Just What Everyone Needs, Right?

Is it just me or does this decorative wall hanging strike anyone else as funny?

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  1. That is funny. I love it.
    A similar irony: I stopped subscribing to Real Simple magazine because I wasn’t getting a chance to read it and they were cluttering up my house.

    • Denise C. says:

      Real Simple is such a HUGE magazine!

    • That’s funny. I have a similar problem!

      Nicole´s last post…bliss list ~ may

    • I too, stopped my Real Simple subscription when I (finally!) realized the only thing simple about it was the layout!

      Rhiannon´s last post…Megan Neilson Rocks!

    • I’m letting my subscription to that magazine expire. There are WAY too many recommended commercial products to ‘simplify’ anyone’s life, and they’re all INSANELY overpriced! Last issue there was an article about simplifying laundry, and they had like 6 products you could buy, from gourmet detergent to ‘laundry perfume’ at like $60 a bottle! who buys that stuff?? I skim the recipes section, nothing too interesting there anyways, and RECYCLE it. It’s one huge advertisement with pretty photos. I just had to vent!

      Nikki (Trexel) Moore´s last post…why we don’t eat much meat

      • Elizabeth B says:

        Oh, thank God. I was thinking I was the only one. Seriously? $500 dresses for moms? Seriously?

      • I just get some of their emails, and browse their website, and you can still find lots of good lists and tips for making easy household natural cleaners and getting stains out of clothing and tablecloths… That way, they’re FREE articles, no waste to recycle, and I can immediately find what I want to read about. =)

  2. Its not exactly simple, is it? lol

    Debra´s last post…Random Things.

  3. That is hilarious! Nothing says simplify like a frou-frou, overly decorative, fake greenery-wrapped, faux country sign that was probably made in China by an underpaid worker and shipped thousands of miles for you to buy and use to clutter up your home. ;) I love it!

    Morgan´s last post…Ray and Esther’s Wedding

  4. It’s like the people that tell you that in order for you to ‘go green’ you have to but lots of their stuff!!!!!

  5. Haha, brilliant.

    rachel´s last post…Wise words…

  6. TOO FUNNY! I didn’t even scroll down to see your comment before I laughed out loud! This post just made my morning a bit brighter – I needed that smile and laugh:)

    Lillian´s last post…{this moment} On a Buggy Ride

  7. I can’t say it any better than Morgan (see comment above.)

    So funny.

    Glenda Childers´s last post…Remembering Hallie (part nine) ~ just for fun!

  8. Ok, love the irony… but I’m going to have to say it…
    DAMN THAT’S UGLY!!! hehehe nothing like some faux crap to simplify your decor.

    Sarah Miller´s last post….

  9. Karen (in Scotand) says:

    I stopped subscribing to Eve magazine when they decided to have a “green” section every issue and one of their first articles was “How to buy green yet still buy designer and spend a fortune” (OK, not quite the title of the article but you get the gist!)

    It particularly stuck in my throat because, just a year before, they had produced a whole series mocking some basic “green” stuff (mooncups, wormeries, cloth nappies etc).

    Some companies just don’t get it…
    Karen (in Scotland)

  10. LOVE it! I swear I would have bought it just for the conversation-starter qualities. And so digging on Morgan’s comment. Tru dat!

  11. I have stopped buying books on how to simplify my life. I just started doing it. Not with huge effort but one small step at a time. It works and my life now is definitely simpler than last year this time.

    Jenny´s last post…Praise Report

  12. Well, I am actually going to defend this item for a special class of people. I have seen many homes cluttered with the country motif, and an item like this may inspire them to take a baby step toward a more simplified life.

  13. Hah! I might have purchased that 15 years ago. Baby steps, right?
    Every cluttered mountain is scaled one tacky plaque at a time.

    Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen´s last post…Tooting My Horn – Summer Edition

  14. Michelle says:

    If it was only that simple right?

  15. AMEN to all the comments! Stuff like that usually makes me gag.

  16. That is too funny!

    Betty Jo´s last post…simple food

  17. That is rich! And good for you for catching the irony.

  18. Speechless! (but smiling)

    Courtney Carver´s last post…Clearing the Clutter You Can’t See

  19. Jacobsmom says:

    oh yeah- that looks real “simple!”

  20. That’s so funny Rachel – thanks for the laugh and yeah, Morgan said it well… I hadn’t heard the words frou frou in ages, they have completely disappeared from my life – yeah, I guess life is simpler here in the hills…

  21. This is way too funny! I have a “simplify” sign that is very plain shabby chic vintage looking (it’s actually quite nice looking ~ not at all like the one pictured) and have never hung it up!!! It’s actually on the list for the next antique flea market sale.

  22. This is hilarious. I just finished reading the book Simple Prosperity by David Wann and in one section he talks about all the stuff people buy to decorate their homes and making their homes look like model homes and how ridiculous that is. This sign made me think of that and how much money people spend to decorate their home instead of having a simplified home that is much more classy with meaningful pictures and/or art instead of mindless wall clutter.

    Jen C.´s last post…Wordless Wednesday

  23. The sign is funny enough….but the comments are hilarious! It is tacky and gawdy and just screams “clutter” to me.

  24. Ha! Good laugh, thanks for sharing-

    Michelle´s last post…Piggies!

  25. You almost made me spit out my coffee on that one. So funny.

    Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists´s last post…Fox Splitter: a useful Firefox browsing tool

  26. HA HA! That’s hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

    Jackie Lee´s last post…How to Get People on Your Bus

  27. Funny!! I have always wondered about ‘Real Simple’, ‘Martha steward Living’ kinda mags! Why cant I keep the house simple and clean! Loved the idea my hubby gave me – Let them have about 10 kids from ages 3-12 and let them stay there for a week then publish the pics!!! Good pic though!!

  28. Somebody stole this from my ex-mother in law!

  29. Uh huh!

  30. I have to agree with Pam. I have lived in the totally undecorated house and it can be a bit depressing. Better a friendly reminder, than a more is better sentiment. I love the ones that remind us of the Good Book. Aside from that, Simple is not quite so, um dust-catchy…..

  31. That made me laugh…I see a little oxymoron action there!

    Amy Lynne´s last post…Menu Plan for the Week 6-13-10

  32. Adrienne says:

    I had a good laugh at this and I showed it to my husband. He jokingly said, well you don’t know what the sign looked like before they “simpified”. And I realized that simplicity is truly relative depending on the individual. My goal is to be as simple as possible, but I am on a journey, and what’s simple to me may be complicated to another person. Needless to say, that sign made me laugh!

  33. Bwhahahaha!

  34. Oh thanks for the chuckle – I needed that!!! As the photo downloaded I thought – she can’t be serious… and then I thought – shew she isn’t!!!

    se7en´s last post…The Week That Was – 2.50…

  35. I think I just realized that isn’t glitter–it’s paint spatter. That makes it, oh, so much better. ‘Simpler’, I think. Ha!

    Love all your thoughts–very witty and sassy! :)

  36. Thanks too funny – thanks for the laugh!

    Tina@RideonToys´s last post…The Five Person Pedal Surrey Is Fun For The Entire Family

  37. What, no room for ribbon? Bows? A rooster? Raffia? This somehow feels incomplete. Too….. Simple! ;)

    Krys´s last post…Organizing the Diaper Bag – Toddler Style

  38. thanks for sharing.. I think you may be on to something here–irony in decorating. Mixed message decor. Perhaps a link up for “great finds”??

    Jena (Organizing Mommy)´s last post…The aftershocks..

  39. I LOVE it. I did a post with a bunch of similarly-wacky things I found at a discount store a while back. If you start paying attention, there are some real “gems” in these places. Here’s the post: http://remarkablydomestic.com/2010/03/05/and-now-for-something-completely-different/

    Beth´s last post…Spicy Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

  40. haha Oh the irony! Loving the comments too.

    mama k´s last post…I’m so blue-hoo-hoo!

  41. haha! that’s awesome.

    tillie´s last post…seriously

  42. hilarious… maybe if it was the ONLY thing you put on your walls, then it would seem ‘simple?’ no… no it wouldn’t.

    rachel @ perfectly imperfect´s last post…things i looked down on before i was a parent

  43. Hahaha! Thank you. I really needed to see this post today.

  44. thanks for the laugh!

    It’s a great reminder, too. Even a simpler SIMPLIFY wall hanging might not be the best use of my money if I’m trying to simplify my life.
    Anne´s last post…Easter Chickens Instead of Easter Baskets