I’ve Been Cleaning My Home All Wrong

This week I noticed a disturbing trend in how I pick up my home so it will look nice. For years I’ve been doing it wrong.

Here’s a sample:

1. Wash dishes.

2. Put away clean laundry.

3. Pick up toys in the living room.

4. Help kids pick up their room.

5. Run out of time before I pick up my room.

Day 2:

1. Clean hand prints off windows and mirrors.

2. Dust living room.

3. Vacuum.

4. Run out of time before I pick up my room.

Day 3:

1. Wash dishes.

2. Put away more laundry.

3. Get the art materials off the dining table.

4. Sweep the floors.

5. Run out of time before I pick up my room.

Why do I spend my time picking up every other area in my home except the place that’s mine? No more! My room is going to get first treatment once in a while, more than making the bed.

Right now my desk is topped with papers to go through and remains from the makings of a last-minute tiny Tinkerbell costume. My hope chest supports a basket full of clothes to store away and the half-clean clothes that I left there before I crawled into bed.

I want my room to give rest and beauty, not the projects I haven’t gotten to yet. My bedroom is not a dumping ground.

How about you?
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  1. So glad I’m in good company. My space is always the last to receive a good tidy! Should change that, too.

    Lee´s last post…For Today

  2. Funny–I had this exact same thought yesterday! My bed has been unmade for at least a week; my shoes are all over the place; and we have dog-hair tumbleweeds under dressers and in corners. But the rest of the house has been (mostly) clean all week! Definitely something I need to think about.

    Jennifer´s last post…Losing My Mind- The Halloween Edition

  3. That’s exactly what happens to me too. I always feel so much more rested, though, when our room is tidy and feels like a sanctuary from the chaos of the rest of our home.

    Shannon´s last post…WINNER and Get 20 Off Your Actual Organics Order

  4. Oh, me too! Need to get on that one.

    Wendy´s last post…Sara and Kam

  5. This post made me feel good-actually, my bedroom is the first place I clean! I know when I have that area picked up, then I will be less likely to “dump” things there. Dishes always seem to be in the sink, there is always laundry waiting to be done. But once my room is picked up, it stays that way for longer than any room in my house and that gives me a sense of satisfaction-even when I still have to face the kids’ rooms, the bathroom and the living room! I say, do YOUR room first-then everything else will follow!:)

    Clare´s last post…Super Salads

    • Me too! My kids are now in their 20’s and they tease about mom disappearing to “clean her room”. I used to announce loudly that we were all going to clean our rooms. I would head upstairs to my mostly-clean-anyway room and put on fresh sheets. Then I would spend maybe another hour taking a nap, writing or just listening to the radio while they shuffled through their piles of chaos in their own rooms. Then I would come downstairs and start cleaning the rest of the house. They were teenagers before they figured out why I always started by cleaning my room!

      And always – I swear it never fails – if company is coming over someone will be in your room. They will ask about your new quilt, or your long deceased grandmother’s wedding set or if you still have that blue sweater they could borrow. Or someone will need to use the extra bathroom. And you will open the door to your room.

      My husband always complained because I insisted on it being clean even when the kitchen needed more of my focus. But over thirty years, there have been just a handful of times when someone didn’t end up seeing our room. And the kitchen always was clean enough, ready to be disaster after the next meal anyway!
      Kitty´s last post…Buy Socks

  6. the cottage child says:

    ugh – I feel like our whole house is a giant laundry basket this week, so just this morning I dumped all the clean cloths onto MY bed. Odd, because only about 3 articles in the stack of 100+ are likely mine…how much more sense would it have made to fold and stack one of the kid’s beds, and left mine alone? I need to stop treating our bedroom like the staging/holding area.

  7. I often have the same problem. I find that if I tackle it first thing in the morning it stays nice all day (I’m not in there very much) and it’s so much easier to relax when I go to bed.

    Allyson´s last post…Good Reads

  8. i’m a believer in making your bedroom a place for relaxing and sleeping and in creating a soothing ambiance. a family of 4 in 2 bedrooms means our desk is in our bedroom. and with one of the bedroom occupants going to school, the desk tends to overfloweth with crap. on saturday i couldn’t take one more second of my messy roommate. i cleaned up all of his junk, organized it, and put away what was worth keeping. he also has a pile on the kitchen counter [at least we have a huuuge counter] that he’s needed to take care of forever. i finally told him to take care of it or i’ll throw it all away because obviously he doesn’t need any of it! i try to let him clean up his own messes but sometimes enough is enough, eh

  9. Oh, I just love a clean room! Walking into a clean room after a long day is so relaxing. However, when my bed is unmade, my desk is covered with stacks of papers, and my armchair is full of laundry … not so much. I want to go clean now!

    Rachel´s last post…Do Good Whilst Looking Cute

  10. I have a little place, but my cleaning philosophy is definitely from the inner circle outwards. First the bed, then the bedroom, then the kitchen.

  11. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Oh goodness.. you are a kindred spirit. Last night, I told my husband that we were going to tackle the dusting and cleaning of our bedroom tonight. I really want to enjoy my weekend and a clean bedroom would be key. It really brings me down to have done so much all day and then to end my day in an unkept room. The bedroom should be a sanctuary.

    Rachel, once again you’ve opened my eyes and knocked me off my feet. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  12. My bedroom is the easiest room to keep clean. I do fold clothes on my bed but no other projects are done in there so it’s simply a matter of quickly dusting and maybe straightening a bit. The computer/craft room is a different story.

  13. My bedroom is often last too, because it is the least likely to be viewed should company stop by.
    I’ve been mixing it up too and taking care of it first at least once a week. The hubs seems to enjoy a neat bedroom!

    Holly´s last post…Now Im Older than a Bunch of Dead Guys

  14. Oh yes! That sounds like my house. Thank you for the reminder.

    I love your bed! Beautiful!

    Elizabeth´s last post…Whats a Girl To Do

  15. My bedroom IS a dumping ground…its probably time for that to change! Thanks for the encouragement.

  16. I’m there! Every so often I realize how yucky it feels to have a messy room and I will go through and clean it. The most amazing thing is that when I do, I realize what a difference just 15 minutes can make. Then I light a candle and get in bed early with a good book. :-)

    KaseyQ´s last post…30-Minute Toasted Pumpkin Seeds! YUM!

  17. I can’t fall asleep unless my room is neat…so I do keep it clean.

    I love the first photo…is that your house??? Amazing mantle/headboard, lovely wall color and great silver platter collection – perfection!

    Robin´s last post…More Museum Please

  18. That’s the beauty of having a small bedroom and one large kitchen/dining/living room/office space…there’s no room in the bedroom for anything but a bed, nightstands, dresser and hamper! (Oh, and one very large dog bed that takes up the whole floor when pulled form under the bed!)

    The bedroom always feels picked up because…well…there’s not much that’s out! My hard place is the desk by the door…its the dumping ground of the apartment!

    Kait Palmer´s last post…What Am I Getting Myself Into

  19. yes yes yes!! except we have such a small home and i don’t have a craft room anymore. so my pile of boxes of craft stuff are in the corner….

    anyway, been loving the ebook!

    julia´s last post…The Nursery Rhyme Dilemma

  20. We survived a several year, whole house remodel that we did ourselves. I made a huge mistake leaving our room for last. By the end, our room was almost a warehouse for all the rest of the things that we were trying to finish. It finally hit me that I had done it just backward! So when it came time to do our room, I went all out. Now, it STAYS clean. I just don’t let the kids do anything in our room and it is wonderful.

    I Live in an Antbed´s last post…Psalm 148

  21. Such a good reminder :) I’m learning that if I can’t keep my stuff neat and put away, that means I have too much stuff! My November task is to go through everything we have and pare down by 50%. What a wonderful way to start a season of gratefulness!

    Laura´s last post…sneak peek

  22. My room used to be the first to be the dumping ground when I didn’t have a home for something and we were having company over and the rest of the place needed to look nice. NO MORE!

    About a month ago I cleaned out our bedroom and I am happy to report it’s stayed that way.

  23. It’s so easy as Momma’s to overlook “our” space first! It’s also the only room in our place that I can literally “close the door on” so that’s often what happens. And with our son’s “room” lacking a closet and a door and exactly 7 feet by 6 feet, a lot of his stuff ends up storing in our room. But my husband is much happier when our space is orderly, so I need to do better at keeping it so.
    My best strategy for keeping our clothes hung up or in drawers is to hang up those things first! It’s so easy to put the ones in drawers and leave the hang up clothes because it takes longer to hange them up. But then they don’t get done. So if you start with those, it sets the stage for more success!

  24. I realized the same a couple months ago. Now, once a week of so, I clean up my room and clear off my desk. Another day we tackle the kids room – a scary job in itself. The next day, I do floors (usually you can still see the kids floor if I do it first thing in the morninv). Every night before bedtime I do the dishes while my kids pick up their mess in the living room – bedtime stories only happen once the living room passes Mama inspection. If I didn’t do this, I’d always be picking up and cleaning and not have good quality down time.

  25. I used to do the same thing. But a couple years ago I started “digging my way out” at least once a month. I start with the master bath and our bedroom and then if I move onto other rooms. My bedroom should be a sanctuary not the city dump and it feels *ahem!* sexier when it’s clean. And a sexier room feels more …umm…”inspiring”? ; )

    Rebekah @ It Only Gets Better´s last post…Eye Twitch

  26. Oh yeah, I hear ya. I have to get my fiance to pick up his clothes as much as i do mine. It’s ridiculous. Sometimes I dont even get to the rest of the house (hence night shift working and his day shift job). But hey, we’re happy…

    Janine´s last post…focus friday

  27. Actually, I have to say, I clean my room first!!!

    Britt´s last post…Coupon Code- Petsmart – 10 off 50

  28. Once you get it picked up, avoid making it a dumping ground by putting away things when they need putting away. It takes a few extra seconds, but you’ll need hours to clean up a messy bedroom if you don’t. Just accept the fact that your time right now includes some major housekeeping, and that’s a full time job! I’ve lived in an apartment, a townhouse, a mobile home, a farmhouse and a small ranch over the last 30 years with my husband, two daughters and pets. I’ve learned to make “put it where it belongs right now” my motto.

  29. Oh boy do I feel the same way! I feel like my bedroom is a complete dumping ground. I have a few ideas how I could spruce it up…#1 put away all my clothes!

    Paige´s last post…I have a confession

  30. I have to tackle my room periodically at odd hours to change sheets and put away laundry since my husband works nights and sleeps during the day. I also started cleaning the “next” room. Not the same ones in the same order all the time. If I left off with the dining room, then I go to the computer room or if I was upstairs then I finish up there and go downstairs, eventually it all gets done.

  31. I have discovered that if I make my bed and clean up the bedroom on my way out that it stays relatively clean and I get to go to bed in a clean room too! Remember take care of yourself to have enough to give to others.

  32. Old Doug in BC says:

    At least the MacBook looks good!


    Old Doug in BC

  33. I’m pretty sure you could write in the dust on our dresser. (The small part you can see, that is!) And every night, I tell myself tomorrow will be the day for dusting. But then there’s always something that comes up… But this weekend, it’s going to happen!

  34. Oh this post hits home. My husband & I have a smaller bedroom. It is a *horrible* dumping ground for all sorts of stuff. Dog toys (our dog brings them up), kids toys (from both my kids), dirty clothes on the floor (even though there is a laundry basket in our attached bathroom for the dirty clothes). We are in desperate need of a new bed, & plan to get a queen sized one hopefully early next year. That will give us a wee bit more space. I am also going to be painting in here, a soothing gray, the previous owners have it, what I call “obnoxious blue”. Papers everywhere, because my desk, computer & printer are up here. IT.IS.A.TOTAL.NIGHTMARE.. Typing this, I am looking around CRINGING. :(

  35. Ha! I guess I’ve been doing it right?!? My room, of all the rooms, must be clean before anything else happens. On some days this means the kitchen floor falls off the bottom of the list, or maybe the bathrooms, or GASP, my little guy’s space.

    Oh well!

    My minimum must do before anything else: 1 load dishes, 1 load laundry, pick-up bedrooms & playrooms. Make breakfast, have a crazy dance party, go outside. Then the day may begin.

    No wonder I can’t make it in the office.

    LOVELOVELOVE the mantel bed!

    Zom G.´s last post…Bats- Spider Webs- and Ghosts

  36. It is the same here. there are layers for dust, piles of books, boxes and containers of stuff, piles of clothes. I cant even vaccum. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and by the time I get home from work I am in pain and am exhausted. I cant keep up with the other rooms as well. I get no help from my husband and son. I cant afford to pay someone to help out. It is just depressing. Today I am trying to work on the kitchen. It wont all be done today but something is better than nothing.

    • I understand! My fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis have me worn out by the time I come home from work. My husband does vacuum for me and I am left with everything else. I also try to do a little everyday.

      • Ladies I too struggle with illness. Best advice get rid of the vacuum! Just dragging that thing from room to room exhausts me! Also get rid of everything you do not love, live as minimalistic as possible. No more containers full of stuff tackle a box a week and only keep what you really want the rest can be given to someone that will treasure it (don’t sell, giving feeds the soul and gives loads of energy in return)
        Make sure you rest enough, 15 min of work deserves 15 minutes of rest!

  37. This is so true for me. And even though I just read this … I still feel that I have to choose the huge pile of dishes over cleaning up in my room. {sigh}

  38. But it’s the one room the guests don’t go in!

    Frances´s last post…Two Soups- Curried Carrot and Garlic Tomato

  39. Amen, sista! All I end up doing is making the bed, and that’s the FIRST thing that I do in the morning or else that won’t even get done! Time to make it a priority :)

    Debbie´s last post…not just your average veggie burger

  40. This is sooooo true for me. I clean all other bathrooms before mine, I clean up the kids rooms, before mine etc. I run out of time a lot and my room houses the the unfinished laundry. I find myself getting upset with my kids because they mess up their rooms that I just tidied. I am almost shocked when I go back to see my room in total disarray. I need to clean up mine first. Thanks for the reminder.

    Lauri V.´s last post…Got java

  41. I realized a few years back that if my room is messy the rest of my life feels very confused and messy. I spend the first 10 mins of my day cleaning my room and this leaves my husband and I a very peaceful sleep environment. I have also noticed that since I made this change my children tend to migrate to my room when they need to talk or just need some mom n me time. I do feel that is because I attempt daily to leave my room as a calm and peaceful space.

  42. Great post! I kind of see the dishes thing though, those bother me like a splinter until they are done…. however, I’ve found that since we’ve always used duvets with our blankets (and sheets below) that it takes about 4 seconds to make the bed, and the mental lift each time i go in, even if there is laundry, is amazing…. that said, the giant pile of laundry i dumped on that nicely made bed this morning so i could find clean dark clothes to go under my 3-year-old’s spider costume kind of took away from the Zen!

  43. Totally… It’s way easier to be productive when the space around you is clean!

    Christine´s last post…The Halted Gallivant

  44. SIGH. I’d love to have my room be a sanctuary but I’m pretty much resigned to the idea that my bedroom will be a landfill while my children are small because they get into EVERYTHING. The only way I can keep anything out of their destructive little fingers is to put it in my room and shut the door. (Or on top of the fridge, but there’s only so much room up there.) And if I decide occasionally to make the bed, that makes it a perfect trampoline. I just can’t win here.

    One comment about the desk in the bedroom, though – we had a desk in the bedroom in our last apartment and I hated it. When we moved to our current place, we got rid of the desk and got a computer armoire with doors. Now the computer is in the living room, but it’s in a cabinet where I don’t have to see the desk mess if I don’t want to. I just shut the doors! Also, the desk space itself is smaller so I have to clean it more frequently just to be able to use it at all. I’m NEVER getting rid of this computer desk!

  45. I know exactly what you mean!! I do the same thing, but now, I think I’m going to focus on one room a day so I don’t run out of time and actually get more done in each room. It’ll be hard, but it may work better!

    jackie´s last post…Random Stuff

  46. Good motivation. Our room used to be the tidiest, most peaceful and most romantic room in the home. Then I let a little clutter build, and more and more. Time to get back that lovin’ feelin’ (oo-oo-oo–oo-oo).

    Zoanna´s last post…Breaking Up is Easy to Do

  47. OH I am the same… I clean the kitchen first normally, then the living room, the long hallway, the bathroom and by the time Ive done all that I either dont feel like cleaning anymore or just dont have the time. But when I do clean my room first everything else still manages to get done – go figure!

    Adrianne´s last post…Pretty Pumpkins–31 Days to a Happier Home

  48. absolutely!!! i have to agree!!!

  49. I am far less likely to run out of time/energy and leave a sink of dishes than leaving a messy bedroom. So I start with my room – it only takes a few minutes when I am fresh.

    Our master closet is the laundry sorting central as well, so when I clean my room I also always have a load of laundry that can go right into the washer while I am working through the house to the central rooms.

  50. This was one of the pre-marital advices we got before my husband and I got married. Keep your bedroom a sacred space. Always try to keep it clean, simple, and a place of romance, rest, and comfort. When you keep the master bedroom clean and tidy, we were told it’s a way of communicating to your spouse how you respect and love them. Even if the whole house is a mess, when you walk into our bedroom, the bed is always made, the nights stands and dressers are clutter free, and there’s a soft and appealing lighting. I like that my husbands likes to come into our bedroom and feel at peace.

    I think this is a great post….!

  51. I love the look of a clean room, but I sure hate doing it! I really like the use of your fireplace, there. It’s very innovative if you aren’t going to use it as a fireplace. I wish I could do something like that in my living room!

    See beautiful home interiors, art work, fashion and design at http://retailtherapyforlife.wordpress.com.

    Marsanne´s last post…I’ve Been Cleaning My Home All Wrong

  52. My room comes first; I make my bed up right away in the morning before leaving the room and making sure everything is picked up; I also clean one room a day and spend only around 15 minutes cleanup time per room. After those 15 min, I am free to do what I want. By the end of the week, every room will have been done. Maybe not 100% picked up or cleaned, but getting there. Keep this up, and it can stay picked up all the time. Try it for 30 days to keep this a habit. Routine. Great post.

  53. I don’t leave my bedroom in the morning before it is tidy… Don’t step out the door, don’t answer the phone (well ever!!!), don’t change a diaper, don’t check my rss feed, don’t even check my email. I need to see a freshly made bed when I walk past it, I need to see the pile of stories beside my bed neat and tidy. It drives my family nuts… I won’t even get up and grab a coffee… if I am up then I am up and my room is neat. Let’s face it the next time I step into my bedroom could be bedtime at the end of the day and I for onr don’t want to start my night in an un made bed and a messy room – no I just can’t do it!!! Thanks for reminding me that I do have a “me first spot” I needed to hear that today!!!

    se7en´s last post…Se7en Make Easy Peasy Scones

  54. Great post and so true. I too am putting my space first now and honestly I am happier knowing my sanctuary is cleaned up.

    Great headboard- very inspiring.

    Julia´s last post…3 pregnant women- 2 toddlers- 1 cabin- Fall in Tahoe

  55. me too! kitchen is always 1st, laundry is everyday and i can’t stand clothes not put away, and my husband does the bathroom every week… kids are learning to clean their room, and with wood floors cleaning floors is a must. but! my room… somehow it gets the bottom priority too. good point. i am inspired to make it a higher priority.

    Charis´s last post…He is nothing like me

  56. Same for me. I start off in the dining room and kitchen. When I can’t find a place for something, I just take it into my bedroom and stash it somewhere. It’s a real dumping ground. Thanks for inspiring me to “put myself first”, at least in my cleaning and decluttering.

    Kim McCallie´s last post…Friday Fiesta – Burritos

  57. SNAP! You’ve been looking in my windows again haven’t you ;-) I like this idea and am going to adopt it also. Another good reason for doing so is so that it’s then not a case of “do as I say, not as I do” for my kids as far as keeping their room tidy…

    Sarah Klass´s last post…Me! Organised with Christmas cards! And how you can be too…

  58. I used to always clean the ‘public’ areas of my house first – and usually by the time I’d waded through a week’s accumulation of stuff, I was in NO mood whatsoever to do more in our room than straighten the bed and shut the door.

    Recently, I decided I was going to clean our room and that was that.

    a) It didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought it would.
    b) It’s nice to have a clean room.
    c) It’s actually quite easy to maintain.

    So then I decided I would START in the ‘private’ rooms, because I know that I *will* clean the ‘public’ areas regardless. It not only meant our space was as valued as everyone else’s space – but for some reason the whole house stays tidier. Don’t understand THAT!

  59. I used to do that earlier.. But changed when I realised what I was doing:-) Now, I tidy my room first and then, move on to the laundry, dishes, etc, etc.. My trick is to focus on one room first, so even if that means I get out the extra stuff and dump it on the dining table, I get my bedroom cleaned up.

    Prerna´s last post…Bedtime Rituals- Make Story Time Special and Sacred

  60. Love it! I finally realized this last week with the laundry. I would dump them out and sort on the bed. What would happen is I would try to get to it all day and then the kiddos would be in bed, the hubby would go to bed (just shoving the clean laundry over to my side) and I would have to sort and put away laundry just when I was wanting to get into bed. No more! My new routine is to put the laundry basket on the dining table and put the clothes at the places where my family sit (and giving kitchen and bathroom their own place setting). Then, I put away mine, kitchen, bath and baby’s. The rest stay. The next meal comes up and my son and hubby have to pack off their laundry before they have a spot to eat. :)

  61. I’m the same way most of the time! I’ve noticed, though, that my day is so much better when I take care of my space first; when I walk by my nice clean room, it makes me feel like I started the day right and it’s a place I can unwind in at night.

    Jennifer´s last post…Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  62. I just reclaimed my bedroom and those thoughts were mine. No longer will my bedroom be a dumping ground. The Nester sent me over here :)

    Sandy @ Reluctant Entertainer´s last post…Day 29 During or After the Party- Who Cleans Up

  63. I can’t get a good night’s sleep if my room is a mess. Maybe this comes from old age but it’s very important to me that our room be neat.

    Beth Miko´s last post…Befores no Afters

  64. The sad part of this subject is the fact that my kids call me out all the time about my room. I am constantly telling them to clean their room yet mine looks like a land mine hit it. We were remodelling it so I had that excuse but it’s been 10 months since the major work has been done and they keep telling me that I can’t use it anymore!! I have been trying to make an effort to keep it clean but admittedly a half hearted one. Oh well, do as I say and not as I do is what I tell the kids!

  65. I do that too! I always save our room for last, and it is NEVER clean!!!!

    Tara @ Tara Being Tara´s last post…My Fashion Inspiration

  66. I just did my weekly cleaning today. I always run the laundry while I’m cleaning and put it away as it comes out of the dryer. Today I cleaned my entire apartment in 30 minutes…it is only 400 square feet. THAT is the beauty of small living!

  67. It varies for me – I work from home so I spend my morning in the office. Really need to keep that room decluttered so I’m not distracted while working. During breaks I hang out in my room and put away laundry, make the bed and vacuum.

    In the afternoon I usually work from the living room on my laptop so I need to straighten up my papers, do the dishes and clean up clutter.

    My guest room doubles as the yoga space so I keep that room clean with the yoga mat ready for morning stretching.

    Kelly´s last post…Bulk Buying and Cooking for Singles

  68. soccer mama says:

    It’s amazing that I read this just as I had spent the ENTIRE evening cleaning my room…and this was after my husband and I had spent a little bit of time on it last night. It was so cluttered it was driving me crazy. I even put out some decorative items that I had purchased some time ago but had never made a home for. It feels so good to have it done (almost) and I definitely don’t want it to let this pulled-together feeling go away. I need to do exactly what you said and let my room be first on the list sometimes. Love the post!

  69. Yesterday my son and I were clearing the hallway of autumn coats and jackets. I told him to put them on my bed and I would sort them out later. Well later never came and all the coats and jackets were still on the bed at bedtime. They are now on the floor next to the bed I am too tired to go upstairs and tackle the mess after running around behind a toddler and a six yr old!

    Chantal´s last post…Freshstart

  70. Sing it, sister. I don’t have much to say except that you just described my cleaning life to a T. Hopefully I can get myself to try your new approach.

    Two Chicks and a Hen´s last post…How Weve Been Pre-Halloweening- and a Thank You to The Crafty Crow

  71. So funny that I read this today. Our bedroom is definitely high on my priority list this week!

    Emma´s last post…love story

  72. My bedroom is for sleeping (heh hem.) Bed, night tables, clothes. That’s it. If it has to hang out, it hangs out on the DR table or on the folding table in the Laundry room.

    juliet´s last post…Boondoggle

  73. This is like everything else in most women’s lives, we put everythingelse before ourselves! We need to stop that!
    As far as bedrooms go, mine is the same way! I have a huge pile of laundry waiting to be put away.
    Ramblings of a Woman´s last post…Living the Balanced Life- Pefectly Imbalanced

  74. Yep, that’s the way it’s been going at my house for years, but just recently I’ve been trying to give my room a bit more attention. I nag the kids to clean their room, then I walk into my room and feel like a hypocrite… but there’s never any time. I told them once- I’d love to have a clean room… I’d love for someone to tell me – go clean your room… and have me have no other things to worry about while I do it (no kids to keep track of, no other areas that are seen more that need cleaning first). My niece noticed that my room had been picked up last night and she actually commented to me about it being clean… kinda sad.

  75. My room has the most giant pile of clean laundry, piled up in front of my almost empty wardrobe. Great. It’s been that way for far too long. I am tired of not being able to find what I need, or finding the thing I want at the last second but covered in wrinkles and there is no time to iron. One of those tasks where I just have to “Do the next thing”…

  76. from the looks of my bedroom, it’s obvious that i’ve been doing it wrong too. i think i’ll jump on the bandwagon and make a change.

  77. Jessica J. says:

    Definitely a problem in my house as well. Our room has been a dumping ground for too long! Last week, I finally spent a fully day cleaning and getting rid of the stuff that was just stashed. It feels sooooooo good go go in there now. The key is how long it will last….sigh!

  78. Some friends and I were talking about this at the Relevant Conference–some thing we talked about was that it tends to quench the bedroom activities because the mess can be distracting. I vote we all clean up our bedrooms and “bring sexy back”!

  79. I have been doing that for my eating, I always feel let me finish house work, blog work and so on..and I will eat relaxingly and it does not happen. Sometimes I am so famished and do not eat properly. Need to change that.
    Zengirl @ Heart and Mind´s last post…101 Changes- Change 9 – Drink to your Health- Benefits of Drinking Tea

  80. H. Sewell says:

    I just had an epiphany….I do the same thing. I guess I should make my “sanctuary” more of a priority. Right now there’s a giant stack of mail on my dresser and an enormous pile of things that should have been taken to Goodwill weeks ago in the corner. How am I supposed to relax when surrounded by all of that?

  81. Love it and glad I’ve found this site! As a mother of a toddler whose toys seem to take over the entire house, I have one rule: NO TOYS IN OUR BEDROOM!!! I advise my new mom friends to have one area in their home that is baby-free, so that they can go there and remember who they are. My bedroom is my sanctuary – going there helps me to re-connect to my “human being” and makes my mom, wife, and house-CEO side all the better.

  82. I’m laughing because I am right there with you! Only I seem to get stuck on the toy part. I finally made a rule that all toys have to go back in the play room at the end of the day. When I stored them throughout the house, there was a constant mess.
    Unplanned Cooking´s last post…How to keep your home clean with kids

  83. Yes! Our master bedroom is the first room I tidy at the start of the day. It is so important to have that space where you look after yourself. It wasn’t automatic and I do stumble once in awhile, but respecting myself and the space I’ve created for me is absolutely worth it. Do it! You won’t regret it. :)
    Amy @ Journey Mum´s last post…Back from Staycation

  84. I did it!! I did it!!! I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning MY room. Drawers, closets, clothes, etc. I LOVE IT! What took me so long???
    sharon´s last post…November Challenge- Gratitude

  85. Goodness, it seems I’ve been leaving my space til last like all of these other wonderful women.

    Thinking about it more in depth, I think this is becoming a way for me to build up some resentment towards my family by taking on the burden of housing all of this ‘stuff’ (laundry, incoming papers, things that need fixing, etc.). Rather than find a home for it or get rid of it, rather than asking for help or staying up 10 more minutes to put it away, I let the piles build. With my resentment. Yuck. I guess this is hereby my weekend project!!!

    Thanks for your post (well, and your blog, it is endlessly fascinating)!

  86. Thank you for a good reminder!

  87. I find this is true when it comes to decorating too! We moved recently, and every other room in our home is decorated except our bedroom! Even our guest room looks more homey! It’s about time to change that – thanks for the reminder.

  88. If it weren’t for the fact that hubby makes the bed in the morning, our bedroom would never look tidied up.

  89. I was just thinking about this today in fact, while I was cleaning house. I kept thinking, “ok, laundry is almost finished so then I can start on my room”. Then I had that ah-ha moment when I thought, “no, this is MY room, MY haven inside my haven. It deserves better treatment than this. So, I decided that from now on, my room comes first. I have to have that quiet, relaxing, clean space where my mind can unwind”. Thanks for the reminder!

  90. I found your blog via Simple Organic, and love it! I’m so with you on this…my room is the last thing to get picked up as well. You’ve inspired me to change that. :)
    G.´s last post…Today So Far

  91. The thing that crossed my mind while reading this post was – What are you doing with your time that it keeps disappearing before you have a change to do the things that you feel you need to get done. I would suggest looking at your usual routine and see if there is something you can eliminate that would free up 10 minute to work on you room each day. It is amazing what can be achieved in 10 minutes.

    I have only just discovered your blog and I am looking forward to reading more.
    Colleen´s last post…Day 322 The garage – Before and after

  92. Take aways from a marriage seminar attended in the early years were coffee in the bedroom delivered by my serve other love language husband for us to have a few minutes together for prayer, chatting or just the togetherness of being together each morning and keeping the room only for you…not an office, not a folding area into the evening but for us and we added our kids for those quiet times. Another friend taught me through her actions of never leaving the bedroom parts of the house until dressed and beds made…kids included. All helped in keeping home neat enough…notice…neat enough.
    Linda´s last post…Paint

  93. Leila on Like Mother, Like Daughter says to start in the bedroom- even before the kitchen sink- I ‘shine my sink’ and then go to the bedroom (usually)
    priest’s wife´s last post…Our Lady of Guadalupe- pray for us

  94. ~~Thank you SANITY! This was my entire Christmas—getting the house all lovely by working my way from the Kitchen back to my Bedroom and never quite making it to MY bedroom! I also noticed this didn’t happen until I became a mom and my the axis of my universe tilted quite a bit….I love epiphany’s before 10 am ♥

  95. Good one..Don’t we ALL do this? NOT take care of ourselves? Maybe it’s time to change that!
    Janie´s last post…First Egg of the Season and Winter Greensand the Wisdom of Our Older Friends

  96. This is terrific advice. I honestly don’t think our bedroom hasn’t been clean since before I was pregnant with our second daughter (who is nearly a year old). By the time I clean every other part of the house I’m tired and just want to veg out in front of the computer before crawling into bed. Thanks for this gentle nudge to put my sanctuary at the top of my list.
    Amanda´s last post…Seuss Celebration

  97. SO TRUE!!!! I will literally do any other chore before tending to my own room. Usually that has to do with the fact that my room is where I dump all the laundry that needs to be folded and put away…which is my least favorite chore!!!! If I had all the money in the world, it would be spent hiring a person to do all my laundry and fold and hang it up. A girl can dream right?!

  98. Encourage your family to pick up after themselves and help with the chores.

    Teach everyone to make a priority list that involves one hour of chores per day.

    If you spend time planning, there’s less work in the long run…

  99. Some of the best things I have ever done four our bedroom:

    Get the work desk out of there

    Get the computer out of there

    No clean laundry on the bed

    No clutter on the nightstands

    Vacuum the rug and dust at least once a week

    Make the bed everyday

    Added a great down quilt with a duvet cover we both really like

    …And never use our room as a dumping ground for stuff again


    Mary @ Mary’s Nest´s last post…Culinary Her-story History

  100. I really like this post! awesome…I did an article actually on tips of housekeeping…which you can find in my site: http://www.cutecoconut.com …there are so many things in your post which I can relate myself to…I just love it!

  101. Yes and the closet in the bedroom is even worse! I will try to put myself first on this one.

  102. I just found your blog tonight through a link at The Nester. I’ve been going through your wardrobe advice and I’m loving it! Thank you…I hope to become a comfortably dressy woman one day soon!

    I’m commenting on this post to share what has been my philosophy in my home for about 10 years now. My bedroom is the first room I see in the morning and the last room I see at night so it must be kept neat. If every other room in the house is messy I can deal with that if at least my room looks decent. It keeps me sane, I can’t sleep in a messy room and if I wake up in one that just starts the day off wrong.