I’m so inspired!!! I really need to only keep that stuff that I really love and that I wear most and give way everything else. Living simply right?!!

  3. Lovely–it’s obvious that you put your month away from blogging to very good use!


    steadymom´s last post…Homemade Fun :: Book Review and Giveaway

  4. Denise C. says:

    Wow! I love the storage organizers! So neat & clean! I am so inspired to makeover my closet now. :)

  5. I love the make-over! Isn’t it nice to look at something clean and fresh? Also, I’m pretty sure I saw a Monchhichi in there! ( So classic it makes me want to look for mine :)

  6. It looks great! There is just something so satisfying about walking into a neat and tidy closet where everything is in its place. I think I might need tips on how to keep the closet organized. That is a big struggle for me.

  7. Maybe I’m weird but I LOVE organizing closets and I always get excited when bloggers post about their closet. I like how you color coordinated your tops!

    Jin6655321´s last post…Tilapia, I Love Ya

  8. Much thanks for sharing your finished results with us; I have been anxious to see your finished closet!
    Your series of posts in this topic reminds me that we don’t *need* to have so many clothes. As I have been working on my own closet I removed the stained, poorly fitting, not worn in years items. Some new items made their way into the closet, but I’m definately working with less than I had in the past. It feels good to actually use everything that’s currently in my closet. Now I just have to organize it!
    As always, love your posts!

    Kim from Philadelphia

  9. My closet is pretty neat ~ in fact, we have a very similar setup. However, things that don’t quite fit on hangers (like shorts) are all crammed in on the shelves between the hanging area and on top. I LOVE the hanging organizers and the boxes in there. I used to have some of those hanging organizers when I lived in NYC, but have since lost them. I’m now motivated to go get some again! Thanks.

    Jackie Lee´s last post…The Sales Funnel Simplified

  10. Great job! I’m definitely inspired.

  11. Ha ha, you weren’t kidding when you mentioned that you didn’t need any more white shirts :). It looks great. So, just out of curiosity, what did you end up buying to update your wardrobe? I always struggle with that as a mom of two little ones, because my life mainly consists of grocery shopping, going to the park or beach, going for walks/playing outside, and staying at home. Thus, it’s really hard to break out of the t-shirt mode. I even try wearing an apron at home, but my 9 month old always manages to find an exposed part of my sleeve to spit up on.

    Jenni @ Life from the Roof´s last post…Diaper Deal of the Decade

  12. Your closet looks great! I need to work on mine. I often go through and pull out a little here and there, but I need to do a big purge and clear out some space.

    Where do you put your undies/socks/etc? Oh, and pjs?

  13. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing….

    angelvalerie´s last post…controlling the world…

  14. Excellent job! I did the same too about 2 weeks ago. Its been a long time since I bought clothes for myself (about 3 years). So I donated 98% of my clothing (both old and out of size). We had trip coming up and we visited Pittsburgh, and PA doesnt have taxes on clothing and I find good variety there. So I replaced my wardrobe :). It looks much cleaner and organized now. And being in AZ, I dont have to worry about seasonal clothes….all the clothes can be worn year round (most of it at least) :).

  15. Rachel,

    Closet make-over looks clean and clutter free. I keep my shoes (3 pairs) I am sort of minimalist in a garage. We do not wear shoes inside home so one more less thing to keep in side the closet and it helps to keep dirt outside.

    Zengirl @heart and mind´s last post…Are we honest with family and friends?

  16. Love the “new” closet. I try to purge often and now that I’m 7 months pregnant, I’ve realized there are some items in my closet I haven’t worn for years and will probably never wear again, some things that I always go to and others I can’t stand. So why am I keeping them? Looks like I’ll have a few more bags for the curb-side donation pick-up.

    And thanks for the tips on cleaning out and shopping!

    Nicole´s last post…bliss list ~ may

  17. “summer” clothes? “winter” clothes? The only things I don’t wear all year ’round are my boots and winter coat. And my goodness your closet is huge!

  18. That makes me happy just looking at it! And how lucky you are to have a walk in closet! Ours is about 8 feet long for the two of us, but over half of it is behind a wall so its not really usable space! It helped that we purged so much before this last move!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…A Haircut, a Wedding, and a lot of Photoshop

  19. You guys have “no” clothes. How do you do it?

    Jena (Organizing Mommy)´s last post…The aftershocks..

  20. seems like i have to do this to my closet every year! i think my major closet hangup is “memory” clothes… like the dress i wore to my high school graduation 10 years ago. yikes!

  21. DAMN YOU!!! you closet looks like an ikea commercial, mine looks like a pile of tshirts and a pile of pants. Maybe I should hanger my tshirts they look sooo orderly.

    Bankruptcy Benjamin´s last post…FFJ-Earn Extra Cash

  22. Sorry what do you do with shorts in your hanger only closet?

    Bankruptcy Benjamin´s last post…FFJ-Earn Extra Cash

  23. looks wonderful. kudos to you for being able to achieve such a great result! and again, thank you for another truly inspiring post….

    francesca´s last post…Flat Irons – beginners guide