If You Could Live Anywhere…

A couple of days ago Doug called me at home and said he read that with about $30,000 of income a year, our family could move to Belize and live on the beach.

Where was Belize?

It took me a split second to decide that I could quickly sell our furniture and move.

I don’t know why I was suddenly willing to do that.

Maybe it’s all these years of apartment living. Or maybe it’s how I am SO OVER my stuff.

It was obvious what my priorities were by my first two questions:

1. What kinds of food would we eat?

2. Do they have internet?

Doug said that yes, they do have internet, so if we move to Belize I can keep blogging, but I’ll be doing it with my toes in the white sand.

I’ve never chosen a city and just moved there. Every move has been job-related. I don’t think we’ll really move to Belize, but I love the idea that we could go anywhere.

What do you think? Does the idea of making a home in a foreign destination sound crazy? Or awesome? (We’d include travel funds to visit family in our budget.)

Where do you think would be a good place to live?

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  1. We just got back from Belize (went in June). My husband, 1 of our son’s and I wanted to go so badly! While adopting our 2 girls from Guatemala we flew over Belize 20X and it was so gorgeous! The Caye are the most beautiful! Caye’s are little islands. You will have to Good Goff’s Caye and Ambergrise Caye. While we were there we went to a Mayan Ruin site. That was a top to do for us since one of our little girls is Mayan. Its a must see place. Most people complain about Belize city being dirty. I have been all around the world and had no problem at all. as for food you can good that too :0)

    You can see pics on our blog in June. There are tons of Cruise pics, so you will have to look through alot! sorry!

    Mary Ann´s last post…Its Back To School

  2. My ex-Mother in Law looked into that (Belize). She figured that you could get plumbing and a maid for a little bit more than that. I think she seriously considered it.

    I think I get personally tired of the “race” that commercials and other marketing can make us feel like we’re in. The race to get more/better/bigger stuff is exhausting.

    Mel´s last post…The Best Advice…

  3. So not crazy. Living in California, you have no idea how many times I have wanted to pick up and just move. I have always wanted to live in Spain or somewhere in Europe. Sometimes a drastic change sounds so much more appealing.

    Rochelle´s last post…The Workout Challenge

  4. I would live in Jerusalem – which is where I currently live. We did this split second move 14 years ago and I’ve never regretted it. Do it! Follow your heart. Live your dream instead of fantasizing.

    shoshana kleiman´s last post…I’ve Got Those Walkin’ Blues

  5. It’s so interesting that you wrote about this! My friend and I have chosen to pick up and move to Seattle… I know, it’s not exactly foreign, but I’ve lived my whole life in Kansas City, MO… Seattle is like a whole different country comparatively! It’s such an interesting project to wrap your brain around. Where should we live? What kinds of jobs will we have? What will we do on the weekends? After being landlocked for my entire life (except for brief vacations, of course), the idea of having a large body of water within walking or driving distance is unbelievable! Not to mention that there are mountains all around as well.

    What an amazing experience!?! And the bonus definitely is the getting rid of stuff. I’m right there with you on being bogged down with all my stuff. Ugh…

    Even if you don’t end up going, entertaining the thought gives you a new perspective.

    Tanya´s last post…Setbacks and Steps Forward

  6. I would totally move back to Vicenza,Italy we lived there for 4 years. It was awesome and the cost of living there at the time wasn’t that bad either :) with that said I should mention I live in NJ so the cost of living anywhere is cheaper than here! lol

    • I lived in Vicenza from 2nd to 5th grade (1983-1986), and LOVED it! Were you connected with the military?

    • We didn’t live there but my college roommate and I stayed there one summer while we were touring Italy (it sounds much more glamorous than it was!) It was so lovely there. I remember being so impressed with that town!

    • Wow, small world!
      my husband was born in Vicenza! His poor mother delivered him during a earthquake in a military hospital where no one spoke English. Gotta love military life!

      • My oldest was born there and they had just close the hospital and made it a clinic. So he was born in the hospital downtown so happy I had a c-section cause they don’t believe in drugs :) and no spoke English when I deliver either our interpreter was sick at the time.

    • I beg to differ. :-) Alaska is a very expensive place to live…but worth it. Lol! Italy does sound fantastic.

  7. I think you should totally do it! =) We almost went to Belize a few years ago, but never actually made it. I think you could get used to beach life…


    steadymom´s last post…A Moment for Sanity

    • Maybe? I don’t know if I would start to get bored. Maybe I need a little city life too.

  8. I think about this all the time! Sometimes it is so compelling to just forget all your everyday cares, throw away all of your things, and move to some remote location to live your life in peace and relaxation. Though for me, it wouldn’t be a sandy beach, it would be Alaska. I love the cold and trees and stars and water and mountains. So beautiful! And I hear they have internet too. We’ll probably end up settling in the Northwest anyway, so I’m trying to convince my husband of the really really north Northwest. :)

    • Jennie, I have lived in Alaska since I was 2. And yes, we have internet LOL! And Starbucks and Target and shopping malls! But what we all love is being able to drive just outside of the city and within minutes reach glaciers and mountains and oceans and true wilderness. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty. I have lived here 23 years, and it still takes my breath away. The winters are dark but you get used to it. And the summers, OH, the summers! You just really have to see it. Come for a visit, you will never want to leave!

      • Oh, no! You can’t tell me that! I’m trying to convince myself that it will be horrible because I really don’t think we’ll ever actually move away from Utah where all our family lives.

        However, we are probably going up there next summer for our (very belated) honeymoon. I’m so excited to see it. I’ve been dreaming about it for years!

        • That is wonderful! Come in July. And don’t do one of the cruises, you really don’t see the best of AK that way. Come to Anchorage, and you can drive or ride the train an hour or 2 away and go on a day trip glacier/ wildlife cruise, and so much more :) Enjoy your trip!

      • Oh that sounds so amazing! I’ve always dreamed of visiting there. My brother went with my grandparents when we were little, and I’ve always been jealous!

        I just met someone the other day who lives in Alaska, and she says that they don’t really have any stores near them but need to internet shop (which is then a LONG process to get things shipped to them). I know she lives in a much more remote area.

        Are you near Anchorage? Is that the best place to visit if we were ever able to travel to Alaska?

        Erika´s last post…What moms really do -

        • You should definitely visit Denali National Park! The Kenai Peninsula (south of Anchorage) is full of beautiful scenery and pretty accessible. Valdez and Prince William Sound are gorgeous also. I live in Fairbanks, which is beautiful but a little farther off of the beaten track. I went to the Arctic Circle a few years ago, which is WAY off of the beaten track, but was gorgeous! I’d start a trip in Anchorage and then drive all over, maybe get an RV? :)

          liz´s last post…back to it

      • (((And the summers, OH, the summers!)))

        Too me…that means WATCH OUT for those B-52′s with blood-sucking straws attached to their mouths! ROFL! Hee!

        We visited my aunt and uncle in Eagle River, AK during the summers while growing up…Alaska is very beautiful.

        Michelle´s last post…For Today 18 August 2010 Simple Woman’s Daybook

      • gosh, you just described heaven! as Jeannie, i love cold weather, nature and mountains… and i live in italy, rome :

        francesca´s last post…Flat Irons – beginners guide

  9. We hope to spend a couple years living in Spain at some point. We visited there and thought it was so nice!

  10. I think it sounds awesome. We are not the type to stay in one place for too long, so we are already planning our next adventure now. Maine isn’t nearly as exotic as Belize though!

    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last post…Feels Like Chaos

  11. I would love, love, love to sell stuff and move away. My heart wants to go somewhere we could serve and make a difference . . . no idea where that would be.

    I would also love to live in the Northeast (Maine? yes, please!) or the Northwest . . . it would be so encouraging to live amongst like-minded families.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last post…big girls now

  12. My midwife moved to Belize in her retirement, and I’ve read of many people considering a move there.

    I am married to a guy who hates change and spontaneity, but I’m a nomad at heart and wouldn’t mind picking up and moving anywhere!

    Marisa´s last post…Plans for mini quilts

    • My husband and I are the exact same. He likes to meticulously plan every decision and while I bounce up and down, going, “Let’s just do it! It’ll be fun!” haha

    • Oh, me, too. My wonderful British husband loves his job and our calm life in London- I’ve been in the cold and grey for nearly 8 years. Never lived anywhere that long before in my life!

      I’ve been suggesting adventures since we met- used to daydream to him about a few years in Vietnam, and 18 months ago, our best friends moved there! They absolutely love it, we’ve been out for a visit, with our toddler, and my husband’s feeling for the first time like something adventurous might be a real possibility for us!

      Wish me luck!

      • Nothing like a vacation to stir up some possibilities! I’m glad that you get to live in a nice place now too.

  13. Sounds awesome to me. I often tell my husband that I’d be satisfied selling all our stuff and moving to Scotland to become a sheep herder. Or a potato farmer in Ireland.

    Leann´s last post…On Defeat and Pressing Forward

    • I’m with you, Leann! I’ve been to Ireland three times, and would love to spend more time there, be close enough to other countries to go for the weekend, etc. I’m in Iowa, so if I want to “take off,” it’ll be Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Illinois!

    • “potato farmer in Ireland” sounds delicious! Ireland IS one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially Connemara

      francesca´s last post…Flat Irons – beginners guide

  14. I’ve heard how affordable Belize is to retire to as well. While I don’t think I could ever live in another country permanently, I definitely want to visit there!

    Kelsey´s last post…Is Instant Messaging Good For Networking

  15. I live in Switzerland – my husband’s job brought us here. Hopefully we’ll return to the U.S. in a few years. Life here is the opposite of Belize (it’s expensive!) but it’s been a wonderful experience. The big difference is, we know it’s not permanent.

    But it’s great to get a taste of the world, from somewhere brand new, different.

    • I love Switzerland. I remember everything being so clean and organized, it was so comfortable to stay there.

  16. Denise C. says:

    I read that same article! Someday, I’d love to live some place where it’s warm all year long, has a beach, & a great atmosphere to relax in.

    Within the US, I have been to Hawaii, & it is still by far my favorite place. I was married in The Cayman Islands, but would never want to live there. (It’s actually a place where one just cannot up & move to.)

  17. I think I’d like to try a 3-year round-the-world “moving trip” in which we’d spend 6 months in 5 different places outside the US.

    My picks would be:


    and share the gospel with people while there. Of course, God is always telling me that the neighbors across the street need Him, too. Start there, rather than with the “romance” of being his vessel in foreign lands.

    Zoanna´s last post…New Blogger I Like Already

  18. I think any new place would be exciting for awhile but that after awhile we would get acclimated to the place and it would just become the norm and lose its enchantment. When that happens, I know that what I would look for and miss would be friends and family. So long as I have my immediate family near me, things are ok, but I tend to feel happiest when I also have friends who relate to our current place in life, and when we can access extended family in just a few hours. While we don’t live in a beautiful and exciting foreign country at the moment, we do have all the above: close friends nearby, extended family just far enough away to not be annoying but close enough to visit when we’d like to. So I find our current home just perfect. When I get sick of it, I work on seeing the charm and allure of it from a foreigner’s eyes and save the Belize’s of this world for vacations whereby I can cherish them as special and not let them become mundane. I’d imagine that going to the beach would lose its charm after awhile of living on the beach.

    • Oh Amber, this is so wise! … and I agree … or at least I try to remind myself that I do! :) The grass usually is always greener on the other side. I often find myself wondering why we live where we do and dreaming about picking up and just moving, but then I remind myself of the relationships we have here that we wouldn’t have any other place (even if the scenery were a little more appealing!). You’re right, though. I try to remind myself that there are pros and cons to every place. Sometimes, though, I do wish I was adventurous (and free!) enough to just pick up and go for an extended stay! :)

      Erika´s last post…What moms really do -

  19. My math was off. I guess 3 years is 36 months, so let me pick one more place for 6 months: Prince Edward Islands.

    Zoanna´s last post…New Blogger I Like Already

  20. cracks me up … no one is saying “india” (unless I missed the comment) :)

    We did just that … up and moved … and kind of picked the location (versus other state side locations).

    But I’ll be honest … my “place” that my Husb knows is on my list is ANYWHERE in Italy … although living abroad (regardless of where you call home) is not all its cracked up to be … toes in the white sand or not!

    naomi´s last post…TEA AT MITTALS

  21. I saw the same article and thought, “D@mn, now everyone is going to move there by the time I can!” I would LOVE to do exactly what you describe but my husband’s daughter is only 11YO and we have 50% custody that we don’t want to give up. I guess that gives me several years to figure out what we’d to to make money if we move there before retirement age…

  22. Sounds delightful to me to live in another country- at least for a while. I agree that even if you don’t actually move, it is intriguing to know that you could live anywhere!

  23. the idea is CRAZY/AWESOME! :) pretty cool concept! :)

  24. I would move to Thailand in a minute mainly because my son lives there and I could see him all the time. I went last year to visit and it is AMAZING. It is really cheap to live there as well. Alot of people are retiring there due to the economy. The people are just awesome, friendly etc. Sometimes I have those days when I feel like making a big change in my rat race of a life.

  25. vermontmommy says:

    Absolutely! We think about doing such things all the time. I think it it would be wonderful to up and move to a new place. We have moved around USA and loved it. We are in Texas at the moment (a place I said I would NEVER move to) and here we are! We actually bought this house without ever seeing it. We peeked in the windows the night before we closed on it but never set foot till after we closed on it! I realize that and Belize are quite different but I am all for changes.

    We visit home (Vermont) ever summer and we come up with crazy ideas of how to make it work. This last time we checked out the loca businesses for sale and went and visited a local general store with an apartment above it, we checked out a camp site that had an apartment above the check in area and a trailer home behind it. Last but no least we looked at a shack (they said cottage but it was not a cottage) on the lake. All things we talked about but back to Texas we went. LOL We always think of “crazy” new jobs we could take to make our life simpler. I think it is fun to dream.

    A few years ago I read an article and it inspired me to think about selling everything in our 3000 square foot house and moving onto a boat. Imagine that. My hubby thought it was not a good idea. Still every now and then I think about what it would be like to be living like that.

    That being said if we were given the opportunity with my hubby’s work to move to a new country we would. We don’t travel much and I would love to give a gift of the world to our three children. How grand would that be?

    • I love thinking up new jobs and business plans. We thought about living on a boat and sailing around the world too until we remembered that our kids can’t swim yet!

  26. That’s a great idea! I would go for it (hadn’t I been married to a military man)…

    My husband’s friend moved to Belize after buying a little hotel on the beach, and she’s loving every minute of her “retirement”. I just keep suggesting the idea of a vacation *wink, wink* to my hubby… Maybe some day.

  27. I’ve heard the same about Costa Rica. We’re looking to go to Belize on a family vaca in a few months. Maybe I’ll have to check it out. But honestly, the heat is not my friend, so I’d probably do better in the UK

  28. I don’t think it’s crazy at all! Our little family of four lives in hyper-busy Atlanta and I often think about leaving for a smaller, more laid back city. My husband has a dream job right now but he wouldn’t have to ask me twice to move. I’d love to move out to Flagstaff, AZ to be close to my Mom and step Dad and the beautiful high desert.

    The thing that having kids has taught me is that life is SHORT! Have as much fun as possible! The stuff is incidental.

  29. I would move to the mountains of Northern New Mexico (near Santa Fe). Partly to be near family and partly because of the beauty of the landscape up there, the cooler climate, and the culture of the people. We live in Fort Worth right now and I’m ready for a smaller town.

    • I really like Fort Worth. That’s where Doug and I used to go on dates before we got married.

  30. Are you kidding?? With an appropriate travel budget to go to see family (and perhaps help them come see you) I think it would be awesome. I think we would be in Switzerland or the French Alps in a HEARTBEAT. Unfortunately though, the cost of living isn’t quite so attractive as that of Belize…We lived in Germany for 3 years and after a year of being back “home” in the states I often find myself yearning for the culture, language, some of the food and definitely the accessible foreign travel opportunities…*sigh*

    Katie´s last post…Christmas Ideas- Gift Wrap

  31. I would move to SW Ireland in a heartbeat if we could make it work financially. Hubby and I honeymooned there and completely fell in love with that place.

    A friend of mine was a missionary in Belize and LOVED it. She has the best memories of that place – plus, they speak English, so you wouldn’t have to learn a new language :)

    Jennie´s last post…Happy Monday- Yall

  32. I read this article too! And I am totally on board. The problem…we’re about 25-35 years from retirement, so how to earn the $30K in the meantime?

    Heather´s last post…Menu Plan Monday

  33. In a heartbeat! Belize is wonderful…and I love Costa Rica. Right now, in these daily triple digits, I’d love to be somewhere in Colorado.

    Go if you can! Don’t have any regrets ~

    Pat´s last post… Meet Me on Monday

  34. My husband works for the Government and we have looked several times at moving to Guam, the Virgin Islands, or Hawaii. It is fun to research the different places, their cost of living, and their real estate, but it always comes down to family and how quickly could we get back. Fun to dream though….

    Judy :)

    Judy @ A Meek Perspective´s last post…Weekly Thought 5

  35. I would drop everything and leave my life behind to live in a cottage on the Irish coast

    Rachel Hope´s last post…How to make a 7 Year Old Happy

  36. I would love to live in Europe, but only temporarily because family and friends are important. My husband and I hope to do an Untours (www.untours.com) someday in Greece or Italy in order to experience living in and not just visiting an area. For now, we live vicariously through House Hunters International!

  37. do it!

  38. mmmmm…I’ve been to Belize & I would never opt to live there, regardless of how cheap it was. There was nothing I liked about it – nothing. Even with it being right there on the water. But obviously I didn’t see the whole country…so…not sure if $30K would get you to the “nicer” parts of the country or not.

    BUT, living overseas & trying it as an experiment while the kiddies are young – definitely. I would opt for Ireland or Spain.

    Vicki R.´s last post…Welcome to Life

  39. My aunt and uncle live in Belize, they moved there after 40 years in Massachusetts, and they love it. I’d be happy to give you their contact info or pass on any questions you have.
    As to living internationally in general, my husband folks spent their entire career teaching over-seas. Josh lived in Thessaloniki Greece, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Vienna Austria, Nicosia Cyprus, Curacao and Prague Czech Republic. I think his open minded and kind disposition come in part from those experiences.
    And finally, not be an ass (asses always say this), but life is too short to stay in Texas ; )

    juliet´s last post…free lunch is a very good thing indeed- no matter whos eating it

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I am an American that was raised overseas, so the idea of being able to live anywhere is as normal to me as sliced bread is to most people. My parents did it, and we had a fabulous childhood and my siblings and I have such a broad, rich world-view. I am grateful every day for my experiences. Now that I am 30 and have my own family and live in the US, this idea of being in ONE PLACE permanently is something I struggle with. If my husband came to me out of the blue like yours did, and suggested to move somewhere just for the fun of it, I think I would fall out of my chair with joy! If you have the opportunity to do it, DO IT. It is a wonderful adventure your family will cherish forever. If I could move anywhere, it would be anywhere in England. That is not where I grew up (I grew up in the Middle East), but we spent many summers there and I am a total Anglophile.

  41. Anywhere in the Caribbean sounds fabulous – and I’d love to know exactly how I could live in Belize for $30,000 a year. Please share details!! :)

  42. There are two places I love, but for both I’d have to make a lot more money! The first is Colorado Springs – it’s just breathtakingly beautiful. The second is London – I just love the city life there, the Tube, the culture, the people. So maybe I’ll join you in Belize!

    xo Erin

    • H,…I’m from C Springs…If you like it there, you should head southwest to Pagosa Springs. It is even MORE beautiful and with a LOT less congestion and a LOT more to do and see. I fell in love this past winter:)

      Katie´s last post…Christmas Ideas- Gift Wrap

  43. Um, I’d like to live in Portugal :-)

  44. We did it! We didn’t move to an exotic place because we decided we wanted to have access to family for weddings, birthdays, funerals etc.

    BUT, one day we woke up in our regularly scheduled life and said, “WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING?” We revisited many dreams from our earlier courtship years and made a list of our ideal place to live and took out a map. We explored every town within a days drive from our families and found the BEST community that was also much more affordable. We work half as less and have triple the quality lifestyle.

  45. I’m not positive this is accurate, but I read that Belize is the only English-speaking country in the Southern Hemisphere.

    • You might mean South America not the Southern Hemisphere. What about Australia, New Zealand, many of the Pacific Islands, South Africa…..?

    • They do speak English in Belize! I think that’s one reason Americans find it so appealing. They don’t have to be intimidated about a language barrier.

  46. My husband would be all over that! I, on the other hand, would have a hard time leaving my siblings, parents, and friends.

    Nicole´s last post…month by month

  47. We knew a couple who lived somewhere in Central America during the summer because it was cheaper than staying here. I think you should go for it. If you don’t like it you can always move somewhere else.

  48. Well, I moved to Canada after I got married last year. It wasn’t really spur of the moment, but it has been an interesting transition.

  49. I think it sounds *awesome* and I would do it in a heartbeat! My husband and I talk about this as a possibility in the next few years or maybe even once our kids are grown up and out on their own.

    Dee´s last post…helper

  50. Did it! We moved to Israel just over three years ago. One tip – do as much research about it as possible and take a pilot trip for a week or two if you can – and don’t spend it in hotels. Try and experience what you would be doing on a regular basis.
    Now, if only we could live on $30K a year. ;)

    Kelli´s last post…The Joy of Meal Planning

  51. I live on the island of Tenerife (SPAIN) and it’s not as wonderful and awesome as it would seem. We’ve been here 2.5 years so far, and I am SO ready to get back home to the good old USA. It’s fine here, but life is life no matter the location…sometimes it’s just in a different language. Tenerife is a beautiful vacation destination, and I would love to visit often – but, when you live in a place, it becomes just about as ordinary as anywhere else – minus your family.

  52. What a fun post!

    I think its crazy in a GOOD way! We only get one life…why live it so normally? Normal is a setting on your washer!

    We’re on the verge of moving as well, but we don’t know where! My husband is about ready to move up the ladder but to do so most likely requires a move. We have a list of places we’d be ok with ranging from North Carolina to Austin to Boulder, CO to Portland, OR…and a lot inbetween!

    When we moved to Seattle almost two years ago I hadn’t even visited the place before we got here! We’ve definitely learned to pare down our stuff and feel like the next move we could lighten our load even more!

    I just wish memories didn’t weigh so much…you can’t scan your first babydoll!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…Guard Dog

  53. What was your husband reading that turned this light on for him?! I’d love to pass it on to my husband to read. Rusty and I have discussed the idea of moving to Belize at some point in the future if things got too bad in the US for Christians. But I don’t think it occurred to us to just do it because we wanted to. Wow! What a thought! My brain is spinning on hyperspeed…

  54. I was a missionary in Guatemala for 1½ years and then lived in Puerto Rico for 3 while my husband was going to optometry school. The only thing I will say is that living somewhere is a whole lot different than vacationing there. Everyone always asked us if we just loved living in Puerto Rico. I am sure they were picturing us on the beach with a carefree lifestyle when the truth was, we were poor, studying, and working. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Puerto Rico. We did go to the beach when we could, we visited the rainforest when we could, we made lasting friendships. It was a little easier for us because we both spoke Spanish. Others really felt alone and isolated. Our first child was born there (would not recommend giving birth there). It was a wonderful adventure and I would not give up those memories for anything. As others have said, we were glad it was a temporary adventure and we were glad to get back to family.

  55. My husband and I are currently working towards picking up and moving to a new place, just because it will be an adventure… (in the states though). When I’ve talked to people about it, nearly everyone has assumed it’s a job related change, but really: we’ve driven around 35 states this summer, and we have picked our favorite place… Exciting and crazy…

    Eliz K´s last post…missing my school

  56. I read that article too. It sounds nice, but I like seasons, so maybe Belize isn’t for me.
    My dad was in the Navy and we lived all over the US. My favorite US city is Chicago and I’d love to live there again.
    James Bond is in the Army and we’ve lived in Germany on and off for a total of 8 years now (97-00,01-04 and 08-??). We’re hoping to move to England after this tour, but if not we’re going to try to stay here or go to Italy. We love living in Europe. If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d choose one of the outer regions of London. Or Paris. Maybe I’d have homes in both and move back and forth whenever I felt like it. :)

    Mom in High Heels´s last post…Flea Market Fun and the box of mystery!

  57. DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! Belize is a fabulous country and the people are incredibly warm and welcoming.

  58. While not all that exotic, last year we were seriously considering moving to a small private airport and living in a hangar. It has a lovely living space off to the side, the rest is wide open. Big enough for me to have a studio, and my husband to park the plane and cars. Not quite willing to give up gardening yet though!

  59. My husband processes things out loud. I always find myself packing my bags for some spot he just mentions. I stress out when it would be too cold or too hard to learn the language. But I do love to move furniture if we aren’t moving locations which we have done lots in our marriage. I think moving to Belize would be wonderful the warm dry air and the cheap house help. Boy think of all the things you could get done in a day having all that help. Sign me up!!

  60. Leigh Anne says:

    Found your blog recently from a link on The Nester’s blog, and I LOVE it! Been browsing around alot ;) Love your question today….I think about this often, esp after just returning from vacation! Like we just returned from Kauai, Hawaii. I LOVE that place…it was our 2nd visit. I’d love to live there….but I’m definitely more of a beach girl – no cold – more sun & sand. Every time I come home from there, I tell my hubby that I leave a bit of my heart when we depart ;( So, my answer is Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii – in a heart beat!
    And yes, I’ve heard Belize is beautiful. My boss’s family vacationed there while we were in Hawaii and loved it. I think it is awesome how you aren’t attached to your stuff – I need to work on that for sure!

  61. Belize is gorgeous! My husband and I aren’t really beach people but even I think living there would be amazing! My husband and I have always wanted to live in Japan. They have such a beautiful culture and I have always had a heart for spreading the gospel to Asian people. Yep, if the opportunity presented itself I’d sell my stuff!

    Amanda´s last post…Mommy Re-hab My first time!

  62. I would love to be able to just pick up and move to a foreign country. I admire people who have done this. But, as for me, it’s practically impossible.

    Once upon a time, when I was a programmer in my past life, I thought it’d be easy to work overseas in England. Afterall, they have the same language, more or less, that we do here in the USA. I was sent over there to work for approximately six weeks and much to my surprise, I could not understand the vast majority of the people living there. It’s the accent people!

    As a deaf person, it’s practically impossible for me to do this. I can understand and read (lips) of the American English. But, the British, they speak a heck a lot different.

    So, in my youth, I realized that living in a different country would not be very realistic (for me). I would have a horrible time trying to learn, read (lips), and speak the language being spoken in that country. But then, I don’t mind living here in the good ol’ USA and I don’t think I’d leave good ol’ Texas. It’d be nice to live near the ocean though. :-)

    Lee Ann L.´s last post…Maxine Fabric The Beginning

  63. Kathryn Fenner says:

    Dunno. I just read Meghan Daum’s great memoir–My Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House, wherein she chronicles all the places she’s lived, and she found that wherever you go, there you are, and that there are a lot of unforeseen negatives in “romantic” places.

    I also just came back from three weeks “living” in Ontario–I have a belief that, as a cool souvenir said, “The world needs more Canada,”so this was a cool thing to me. My husband was doing research and I played housewife. At first, the safety and plentiful walking paths were marvelous, but then I missed all the connections to people I knew back home. I missed things I could not have guessed I’d miss. The cool new products and shops lost their lustre, and it was just me again–of course, I would make new friends and new connections, but why transplant myself and start over? Grow where you’re planted.

  64. I want to live internationally so badly I can hardly stand it! I’d love to live in Italy, France or Spain…though I sure wouldn’t turn down Belize :)

  65. I lived in Merida, Mexico for 6 months with my family when I was a teenager. It was the most valuable experience of my life.

    If I could live anywhere, it would be in England or in Charleston, South Carolina.

  66. Life is an adventure that is meant to be lived!!

    We are always keeping our eyes out for different job opportunities. It’s cool, being debt free, that we don’t have to move to a job that makes “X” amount of money. As long as we live within our means, we can go anywhere.

    Looking forward to our next adventure!

  67. My husband told me about the article and when I read it was thrilled. We’ve been considering moving for some time now. Belize sounds awesome and having just returned from a vacation to Virginia Beach for a week I am so on double go to be near a beach, water and sun for a while!!!!!!!!

  68. i think about moving there all the time! i get “International Living” email postcards (www.InternationalLiving.com) and i dream.
    i dont think it would become old at all–true, you can get used to it but you can also still wake up each morning and be thrilled you are there-depends on what kind of person you are. i still go to bed each night and think, i Love my bed! having gotten a new mattress after years with a back-aching old one…and that was 7 years ago!
    my dream/goal has always been to live by the beach and sell art to the tourists. i’m getting closer…my art is there at least.
    I’ve gotten my living expenses below 20K, just need to get my online business built up enough to support me totally.

    jackie´s last post…Everything old is new again…finally!

  69. So you’re considering coming to live in Belize? How exciting! I live in Belize and it definitely is exotic. But as others mentioned vacationing and living anywhere is quite different. If you do make the move.. you have an avid reader nearby :)

  70. Not an exotic move but we moved across the country (Australia) after hearing about a job on the Thursday, applying Friday and getting it 2 weeks later. We’d been to the rural city once for 2 days and the state for 10 days. 6 weeks later we were there with out 2 kids under 3years old. We are both very risk adverse too, but the pros outweighed the cons even though we were moving away from family.

    We moved because the cost of the price of the type of property that we wanted was less than half the price of where we were living in an area that had all the same amenities.

  71. I read a few of the previous comments and find it interesting that so many would happily move to a dream vacation place…

    As for me, I love my Canada, especially right where I am on the west coast up against the mountains, with the sea close by and wonderful productive farmland all around. I would not consider living anywhere else but Canada, even if it had to be up north in Whitehorse or Churchill or on the east coast with the storms and hurricanes. I could not leave the country of my birth.

    A couple weeks to visit some exotic locals, but as I said, to spend the majority of my days, they must be spend here in CANADA.

    Susan being Snippy´s last post…A Couple of New Things

  72. Our email is .bz not .com because it is situated in Belize! David and I talk about it every day, oh how we’d love to get out of the Houston rat race. We are always looking for ideas but none good enough yet. I suppose for this season we still need to be around to help out with our parents. There will come a season though….:)
    If you guys are serious, you know I highly recommend it after my time in Costa Rica. Kids that grow up like that are so intelligent and adapted. Not that yours are not already geniuses!

  73. My husband and I talk about this a lot–he’s from Peru and the cost of living is so much better there, especially in less touristy areas. Since the adoption of our son, we’ve really gotten interested in moving there to help out with the new “house orphanage” movement there, where orphans live with married couples in a home setting (about 6 or 8 kids) instead of all packed into an orphanage. BUT, our ties to our parents are really strong right now and we live on family land, so it would be hard to just pick up and do that. Maybe once our kids are grown up we could do it. Like a previous commenter, I keep trying to remind myself that I can do God’s work by staying right where I am! It’s soooo tempting though…escaping materialistic America…sigh…

    • Angie Pearl says:

      Where is your husband from in Peru? I was adopted at 3 months from an orphanage/convent in Abancay. That is a neat idea to have the orphans live in a home setting. I would like to go back someday and find my family.

  74. My fantasy is either Costa Rica or Panama. I went to Nicaragua a few years ago, and loved the volcanoes, rainforests, and lakes. So Belize would be just fine with me.

  75. i currently teach overseas and we are living in phnom penh, cambodia. it is awesome! before here we were in seoul, south korea for four years! I say DO IT! life is too short not to watch it pass you all by…….make life an adventure. we love living abroad and would not trade the experiences for anything.

    mandy falgout´s last post…a rocky start

  76. mrs. biscuit says:

    Love Belize! When I visited there I wanted to move there too. Also, they speak English. bonus! Lots of expats there. I say go for it!!

  77. My husband and I also work online, so we are now thinking of this very thing — where to live? We are contemplating Austin, TX. We like the idea of Texas! Anyone have ideas on that?

    • the cottage child says:

      I’m biased, of course, but Texas is a terrific place to live. Austin is where I grew up, and it’s a lot different now than 30 years ago, but I still love it. We just moved to South Texas from Austin last month, and I was apprehensive – but as it turns out, I like it, too! I highly recommend Texas, especially Austin.

    • Everybody loves living in Austin.

    • be prepared for the heat and humidity!

  78. A good place to live? Close to my family.

    We moved 100 miles for a considerably simpler life (much lower cost of living). We are in California, and talked very seriously, about moving up to the Pacific Northwest. At the time, we could do the “significantly low cost” move all over again, and it had affected our lives dramatically just to do that once.

    But in the end, I am so glad we never moved. I am a family gal. I think how lonely and isolated my own parents felt moving to a strange city with a newborn. & with many major health problems in my loved ones the past year, I am grateful to be there to help our parents, and to have the help of our extended family when WE needed it.

    That said, I am in love with the city I am in. The opportunities are endless – our weekends are spent in San Francisco, Tahoe, Yosmite, etc. I am not sure I’d be so happy if my family was intent to live in the middle of nowhere. But, finding an “exciting” place that is low cost, is definitely the way to go. If you can live near family and loved ones, even better.

  79. I recently took the plunge and did just what you suggested – sold everything and moved to a different country. My story is a bit more ‘off the grid’ because I moved to Syria! As expected, sometimes it gets tough, but more than anything it’s been freeing, exciting, and a true adventure.

    I’m documenting my experience at http://www.whysosyria.com

  80. I don’t know if it crazy or awesome, but your journey would make awesome blog posts!

    We currently live in New Zealand, I love that we are close to the beach and the laid back lifestyle. Also love having friends and family close by.

    I would eventually like to live in Japan for a little while, so our children have the opportunity to learn a bit more about their heritage (I am half japanese, and we got to live there for 4 years when I was 6)

    I love all the comments on this post! So many interesting opinions and experiences! Fab!

    Meeks @ Juggling Motherhood´s last post…5 Great Finds- Bookplates- Virtual Assistants- Thank You Box- Apple &amp Spice Cupcakes and Alphabet Flashcards

  81. Could I move? Oh yes. No problem. We move so much I don’t think I’d bat an eye moving to a foreign country. I’d love it, in fact! If I were going to sell everything and move I’d go somewhere that really needs me. Not sure where that would be but I can’t see myself just laying on the beach all day in an impoverished country.

    Andrea´s last post…Make It Wear It

  82. We just got back from 2 years in Jordan. I loved every. single. minute. I’m having a difficult time adjusting to living back here. Nothing stretches you here. You know with reasonable certainty that a trip to the grocery store is just that – a trip to the grocery store.

    I’d go anywhere in the world in a heartbeat.

    Andrea´s last post…Menu Plan Monday

    • We thought about moving to Jordan but it was just too far away from family with our young kids so we compromise to another state.

      Mab´s last post…Summer Fun

  83. My relatives lived in Belize and in various African countries because the husband worked for a US government agency that provides economic and humanitarian assistance. Although they made the best of the situation wherever they lived, they encountered a lot of corruption in Belize. For example, some of their possessions were stolen by customs when they entered the country and they never got them back. They lived a humid area where the clothes in their closets were always damp. Anyway, the articles that depict it as a great place to live amuse them. They are back in Wisconsin now.

  84. I could never imagine picking up and moving to another STATE, not to mention another country (even though we’re sweltering through the worst of the Central Texas summer!)! I love living close to family and raising my kiddos with friends that I have known since my own childhood. There’s something to be said for deep roots!

    Lindsey´s last post…In Case of Emergency- Mop Bathrooms

  85. Marie Jones says:

    What a wonderful topic. My hubby and I live out in the boonies in N.C. I have visited Paris and would love to visit..maybe not live there though.

    But I did watch an episode of House Hunters INternational on HGTV and they featured a young man buying a 2 story condo for $60K in Sao Paulo. I immediately googled it and decided that’s where i’m going to retire one day LOL!

    Such a beautiful city….


  86. OK…..Belize sounds great, and it’s close to the US and the language is English…but Tuscany!!!!!

  87. Every time I go on vacation, I want to love there (not to Belize- where I am at vacationing). Seriously. I make up little plans in my head.

  88. I am waaaaay to chicken to do that, and my hubby doesn’t really like the beach (what’s up with that?). Is it hot, hot there? I would love to live somewhere like that, tho. I just don’t want to leave my family and friends!

    Sally´s last post…Do boys ever learn to aim

    • Yes, it is hot, hot there :) At least for 11 1/2 months out of the year, the 1/2 month it is just warm.

  89. Oh my, Belize is absolutely gorgeous! The snorkeling, the people, the accents…not to mention the sand! I would sell everything in a heartbeat!

  90. Not crazy at all! I think it is great that you hold so loosely to your “things.” We all should live more like that because “things” are not what is important and yet, these “things” are the very things that usually keep us distracted from what is important.
    We have three small children and one on the way and have seriously thought many times, A LOT, about moving overseas to live and be involved in missions as well. We have been to Hong Kong and absolutely loved it. Although the living quarters there would be quite different and most people would think we are absolutely out of our minds to move our family with four young children overseas to live in a tiny loft style apartment! But, again, that cannot be what moves us….anywhere.

  91. Wow… What an interesting post and an equally inspiring discussion! I constantly want to move.. to someplace that isn’t so hot, humid and dusty! Unfortunately, the husband is very happy with the heat and dust (he doesn’t have to do the perpetual dusting!).
    However, if I have to move, it would be to San Francisco (have lots of friends there) or to Singapore (husband gets the heat and humidity, I get to be dust-free:-))

    Prerna´s last post…Book Review- How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child by Jenifer Wana

    • San Francisco is where I live, and it is amazing. My husband never wants to leave, and although I’m a nomad by nature I can imagine staying here forever.

  92. Do it! At least for a short time. I really DON’T recommend that people sell all of their belongings and move to a new country without seriously testing the waters first. :)

    I have lived overseas for about 8 years of my life. I spent a year in New Zealand in high school, which is where I was bitten by the travel bug. I have since lived in Australia, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan (our current location). I love it. I love that life is a challenge, that my children are learning a foreign language, that we’re surrounded by different cultures and experiences every time we leave our front door. The things that once seemed important to us–nice house with a yard, nice car, etc.–just aren’t anymore. We live in an apartment building surrounded by high rises. The population density here is about 22,000 per square mile. We take the subway or bikes or walk everywhere. We shop at fresh markets and enjoy local foods that are unavailable back home. We do really love visiting the US and it’s always hard to leave family and places we love, but we’re so thankful to have the life we have. It’s fun for us, and great for our kids.

    If I could live absolutely anywhere, hmmm…it’s a toss up between Hong Kong and Wellington, New Zealand, for very different reasons. Love the international flair and the buzz of Hong Kong–the city truly never sleeps, and it’s the most fun place I have ever lived. But, oh, New Zealand is just so beautiful. So clean and beautiful. And the people are lovely. Neither place is cheap, though. :)

    Morgan´s last post…First Day of School 2010

    • “The things that once seemed important to us–nice house with a yard, nice car, etc.–just aren’t anymore. ”

      Me too. My life is taking a completely different direction from the way I thought it would go when I was younger.

  93. Totally. Not. Crazy. Well, it always seems that way at first…but marinate on it awhile and see if you don’t talk yourself into it. My husband and I went to New Zealand on a whim last year – and now we’ve decided to spend the rest of our lives there. starting 3 years from now, anyway. We’re not that attached to our stuff either…and it’ll be nice to live in a society that doesn’t value their stuff so much either.

  94. I’m curious about the people who said they’d love to move, how would they be able to afford it? What type of work could one get in a different country? If your current job wouldn’t translate well into a similar one in a foreign country, what would you do? Even if you don’t care about material things, every place has it’s good and bad neighborhoods and adequate rent and food money would be needed even if you decide not to buy a lot of stuff. Not everyone can have an online job and work over the internet. I’d love to hear some viable options because I’d probably move in a second if I could only figure out what to do for a living there, how I would not only survive but thrive. Ideas anyone?

    • Most of my ideas involve the internet. I think most people would move there in retirement.

      Or there could be a teaching option, like Juliet mentioned above.

      • Thanks for answering my questions Rachel! I suppose retirement is a different ballgame with more options if the money is there, something that has me worried actually but that’s for a different conversation. :)

  95. I did it! Made a decision, sold my stuff, and within a month, bought a ticket and moved to Panama. 8 years, and not looking back! I live a very comfortable life here, with a maid/nanny, private school for the 2 kids old enough to attend and central a/c (important to note, considering the heat Latin America) for much less than $30,000/year. More like $25,000 or less. And it is FABULOUS! The weather, the worldview, the perspective that comes from global living. My children are being exposed to so many unique things, are growing up bilingual and are learning the value of simplicity. Make the move – Belize, Panama, CR. At least for a few years. You won’t regret it a second!

  96. There’s a particular piece of property available in Bariloche, Argentina right now. We could *almost* do it, but not quite. But oh, how I wish we could and how I wish my husband would agree. I would go in a heartbeat.

    Jess @OpenlyBalanced´s last post…Preserving The Bounty – Week… Um…

  97. Sinead Hill says:

    Don’t think about it – just do it! If you think about the practicalities and logistics too much, you will never do it. Just start the process, take it one step at a time and see where it takes you. You may be surprised at where you end up!

    I am from England but have lived in a lot of different countries – Scotland, USA, France. I now live in New Zealand and think this is just the cat’s whiskers – couldn’t imagine ever living anywhere else but would give Australia two thumbs up to those of you considering the Southern Hemisphere.

  98. I love this thread! People have such neat ideas. And it’s so fun to daydream. :) Belize sounds wonderful. Sign me up!

    I moved to Alaska by myself with just my car 7 years ago and I love it. It was the best choice I ever made. I love Alaska!

    I dream a lot now about moving someplace more environmentally friendly than the US, and more open to gay marriage, maybe Scandinavia? I get so tired of the big trucks and SUV’s and more-more-more attitude and lack of sustainable energy and the lack of rights for myself and my partner here… I spend a fair amount of time feeling pretty disheartened about it all, and it would be nice to live somewhere where it was just…easier. I did pack everything up and move once, but it sure does get harder as you get older! I don’t know if I’d do it again, but I like dreaming.

    liz´s last post…back to it

  99. We did just that 2 months ago! We sold our house, our two cars, and moved to Paris with our then 16 months old daughter. It was stressful but we are adjusting quickly and LOVE it! We are french canadians, so the langage was not a problem to start with, so this helps! I am still not sure if it takes courage or if you just need to be insane, but we don’t regret our decision so far.

  100. This post read my mind:) Well I’m not thinking Belize but last night I was showing my husband property listings in Prince Edward Island! I live in Melbourne, Australia so that would be a pretty big move.

    We have two girls (3 and 4) and in the next few years we really want to move overseas – Ireland would be gorgeous or New England has always been a spot I’ve been keen on.

    Even if it’s just for 2 years I think it would be life changing:)

  101. I say go for it! It’s a lovely country. Just pick a spot by the coast – inland isn’t as much fun… :) And Spanish becomes an issue inland too, unless you know it already.

    Mozi Esmes Mommy´s last post…Magic Marker Monday

  102. My family lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe…not so much for the cost of living, but because we love what we do.
    Moving overseas can sound cheaper and easier, but it also has a lot of complications that can be difficult to put a monetary value on. But it’s worth it if you love what you do and/or where you are. Those complications would, of course, be mitigated if you had a beach out your back door…

  103. You’re going to laugh at me.

    We’ve totally done that. Jimmy works from home and we could live anywhere with internet access. His company even has offices in Paris and Austria.

    And where did we chose to move to when we left Houston?



    We’re exciting like that.

    Well, we *were* pregnant with our first child at the time and we have life long friends here and a church we really, really missed.

    Still, it cracks us up when we think about it.

    Kat @ InspiredToAction´s last post…GIVEAWAY! Motivation Monday – You Are Awesome- Therefore I Give You Free Stuff

    • I remember that, and I remember that I thought it was a great idea and I wanted to too. I missed Waco.

  104. Yay – so many mentions of New Zealand. Its lovely down here.

  105. a group of my friends, about 13 years ago, decided to purchase a piece of land in costa rica and create an intentional community there. unfortunately, it fell through (phony land deal, lots of money lost, ugh ugh ugh bad times).

    then 2 years ago, my new husband and i made a commitment to move to hawaii where a friend intended to build an intentional community on land he had already purchased. then our friend died.

    i feel quite content to live right where i am (norman, oklahoma). :)

  106. Before we had our son, we talked about moving to San Francisco just because we like it there. Unfortunately, you need thirty grand just for rent, so the option faded quickly. Now that we’re parents (and our parents live within thirty minutes), we might cause a few medical emergencies if we moved a favorite grandson to another city, not to mention Belize. And I burn really badly, so…

    Exciting in theory. Crazy in execution.

    Kendra @ My First Kitchen´s last post…Make a Memory

  107. My heart has always been in Scotland. Doesnt matter what part, I just want to be considered a “local”. Id sell everything I own and live in a flat over a Chippie Shop if I had to. Now, if only I could convince my family to go with me……..sigh!

    Kris´s last post…Theres a for rent sign on my now empty nest!

  108. We have thought about up & moving to Mexico for quite some time. The only thing for us would be waiting until the boys finished school.
    I also have told DH that Belize would be fine, too.

  109. Lot’s of comments here already, but I say do it! It doesn’t need to be Belize, but I firmly believe that the best thing you can do for your children (and yourself!) is to give them the gift of exposure to different cultures.

    I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, and have spent the majority of my adult years trying desperately to see all the things I never got to experience in the first half of my life. After college I gave away all my stuff and set out for Europe. After a bit of travel I settled for a year in Slovakia and now for the last 8 years I have been in the Netherlands…and am once again seriously itching to move away! Top on my list currently is Indonesia, Malaysia or anywhere beachy in Central America.

    I firmly believe that there is nothing to be lost by leaving the rat race except stress. In my experience, happiness comes from people to love and enough resources to keep you fed and sheltered, not from a big house and a CEO title.

  110. Love this post and discussion thread! I’ve lived overseas before also but after returning the last time decided if I went again I’d like to live somewhere in the English speaking world. My dream (which hubby would join me on in a heartbeat!) is to be a sheep farmer in a remote corner of New Zealand. Would the reality of that be something I’d actually enjoy? Maybe not. But the dream is awesome and since we’re stuck now paying off debt it’s fun to imagine it would be.

    Freedom Journey´s last post…Weekend Overspending

  111. My cousin moved to Belize after retiring from directing television out in Hollywood at age 60. He’s right there on the beach!

  112. Belize looks beautiful on the surface, but drug traffic (cocaine) plays a major role in the country. 37% of all cocaine from Columbia that enters the US is believed to go though Belize.


    The capital of Belize is very rough and gang infested. It’s the sixth most dangerous city in the world (in terms of murder rate). The outlying areas seem to be much better, but with the hub of this tiny country so under siege, I’m not sure I would want to live anywhere in the country. It’s something I would have to check out a lot more.

  113. That’s great! I know a family (friends of my brother) who ARE moving to Belize, soon! They have a little plot of land and building a house and moving their young family (two home schooled kids) there before the end of the year! He’s excited to go visit them after they settle in.

    We ALMOST moved to Montana (our dream) twenty years ago. We flew to interview my husband for a job, he got it. I found a job. We put money down on a duplex and when we got home he was physically ill with the decision. He asked what we were going to do?!? I said something that wouldn’t make him throw up.

    We undid it all and stayed put and today we have a wonderful home on thirty wooded acres and cute little daughter. The daughter we could have had there, but the rest of our life would have been much, much different.

    We are rooted now. I don’t expect any big moves in our future, but I’m never saying NEVER again! :)

    Lisa Medley´s last post…O Tomato!

  114. I just read that article, immediately went home and told my husband we should move to Belize!! I’ve always dreamed of living in another country – especially a place that’s warm. But I don’t think I have my husband down with this plan yet :)

    Piper´s last post…shake it up – the scoop

  115. I love that you posted this! My husband is finishing up his MBA in October. He’s been working on it for two years while working full time and we’ve had two babies in that time as well. We don’t know where we’re headed or if we’ll just stay where we are (Portland, Oregon – love it here!). But I’m so very excited about having our lives be so open right now to pretty much go wherever he can find a job that makes enough to support our family (I’m a stay at home mom).

  116. awesome. I’d do it in a minute. when I was in germany as a youth we met a family of americans who had sold everything and were traveling around europe in a van with their 4 kids ages 8-12ish…envy envy envy

  117. I live in San Francisco now, which is a dream of a city to call home. We’re very lucky to be able to afford to live here, especially since my husband is a stay-at-home-dad to our baby daughter.

    However, I’m a total nomad and since I’ve been in San Francisco for almost 5 years I keep wondering “where next, where next?” My husband is the opposite and would gladly never move again. I’m trying to convince him to consider this compromise: take an extended working vacation to every year or two. For example, “move” to New York City for two months: I’ll work from home and we’ll enjoy getting to know a new place. Wish me luck. :)

  118. Wow, what a great question – and what an incredible conversation it’s led to! I have friends who spent New Year’s 1999 in Belize and the photos did look amazing. I have to say I live in the Northeast (Boston) and love it. I lived in Chicago and Washington and always longed to return to Boston and the Northeast. However, as a kid I lived in Germany for a couple of years because of my father’s work, and we have family there too. I would love to give my kids that kind of foreign immersion experience, to live somewhere not quite so familiar and comfortable. But it doesn’t look like my or my husband’s jobs is likely to lead us there. We did try to experience this on our recent vacation, driving past our usual spot in Maine to Quebec City for a few days, just to see and experience a new place with a new language and architecture and so on – I think we all felt like we grew a little from that. (Europe and the Euro and airfares made anything much farther unfeasible for us).

  119. I just found your blog and what a surprise to see this post. My family moved back to the States from Belize about two years ago now. It is a beautiful, unspoiled country and has the most amazing fruit. Plus the ground is so fertile I managed to not kill any of my plants, (except the orchids that the dog ate) which for me is quite an accomplishment. You can literally shove a stick in the ground and it will grow into a tree. But, unspoiled also means most places dont have bathrooms or hot water and are pretty remote. There also is not much access to quality medical care or medicines. Belize does not produce enough to support its own population so we sometimes went weeks without flour or bread or oil or beans, which were staples down there. I would definitely suggest a long visit before an international move. :) If you do go, the hot sauce is amazing and the islands and Mayan ruins are breathtaking!

  120. What a fun post!!! We have a dream to live in a cottage in the Welsh countryside and totally loved it – we went there on holiday with our kids and just totally loved it!!! We even tried to make it happen but our house just would not sell!!! So we are obviously meant to be here – a splash away from the beach and whales leaping and a mountain out the back door to clamber… where it hardly ever rains … I tell you we suffer so!!!
    But I will always long to be a blink away from a weekend in Europe…

    se7en´s last post…Saturday Spot- Se7en’s Savvy Storage…

  121. Oh Rachel! This has often crossed my mind and would move ANYWHERE in a heartbeat! Well, not anywhere but I don’t mind living in Belize! I’ve lived overseas prior to getting hitched, and well, I actually grew up in the Philippines so I never imagine myself settling in the US. My husband now I so want to do this, but I’m done talking to him about it and just waiting for him to do what DOUG is doing now. WOW. I don’t know your family very well, only from what I read here, and I think you would thrive there. Internet has made EVERYTHING so much better when living away from family and friends, but it was still hard sometimes. :) I say, if your intuition tells you to do it, and everyone is on the same page in your family, then why the heck not?

  122. Belize was the only stop on our cruise which the ship’s concierge repeatedly warned us about. The water was sooo beautiful, but there was barbed wire along some of the beaches to keep the tourists safe. The reason it is so reasonable is because the people there are so poor. Even if it were safe, I could not enjoy my own possessions knowing my neighbors were in such desperate need.

    When we were in the town square prostitutes and drug dealers actively and openly advertised business with a policeman in sight. Sad place.

  123. The thing you can live anywhere you choose to is powerful, regardless of where you stay put in one place. That is freedom! I like to live in one place and know my community but that freedom of choice sound so powerful.

    Preeti @ Heart and Mind´s last post…Enlightment- An Awareness and Understanding

  124. I’ve been subscribing to your blog for a couple of years now, and this is the first time I’ve commented! Receiving your posts in my inbox has made me lazy about checking in the discussion here, which is a shame because the comments are fabulous! What a wonderful community you have built!

    I grew up all over the US (though mostly in the south-east), and my husband’s job moves us around the globe. We have lived in the UK, The Netherlands, Qatar, and now in Perth, Australia. I have visited more countries than I can count off, and each one has been an amazing experience! The hilarious thing is despite all this exposure or perhaps because of it, I STILL don’t know where I would choose to live, when I actually get to choose. There is so much good out there to explore and so many interesting things to see! I’ve gotten quite good at being content in the now, but wondering where in the future always sets my head spinning! Europe when the kids are older, to expose them to all the art, language, culture…? The US for its familiarity, its ease, its freedom, and its lower cost (at least in comparison to Europe and definitely cheaper than Australia. YIKES!)…?

    One thing I would say about living far from home is that it does get rather isolated feeling at times. Of course, you make new friends and build new communities, but it’s not quite the same as the long term friendships and family connections so far away. It’s easy to forgot how valuable those things are until you don’t have them. Enjoy the now…and vacation to great spots when you can! ;)

    Jennifer´s last post…Jetlag and little ones

  125. If the Lord is in it, go.

    We have lived in foreign countries, and everything is possible to get used to.. except being away from those you know and love back in the states.

    Jena (Organizing Mommy)´s last post…Were blitzing on video!!

  126. Though it was job related, my husband and I packed up and moved overseas almost 2 years ago to Belgium. It actually turned out pretty good. There are tough days, when I wish I could just understand the lady in the grocery store, or find a product I miss from the US, but the benefits of exploring a new part of the world everyday, learning a new culture, and learning to understand things from a new perspective of the outsider or the foreigner are worth it. It also helps to know that we’ll be going back in the next year, but it has been a great experience, if you ever get the chance.

  127. I day dream about moving to the lake. I don’t want a different country, nor a tropical paradise. No traffic. No rushing around. Just a simple life on a lake with the four beautiful seasons of the year.

    Sharon´s last post…August result for the No Spend July and this and that

  128. I was born in Hawaii, and it is so funny, we hardly ever went to the beach even though we were a mile from Hanauma Bay. You do get used to it and take it for granted, it was a great place to grow up, but I like to be able to hop in the car and see my loved ones……….

  129. I was born in the Panama Canal Zone which is south of Belize. There is so much more liability with the drug traffic there in both countries. I would think long and hard with several vacation visits to the country before I bought anything there, and rethink those thoughts.
    I have been all over the world to many diffrent cultures and would settle in only one other place besides the United States and that would be Israel. Love the people and prices, the land is beautiful and we have almost decided when we retire to sell here and move there.
    Learn the language and about the culture so you don’t stick out as a tourist, stay in less than you can afford to get the lay of the land and people and enjoy if you’re going to buy there.

  130. I’m thinking I wouldn’t walkabout too far from the USA…coastal Canada, maybe. I’m happiest anywhere I can smell and see the ocean. :)

    Michelle´s last post…For Today 18 August 2010 Simple Woman’s Daybook

  131. We think that we would love to move to Ireland or the UK. I don’t think that we are fearfull, it’s just such a big step and I think we as a family would benefit from it. I don’t think my husband would want to leave his father here alone, that is really our only reason for not taking the step! Has anyone any advice for living in these countries?

  132. I know I’d love to. I grew up between Vanuatu and Sydney and think it’s great having 2 cultures. Even as an adult I’m not good at being settled – my husband and I have moved four times in just under 3 years of marriage!

    I’d like to live in the USA, or India (very different places I know!)

  133. Shannie B says:

    I think you should do it!!! We lived in Japan for three years and I yearn to live out of the US again. It was such an amazing experience for us and our kids.

  134. I haven’t read all the responses, but you wouldn’t have to budget for traveling home to see family because they’d all be coming to see you!

    If you have the ability to do it, I’d do it in a heartbeat! I think it’s very important to live elsewhere, to get a view of another culture for more than a week on vacation, to find out what it’s like to live outside of your comfort zone, etc.

    That being said, my dream place away from home is London. Not that it is so much different than my culture, but it’s my heart, it’s my dream, and it’s so wrapped up in all that I enjoy. I’d be close enough to travel all over Europe, and maybe farther. Certainly closer than where I am now. :)

  135. Amazingly I went threw something similar to this a few weeks ago. My husband does Brazilian Jujitsu and was telling me how, a single man can live and train in Brazil for around $3,000 for 3yrs(excluding air fare). That got me thinking, it cant be to much more for our family to move there. Just sell what we have now and move. We have a 2yr old(3 next month) and a 7month old and our only debt it our 1 car which will be payed off in a few months. It would be completely plausible if my husband were not in the military though.
    It was crazy realizing that I was actually thinking things threw to move to BRAZIL!! Very odd when I never thought I would move away from the small town I grew up in lol.

  136. I’d live somewhere in Southern Spain. Ronda maybe…

  137. I have a good friend who lives in Belize, she loves it.

    The ability to work wherever is one of the things that attracted me to working on the web, and I’d like to do something like what you’re proposing (go live somewhere awesome) at some point in my life. But I already live in Vancouver, and that’s about as awesome of a city to live in as any, so I’m in no rush to leave.

  138. A year after I graduated from college I was working at a job I hated, so I quit and moved to China to teach English and International Politics at a university. I didn’t speak a word of Chinese and had never been there before, but it was awesome anyway. It totally changed my life.

    I’ve heard good things about moving to South Korea too. In fact, it’s something I’m considering. The cost of living is low (like China) but the pay is supposedly higher (like Japan.)

    Meghan´s last post…I Get My Best Ideas in the Shower

  139. Have to say that we moved (family of 5) from South Africa to Australia and I was so determined at the time to ‘keep my stuff’ and sent over two 40-foot containers! What a waist! The most liberating highlight of this move was realising how little ‘stuff’ means. I have sent more than half to Salvation Army. Moving countries/continents/lifestyles is really an eye opener!

  140. I love the idea of moving somewhere different and exotic.
    I’ve wanted to do it for years but my husband has a Monday- Friday office job and there never seems to be an opportunity to make something lime that happen.

    Except for now.

    5 weeks ago I found what I thought was our dream home. We’ve been renting for 10 yrs since we sold our first home and moved interstate. I was finally going to have my own beautiful home. Unfortunately yesterday we found out the finance just doesn’t work for us and so we have cancelled the contract. I was so upset yesterday – I just wanted to run away and eat and drink to deal with the disappointment.

    Today I’m working out if we could manage a month away from my husbands work so we can go somewhere fabulous and holiday and finally put some dedicated time into our blogs and web business while taking turns to look after our two yr old little boy.
    To see if we could actually live a location independent lifestyle and support ourselves and still pay off our credit cards.
    Up until I read this post I thought it was too expensive to do but $30000 for a year in Belize – please tell me how I could make this work? Because I really do want a different life to this one I’m currently living in boring suburbia living with my Dad so we can save money for a house (because that’s the way my parents believe it should be done).

    Helena´s last post…Motherhood – A Fine Balancing Act

  141. My husband and I just did this, but to Japan! We’d talked hypothetically about moving here somewhere in the future, but never actually had a plan to do it. At the beginning of this year, we heard about a job opportunity and (after a week of prayer and meditation) jumped on it! We sold everything of value that we owned (plus a ton of stuff not of value!) and arrived two days ago! It’s AWESOME to ditch everything and live off of less than you ever thought you would!

  142. Annie Littlewolf says:

    If we could make it work, I would love to live in a tiny log cabin in the Appalachian mountains – not far from where we live now. I’d have a two bedroom house, with one bathroom, a living room/dining room, and a kitchen. We’d take our 6 dogs with us, and we’d set up the extra bedroom as my studio, where I’d make quilts and art and jewelry all day long, on the days I wanted to work, and have two rockers on the front porch looking over the mountainside to sit in when we just want some quiet. We’d have no TV, maybe just a radio to keep up with the biggest news stories, and one car or truck for running errands. We’d have a nice sized garden to raise all our own vegetables, and plant fruit trees for what we like to eat. This is just my own dream. I’m trying to live as much of it as I can now where I am planted.

  143. We talked about moving to the country (from the city) for a long time. Then we did it. And it is great. I love love living here. BUT I’d love to live somewhere foreign too. Maybe we could go live somewhere for a week or a month. Find an apartment to rent or something. That would be cool.

  144. Costa Rica. Freidns of ours moved there a couple years ago, and I’ve been itchy to go down as well since then. Except the hubs has a regular 9-5 job that requires physically beng there, and I’m not making enough yet to pay for us even at a much simpler way of life. Some day soon though…

    Summer´s last post…Water- Water Everywhere- And Not A Drop To Drink

  145. I would suggest you to read Mark Frauenfelder’s book, Made By Hand, before moving to a place that looks paradise in pictures or vacation travels…

    He tells his misadventures moving to Rarotonga, and the positive part of it – he learned the value of DIYing things.

    The FREE excerpt in pdf (search google!) is the story of his moving to the island.

  146. Love your blog! Just found it today!

    I haven’t made any foreign moves….but I did move from New Jersey to Colorado! My sister and a good friend of ours also came! I had done a lot of research and Colorado was one of the places I really wanted to live. I put as much as I could in my honda civic plus my 2 jack russell terriers and spend 10 days driving across the country. It was an amazing trip and a great final destination. It was one of the best decisions of our lives….we love it out here! It’s gorgeous and there are so many great things to see and do.

  147. Having just come back from Asia, I could go and live there tomorrow! Everytime my plane lands in Malaysia, Thailand or China, I think “I should move here”… Perhaps one day the time will be right :)

    angelvalerie´s last post…off on holidays…

  148. Three years ago this week I married the love of my life in the UK, two years ago this week we sold everything in our house bar a few sentimental items and the absolute basics, and moved to a ski town in Canada.
    It was a really enlightening and liberating experience to reduce our belongings to a few packing cases stored in my parents’ house and two suitcases, and to start completely afresh.
    It was humbling to take the things we didn’t want to the car boot sale (yard sale) and have people knock us down in price. It certainly made me rethink a lot of the purchases we made in the first few years we lived together – all those useless gadgets!!!!!
    We have now bought a new house in our new home, and, while we do have a lot of new belongings, they are mostly things that make our lifestyle here what we always dreamed of – several pairs of skis for the differing snow conditions, snowshoes, townie/mountain bikes, and a six-month-old puppy! Not all clutter is bad!!!!

  149. I would looooove to move somewhere exotic. I guess Alaska might seem “exotic” to others but a change in scenery would be nice. I think living on a beach with “real” sand would be nice. I am planning a first vacation since our honeymoon for our now family of five. Hawaii here we come. I couldn’t imagine moving there. All (well most) our family lives around us. A friend of mine lives in Thailand. He has a nanny and works a medium wage job. How would that be?!

  150. I like this — sometimes just the fantasy alone is satisfying. Every trip I take I think — what would it be like to live here? I think it’s almost a safety valve, to say, “I want to move to Brazil or France or even just New Hampshire.” You don’t have to actually do it to feel a little bit of relief in knowing you could.

  151. My husband and I are on the downhill slide, our youngest is 17 and already graduated and will be going off to college next year. We have kept a small house, and although it is not paid off it is not a husge mortgage. We have been slowly paring down our items with the hope of one day in the near future to pack it up and drive around the US with a camper shell on our truck. We would not technically be getting ‘rid’ of everything, but would leave most of it behind as we travel.
    I do want to go oeverseas as well, one day visiting italy and Greece.

    Ramblings of a Woman´s last post…How to finally eat the elephant