Selling Used Books: Still No Money

We’re moving in a few weeks, and one of my goals is that we go out of this apartment with less stuff than we brought in. Can we do it? I don’t know. But since Doug has had more free time lately, he’s been going through past collections. On one day lately it was books.

I don’t have many books, I’m more of a library girl, so my short row of books doesn’t take much room on the book shelf. Doug had some books from his pre-parenting days when he had time to sit around and read high-brow philosophy books. On any other person’s shelf or coffee table those would be there to make someone look smart, but Doug actually read them, and there were more books that he had bought before I converted him to be a library user too. (The Kindle is cool, but we haven’t bought one since our library is well-stocked.)

When he took his stack of books over to the used book store to sell them, he noticed a big difference in the store’s inventory from a year or two ago. He said there were a lot of old books, but very few recent books like there used to be. I suppose it’s a result from more people buying e-books?

What remains the same is the tiny sum that books are worth when you try to resell them, and Doug pocketed his $11 offer for all of his books, bringing back memories of college bookstores and the semiannual disappointment of how little someone will offer you for your $90 Physics textbook. That you used twice.

The bookshelf now looks neater and well-edited, so that has got to be worth something.


When I looked through my books I found a two-book set by Shaunti Feldhahn that I read earlier this year. I mentioned it when we discussed why we make our to-do list too hard and how men and women think differently.

It’s a light, simple read but it prompted some good discussion between me and Doug. Rather than sell it back to the used bookstore for fifty cents, I’d rather pass it on to one of you! If you want this book set, simply leave a comment on this post before Sunday at 6 p.m. CST and I’ll choose a winner at random. (This set looks like it’s in new condition, so it could even be gifted. I won’t tell anyone.)

Congratulations to winner JDP!

What do you do with your old books? Keep, sell, donate, or have you transitioned to e-books?
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  1. I’d love to check these out!

  2. i’d definitely give these a read!

    first i try selling old books on amazon–you can get more money for them there often–then i take them to a local used bookstore to sell or to get store credit (often its a better deal if you get store credit! though that isn’t too helpful if you are looking to downsize lol)

  3. I’m interested!
    Emily´s last post…Gratitude Garland

  4. Sounds like a good read; count me in!

  5. I resell most of my old books (made over $300), then donate the rest to the library.

  6. I either donate them to the local library or I give them to a friend that sells books on ebay. All that hassle to make $1 on ebay doesn’t seem worth it but she thinks so. Mostly I don’t buy books anymore, people either give them to me to read and pass on as I see fit or I borrow from the library.

  7. I use You can get books from your “wish list” for just the cost of postage–usually $2.38.

  8. I would love to read the books but am doubtful that I would purchase them. My husband and I have a 2000 book library that I feel daunted by the thought of purging…

  9. What a coincidence! I just added those books to my Amazon wish list yesterday. Though if I don’t end up receiving these, I’ll check my library for them before buying. :)

  10. I use paperback swap and I also use goodreads which has people pay shipping and then I just mail off the book. I love doing those because then I feel like I’m passing the books on to someone else who wants them.

    We also don’t have anywhere to sell books back so.
    Nicole´s last post…Fall Finals

  11. LOL, I could so use those books! Unfortunately, since I’ve started working full time and got married, I don’t read very often anymore. I still have all my old books. I would probably donate them eventually.

  12. We keep our books! We are consciously creating a heritage library for our family by choosing books filled with wisdom and beauty so that our children will be able to have these volumes we have enjoyed over the years to share with their children. 4800 volumes and counting. :)
    I Live in an Antbed´s last post…Two Minutes with Mackenzy

  13. I’ve read those books, and they’re really good.

    As for my old books, I alternate between donating to the library at our church and my public library. I love the library! I love that I can request books for the library to order. I haven’t had them turn down a request yet!
    Melissa @ Breath of Life´s last post…The Advent Altar – Part II

  14. We sell them on amazon or donate them to a local thrift store.

    These 2 books look like they’d definitely provide the basis for great conversation between my husband and I! Thanks for the chance!

  15. totally feel you on the $11 for a $90 book…i have to sell my books back soon not looking forward to the day

  16. I’m too much of a romantic to switch to e-books! :)

    I swap the books I’m done with (and that I won’t read again) on (someone else already mentioned it a few comments ago). It’s free to join and it’s great. Basically, you post what books you don’t want on this site, other people request them from you and you pay the postage (with media mail rates, it’s only a couple bucks or so). For every book you send, you get a credit. Whenever you want a book, you request it from someone else (each book = 1 credit) and they send it at their expense. Love it!
    Heather´s last post…One of the Basics- Homemade Whipped Cream

  17. A friend & I share books. After we have both read them, I put them on paperbackswap or donate them to the public library.
    Misti´s last post…Elzybell Reindeer

  18. someone just told me about these books! would love to win them!

  19. Cassandra Smith says:

    Sure, we’d like to read them hear. And I know how it is with used books, trying to sell them. It’s a huge pain for very little gain.

  20. I love sharing books! And these sound great!

  21. Having purged all of our possessions some years back (other than some favorite books and family mementos), I feel your pain. I decided to donate all of the books we were purging rather than get a few dollars for them. The recipients were very happy and we felt great. A few places I can recommend for donating:
    Senior Centers
    Boys and Girls Clubs
    Hospitals (especially Children’s Hospitals where parents spend a lot of time sitting around with their kids)
    Ronald McDonald Houses
    Local Libraries
    Youth Hostels

    I would call these places prior to showing up with your truckload, but most were very happy to accept our donations.

  22. I usually check books out from the library; if I love them and know I’ll read them again and again, then I buy them. I just can’t jump on the e-reader bandwagon. There’s something about the weight of a book in your hand, the smell of the paper, the crease that makes a favorite book open to my favorite passage, that I simply can’t give up!

  23. We sell books we don’t want to keep – or 1/2 Price Books. And if we also swap with Paperback Swap. I just can’t get into the whole e-reader thing.

  24. I would love to read these. Always looking for ways to improve my marriage relationship. I too am a library patron. We do have 3 bookshelves full of books, but these are from before my frugal days. :)

  25. Oops. My name is Christy… not Chirsty. lol

  26. I would be very interested in this read.

    I went through my personal book library last summer and have four boxes that I posted on Amazon. I have sold about five. I need to repost them and hope they go away for the holiday season. Not certain if I posted them too high or they are just not of interest to anyone.

    We have taken tons of books to Half Price and gotten pennies on the dollar. Amazon is definately a great way to go in my opinion. You just have to store them until they are gone.
    Karen´s last post…Happy Turkey Day!

  27. I’m in the same position…we’re moving at the end of the month. I have a hard time letting go of books. I’ve thinking of donating them to the public library, but I might try paperback swap, that some mentioned above. I’ve been wanting to read the books you’re giving away for a long time!

  28. I’ve switched to e-books for 90% of my reading. I donate my hardcovers and paperbacks to our library twice a year for their fundraiser and have to be careful that I don’t buy more than I donate!

  29. I have learned the hard way that sometimes it’s better to keep them… I have given away some treasures and felt very sad!

  30. would love to read those.. I have done all of the above…trade at used book store, garage sale ( someone else’s.. I don’t do garage sales)donate… but I also have BOUGHT at garage sales, taken freebies, etc.. so I STILL have too many. Some vintage I will never part with but others…ho hum….
    happy day!

  31. I’d love to read these two books. When I get rid of books, I usually give them to my local library. They can choose to shelve the books for circulation, or they can sell them at the annual book sale. This sale allows the library to raise necessary funds for operating and also gives them funds for buying current books, which is great…so we have new books to check out.

  32. We enjoy all kinds of books – our girls are getting ereaders for Christmas from their tech-fanatic uncle, and we have many, many books, mostly classics, that we’ve collected in anticipation of future homeschooling years. Books are kind of our artwork/part of our vibe, so they don’t feel clutterish so much. I tend toward not keeping contemporary fiction or the political book of the hour, though they’re often gifted to me, so when I’m done reading/discussing them I send them to our troops, along with our Texas Monthly’s and other magazines.

    I’ve wanted to read For Women/Men only – and what a sweet thought – thanks for the fun giveaway.
    the cottage child´s last post…Veni- veni

  33. I would love to read these books!

  34. They sound like my dh and I could benefit from there insight. Thanks!

    I donate my books to the library book sale, or I leave them on the curb for Big Brothers/Big Sisters Donation Pick ups.
    Lauri V.´s last post…Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  35. How fun! I’d be interested in the books.

    This time each year my book club (that reads middle-high school level books) takes time to clean our libraries of adult books. We each pick a book from our own libraries, wrap it, and bring it for a anonymous book exchange. It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays.

  36. Oh wow – I would love to know the inner life of my husband! Sounds like an awesome read.
    Rachel´s last post…Moving Guide 101 – Getting Socialized

  37. I’m interested in those books. Sign me up! :)

  38. I have sold books on ebay, and I must admit I did not make much money off of them but it was definitely more than 50 cents. I need to sell more, maye after Christmas!
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith´s last post…7 Quick Takes Friday Volume 23

  39. I’ve heard of those and would love to read them!

  40. I sold a bunch of mine to Cash4books (online). They pay all the postage -all you have to do is pack ‘em up! I also have a group of friends that I exchange books and magazines with. We all seem to get different ones and enjoy seeing the ones everyone else gets.

  41. Those books sound intriguing- I would love to have them, my family is made up of serious book addicts. Our attic is a library of sorts. Cannot wait to hear about your trip. Be safe!

  42. I’d love to check these out :)
    Allyson @ A Heart for Home´s last post…Three More Winners!

  43. To raise money for a missions trip, I sold homeschool curriculum. Netted about 400 bucks. Other times I have offered freebies on Facebook or my blog, to no avail. So I usually just donate them to Goodwill.

    However, I like the list that Steph H posted. Thanks, Steph!
    Zoanna´s last post…Puns for Educated Minds

  44. I always pass my used books to a friend who picks up the story where it left off. I read mostly during the week on break at work. Just to get away from the work life. I would love to check out these books that you are offering.

  45. Oh I would love them! Thanks!!
    Holly F´s last post…TRAINS!

  46. I mostly sell my old books, for pennies it seems! I have been wanting to read those books and I’d love to win!

  47. My husband is the same way. He has a degree in History so like your Doug, he actually HAS read all of the books in his personal library. I, on the other hand, hardly get a chance to read your blogs with 4 kids running around. LOL!! Thanks for all of the helpful tips. I’ve wanted/tried to simplify our home for years and for the first time I am actually making progress. Your blog has inspired me and made it doable … thanks a bunch! -Belinda

  48. I’m interested! :)

  49. this sounds like a perfect wedding gift for a new couple. of course, i’d probably want to read it first, though.

  50. I would love to have these books to give to my son and his wife. They have been married for 2 years and have a darling 8 month old baby girl. They dated for years before marrying and seem to have a great relationship….
    These are the 2 books I wish my husband and I (married 35 yrs) had early in our marriage. It would have saved a lot of hurt feelings on my part, and I am sure on his too.
    I take all my used books to a thrift store which funds the Catholic elementary school my boys attended. I buy books I want to read, and then donate them back. I get great used books inexpensively, and they get to sell them more than once!

  51. I used to use to trade books I didn’t want anymore for ones that I do, but I’m not reading as much anymore, so I have plenty to read before I need to get new ones. So at the moment I’m donating them to the senior center in town.

  52. These sound like a good read! I refuse to buy a kindle. I’m more of a hold a book in my hand kind of gal. And I like to reread books too….so my bookshelves keep growing I should say.
    Good luck in your move!

  53. Aaron Griffin says:

    I’d like to take this moment to pimp out – you pay shipping (around $2-3) to send your book to someone, and get a credit to get a book from somewhere else. Amazing use of used books

  54. I have read the Feldhahn books, so I don’t need them…but I love book posts so I wanted to comment anyway.

    I love to own my favorite books and keep them displayed on bookshelves. Looking over the spines and remembering the stories inside is like seeing postcards from favorite vacations. Plus, I think that books personalize and warm a home. (Assuming, of course, that they are books that have been read and loved–not Reader’s Digest collections that were just bought for the matched-set look).

    I do purge from time to time, and I get rid of books that I did not like/did not finish/do not care to remember. I take them to Half Price Books, where they just make an offer like “$20 for everything.” That way I don’t have to think about what I paid versus what I’m getting in return. But I think it’s a good deal to get any amount of cash for something that I don’t even want any more!
    Lindsey´s last post…Advent Accident

  55. Oh, yes, please!

  56. I didn’t know this until recently, but you can trade-in your books on Amazon. To me, it’s easier than selling on eBay because you don’t have to take a picture and create a listing. Simply enter the ISBN number of the book. Once you’ve entered the ISBN numbers of the books you’re trading in, Amazon will send you to a page where you can print a packing slip AND postage, so you don’t even need to pay for shipping. I live in a rural area and even at garage sales, books don’t sell. I hate having good books in my closet just sitting there when I know someone else would like them, so Amazon works good for me. I’ve also tried
    Shanno´s last post…JC Penney Coupon- 10 off 50

  57. I would LOVE to have these books…..

  58. I have read the book for women it is a great read! Good idea on the giveaway.

  59. I’ve only ever browsed through this book at Barnes ‘n’ Noble, but it would be a great dual-read for me and my husband!
    Jessica @ This Blessed Life´s last post…The Food I Eat- December ‘09 vs December ‘10

  60. I’d like to read these–or read one and have my husband read the other. ;)

  61. I would love to get these, they look really interesting! What a nice way to pass them on too :) Good luck in Florence, it’s my favourite city in the world!

  62. Those books sound very interesting! I am also a library girl…my husband isn’t so much. He, like Doug, has A LOT of philosophy and political science type books as a hold over from his passions in college. Many which he keeps to reference during arguments or when reading other books. He has started to pare down his collection, but has trouble letting go. Hopefully, on day he will be pocketing money from the used book shop ;)
    Bri´s last post…Snack Time!

  63. I keep my books, but I am now really trying to use the library. Pre-Kids I would just go buy a book if I wanted to read it.

  64. I’d love to win that set of books! I read the one for women earlier this year and what an eye-opener! (It was a library book, so I didn’t get to keep it!) I’d love to have them in my collection. :)

    I don’t like how the used bookstores offer you so little money for books you probably spent a lot more for…I actually keep accumulating books rather than getting rid of them, so I haven’t been trying to sell any books lately.

  65. I use the library a lot but still love the energy an owned book gives me. Hope I win

  66. That would be helpful!

  67. ooh, i love these books! i’d like to also put forth to the SN community the awesomeness of it’s an online book swapping community, and i love it! we’re moving soon, too, and this has been a great way to give away books to people who actually want them — and get credits for any books i might want to order (for free) in the future.

  68. I would love to win this book set!

  69. Those definitely looked like interesting books, and being the book hoarder that I am, I’d love to be entered in your give away!

  70. Like Abby, I swap, but via . I love getting new books (or at least credit towards them) for my old ones!

  71. I still like regular books, even though I have an iPad to read them on. I recently sold alot of mine at a yard sale, but I also give many of them away.

  72. Sounds like something I’d really like to read. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  73. I would love to win these. I am always amazed how differently men and women think. Learning the art of communication between the sexes is so important in a marriage and a skill that my husband and I are still trying to master.

  74. I love books, and I don’t think that I can give them up totally, but I do try to use the local library for reads as well. We sell some of our used books on amazon and other online sites from time to time, but not as a money maker, just as another way to cull the library (yes, we have a library in our home). I would love to read the books you are giving away! And/Or gift them as well!!
    Trixie H´s last post…Resigning myself from the Insanity that is my life

  75. Both those titles sounds like interesting reads.

    I love to read and work at a library, so have access to lots of great books. If I can’t find something I want that way I use to find used books and then repost them on the site when I’m done with. I weeded out our 600+ book collection and was able to get rid of lots of books and get credits for books I wanted. I think we are now down to ~ 450 books in our collection.

    A while back I did take a stack of books to a used bookstore as we had several large unexpected expenses hit us time and time again over the course of a few months draining most of our large emergency fund. I took 10 books in and received $4. Needless to say I was a bit sad and disappointed. I had been planning on going back to that store the following week to sell some unwanted DVDs we had. Needless to say, I kept them.

  76. We donate our books to the Friends of the Library sale,which is also where we get most of them from these days (when not the library).

    This set looks interesting, I’d love to check it out!
    jane´s last post…Night-Weaning Our Little One

  77. These are seriously on my list of books to read. If I win them, I will read them and then pass them on to someone else!

    I just donated about 15 books to our church library. I still want access to them, but don’t want them sitting on my shelves anymore.
    Jill Foley´s last post…Goodbye

  78. I mailed 800 pounds of books cross-country when I moved this summer. Books are little worlds I love to re-explore, and they are a tangible record of my life and interests over the years, so I tend not to get rid of them.

    The two books you are giving away look very interesting–I’d love to read them!
    Susan´s last post…Love or Fear

  79. That sounds like something I’d be interested in. I might have to read the other one to my hubby though. He just might think he knows it all ;) but I know otherwise!

    Don’t even get me started on selling used books. The days of nursing school are still to fresh in my mind.

  80. Christina S says:

    This is my forte! My husband and I went to the same Bible college so when we got married we had many duplicate books. So we were introduced to Amazon! You can very easily put in the ISBN number into their system and describe the status of your book with ease and when your book sells you are given a shipping credit. To give you an idea, we’ve been doing that for the last 3 years with random items- books, cd’s, odd gifts given to us still in great packaging- and they have paid for for every vacation we have taken for the last 3 years which have included professional baseball games in other states! It’s totally worth it and if it doesn’t sell Amazon doesn’t charge you any extra fees!

  81. I give these books to everyone who gets married but don’t have a copy for myself! I’d love to win.

  82. I keep books I know I will read again or use as a reference. Or that I want my kids to read. I have fond memories of going through my parent’s large library as a kid and reading all sorts of random books that peaked my interest.

    Trouble is I re-read a lot of books! We have three Ikea Billy bookshelves (full size!) full of books at the moment!

    At least I buy 90% of my books used so they usually cost less than $3!
    Kait Palmer´s last post…A Little News

  83. Pam in Missouri says:

    Sounds like some interesting reads. Last year I started reading ebooks and this year I have rediscovered the joy of the library. Very few new books at our house any more. I’ve been feeling the urge to purge our dusty shelves lately too.

  84. I’d love to read these books and then pass them on to the next person (I love the idea of passing to the next person and sharing the love). I have a rule now that if I can get it at the local library, I don’t buy it, however, since I teach yoga and cook a lot, I have a big library of reference books and cookbooks. Plus a lot of books I own can’t be found easily at the library.

  85. pinar stroozas says:

    I am usually a library kind of girl also, but I would love to read these

  86. My friends have been raving about those books. Maybe it’s time I read them :)
    Ashley´s last post…Wisdom

  87. I would so read these books – used to thumb my nose at using gender to explain differences. Of course, there are so many exceptions to all of the “rules”, but enough is true that I’ve become a believer! (Having children helped reinforce my new beliefs). I am getting better at not saving books. For one thing, whenever I start to get the books organized (i.e. by subject or author) I am constantly amazed to discover two copies of some books! I guess I must really want to read them. When I peruse garage sales or the library sales, I will pick up books that I already own just because I’ve been wanting to read them. Maybe a Kindle would at least allow me to search to see if I already have a book before I get it! ( By the way, I checked, don’t have copies of the two books you are giving away yet ).

  88. These look like interesting reads.

    I second selling books on Amazon. In college there were times that I bought my books from Amazon and sold them back there for a small profit. Heck, there were even times that I bought them on Amazon sold them to the bookstore for a profit, just not as much as if I had spent the time listing them on Amazon.

  89. I’d love the chance to read them… I heard Shaunti on Focus on the Family a long time ago.

  90. I sell books on, you get more for than than the used book stores will give you, but you have to actually wait for someone to buy them.
    Reese´s last post…Thankful

  91. These sound like such interesting books. I just got a Kindle and have enjoyed it very much, but we are huge library users. Hubby still has a few book series that he insists on keeping. I’m hoping he’ll be more willing to let them go before our cross country move in a few months! I like donating books to the library because we get more of a tax donation than we would for selling them, except his college books which I sell online.

  92. Sounds interesting to me.

  93. As a newlywed, I’d love to read these with my husband!

    I generally sell books on as well.

  94. Oh, I hope I win! Thanks for the chance :)

  95. I tried to donate mine to the library but they no longer take them and ended up giving them to a BlogHer charity event. I had been holding onto them for a while. Here in NYC people often leave books on their stoops so passersby can scoop them up.
    Quetee02´s last post…Planning Nias First Christmas

  96. I try not to acquire books unless I know I’ll want to keep them, but when it does happen, I try to either pass them along to others who would appreciate them or resell them at a used book store. You can usually get double the store credit in lieu of cash payment, so I could exchange them for other books I wanted to read.

  97. There’s room on my bookshelf! Thanks.

  98. My books are: posted on and/or donated to my library. Although I try not to buy books using mostly the library I sometimes end up buying them at the thrift store when I can’t help myself because big fat hardcovers to keep for sometime later (without due date or late fee…) are so irristible to me.

    I need to either love them or in case of an apocalypse they’d have some use for survival. Old German/English law translation books do not make the cut. Even if they were $200. Because in an apocalypse the need to translate into German is likely minute. ;)

    I also keep original German books by German authors that I liked but don’t know if I’ll read again because I’d be unable to check them out at the library if I wanted to.

    Great giveaway!

  99. Thanks for the giveaway! What a good idea to do with books you loved!

  100. I would love to have the books!

  101. Thanks for this great contest…I have read some other books by the same author that I really enjoyed. Maybe I will get a chance to read these two if I win!

  102. I’ve listened to her speaking on Focus on the Family and I would love to get those books!
    Angela´s last post…Thats why they call it Buyers Remorse

  103. Keep and sell. I love our little used book store and we have quite a number of older and newer books that transition through. I love finding a “like new” book for $3 that I can give as a gift! I love my books – love, love, love – and it’s very hard for me to part with them. Yes, they take up space, but since we have the shelves for them, I’m okay with it. :-) When we were living overseas, I was always sad by how few books I could take with us (wow, the weight adds up!), so if we ever find ourselves back on the travel route, I think I’ll have to invest in a Kindle – I know it would make the hubby happy! :-)
    Carrie´s last post…Thankful For – Birthday Edition

  104. I post the ones I can on Others are sitting in boxes in our attic space, waiting…

  105. I have a really hard time giving up books. They are such treasures! When I do get up the gumption to do so, I usually donate them.
    Lady Dorothy´s last post…Second Sunday of Advent

  106. I’ve heard a lot of talk from a lot of difference places about the Feldham books so I’m definitely interested!

    We usually end up just giving them away, either to a friend or on Freecycle…almost not worth the very, very little that you make selling them.

  107. We usually donate to Value Village and they in turn donate money to a charity like the Diabetes Association…

    and I am interested in the books!!

    katevp´s last post…T minus 3 days

  108. Sounds very interesting.

  109. I usually sell to the used bookstore or donate to a shelter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  110. Sounds interesting. I would enjoy checking them out.

  111. I am a total book slut – I would love to read these books

  112. If it looks like it might get a price worth the effort, I will list it on Amazon (you can be surprised what gets a good price there) otherwise I list it on Bookmooch, or leave it in a random place after listing it on BookCrossing. I would be really surprised if the downturn in books at your local second-place is due to ebooks – I would put it down to more people selling on Amazon, or the economic downturn sending people to libraries rather than bookstores to get the books they then later sell. Are there any figures on this though, as it would be interesting to know!

  113. not interested in the giveaway.
    I have a three step process for old books.
    I list them on and/or for a couple months then I double list on – after a couple more months I unlist anything left and donate it for the library sale.

  114. I’m a librarian (k-12) but my husband likes to joke that I am anti-book because I frequently ask him to purge his paperbacks and 2-ton engineering texts. I break my book collecting rules for children’s books, however.

    Aren’t we forunate to live in a land where access to information and services is free to all in a public library?

    I promise that if I win the book pair, they’d be read here and passed on to be enjoyed again.

  115. I’m an avid library girl myself but hubby got me a used kindle for my birthday. I’ve found that it doesn’t decrease my library use or get me to spend more on books (maybe even less). There are so many great books in the public domain that I can download for free. I’ve used it to declutter and donate books we got from used book sales, that I could download for free. I’ve also used it to download books the library doesn’t have, for less than I could buy the used version. The library is always my first choice but for a book that I’ve just got to have, the kindle is a great environmentally friendly and money saving tool. I can also read my favorite blogs for free and surf the net on it when I am traveling. That kind of free service is really hard to beat. Oh – and you can share ebooks with family devices and sync up with smart phones so you’re never without a book to read. All ebooks are saved in an archives folder and easily retrieved to reread or pass on to a family member. I was really skeptical at first but I’ve really come to love the kindle.

  116. Books are my downfall — and your two to giveaway sound fascinating!
    Lisa´s last post…OMG I’m So Tired!

  117. I would love to give this 2-book set a read through and then I would pass them on to someone else. My sister and her husband come to mind since they seem to have the perpetual problem of comuunicating and understanding one another.

    As for what to do with the excessive amount of books, I list them on and Amazon for one month, then donate them to either thrift store or local library. My husband and I were just talking the other day about not buying books anymore, but instead visiting the library. That is one of our New Year’s resolutions. :-)

  118. Tiffany H. says:

    We are book lovers in our house and do a little of ‘all of the above’ (buy, keep, sell, donate, borrow and are slowly transitioning to e-books). Thanks for the opportunity to win your book–would very much like to read it.

  119. I would love them!

  120. I’m totally a book addict and I keep most of them but the ones I don’t want to keep get taken to the second hand book store for credit or donated. I’m going to check out paperback swap, it’s probably just US, I hope Aus has something similar.
    BTW I have ‘For Women Only’ so if I win please draw again :)
    Maggie´s last post…Poppy Doll

  121. Similar to your post, my husband prefers to accumulate books and I’m a library book reader. I do buy some books – reference guides, as well as used books to support the library and a local non-profit. I tend to cycle the used books back to the same location that I’ve bought them from, or send them to friends and family to read. I’m intrigued by the two-book set – would love to read it.
    Rachel´s last post…Oh- to live in Zone 7!

  122. Alisha Hauser says:

    These sound like a fun read. My hubby & I would probably get a kick out of them. I LOVE books and use paperbackswap more often then our local used book store to pass on our old books.

  123. Love books here. I just DO NOT see the appeal of those e-readers…like the feel of paper & books just too much! That said, I do try to pass on books that I just know I won’t read anymore. I only keep ones that I’ll read again (I’m a re-reader), or that have lots of sentimental value. We have books in nearly every room, but not loads. I could probably stand to pass on a few more. I do donate some to Goodwill.

    It is hard to get rid of older books. Check with libraries or places like that (call first!). Some good ideas here for where to donate.
    Handy Man, Crafty Woman´s last post…Organizing for Christmas- Part 2- Decorations

  124. My husband and I are unfortunately book collectors… We each had too many books when we got married, and we’re still accumulating them. There are too many good ones out there! and I always enjoy re-reading them, even just a chapter or two… :-) We do have an awesome used bookstore (tiny little place, PACKED with books), where we take our books, for money or credit!

    I have heard such good things about the For Women/Men Only!
    Eliz. K´s last post…now and forevermore- amen

  125. When I moved two years ago, I just donated a lot of my books. They weren’t anything special and I figured it would be easier than trying to sell them. That said, of the things that moved with me, I wish I’d gotten rid of my crap and kept more books.

    • Great idea Alissa. Save the Children Fund in Australia have annual book sales as a fundraiser and so collect book donations throughout the year. Booklovers buy up the books (at about $5 a box) and Save the Children makes money to support their projects. Win-win-win!
      angelvalerie´s last post…the rules we live by…

  126. I recently went through my books too! Check out my advice here:

    I donate most of my books. Last month I thought I’d try something new and sell some books to a used book store. Out of a whole box full of good titles, they only wanted two books and offered me $3.50 for both. One of which was a brand new, new york times best seller, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR – who I had met. What a joke.

    Here are my two methods: if it was a great read, I regift it to someone I feel would really appreciate it. Otherwise I donate it. The $3.50 wasnt worth trying to find the place, planning to go there during business hours, parking, and dealing with the disappointment of feeling ripped off.
    Tammy Hawkins´s last post…How to celebrate National UNfriend Day

  127. There is one used bookstore that I go to that gives pretty good trade-credit but most books I get from the library. I have read some of Feldman’s other books but not the two you mentioned so I would love to win!

  128. I am a library girl too so no need to enter me into the book give away. I am glad to meet another human being who isn’t into collecting books. They seem to be the one clutter item that 90% of aspiring minimalists don’t seem to be able to live without owning. Not this little black duck I have one shelf like you and if something new ever comes in (unlikely) something else has to leave to make space.

  129. I started reading these books a couple years ago at my in-laws, and they looked really good. I’d love to actually finish them!

  130. Would love to win these!

  131. I too have come to the conclusion that selling old books is not worth it, much better to pass on to others. I now have several friends who are not able to spend money on books that receive my read books – they can then go and trade them in or pass on to other friends. I cannot get my library of books down below 3 bookshelves though… its my absolute minimum! :D
    BTW – I have read those books and they are good reads. All the best to those who would like the gift :)
    angelvalerie´s last post…the rules we live by…

  132. I don’t buy many books, my librarian and I are very good friends. lol The ones I do buy, Isave a few, but most go to Paperback Swap when I’m done. No e-books here, but maybe Santa will bring me a Kindle?

  133. Daniela Waddell says:

    I love used books…I have lots and I give away lots and buy more. It’s a big cycle! I’d love to read or regifts these books. Thanks!

  134. I’m a library user, too, but had to borrow “for women only” about five or six times (waiting for others to return it in-between times) until I finished it. I haven’t taken the same risk in order to read “for men only”, so I would LOVE to win this set, and be able to read them both uninterrupted. What a great find for whoever wins. :)

  135. I would love these books and my marriage would benefit, I’m positive. Thanks!

  136. Oh I would love to read a book with some great insight! :-)

  137. Dyan Euler says:

    I have tons of books but I am thinking a e-reader should be on my christmas list but I just love I would def. love to win this set…thanks

  138. I would love to have this set.

    I weed through my books every couple of years. And it’s strange how my KEEP books change from year to year. Eventually I will part with some I hung onto. Like college textbooks, romance novels, self-help books.

    I won’t part with my “collections” though. I have several authors I love and have all of their books. Those are my keepers. All the rest? Eventually will be donated to our local library.

    Good luck with your paring down.
    don_mae´s last post…Things To Still Come And Next Year

  139. I mostly trade my old books (via paperbackswap), or wind up giving them to Goodwill. This is a great giveaway, thanks!

  140. I sell most of my old books through amazon (with amazon fullfillment so they aren’t in my house).

    I buy 99% of my books on kindle now, though do get some from the library.

  141. What a great way to recycle your old books. Sounds like a great set, would love to win them.

  142. When I’ve sold books back to a used books store, I’ve noticed that the store credit they offer you is usually higher than the money they’ll offer. Fine, if you want more books. Not so great when you just want to get rid of them and earn some money in the process!

    I LOVE to read… I’d love to read this set! Well, one out of the set anyway… I can give the other one to my husband, haha!

  143. I use paperback swap a LOT. We home school using a literature based program and this has been an excellent way to save hundreds of dollars. Sometimes I sell to Half Price Books, but I would almost rather give books away than do that.
    wayside wanderer´s last post…South Texas Nature Notes

  144. I get as many books as possible from the library. But for those that I do buy, I try to re-sell on amazon or donate if they’re not worth much.

  145. Old Doug in BC says:

    At our advanced ages(Marie 81,me 85 in 3 weeks)we have long since begun getting rid of our accumulation of over 82 years book buying
    and as Doug has found, their monetary value has diminished to a few cents on the dollar. Now when we wish to buy reading material we head for either our Hospital Thrift shop, or our local Sally Anne. And then when we have read them, they are donated back. We have a little trick, donating the Sally Anne books back to the Hospital Thrift shop, and vice versa! So, Doug do not expect to get too much money from books with a high cost to you. And as well
    a high personal value. Find a worthwhile charity, donate them and perhaps you could even get a tax break that way. Good luck, and have fun!

  146. I would love to have something to stimulate conversation between hubby and myself! The more conversation not related to kids the better, since that seems to be all we talk about anymore. :-)

  147. Oh.. I’d love to be counted in for this.. especially since am focusing on collecting only books that make a HUGE difference to our lives and am relying on ebooks for most of the other stuff – entertainment, learning tips and tricks and just being motivated to do better:-)
    Prerna´s last post…Budget Decorating- How to Decorate the Home for the Holidays with What You Have

  148. I would love to have these. I loaned my copies & never got them back.

  149. I LOVE books. Since I went to grad school to become a librarian, I try to be a good library patron. I don’t usually buy books (though it’s very hard for me to walk past a good deal on used books at a thrift store!), but I now own a Nook and I’m finding myself purchasing more ebooks than I ever did paper books.

    As for selling, I have always sold textbooks online–even for a loss–because I know I will never use them again. I enjoy passing books on to friends or libraries, but I don’t mind putting them in a garage sale or dropping them off at Goodwill if no one else wants them.

  150. I try to sell some books. I tend to keep most books I get or buy. I also like to buy used books.

  151. I’m a regular, old-fashioned book reader, but I’m also a bit of a book collector. But I would loooove to read this set!!!

  152. I have wanted to read this book. I have heard that it is great. I am looking forward to your year of blogging your husbands year off and your travels. I love how differently you guys look at life. You are inspirational!

  153. I’d read some reviews of those books and I’d be happy to have them!
    I usually do not sell my old books, it pisses me off when I am offered a tiny fraction of what I paid. I use a lot.

  154. Amanda Gray says:

    I can’t get rid of books. I can throw clothes away and I don’t generally have sentimental attachment to material things, but it’s different with books. I can’t throw them away.

  155. we adore real paper books around here – no ebooks. We donate our unwanted books to the library down the street so they can sell them to raise money. Poor underfunded library.

    These books look interesting – thanks for the chance to hold them in my hands :)
    Margo´s last post…Around My Kitchen Sink

  156. I’ll tell you what’s painful. Besides getting rid of books for pennies on the dollar at a used book store. Getting a parking ticket while you schlepped your books into the store!
    Mary´s last post…Let us adore Him

  157. I often blog about stuff like this, because to me it adds chaos to our lives, and I am always looking to control the chaos.

    We use It is a book sharing site – you list the titles you are willing to part with, and when someone requests it you send it to them. You pay for that shipping, but you also get a credit for each title you send that you can then use to request a book from someone else (books shipped to you merely cost one of those credits). When we aren’t looking for any books, we view it as a donation, but the credits don’t expire, so at some point there is always a book we are looking for. Also, if the book you want is not available, there is a link to Amazon on the site, and if you use that link it gives a portion of the proceeds to the maintenance of the site. Although we are also big library users, it is sometimes nice to own a book, so this works well as a thrifty and earth-responsible alternative. Also, there are people from all over the world using this site, so since we are currently living overseas and don’t have access to a library with English titles, we can still use this site as an alternative.
    Tracey Davis´s last post…WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY

  158. I forgot to say that bookmooch is also a great spot to find children’s books!
    Tracey Davis´s last post…WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY

  159. I love those books!! I already have them and love them so much that I am always wanting to give them as gifts, but I have to admit that the cost often discourages me. SO if I won them I would be passing them on to newlyweds. ;^)

  160. I’d love to read these books!

    I often pass books on to friends, or donate them to OXFAM.

  161. I sell my books at powells in Oregon. They’re one of the greatest used book stores ever. I keep an account with them and so my used book sales money goes into that account. When I find I need a gift for someone or have kept a book out from the library for 9 weeks and want to renew it one more time (!) I’ll buy the book. It’s a nice way to keep a tight budget on my books and I like knowing I’m supporting this store.
    Jeanne´s last post…Speaking Up

  162. Thanks for this post. I am on the verge of purging books too and have thought of several places to pass them along. I learned a few things from your readers as well. I’m intrigued by the books you are passing. They sound like a good read.

  163. Valerie R. says:

    I tend to donate them. I’ve also passed a few on to friends.

  164. I have been having some luck on Amazon with out of print Scrapbook titles and computer software how to books.

  165. I would like to read your books. I use the library mostly, and donate my extra books there too.

  166. I’ve heard the author speak on various Christian radio programs but have never read her books. They sound excellent. Six years ago we moved from the city to a country location about 5 hours away. We had to pack all our worldly possessions into a purchased old semi trailer — including our library of approximately 1,000 books. I had to use index cards to list the contents of every box, since I had no idea when I would ever open them up again. We still haven’t finished our house and many book boxes are still unpacked, but at least if I need a particular book I can check out my index cards and find it!

  167. I’ve heard such good things about those books! I actually keep all my old books. I have a strange attachment to them. My boyfriend reads a lot, and keeps all his books, too. It’s nice – like living in a library!
    Angela´s last post…Reverb10 – Wisdom

  168. Those books sound very interesting. I’d love to read them!

  169. I love to read when I get the chance. I don’t tend to buy too many books but my sister has great taste in books and loves to share. Would like a chance to read these books with my husband.

  170. I’d love these books! I’m still a “real” book lover (as opposed to an e-reader) so my first choice is and if no one wants them after awhile I donate them to our local library.

  171. I recently donated a large amount of books I had been hanging on to, to the local library. It felt so good. As well, I recently joined BookCrossing and have began to set my books free ‘into the wild’ when I am done reading them. Although, I do have a select few that I will never part with.
    Delanie´s last post…Connecting &amp Making New Friends From BC to The Jersey Shore!

  172. I found we made out much better to donate our books to charity. The tax deduction was far better than what I could get selling them.

  173. I’m with you, I’m a library girl. If the library doesn’t have it then I don’t read it. I do have quite a number of books either that my mom or others pass onto me or from really cheap used book sales. I’m getting ready to donate them because even though I haven’t read all of them, I have a library full to read, so I’m pretty set.

  174. I would love to read these books with my husband. We’re expecting our second baby in February and are in such a rut in our marriage. Communication is at a low and I feel like we’re just roommates lately. This would be a great Christmas gift for both of us.

  175. i’d take it! :)

  176. I, too, recently dumped dozens of books for a mere $5 at the local used bookstore. I have space on my shelf for a couple more :)

  177. I’m more of a book-keeper. I don’t buy books very often unless I already know I want it, but if I pick up one I don’t like, I’ll usually try to resell it.

  178. One of my favorite parts about growing up was having shelves and shelves of books at home – so I’m stocking our shelves with good solid books for our (currently hypothetical) children. We have a lot of adult books too, but try to be selective.

  179. I would like those books!

    I have become a big library girl. I like to pass books to friends or donate them… I have never tried to sell them.

  180. I would love to read these books…

  181. I love the smell and feel of books and just curling up with a good one for an afternoon. I miss it, but am able to pass on the love of reading to my 1-year old son. He loves reading and it’s exciting to just sit and have him bring me every book in his basket till it’s empty. We go through it almost every day.

    With our old books we either donate to the local library, give to family and friends who might be looking for a particular book or one on a particular subject, or keep in our treasury for our children for when they are older (this is especially true of the classics). My husband is a sailor and we are thinking of purchasing a kindle so he can continue reading because he loves it, but also so he doesnt have the bulk of books while on his ship. I still prefer the real thing.

  182. I keep all of my books, even the ones I never liked. It’s so hard to part with them! Especially since we moved into a house with tons of built-in bookshelves. They’re lovely, but they definitely don’t help us weed out our “collection”!

  183. Thanks for the offering. sounds interesting.

  184. Making a to-do list too hard? And I thought I was the only one with that problem. Sounds like a book I need. Thanks for the offer and good luck with the move!

  185. Thanks for the giveaway! I am definitely a library gal myself, as well; but, these books sound fun to read – thanks again!


  186. These are awesome books!
    I have been going thru my books and reducing in stages. I sold about 25 or so online thru Amazon, but I after fees, etc, I really have only netted $40 or so. Guess it’s better than nothing! I will be going through and making another sweep soon and have also considered doing some giveaways on my website as well! I am NOT a library gal, unfortunately, except for my OWN personal library!
    Living the Balanced Life´s last post…Give the gift of their dreams

  187. There is a great website called Here people swap out old books for ones that you want to read. It is a freat way to recycle and keep more trees here on this lovely planet. A couple of my friends do it and introduced me to it. I plan on joining and love the idea!! What a great way to keep money in your pocked and still getting books you want to read!!!
    TJ´s last post…Money- Money All The Time

  188. I’ve read For Women Only and I’ve been meaning to get myself a copy and I have been hoping to get my husband to read the men’s one. *crosses fingers* Maybe this will be the one blogger contest I win :-P

  189. Our local train station has a second hand book store, all proceeds to charity. Every book 50p. There’s a good turn over because of it’s location. I buy and donate there.

  190. I usually give my extra books to the library – some they put on the shelves the rest they sell at their book sales to raise money for the library. Either way, it’s all good. One thing in particular I like to do is send books (book rate) back to the TINY library where I grew up. It’s only open about 10 hours a week in a little one room building, but it’s the only library in the area. As it is so small, it doesn’t have a lot of funds to buy new books… so when I spot a box of new releases at a yard sale for cheap (I often get a box for $5) I will send it to them… kinda paying back for the hours of reading I got when I was a kid.

    Another idea is to send your books to Books for Soldiers. Volunteers (YOU) can donate your books to soldiers who request them. Often it is by genre or author…

    And recently, I haven’t been buying books! Yeah libraries! I LOVE to put books on my wish list for Amazon… and then use the list as a guide to what I want to request (on line) from my local library. :)