Good Reads: Favorite Lines Edition

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So many thanks for your response and enthusiasm for my Simple Blogging ebook! What can I say about that? Words seem too short.

Today I give you some of my favorite lines written by talented women around the blogosphere for your weekend reading enjoyment:

“Whenever I think I have to have something or that I’ve found a deal I can’t pass up, I remind myself that there with always be something else. Something newer and shinier. The newest best things today are tomorrow’s Goodwill donations. Target will always have a clearance rack, Goodwill will always have $5 jeans, yard sales will always have household stuff for $1, and there will always be catalogs with nice things in them making what I have now look like old news.” – Emily, Remodeling This Life

“I finally watched Food, Inc. last month. I had been putting it off because I absolutely knew it was one of those things – sorta like The Mafia, I suppose – that once you are in, you know too much to ever get out. And I was right. It forever altered the way I view what I feed my family.” – Megan, Sorta Crunchy

“If you gave up soda two years ago, don’t kid yourself that organic, caffeine free cola will make you feel good. It’s still full of organic sugar.” (Life Lessons Learned on Vacation) – Jamie, Steady Mom

“I do like for a house to feel like home. I like personality and order and fun and function – and more than anything I like warm and welcoming.” – BooMama

“So this “Saving Money Thing”? It’s sort of fun…Ok…It’s really fun…I’m all of sudden recognizing that I have enough stuff as it is.” (Week 1 of No Spend Month) – Jenna, Living The Life

“One day I was studying in the law library when I heard a fellow student a few rows back notice with a laugh that the pockets in her winter coat were functional. All she needed was a pair of scissors to snip the threads, but where would she find scissors? The male voice next to her said, without skipping a beat, “Go find Jules. I guarantee she has a pair.” I did, right next to my hole puncher and retractable ruler.” – Jules, Pancakes and French Fries

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Thank you so much for linking to me Rachel.



  2. Great lines… and I look forward to updates on the e-book and your year of living dangerously ;)

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  3. Thank you so much for linking to me. I’m honored.

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  4. I always love finding new blogs to read!

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    Congratulations on your ebook! Just like you, it seems from a heart!

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  6. Such great thoughts. We have so much to learn from others when it comes to living our own lives.

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  7. Thank you for linking up some wonderful websites! Look forward to journeying through the blogosphere to women I can identify with!