Too Many Spares? Simplify Your Pairs.

Good new year to everybody! We’re starting this year by going back to basics and organizing and simplifying one place that you see every morning: your undies drawer.

If your underwear drawer has been neglected for too long, you might open your drawer to four cute pairs and twenty spares. Let’s simplify that.

So how many pairs of undies are nice to have? I’d say, maybe twelve?

I used to have 30 so that I could wait 30 days between trips to the laundromat. Clothes tumbled in huge gas dryers for seventy-five cents per load while the Geraldo show blared on small televisions mounted high on the walls. Tired women held toddlers on their laps, and if you were lucky, you could claim a folding table. The hot air and scent of fabric softener wafted out the open doors and down the sidewalk. Oh, that sweet day when I moved into an apartment with a washer/dryer connection!

Assuming that you can wash clothes at least weekly, you don’t need too many extra pairs. If there’s one place in your home that is most suited for the “one in, one out” rule, it’s your underwear drawer.

Today we have an assignment.

We’re going to remove the underwear that is stretched out, droopy, saggy, or with holes. Too tight, too big, or might have fit had not the elastic given way years ago. If it’s itchy or it doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to, it has to go. It’s job is done.

I want you to open your drawer and find pretties that fit you properly. You don’t need to keep the extras that are past their prime.

Moment of truth time: are you willing to take on this challenge?
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  1. Actually, this is on my To-do list. I have undies in my drawer that I’ve had since high school!! Being that I’ll be 32 in a few weeks, it is time for them to go (obviously!). Thanks for the little push I needed :)!

  2. Hilarious! I actually just did this a couple of days after Christmas at the insistence of my husband, who replenished my undie supply with the caveat that I get rid of any and all undergarments that were even close to being unacceptable!
    Wendy´s last post…Merry Christmas!

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter! I agree with this 100%! 7 days of perfect fitting undergarments is MORE than enough! :)

  4. I will definitely be doing this. I have brand new pairs of undies that I have been holding onto for years out of obligation, but have never worn, because they aren’t comfortable. Time for them to go!

    Thanks for the push. :)

  5. I just went and did this right after reading your post. LONG OVERDUE. I pitched somewhere betweeen 50-75 pairs of undies…..and I wasn’t even that ruthless! In the future, I will absolutely keep to your suggestion of one-in, one-out.


  6. DONE! I agree with the other girls … needed that push, even though it’s been on my list of things to do forEVER!

    My tossed pile didn’t contain old, ratty ones so much as it contained uncomfy ones that I had NO intention of ever wearing!
    naomi´s last post…2011

  7. I have about 8 decent pairs and maybe four pairs that are due to be replaced next time my favourite giant undies are on sale. The bloke has about 20 pairs (but he needs that many for varying reasons) The big kid has maybe 10 pairs, and the little kid…a squintillion pairs (give or take a gazillion or two) Not sure why he’s so absolutley overloaded with underpants.

    However, my washing machine is in the midst of death throes, so I suspect there will be some more underwear purchasing in the very near future!

  8. Excellent idea! I am going up to my underwear drawer right now and getting rid of all the ones that need to go. Thank you for the suggestion!

  9. Recently did this…and miss nothing but the smooshed in drawers… however, in light of the challenge I will take on the kitchen cupboards today ;)
    angelvalerie´s last post…children in our world…

  10. I really wanted to do this because my drawer IS overflowing… but everything is in excellent shape and totally comfortable! I guess I’ve always had so much underwear that for a single piece to get worn out it takes many years…
    But, I’ve come up with a solution. I’m packing in a box half the stash so the drawer is easier to organize. Then, as the ones remaining get worn down, I’ll be replacing them from the storage, instead of buying more.

  11. I lost weight last spring so I replaced my old, too-big underwear. I probably have more than a weeks worth, but it is all in great condition.
    Carrie´s last post…Project 333 Review

  12. Hello, I’m a new reader and I love your topics and writing!

    I’d love to do this sorting, but wait, what do you suggest we do with our old undies?? Any suggestions? I’m almost ashamed to ask this, but the only thing I can think of is to use them as rags for the floor, if they’re even acceptable fabrics to be used like that.

    • I say throw them away. No one will want to help you with housework if they have to use old undies as rags. There are enough rags in the world that we don’t need to repurpose undies. When their purpose is done, they can go to the rubbish bin.

    • If they’re in decent shape, donate them to a thrift store. Yes, you should check with the store first. BUT, before you say that no one will ever buy them…. I’ve run two HUGE yard sales for a charity group ($6,000 in sales in 5 hours each) and much to our surprise, the undies and bras were all purchased. Stained, torn, ratty… of course not. But a style/brand that you don’t like or no longer fits? Yes! Many lower income women need these undies. And, we all know that a good wash in the machine with a little soap and bleach will chase all of the cooties away…

      • Yes, our local thrift shop does take and sell undies. Of course, I would chuck anything but that which is in great condition. Since I don’t try undies on in the store it is inevitable I end up with brand new ones that I realize don’t fit right. So these are perfect canditates for donation.

    • “Clean undies” ALWAYS sell in garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. My husband and I are always surprised to see it happen…. but it does.

  13. Funny you should mention this.

    I already did this task about a month ago. I too ended up tossing a lot for the same reasons you give. The main reason I was even going through the drawers was to sort out what to donate to charity. BUT… you don’t donate underpants!! Those go off on the truck on TRASH DAY.

    BTW, don’t ever give anyone panties for Christmas. I mean. Geez. What was my relative thinking!! And they didn’t even fit. I think she was a regifter. Anyway, MY GIFT is on the truck.
    don_mae´s last post…Finally Gonna Learn To Quilt- Yay!!

  14. Funny I was looking through mine a couple of days ago (because its really not closing all that well) and I slipped on one of the 10 pairs of maternity underwear (you know the ones that now go almost all the way up to my neck)…yes it’s definitely time to clean out that drawer!

  15. Denise C. says:

    Like my wardrobe, I don’t have a ton of pretties. I have 6 pairs (my home has a washer & dryer). And…I have 2 bras. I like it simple! :)

  16. I feel no guilt in tossing old undies. They’ve earned their retirement.

    I’ve been dragging around a few pair that need to go for sure, I’ve just not been motivated enough to do it. I think the kiddos have some that probably need to go too.

  17. I’m on it!
    Done Done DONE with feeling bad for getting rid of pairs that aren’t totally trashed yet…
    To just the BEGINNING of simplifying in 2011! CHEERS!

    (and thanks for the extra little kick-in-the-butt!)

  18. I did a ruthless purge of miscellaneous undies & ill-fitting bras a couple weeks ago, and it actually made me feel prettier to open the undie drawer and only see beautiful ones. I took a gorgeous Victoria’s Secret gift box and used the bottom on one side of the drawer (to hold 7 panties), and the top on the other side (to hold 2 bras – one nude & one black) and then tucked my slip and Spanx in between.

    It was practically life-changing.

  19. I think I have 6 pairs of undies and a couple need to go. Underwear collector I am not.

  20. I just did this about 3 months ago when I packed away all my maternity clothes! I eliminated half of what I had. I had several different sizes because of weight gain/loss/pregnancy, but now I just have all 1 size that fits, and they all actually fit in my underwear drawer. Lovely. :)

  21. This is a a great assignment! I think I might join you! Happy New Year.
    Paige´s last post…blog experimenting

  22. Kristin @ Peace, Love and Muesli says:

    I’m starting today. Great idea!

  23. My underwear drawer needs to be vamped up. I will, however, throw out the old crappy underpants when I get some new ones.
    Samantha´s last post…Resolutions

  24. Thank you so much for this post!! I’m really trying to pare down my closet. I wear about 10% of my clothes. Thank you for the ok to get rid of them!!
    Jennifer´s last post…Christmas Gifts

  25. I did this a few weeks ago. What a difference it made, and I ended up finally buying new underwear too!

  26. My grandma just passed away this October (unexpectedly so), and my Mom has been going through her things trying to decide what to do with them. She told me that *all* her underwear look *brand new*. My grandma was a beautiful woman, and never let her appearance down. And it went all the way to her underwear. She always looked *perfect*. It makes sense that even her underwear would be perfect.

    …time to go through my drawer and live up to my grandma’s example!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your Grandma. I have a suggestion for her clothing (undies too). Donate them to a local nursing home or woman’s shelter. Any clothing items in good condition are needed and so appreciated. God bless you xo

  27. I’m doing it today! thanks for the idea, this is something I should have done LONG ago
    Casey´s last post…the scrappy log cabin

  28. Yes! I’m doing this this morning.

    Socks too.

  29. Yes. I was just complaining about this yesterday. Looking forward to it!

    I’m a sucker for challenges, competitions, etc., so thanks for the challenge! Feel free to challenge us to finish the half-done projects in our homes next…

    Have a great day!

  30. Just threw away 5 pairs of undies and I’m down to a whopping 8 left. Not too bad! Two international and one cross-country move’ll do it to ya. :)

    My hubby also went through our kids’ books last night after they went to bed and put tons in paper bags to put in a closet for a while. We’re renting an old house that has plaster walls that are hard to put nails into so can’t do the gutter thing like you did for your daughter (I loved that idea!) but we are hoping with fewer books out at a time we can keep them more organized and our sons will appreciate the ones that are out. And our wish came true—they came downstairs this morning and immediately went to the books with exclamations of joy, seeing ones they had forgotten they had!

  31. This post made me smile as I did EVERYONE’s undie drawers last month…so nice to have fresh ones that fit! Next up…bra drawer!

    And really, I did have to go to the hospital once or twice unexpectedly and YES i was glad I had good undies on!

  32. Oh, man … I’ve been putting this off for far too long! Thanks for the motivation :-)
    Kara @Simple Kids´s last post…Our Family’s 3 Goals for the New Year

  33. Christine says:

    Too funny!

    I just threw out a pair last week that not only had the elastic worn out and had the elastic coming off of the fabric making a hole, but it was a pair of underwear from late pregnancy, when I was, no kidding, 60+ pounds heavier! I don’t even know why I still had them.

    Good challenge! I’m in.

  34. I only have 5 pairs of undies I actually like so that it forces me to do laundry often…otherwise I get stuck with one of the few pairs I don’t prefer. But in total, I probably have 10 pairs of undies. But I’m a minimalist already ;)

  35. I take old underwear on trips and throw them away after wearing. Same thing with old tennis shoes.

  36. This is an AWESOME task and one that I is long past due for me. Thanks for assigning this today- I am willing to take it on. NO LONGER WILL I WEAR DROOPY DRAWERS!

  37. I did this after my second child was born (about the time your son Tom was born). I had pre-child pairs, maternity undies, and between children pairs. I also had bras from all those stages – none of which fit properly. I threw them all out and started over with all new ones.

    I know that sounds extravagant, but it wasn’t. I bought 2 bras and 5 pairs of undies from Soma to start(PRETTY, comfy underwear for REAL women as oppoosed to Victoria’s Secret). They run great deals, too. I waited until the next sale and bought a few more.
    The customer service is awesome, too.

    Enough with the commercial! All that to say, it’s SO nice to know that every pair of underwear in your drawer is going to fit every time and the elastic will hold!
    Eliza´s last post…Embroidery project 2

  38. I’m with ya! I just finished clearing out a ton of things in our bedroom one of them being a dresser. Next on my to do list was the undies basket.
    Rana´s last post…Wordless Wednesday – Open your eyes!

  39. I did this a few months back and got rid of all the undies that I never wore and just kept the newer ones that I choose everyday. I think one of my goals this year is to trim my entire clothing closet – do I really need 30 t-shirts? Or 15 dresses? Probably not, I do not go out on extravagant dates multiple times per week, I am lucky if it is one per month! Thanks for this reminder!

  40. I thought I was the only person who needed to do this. First undies, then on to bras. I really do think that someone sneaks into my house at night, takes the clothes I like to wear and replaces them with bad underwear, bras that don’t fit, and jeans that I know I never bought.

  41. Such a great idea! I am up to the challenge! :)
    Susan´s last post…A New Year and New Recipes

  42. Hi Happy New Year,

    I say about 10 pairs is good enough for me. My sister just got a new washing machine that supposely it does not dammage clothing so I can wash everything without any problem. I have dryer, I hang all clothes at yards on a robe.

    And that is a good idea, some of my undies do not fit me. Nevertheless, I have the policy of never throw away useful stuff.
    Nick´s last post…How to become a cheerleader updated Thu Dec 30 2010 3-43 pm CST

  43. I have accepted the challange. My undies drawer is now neat and organized. I did get rid of several pairs that no longer fit and ones that were past their prime. I also went thru the socks. lots of unmatched ones in that drawer.
    Ready for my next challange….

  44. i’ve been burgled before and have had my panty drawer searched through an have always kept only 7 nice pair ever since. LOL!

  45. I had to add this little note just in case some of you are thinking there might be some nasty jobs that old underwear would be useful for as rags….
    when I was at my boyfriend’s house in high school he was cleaning his trumpet and the rag was his mother’s old underwear. That totally grossed me out and just seemed so wrong! Don’t do it!

  46. I am such a wimp when it comes to throwing out underwear. I went on vacation for a month, did no laundry, came home with a ton of new undies and a ton of old undies. Did I throw out all the old, no I saved them just ‘in case’. Well for the New Year, new and improved me, this is my challenge. Off to do battle with the undies.:)

  47. No net gain is our policy around here!
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith´s last post…A New Year- a new me

  48. this is a great idea. i recently moved and “cleaned out” my underwear drawer. i was still wearing my maternity underwear and my son is four years old!!! thanks for sharing.

  49. I keep 14 pairs of regular underwear, and six ‘time of the month’ pairs. It has kept my daily-use stuff in much better condition than it would otherwise be. I’ve also recently (August) gone through that particular cubby in the closet, and have only happy, pretty underwear- so I’m actually ahead!! It’s truly a first…

  50. Karen (Scotland) says:

    Hmm, can I transfer this challenge to my kids’ drawers? I just tidied those out today. SO easy to keep the boys’ clothing simple – they just don’t care.

    I’m applying to defer this challenge for myself until I lose my baby weight.
    (Yeah, yeah, cliche, I know. But I have a tremendous amount of beautiful lingerie that I am looking forward to wearing again. I have three plastic boxes of clothing (all types of clothes, btw, not just knickers ;-)) on top of my wardrobe and my challenge to myself is that if they don’t fit me by the end of 2011 then out they go. I allowed three stone to creep on over my last pregnancy (which I’d lost after my third pregnancy) so I plan to lose that again, hopefully by the end of summer. Once I’ve lost the weight, if it turns out I’ve changed shape anyway then out all those old clothes will go. Honest.)

    At the moment, my underwear drawer is fairly basic – four dark and one light pair of pants, 4 dreadful breast-feeding bras (oh, wires, I miss you..) and no socks (not needed with my sheepskin boots). Not much more I can do to simplify that…
    In fact, I would hazard a guess that my husband is actually looking forward to me making that drawer a bit more complicated again…


  51. I have a washer and drer but, there are only the two of us. I demand each of us have pairs of anything except for my socks that are all dark and get an evey two day wash. I put in a large load once a week of whites and then have all those extras on hand so I don’t have to worry about folding and hiding thoem in the drawer again. I do maybe 4 loads of laundry a week for the two of us and one of them is for the dog and four cats–their rugs, towels and whatever else there is in their basket.

  52. I recently informed my man that for all gift giving days, I would like a new pair of panties because MOST of mine are worn out, stretched out or no longer fit (I have like 4 pairs that I actually like). So far I received a nice pair from VS in my stocking. I guess I actually need to get rid of the old ones before I usher in the new.
    Wendy´s last post…In My Life

  53. Awesome and quick! I have room in the drawer for pjs too. What’s next?
    melanie´s last post…10 on Tuesday- Finding Christmas

  54. I did it!
    I can see what’s in my drawer now !!!
    { I can also see that I need to replenish supplies }
    Thanks for the motivation :)
    Meegan´s last post…11 months on the first day of 2011

  55. You are right. Again. I do hold on to too many useless pairs that might come handy one day… I wonder what keeps me holding on to them? What is the dividing line between frugal and practical after all? You just gave me something to think about. Again. Thanks,

  56. Thanks for the mini-project. It satisfies my resolution for 15 minutes a day of eliminating & organizing. I threw away many pair and my drawer looks great. Now I can safely unsubscribe from my favorite undie retailer. I have no needs in that area.

    I hope we will be getting new assignments soon.
    Lauri V.´s last post…Resolutions for the New Year

  57. So funny but so true! I’m totally up for this challenge! :)
    Nicole´s last post…music monday

  58. The best way to avoid undies that you don’t like/won’t wear? Only buy the brand that you do like. I’ve been a Jockey For Her bikini girl since college – they last a long time and stay where they are supposed to stay. Used to come in some wild prints but they’ve gotten boring in recent years. Not sure how many pairs that I have, but I toss them as they go bad and replace every few years. So, the undies drawer is safe, the sock drawer though…

  59. This is so funny. I finally have something to brag about in a public venue. I had over 100 pairs of panties. I had to force myself not to ever look at them in the stores or clearance racks. I threw them out if they had any raveling or holes or the elastic blew. Now that I have my nice bedroom furniture, I have this shallow depth velveteen lined drawer and it fits at the most two layers. My underwear are folded in thirds with the bottom folded up and in rows by color. I enjoy opening the drawer and picking out what color or style I want for that day. Plus, I keep a nice bar of soap in all my drawers so my clothes smell nice. All the extra panties are in another drawer waiting for their turn in the special drawer.
    And I’ve broken that rule of no panties for christmas. I have a friend who had like five pairs and it was always a big joke between us regarding how many we had. She moved across the U.S. and I did send her a bakers dozen of panties, a pair a month plus an extra. She said it was so embarrassing because she was crying over the panties and no one could figure out why.
    So I say, go for it you all, it’s so nice to open a drawer and not see a big jumbled mess, and to know that they all fit the way you like.

  60. I must admit I did it already! I just got fed up with an undies drawer that was way too full — in fact there were two pair in that drawer that I had bought at Eatons (Canadian Department Store) that closed down in 1997! Thats like as old as my cat is! The cat though still lives, the undies are gone the way of the green garbage bin…
    Susan being Snippy´s last post…Raise a Ruckus Mystery Quilt – put it all together

  61. Ha! I totally just did this! I realized I was only wearing 4 of my pairs of underwear and dreading the days when I had to wear the others. So, I got rid of all the stuff that was too old (too small) and bought new stuff. Now I only have 9 but, as you say, I can wash once a week so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  62. Dyan Euler says:

    I am on it! next will be socks…I hate matching socks~ the boys would rather clean up the dogs doodoo then match socks, so needless to say~ we have a issue..another day, another blog I am sure…lol
    THanks for the idea will do in a few..

  63. Thanks for the challenge! 12 pairs, 3 bras and 6 pairs of socks have been banished in just a few minutes. It is freeing to rid yourself of stuff you’re never gonna use.

  64. Time to take this challenge- I’m doing the socks, too!
    priest’s wife´s last post…Regrets- Ive had a few

  65. I’m desperately in need of sprucing up my undie drawer! My bras are all starting to fall apart and I haven’t bought anything new since I was pregnant…which was almost 3 years ago. Ack!

    Just found your site via Oh Amanda and I’m already hooked! Looking forward to reading more soon! :)
    Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead´s last post…A pantry moth plague

  66. I am always to so excited when my undies wear out (same with socks), I toss them without guilt and move on to the pairs that I love. I only wear one brand, one style, two colors (white and black) and can happily move on to the next pair (that I can only order online, darn-it).
    Still, never-the-less, I will go through my undies and see if there are any that have missed ‘ma tossin’ fingers’. :-)
    These kinds of challenges are right up my alley – bring ‘em on!
    KC´s last post…Goal Setting for 2011

  67. So cool.. I do this regularly and strangely, find it quite calming to see matched pairs, in good condition, every morning. Does anyone else feel that way? :-)
    Prerna´s last post…Organized Home- Organized You- A Brand New Series from The Mom Writes

  68. After reading this post I ended up throwing out 45 pairs of panties that I haven’t worn. Too big, too small, too grandmom looking, bikinis (how the hell long did I have these???)
    Thanks for the idea!!
    Joan J.´s last post…Whispered Sweet Nothings

  69. I feel so accomplished after doing this. Now I have to tackle the sad socks that have no matches that live in the bottome of my clean laundry basket.

  70. I did this not long ago and was amazed at what I found hidden in that drawer! Hideous stuff I would never wear again!
    Not the same thing, but I am going to work on my drawer of workout clothes next. If I am going to sweat, I want to look at least a *little* cute while doing so!
    Living the Balanced Life´s last post…Get your priorities straight

  71. I love this post! I realize that there are a lot of pairs that I have not used. Either they’re too small or too big for me. And I still keep them. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  72. I did this a few years ago, but with a twist. Yes, I immediately chucked out anything I couldn’t wear. This the stuff that was too small or reaaaly uncomfortable in any way. Next I separated out the stuff that was just worn out or ugly and only worn when all my favourites were in the wash. This bunch could have gone to the garbage as well and never been missed, but instead I stuck the pile in my suitcase. Next trip, I took only these ones and threw them away after wearing them – no dirty undies to drag around on my holiday. They still wound up in the garbage but they had to feel better about going into the garbage in Venice or Athens, right?

    • Karen (Scotland) says:

      This totally made me smile. Reminds me of when my (now) husband moved over to Scotland and we had a last evening meal at his flat with parents, sister, her husband, three kids. A whole load of dirty dishes. The dishes were his old, mis-matched, chipped set so, rather than arguing over who did the dishes, they just got ditched (long before the days of freecycle, I should point out).
      At least they had had a final glorious meal…
      Karen (Scotland)

  73. thanks for the push, I am doing this first thing in the morning!! I actually think that I have more bras than panties that need to go. So happy to know that I am not alone in the messy drawers!!

  74. Rachel, I am sure you’ve heard this from readers many times, but I must say it here again — you have an art for blogging. You blog like no one else. In a short post, you are able to motivate, inform, connect, entertain, relax and inspire! I love it. Consider me your biggest fan! This post, by far, is one of my favorite. And yes, I did clean up my drawer already… ;)

  75. Seriously! Get rid of those grungy undies! I was so glad when I threw out all the losers in my undie drawer.
    Tracey´s last post…One Word 2011 Patience

  76. It’s so funny how many people are responding so exuberantly to this post! Including me. I’ve been thinking about doing this for months. Just lost some weight, so I’m down a size and have been experimenting with different kinds to figure out what’s just right. But I know the old stuff isn’t! Thanks for the reminder!
    Catherine´s last post…Mindfulness Or just not caring

  77. Yes! This was on my to-do list!

  78. 1 in 1 out! Love that. I think I need to post a sign with that written on it in my closet.
    heather´s last post…The Secret To Happier Hair Brushing

  79. I just lost 8 inches in my hips, I so need to replace ALL my undies at this point!

  80. hmmm…I never understood why some women have tons and tons of underwear! about 10-15 pair works for me. I do wash often enough. same for the hubby & kid.

    How about bras?!?!? I know some women hang onto BRAS for too long, like underwear! ;-)
    Handy Man, Crafty Woman´s last post…Get Ready to Get Clean

  81. I just took the challenge – there were TWENTY pair in my drawer that I no longer like/need/wear, but I guess I needed someone to tell me it was OK to get rid of them! :) Thanks for the motivation!

  82. Yes… I learned long ago – toss any undies that you wouldn’t want to be seen in, ‘cuz guess what… those are going to be the pair you have on for your doctor appointment, or whatever.

    You deserve to have underwear you feel good in. That doesn’t have to mean fancy or expensive, but not falling apart, pinching, graying, etc.

    Thanks for reminding us, Rachel!

  83. When my kids have out grown their undies and they are still in decent shape, I donate them to the local primary school along with pants and shirts. Many kids will soil their clothes at school and the nurse is responsible for cleaning them up and putting clean clothes on them. Many of these clothes never come back to the school so the nurse is always grateful for donations.

  84. I did it! This had actually been on my mind for a while, and this post was the kick in the pants (ha ha) that I needed! Done!
    Tiffany´s last post…Kix- My Former Enemy GIVEAWAY!!!

  85. WooHoo – I had actually already done this in the New Year! Finally – I am one step ahead! LOL

  86. I just read this and started bustin’ up! Being preggers I just recently bought 6 more pairs of underwear in a more comfortable size! That said, I’m not sure if I should hold onto my old “pretties” that currently don’t fit anymore.

    And you have to have more than 12 if you go through more than one pair a day. I can go through 3 a day – work, something to work out in, and something comfy to sleep in. The underwear grows from a thong to granny panties… :-)
    Kait Palmer´s last post…For Auld Lang Syne- My Dear

  87. I just tossed 26 pairs of panties and 7 bras (all mostly to small or uncomfortable) in about 5 minutes! Woo hoo! It had been many years since I did that! (And I still have plenty more!) Socks up next!

  88. Underwear is one of those things I prefer NOT to take a “less is more” approach with. Because in my experience having more underwear saves me time, money, and stress. Because there is nothing more exasperating and stressful than waking up and having to be somewhere and realizing you don’t have any clean underwear. A lot of underwear can fit in a small space. 12 pairs probably take up less room than a t shirt. I prefer about 30 pairs, and that still does not take over my underwear drawer by any means. The great thing is that because they’re so small, all 30 pairs and all of my husbands pairs and all of our socks can all fit together in the washer and dryer and still have room to spare. Washing underwear every week would make us run 4 loads of laundry when we could otherwise run laundry once or twice a month and cut that portion of the water/electricity bill in half and also save ourselves that time. It’s far simpler to me that way, and the underwear and socks do not take up a lot of space in the hamper in the meantime. Plus, I’d like to say I could remember to wash underwear every week but life gets busy and I have a lot of other loads to remember to wash every week: the diapers, my husband’s work t shirts, etc. I know that schedule, espsecially with any variant that would throw us off like being out of town (or being pregnant, where I tend to go through 2 pairs of underwear a day instead of one), would more often than not end in that frustrating morning without underwear. And that’s not only tough on my sanity, but also on my marriage when we have the inevitable “whose fault is it the underwear isn’t clean” conversation. (We share the laundry workload throughout the week). Plus, I feel like cutting back on my underwear supply for the sake of having less of it is something of a waste. Underwear is one of those things that not many people are going to want to buy or use secondhand. Do they even sell it at goodwill? I’m not sure. So I can’t sit there and think my donated underwear is going to go to a good cause. I do regularly purge the pairs that develop holes or that no longer fit due to the elastic falling apart or being stretched out, but other than that I hang on to my underwear, and only have a few “ugly pairs.” I like the ugly pairs because they signal that it’s time to wash my underwear haha! I’ve probably only had to buy new underwear like once every other year, if that. To me, it keeps things easy.

  89. Doing this today. My ugly pairs are going.
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  90. I just did this yesterday. I cleaned out my sock drawer. I was able to give my DD some of the pairs, but the rest are gone.

  91. I’m keeping all my old undies to take on a 3-week trip this summer. Gonna throw them away one day at a time and not have to worry about laundering them.
    Buying new pretties when I get home!

  92. Happened upon your blog today after visiting Pancakes and French Fries. I love this post. I am in total agreement about most of us having undergarments we don’t need. But what about the ones that fit and are in fine shape, but we just don’t wear them because we have plenty of others that are much cuter? I guess I need to get rid of those too. Do places like Goodwill take those? I certainly would be too embarrassed to put them out at my own yard sale!!

  93. I force myself to do an underwear-drawer reduction twice a year. It keeps my drawer nice and tidy, so it’s worth the effort! :)