How to Prep Your Home for the Weekend

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When I have time on Fridays, I like to take about thirty minutes getting my home put back together after a full week, so that we’ll enjoy spending time here on the weekend. Or if we’re going out of town, it makes it a nice place to come home to.

We’re not really cleaning this time, just sprucing it up visually.

• Make the bed.

• Throw dirty clothes in the laundry basket.

• Wipe spots off the bathroom mirror and faucets.

• Run the dishwasher so there will be a place for dirty dishes.

• Take out the trash.

• Pick up a few things.

• If you have guests staying with you, you need clean sheets and towels.

• Snacks – never underestimate the importance of snacks.

What do you do to make your home a nice place to relax on the weekend?
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  1. I always love your practical, short posts Rachel!

    I don’t necessarily do anything special for weekend prep, but every night I try to spend about ten minutes doing the same thing–getting all of life back in its place translates to a much more peaceful morning the next day.

    Have a lovely weekend,


    steadymom´s last post…This Moment – Vacationing

  2. Jackie@Lilolu says:

    I like this idea very much. Since my husband works on Saturdays, I have to juggle bringing my three kids to all the sports they’re involved in…and things can sure get stressful. The idea of having my home ready for relaxation when I need it most sounds wonderful.

    You are so right about never underestimating the importance of snacks. It can make a mom’s life so much easier.

  3. Ha, I feel like I do the opposite– use the weekend to prepare for the week. During the weekend I do all of the laundry (I line try everything on big racks so this usually takes me 2 days, and sometimes things are still drying on Monday…) I make food for the week– individual bowls of steel cut oatmeal, dried beans, bread, etc. I don’t work on the weekends anymore except to grade my students’ homework. It’s taken me 9 years of teaching to learn how to use my weeks effectively enough to not have work left to do on the weekend. I don’t miss it!

    liz´s last post…10 years of blogging No- really

    • I’m with Liz. I prep on Sundays for the week ahead. Laundry, cleaning, cooking, organizing, listing.

  4. Usually picking up and reorganizing toys. I try to do it at the most efficient time. Tonight the kids are going to Grammy’s for a night, then we’ll be out of the house most of Saturday and church Sunday morning. So, if I pick up and vacuum during naptime today, it should last until Sunday evening! If I did it last night, it would’ve lasted until 9 am today. Much better payoff!

    Laura´s last post…Where we are…

    • Karen (Scotland) says:

      I love this comment and it is SO true! I usually leave washing the floor until the kids are in bed so that it can stay clean for 12 HOURS. Whoah – feels like a huge achievement.
      Karen (Scotland)

  5. Friday mornings are my time to strip & change the sheets; it’s always nice to have fresh sheets to wake up with no alarm set.

    I vacuum on Friday and run to the library for any essential reading material to either plan adventures or facilitate lazy Saturdays.

  6. I get all my essential reading for classes done before Sunday so I can have the day off, which is so nice. Love that patio pic!

    Christine´s last post…Why I Write

  7. Rachel, once again you have a winning post. It is so wonderful to wake up on Saturday morning and not feel instantly overwhelmed by the amount of chores to do. I also do the same thing on Sunday night, so I can wake up on Monday excited about the week, not worrying about how I can catch up on everything I’m behind on.

    Sarah´s last post…Room with a World View

  8. I like to have a clean kitchen and a fairly toy-less living room before the weekend. It’s always nice if the master bedroom and bathroom are clean also. But, honestly, I’m avoiding that bathroom like the plague this week. It is on my “please don’t make me clean it!!!” list. Today is the day, though.

    haley´s last post…My little linebacker

  9. What simple, yet helpful tips!
    I usually clean the inside of the house on Saturday mornings. Nothing big, but the mopping and vacuuming and general sprucing up. Sometimes if I’m ambitious I do my “Saturday Chores” on Friday night and therefore my weekend feels more open and free! There’s nothing like waking up to a clean house on Saturday after sleeping in!

    Julie´s last post…just some lovelies

  10. Oh my. I do the opposite – use Mondays as a “survived the busy weekend” clean up day. I am going to switch because I really prefer to be proactive than reactive. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Paula@Simply Sandwich´s last post…The Appointment Bag

    • I do real cleaning on Mondays too to pick up from the weekend and get the week started with a clean house. By doing about two hours of cleaning on Monday and a half hour on Friday like this, I can usually keep up with it.

  11. I can’t seem to get my eyes off that beautiful breakfast tray…LOVE the fruit!

    In a perfect world, I would take the two days I have off and try and get everything done so that we could have the weekend free to do whatever we want. Now, that I’ve been dealing with chronic pain, I prepare for projects on the weekend and have everyone help me. Saturday is our work day. Sunday is our day of rest.

    Tomorrow’s projects:

    *car washing
    *planting mums for the deck

    Sharon´s last post…Stress

    • I thought it looked yummy too, but you know that’s not my fruit tray, right? Most pictures on this blog are mine, but if not then I put a photo credit right under it.

      I have no talent for arranging fruit trays, but Doug on the other hand…he’s shockingly good at it.

  12. We always seem to end up with a huge pile of weekend dishes (no dishwasher here), so I’ve started making sure that all the dishes are done and put away on Friday night. It gives us a clean slate for the weekend. Since I’ve started doing that, I notice that I don’t let them build up on the weekend. I think starting the weekend with a clean kitchen motivates me to do little things each day to keep it clean all weekend.

  13. Im a night time cleaner so the daily things get done then, that way I don’t have things piled up for the weekends. I like to plan a meal that will have left overs, for Fridays dinner that way Saturday I don’t have to cook and Sundays are fend for yourself nights.
    I *try* to have laundry done during the week so that I only have to do whats necessary(if anything) on the weekends.
    Other than that Im not much of a planner and usually end up going with the flow.

  14. I try to do this every night to avoid all the chaos that can happen in the morning (except make the bed… it would be a little counterintuitive to do that at night; I do that in the morning). I also try to do it before weekends, but sometimes it is more important for the weekend to start on Friday night then it is for everything to be all ready for Saturday. :)

    Jennie´s last post…Praising Moderation

    • Oh yes, I forgot I used to go out on Friday nights! That feels like so long ago, before kids.

      • Haha! Yeah, I understand. My husband works Friday so by the time he gets home, he just wants to go to bed. Married Fridays are definitely more mellow than Single Fridays. And Married with Kids Fridays…well, I can only imagine. ;)

        Jennie´s last post…Praising Moderation

  15. A clean kitchen is essential for me to relax over the weekend. Wipe cabinets and knobs, clean coffee pot, and yes, snacks in the fridge! I also like to have candles around, especially this time of year, to take in all the great smells of the fall (apples, pumpkin, etc.) I love Fall!

    Paige´s last post…I have a confession

  16. Once again, you’ve inspired me! Just keeping the kitchen table cleared of clutter is a full time job in my house. So lately that’s been my goal, just keeping the kitchen table clear so homework is less chaotic and the table can be set quickly. It’s the first thing I see when I walk in the house or out of my bedroom in the morning, so having it clear makes such a difference, same as making the bed (which, for most of my life, just seemed pointless!) makes the whole room look cleaner!

  17. Karen (Scotland) says:

    This isn’t something I usually do but, by coincidence, I let the kids stay up later tonight after their bath (it was a really early bath – it’s been a long day…) and I have just dashed around tidying like crazy.
    I woke up feeling overwhelmed today with no plans or ideas – Michel (husband) has been at sea for a week now and I have five weeks to go. I decided tomorrow is not going to be frittered away like today so
    – mad dash tidy this evening
    – early to bed (but doesn’t make much difference while 6mo Nina wakes me every couple of hours (when can I feed her porridge?!))
    – write a plan of action for tomorrow: something constructive and something fun

    Off to include the bathroom taps and loo in that mad tidy up – forgot them until I saw them in your list.
    Have a nice weekend!

    • Karen (Scotland) says:

      Further to yesterday’s comment, all I can say is “The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft awry…”

      Discovered last night that my 5 and 4 year old boys have threadworms (sorry if that is too gross a thought for some of you but mothers of skanky little boys will get that it’s just a depressing fact of life…)

      So far, today has involved washing EVERY piece of fabric upstairs (about 7 loads so far and also using my gran’s and aunt’s machines), putting all toys into “quarantine” for 2 weeks (easier than washing them all) and getting medicine for the three kids (six week ultra-hygiene is beyond my five and four year old boys).
      I am about to go up and hoover all floors, mattresses and wipe down ALL surfaces – yep, walls in the bedrooms too.

      Then I’ll do all surfaces in the bathrooms.

      Then I’ll start on the downstairs – fabric, floors, bathroom…

      All this just goes to show that, as a mum, you can never “prep” enough to cope with what life throws at you.

  18. I like to make a goal of having most or all of our laundry done by Friday evening. If I do a load or two a day, it usually isn’t too hard. Same goes for a clean kitchen, and vacuuming and picking up in general, putting away clothes, etc.

    I usually do my grocery shopping on Saturday morning around 8 or 9 am. It’s quiet then, and I can grab a coffee and shop in peace while I leave my kids home with my husband and get things done a lot faster. It’s kind of become a routine/tradition that I bring home the food on Saturday mornings and then my three year old unpacks everything exclaiming over all the treasures I’ve brought back. We joke about it though, because I don’t think my three year old realizes that it takes Daddy’s money to get Mommy’s groceries :).

    Jenni @ Life from the Roof´s last post…Read and Recommended- Created for Work

  19. weekends around here are never productive for whole house cleanliness. weekends are for projects, visits, fun or just relaxing. so i like fresh sheets and vacuuming on thursdays. fridays i just get everything out of the way. literally, hide the stuff! on monday i clean for real.

  20. Thank you so much for this post! I spend so much time getting us through the week that the weekend kind of falls upon us and we don’t always make the best of it, honor the peacefulness that our home should provide for us during this time, or remember to do the things we love. I am going to include some “Getting Ready for the Weekend” items in my weekly home notebook.

    Emily from´s last post…The gondola

  21. I try to make sure the kitchen is clean and back in order as we are sure to blow it up again with big lazy breakfasts and other leisurely weekend meals.

  22. What a great post.. thank you! I usually just get through the weekends – doing projects and going out to run errands and see friends and family. However, if I switch my focus to using Friday nights to prepare for the weekend – where I’ll be at home more than I am during the week – it makes more sense!

    So glad you posted this!

    sunny´s last post…TGIF junkaholics flat

  23. We both work full time, so Friday nights for me are when I can take a breath, put my feet up and not worry about staying up too late!

    Saturdays are my work days – at home! We only have access to do laundry on the weekends, so I do all our laundry, change the sheets, clean the house so I can wash the rags…all that good stuff. At least I try to do that on Saturdays…we’ve been out of town the past three weekends so our house desperately needs some attention!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…Travels to Canada- Return to Whistler

  24. Chores used to get scattered over the weekend and we always seemed to be doing something. I try to do a crockpot meal on Fridays so when we get home from work/school we can all get our chores done while dinner finishes cooking itself. I unload/reload the dishwasher, throw in any remaining laundry not done Thursday night, and finally I review the grocery fliers, the freezer and pantry and make up the grocery list for Saturday morning. My husband cuts the grass and then wipes down the patio furniture ready for eating outside on the weekend. My daughter and son do their homework immediately after school so we don’t have to nag them about it all weekend. If all goes according to plan by the time we sit down to dinner all the chores are done and the rest of the weekend is all free time. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll tackle a project I want to do, but all the critical chores get done by Friday at supper. If there’s a home improvement project to do that happens on the weekend when we have enough time to completely finish it. I hate spreading a job over several evenings.

  25. I do my “big clean” Friday, so that the weekend can be more free. I also do a mini-clean (tidy and quick wipe down) on Monday to recover from the weekend. I tidy up every night before bed so that I can wake to an organized home. My days just run more smoothly when the house isn’t cluttered. I’m home all day with the kids, so it makes a huge difference for me.

  26. I love to get the kitchen super-clean, from shining the stainless tea kettle to Pine-Sol’ing the counters and mopping the floor. I also vacumm at least 2 of 3 levels and try (!) to put the finished laundry away. Tidy up everywhere and take trash out, and have at least the guest bathroom company-ready.

  27. I love the idea of getting ready for the weekend. I hate waking up on Saturday mornings and knowing what awaits me: laundry, dishes, picking up. My sons are only five and seven but I feel like I’m cleaning up a frat house on the weekends. But, I’m turning over a new leaf and following your advice. I’ve got some laundry going to get a jumpstart to what I know will be a busy weekend.

    • I’m with you Kim. My boys are the same age and are both home from school today with gastroenteritis (not that they are sick today – that was my sleepless night last night), the very clean upstairs TV room that was last night at bedtime is no more!

  28. What a nice post. It reminded me of my habit to cook a couple of extra dishes on Friday. That way I could skip cooking over the wknd!
    Have to get back to it.

  29. Rachel,

    Your picture looks so inviting already to start off a weekend. We used to get laundry, and vacuum done on Friday evening to kick off a weekend outing but lately we have been going relaxing in, so our Friday ritual has time off too.

    BTW, I mentioned your site in my latest post for not using social media such as twitter to be successful, you are a big example and inspiration for me.

    Preeti @ Heart and Mind´s last post…Top 10 reasons why I am not on Twitter

  30. Hmmm, Saturday’s are like B&R 31 flavors!! Could be anything depending on my current needs, which is WHY is LOVE Saturdays! We used to sing a song, “Saturday is a special day, it’s the day we get ready for Sunday!” (and it’s true, it’s the day I prepare for the Sabbath). That being said, Saturday is special, sometimes I’m oncall & working.. :(

    Other times:

    1. I clean like crazy during the week so my Saturday is free & blissful!!
    2. I clean like crazy on Saturday so my week is blissful.
    3. Big project day.
    4. Laundry ALWAYS going regardless of the situation.
    5. Good shopping day if #1 is done!
    6. Good travel day if #1 is done!

    And the list goes on……but usually I do #1 most of the time!!

    • Hey! Me too! I don’t know if this is an exclusive LDS song (so if this doesn’t make sense, I apologize), but I used to sing that in Primary. My mom still sings it whenever we go down for the weekend. :)

      Jennie´s last post…Praising Moderation

      • No apology needed, no exclusivity on the song! Sunday is a great day for everyone!

        And I do still sing it (to myself!)…it helps me get in the proper frame of mind for the weekend & stay on task on Saturday’s (especially when I would rather be relaxing or playing!!!)

        Have a great week!

  31. Really like your to-the-point posts, Rachel. I come here in the midst of writing assignments and it is like a short, sweet break. Something like heading to the watercooler in a real office. The conversation is amazing.
    Anyway, I keep Fridays for menu planning for the weekend, since I do a lot of baking and entertaining during that time. It’s also when I run double loads of laundry, change table linen, take out good flatware and take care of any minor repairs.

    Prerna´s last post…10 Great Ways to Use Empty Glass Jars and Bottles- Reusing Jam- Wine and Other Glass Containers

  32. I make a list on Thursday night and grocery shop on Friday (hopefully at lunch hour and not after work) so I dont have to do it on the weekends!

  33. My husband and I like to relax on a Friday night. We cook something quick and easy and just chill on the couch, watch a movie and maybe go for a walk. So we’ve developed a system which works best for us: we get up early on Saturdays (which is not that hard after a lazy Friday evening), throw in a couple of loads of laundry and then we clean together: he’s good at vacuuming, and I am quite efficient when it comes to tidying up the rest of the apartment. I takes us maybe half an hour to get the whole place cleaned up. Once in a while, when we feel like it, we do some serious scrubbing and decluttering.

    I have just recently discovered your blog. It’s a fun read!

  34. I would say I’m laughing out loud, but in truth, I’m staring deer-in-headlights-eyed at your post. On my way in to the computer, I passed through the kitchen which is not a disaster area, but also not picked up. “I can pick this up in the morning,” I thought to myself. Not after reading that post! I will march my little self into the kitchen and prep it for tomorrow!

  35. Your picture really highlighted how I get ready for the weekend…it’s all about the food! With 5 of us, I feel like I could spend all my weekends in the kitchen, so I usually focus on food. Make muffins, or a loaf, we usually have a snacky lunch, and this time of year I have something in the slow cooker, or a big pot of soup on. I usually do all this Saturday morning, so I don’t feel like it consumes my whole weekend. Sunday morning is always a big breakfast. :)

  36. I tent do look through newspaper and get rid of the old ones
    It’s good to open windows and let some fresh air into apartment
    Putting some candles and then lighting them in the evning give a romantic atmosphere to one’s home

  37. I really like the thought of having weekends free of chores and tasks and think saving all that for Monday is a great idea — keeping the weekend free and begining the week with a fresh start.

    I just became a mommy and am having a hard time balancing it all. I used to be a cleaning machine and now I’m lucky if I sweep the floor once every two weeks. It’s been a hard adjustment for me. I’m a little nervous for my return to work in November…not sure how I’ll balance it all but I know many moms do it.

    Nicole´s last post…caffine return

  38. Getting things tidy and sometimes just under way for the weekend is a great idea. My husband works a 4×10 week, so is off on Fridays, while I am at work. He has a group of men church friends, many of them retired, who like to drop in to have coffee with each other. I discovered they come here on some Fridays since he’s home. So I started doing my weekend prep on Thursday nights: pick up clutter, deal with any mail or paperwork that has been hanging around too long, make sure counters and table are spotless with clean placemats, take out the newspapers, clean the bathroom, fold the couch throw blankets. I don’t have to feel embarassed that it is my mess on view when drop-ins arrive and I’m not even home. Usually this tidy-up lasts til the weekend, making both Friday night and Saturday more restful, and leaving time for fun activities or errands.

  39. And that’s it? That’s all you do to prep for the weekend? I need to take notes.

    Jena (Organizing Mommy)´s last post…Gods provision

  40. I love, love, love this idea! I struggle with order, so I usually end up cleaning on the weekends, which I have come to resent. It would be so great to have a goal of getting things in order before Saturday comes around and then I could spend my time in more productive/fun ways on the weekend. Thanks for the post.

  41. I usually whip up a breakfast bread or muffins the night before Saturday and we head down to my parents’ home for the day. Sunday is all about rest here, so we end up not making the beds and forgetting about the dishes until Monday.

  42. I am one of the tens of millions of folks who work shifts…I work every other weekend day shifts, and before my sat and sun off, I work friday night until 1am. A rotating schedule is not conducive to always being able to plan. But, as a mother of grown sons, and now having the sweetest baby granddaughter, find a lot of my issues are different. I have learned over time to keep certain food and paper/washing/personal care items stocked up. That way you don’t have to get take out–just “take out” meal ingredients from the freezer and pantry. I have a two story house, so the downstairs (incl half bath)stays clean, I can then not spazz out over the upstairs. I also subscribe to the “do it now” philosophy, so you don’t have chores hanging over you. And I too, am fascinated by the beautiful photograph of the fruit….I am going to make some that way soon!

  43. There is some very wise advice here in these comments. One thing I like to try and do is sort out the kids school uniforms. It is one less thing to remember to do on the weekend itself. So if they are all washed and dried and hung back in the wardrobe you can move on with the weekend and just forget it.

    Unfortunately we still seem to be in the trap of doing heaps of chores at the weekend and I am working hard to change this. We both work full time and squeezing them in during the week is tough. Any tips?

    Anna´s last post…Family Tree

  44. We live about 35 miles from town so I shop on Friday to keep from going back on Saturday. We are trying to eat healthier and lose a few pounds so I cook and plan for the week ahead. Made granola this afternoon. I can’t believe how much better it is than the store bought and I know all the ingredients! Enjoy your blog!

  45. one thing i always {try} to do is to clean out the car from the weekly grime. i have 2 kids, and even with my best intentions, there seems to be a mess in the car {clutter, trash, things that need to be put away inside} that accumulates throughout the week. so on friday, i make sure that it is ready for any impromptu family outings — because it is always a bummer to have a full car that is messy before you start out!

    Stephanie´s last post…Good Night

  46. I came over from Preeti’s site. This is my first time on your blog. I must say that your site is a visual feast. Love the pictures and the simplicity of your tips!

    Evelyn Lim´s last post…Be Open to Receiving 10 Million

  47. I’m like Sherry – I clean throughout the week. If everything goes as planned, there isn’t really a lot to do on Saturdays. I do try to make some easy-to-grab baked good for Sunday’s breakfast. My husband is a pastor, so Sunday mornings are early and hectic. Having something easy on hand keeps us from driving through for breakfast and saves us at least $25 a month.

    Amy´s last post…Amy- the un-photographer

  48. I try to make sure all the laundry is done for one thing. On Friday, the kids help me clean. My six year old helps with wiping down cabinets, sweeping the mudroom, scrubbing the sink, or polishing mirrors (not all of this though!) We set aside an hour to do it, during which the kids can manage 1-3 chores. Then they play til dinner. My 3 year old son during this time might load or unload the washer, dust the baseboards, put away indoor or outdoor toys, or polish some of his wood toys with beeswax. I keep him away from water chores b/c it’s just ridiculous. But I spend most of my time clearing the counter tops, armoires, bookshelves/baskets and mantel of little “bits” that have accumulated over the week. Thats what really makes me feel like the house is “together”. Nice, clear, flat surfaces. Then too, we’re not starting off on Monday with several weeks of accumulated detritus on the counters.

  49. Friday is my cleaning day. Sheets get changed, bathrooms scrubbed, floors swept and mopped, carpets vacuumed, laundry done, etc… That way my family and I can spend the weekend relaxing in a nice clean house and I don’t have to worry about cleaning at all. Then I just keep it picked up throughout the week.

  50. I LOVED this idea! Although it took me more like an hour I managed to get lots organized on Friday so that we could enjoy the busy weekend and felt guilt-free for being a little lazy too!

  51. Looking back at your older posts. Having lived overseas for more than half my marriedl ife (30 plus years) I am always interested in others who do the same. FOr weekends, I try to have a premade lunch and like you said, lots of snacks. I do a fast pick up as needed and have supper ready for us so I am not cooking much Friday. We do crockpots or grilling for Sunday lunch if we eat at home and a light supper with a movie that night. that has changed with the place we live and ages of our kids now adult to 11 years. Thanks for all your helps and tips too. I need reminding as I am still readjusting after years with a full time maid in a very different climate and culture. Blessings.
    Linda´s last post…Winter Birthday

  52. What is that kind of coffee maker called and where can I get one? I used to always love one on the “Friends” TV show and have never been able to find one for myself.
    Jeanette´s last post…Look Beautiful, Without all the Fuss

  53. Thursday is usually my weekend prep day because I work Friday morning and spend part of Friday afternoon with my granddaughter. Weekend prep includes baking crackers, making granola and yogurt and shopping for the additional foods we eat on the weekend: Extra fruit and veggies, a pint of heavy cream to make ice cream, an extra jar of milk. On Thursdays, I usually begin adding extra flour to my sourdough starter, too, so we’ll have plenty on hand for sourdough pancakes on Sunday. Yum!

    Guess you can tell my priorities tend toward food!
    Kathryn Grace´s last post…Good News Friday: U.S. gasoline consumption drops 5 percent