Good Reads: the Smokin’ Hot Edition

Almonds are drying on trays on my apartment balcony.

Who needs a dehydrator when it’s a hundred and seven outside? Thank you, Texas.

(If you’re wondering what drying almonds is all about, soak nuts for several hours in salt water, then dehydrate them until they’re crispy crunchy. It makes them tasty and easier to digest. The Nourishing Gourmet explains it better.)

Good Reads for your weekend:

Little Changes, Big Results — from Pink of Perfection

Temporary Living — from Like Mother, Like Daughter

Garage Sales are Weird — from Sit a Spell

Decoration Philosophy — from White as Linen

How to Make a Bento (Lunch) Box — from Alpha Mom (The cuteness will kill me. I love this stuff.)

Have a good weekend!
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  1. Denise C. says:

    Ah Texas, I miss still miss living there. I am a heat-loving person by nature, & would thrive in 110* heat. :)

    Have a good weekend! :)

  2. Oooh, I love the Bento box lunch ideas! My kids would adore it.

    FYI – it’s so hot here my kids and I cooked (albeit slowly) an egg on a griddle in our backyard. Nice…

    Kat @ Inspired To Action´s last post…Why Moms Need To Say- “SWIPER! NO SWIPING!” To The Infomercial Mentality

  3. vermontmommy says:

    Great idea. It was 110 yesterday in our backyard. Yikes! I have been making sun tea, drying clothes and ridding stains away. What else can we do with the heat?

  4. Wow…never seen almonds dry-

    sandy toe

  5. Those almonds look GOOD! I love almonds, so I’ll totally try the soak-n-dry method. Awesome!

    Almonds are my most favorite morning snack while teaching. I usually have about 15 seconds to eat, so it’s good to have something you only need a teeny handful of.

    liz´s last post…back to it

  6. Hey friend! We are SWELTERING up here, too.

    um, THANK YOU for the Sit A Spell link. As you know, that’s totally (!!!) where my heart is right now. I’ve been assessing each room, delighting in the idea of getting rid of stuff. I tend to want to give everything away, but the numbers in that link helped me remember that what seems like such a small amount to us can make a huge impact in the lives of others.

    Gorgeous links as always. XOXO

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last post…saying yes

  7. Howdy fellow Texan! I found your blog via the Nester. I love your simplicity and am truly inspired! I am sooo working on the kids playroom tomorrow! Thanks!
    Oh and yes, it’s totally scorching hot out there!

    beth´s last post…T-Shirts

  8. Hi! This is kind of off topic… but I have two used car seats and I’m not sure what to do with them (I’ve held onto them for about 2 years now). I’ve heard that it’s not safe to pass it on to someone else’s baby for safety reasons and I honestly don’t know if that’s true or not. I really don’t want to hang on to them anymore and the last thing that I want to do is to toss it. I know there’s a way out… well at least I hope so! LOL

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions? By the way, I love reading your blog!! :)

    • Hi Tana, from what I’ve heard it’s safe to pass on a car seat to someone you know. The concern for safety is that if a car seat has been in an accident, it could be damaged without the damage being visible. That’s why a parent wouldn’t want to receive a used car seat from someone they don’t know, because they couldn’t trust that it hadn’t been in an accident.

    • Tana,

      Rachel is right about sharing with someone you know who might be in need.

      This might be a coincident but yesterday only I was looking to donate infant car seat and stroller. I have found that local woman’s shelter usually takes these items as long as they are not recalled and less then 6 years old. Check it out.

      Preeti @ Heart and Mind´s last post…Enlightment- An Awareness and Understanding

  9. Thanks for linking to our blog (Like Mother Like Daughter) and thanks for explaining dried nuts!

    Your blog looks lovely! I will poke around a bit ;)

    Leila´s last post…Having a baby and the culture of freaking out

  10. Rachel,

    I have made almonds dried like that before, I did not know anyone else did it too. Although I have not done it in a long time, this was a good reminder.

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful links.

    Preeti @ Heart and Mind´s last post…Enlightment- An Awareness and Understanding

  11. Hi, just found your blog via the Nester and I think I need many more hours to look around. Fun to see that you link up to one of my favorite blogs, Like Mother Like Daughter. Thanks for the good links.

  12. I’m so entertained by this because there is no way I could do this-the squirrels would eat them all!

  13. This looks perfect! I am so going to try this…


  14. And I love your blog too:)