The Perpetual Giveaway Box

One of the reasons we were able to pack up our apartment so quickly is because we didn’t have to clean out and purge the stuff we didn’t want. Living in an apartment we always know there’s going to be a move-out date in our future, and being limited on space means that we don’t store things up for a garage sale some day.

Instead of waiting for a big clean-out, we can give away our stuff at any time, whenever we notice something we don’t want anymore. It goes in the giveaway box while we think about it instead of letting it mingle back in with the rest of the stuff we do want to keep. It’s no effort to do a little at a time. When the box is full, we donate it.

Maybe you have a box in the garage. Ours is high up on a shelf out of the way. Whatever you do, don’t use a see-through plastic tote.

Like Don Mae said in the comments the other day, “When deciding to part with something you aren’t really using or need, my experience has been I am sad for about a minute. Close your eyes, drop it in the donation box or the trash can. Out of sight. Out of mind. You won’t think of it again.”

I feel like that, too. I’m sad for a minute, but then I’m glad it’s gone. Instead of spending weeks purging stuff from my home, I dropped off a couple of bags from the front seat of my car to the Goodwill on my way out of town. So simple.

Continuing to send things out the door is one part of simplifying, and the other part is to stop bringing in more, but that’s a topic for another day.

How do you keep things going out the door on a regular basis at your house?
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  1. I do the same thing. When we moved into a smaller house a year ago, we had to rid ourselves of a lot of items we didn’t need and I never want to have to go through that much work again! Why keep items that I never use that others could put to use?
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  2. I also maintain two perpetual ‘get-rid-of’ bags. One bag is purely donations, and one is trade-backs (I work in a used book/entertainment store). Just before Christmas I turned a bunch of old dvds, books, and knickknacks into an iPod–a nice upgrade technology-wise and storage space-wise!
    Jessicah´s last post…my little helper

  3. I was so tired of making little stacks (sometimes of just a couple pairs of pants or shoes of my kids) that would get misplaced, messed with, mingled back into laundry piles, or whatever. So, now each bedroom has a small box or bag in it. For my kids, there is a box. My closest has a bag. As things are tried on and don’t fit, they go in the container. When I just decide I don’t like something or need something anymore, into a box or bag it goes. When they are full I drive them to goodwill. I do check the boxes and bags before they leave the house, just to make sure a favorite toy or something else that will be missed didn’t get thrown in by accident. But this works for us. Even though we’re here to stay and don’t perpetually feel like we may need to prepare for a move, we don’t have the storage space for letting things sit around for a yard sale. I remind myself how much I don’t notice or miss the things each time I am in a store and think I have to have something.

    • I think that is a great idea! I’ve been working on my closet and just making a pile of things as I put them on a decide it does not fit right or I don’t really care for it any more. But, like you said that pile falls all over or blends in with the laundry. A box or bag in the closet would be perfect. Thanks for the idea.
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  4. This is what we do, too! We leave a box near our front door and when we come across something we want to donate, we throw it into the box. When the box is full (or when we’ve accumulated boxes and bags), we call Salvation Army and they come to pick it up. It’s way easier than trying to do one big clean up or setting aside pieces here and there.

  5. Thank you for this simple but brilliant ideas! I definitely plan on utilizing it.

  6. idea* :-)

  7. vermontmommy says:

    We have a box that is set aside and I am constantly adding to it. I used to do the drop off at Good Will but we get tons of postcards sent to us about donation pick ups right from our front porch. Now, I just place it on my porch and it is all picked up and a donation receipt is left behind. I find it liberating to get rid of our things. It just feels good to be rid of things we don’t need. I wish it was that easy to lose weight! :)

    I have a neighbor that likes to keep everything in her attic. She has a walk in attic and our is up those little attic stairs. I think because ours is cumbersome to get to it makes you really think about what you need. Who wants to lug furniture and outgrown toys or clothes up those stairs? Not me. :) Instead our attic holds holiday decoration items and camping gear.

    • We get those fliers in the mail too, I really should take advantage of the free pick-up. I do the ‘to donate box’ thing, but then the boxes pile up in the garage ’cause for some reason I don’t get to Goodwill to drop things off very often. Thanks for sharing your idea!
      Lisa @ Oahu Mom´s last post…Aloha Friday- Weekend Events- January 15-17- 2011

    • we also take advantage of the donation pick-ups in our area. They call at least monthly, which reminds me to ask, “do I have anything we don’t need?” It’s a great reminder and helps good causes, too.

  8. We try to do the same thing! I prefer a little at a time, rather than one huge (overwhelming) sweep.

    That being said, I still found that our “stuff” piled up a lot more around the holidays, so for the month of January I am getting rid of 5 things a day.

  9. I have a canvas bag by the front door for items to give or return soon to friends and family. Then there are the boxes in the home office of items to donate or possibly sell. Any time I buy something new, I almost always place a couple of old items in those boxes. It’s not really a perpetual movement of things because the boxes can sit there for months, if not years, until I feel OK about letting the whole thing go, but it’s a system that’s worked for me over the years to really pare down what I have.
    Akemi S.´s last post…Opt-Out of Local Values

  10. We like to have a yard sale yearly-although my goal is to be at a place where that’s not necessary. In the meantime, I also belong to an online group where I can post my giveaway items and whoever needs them can claim them. I put the items on my porch, and like magic, they’re gone. It has really been a blessing to so many during these hard economic times. I also donate items to a local mission that we trust to get the items to families in need.

  11. We don’t have a giveaway box, we put stuff by the front door then stick it in the back of my car. Then I just swing by Goodwill while I’m out one day. I think the box idea would be wonderful though, because then you don’t keep looking at it (sitting by the door, or in the car).

  12. We also keep a donation bag going. It stays in our mudroom. When full, it moves directly to my suburban. It is so wonderful to get rid of another load. It also makes me think about bringing more into the house when I go drop off another bag. It’s great for the kids to get in the habit of donating.
    I Live in an Antbed´s last post…Chapter 6- Blessing Our Children

  13. We do something similar. We keep a basket tucked deep in the back of the closet, and everytime I notice a book I won’t read again or try on something that no longer looks good, it goes right in the box.

    During the last move we had SO much stuff to sell, and then still more stuff to drop off at Goodwill. It was such a headache that we’ve been using the basket method ever since.
    Kait Palmer´s last post…Hooray for Play!

  14. Have it! Love it! Couldn’t live without it!

  15. Last year I decided to start cleaning out the house – just like I had a moving truck sitting outside my door waiting to collect my household items. I needed everything to fit in that truck and for there to be no stress. And then I start purging – a lot. My husband says I clean out our closet all the time – but I can honestly say that I wear every single item in the closet. That’s a good feeling. I keep several boxes going of giveaway or yard sale items (they usually end up being given away anyway) and every few months I make a run to our local charity shop. If I’ve pulled out an item that I’m not sure about yet, I stick it in a box in another room. If I don’t think about it in 6 months (or in the season when I should be wearing it), out it goes. If, however, I go into my closet one day and wonder WHERE that item went, then it is saved for another year of wear because I missed it.
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  16. I am amazed at how much I donate over the year. It must be at least 5 or 6 large sackfulls. It really makes me think about just how much I must bring in without even realising it. I tend to have a bag going in the wardrobe and then I transfer everything to my car and try and donate it all in the coming weeks.

    I’ve found recognising that feeling that I’m ‘impulse buying’ (I’m not immediately sure of it and find I’m trying desperately to find a place it will fit in my home or other clothes/projects it will suit) really helps when reducing what comes in. I now have a rule that it either must have a purpose, or if I’m just totally in love with it, I make a home for it/outfit around it/project with it within the first 2 weeks.
    Frankie´s last post…Eeek!

    • Frankie, I’ve thought about that too. I keep giving away all of this stuff and I think “Did I really buy all of that?” And then I realize the answer is no. Much of what I give has been given to me as well-I’m just passing it along…again :o)
      Shannon´s last post…No Spend Week- Day 6

  17. I find that when I throw something in the trash or give-away box, my pain stops then, and relief takes it’s place. I’ve made the decision, and it’s easy to stick with it when it’s actually in the trash can. I don’t usually go back through and take things out, they stay there until it’s trashed or given away, though occasionally I will pull something out.

    I’m on my New Year Clean-Out jag right now (for whatever reason, I clean at the first of the year, even when I don’t plan it) and I’ve thrown out a huge bag and taken 2 boxes and a bag to Goodwill. The only thing I kept that had originally been thrown out were the the plastic sleeves I had put recipes in and had mistakenly got thrown out with the unused recipes.

    It’s such a wonderful change from when I was a kid and nothing could be thrown out because it might be needed!

  18. We do the same thing with a large plastic tote. Anything we aren’t using goes in the box and when it’s full we drop it off at a charity. Easy peasy.

  19. I started this when I went through a month of trying to GiveAway something everyday… I had to readjust as I was giving away bags of stuff everyday… bags and bags… our house is pretty under control now but we still generate a big bag of stuff every week and I certainly am not buying more stuff… I find it amazing that the stuff doesn’t seem to get less… Always an outgrown item or a book that isn’t loved anymore… And then the other day I was purging photographs and I realized – Oh my goodness did my kids have a lot of stuff and now they have well nearly nothing and it still feels overwhelming sometimes!!! So into the box behind the front door it goes… and as soon is the box is full it goes into the car and gets popped off at the local shelter when we pass by.

  20. Every time I bring in another batch of Huggies, I put the diapers in the caddy and the empty box at the bottom of my closet. At the month goes on, I fill it up with whatever donation-worthy extras I find. Then, off to the Salvation Army it goes.

  21. We follow the rule that what goes in, must come out. A new present, item of clothing, book, magazine, etc., usually means and equal or greater number of things moving out of the apartment. So we don’t let things build up.

    I keep a crate or a shopping bag in the trunk of my car and when it’s full I stop by the donation bin. Keeping things in the trunk for a while before donating them also helps me get over any resistance I might feel in getting it out of the apartment. I tell myself I’m not getting rid of it for sure, just putting it in the trunk. But I can only think of one time that I ever took something back out of the trunk and didn’t donate it.

    Other tricks I use: taking a photograph of a sentimental item if I am having trouble letting go (do I need the object, or would a picture of it be just as nice for conjuring up the memories?) and visualizing some other person in need of the item. Those usually help me get past whatever attachment I have to the item. It feels cathartic to get rid of stuff.

    • I have done the photograph thing with my kids outgrown shoes. They loved them so much that they didn’t want to throw them away when worn out. Taking a picture let me get rid of the shoes without tears.

    • I have done this, particularly with my shoes, a special pair my dd loved, my other dd’s pacifiers, my 21st key, the signature cupid from our engagement party … and more. Photograph it, scrapbook it, write the story and throw it away. It’s liberating!

  22. I have a donation paper bag in a closet. Same concept!

    I’m also pretty good about not letting stuff in that would eventually need donating anyway.

    (Hearkening back to your earlier post, I used to keep empty shoe boxes, too! And also padded envelopes that we’d receive gifts in in the mail from other people. I’ve gotten rid of the empty boxes and used envelopes as well. I also did a heap of filing, sorting, shredding, and recycling the other day and I was so proud of myself.)

  23. I really like this idea, and, actually, we get a call every month from goodwill asking if they can pick something up. I will have to find a large enough box to have a monthly pick up. I LOVE the idea of never having anything in your home (no matter how large your home is) that you don’t use or adore.
    Sharon´s last post…January Challenge- A Moment of Insanity then Gratitude

  24. Denise C. says:

    I am constantly purging at my home. My goal someday is to only keep what I really love, & it has to fit in the back of my truck. I am parting with my 14 y.o. hope chest tomorrow. I like having my home very simple, uncluttered.

  25. I love the idea of having a box out in the garage and when its full taking it to Goodwill. I am so all over that. Thanks:)

  26. I keep a box in my laundry room for this purpose. I try to take to Goodwill on a regular basis and since it is 2 doors down from one of our major grocery stores, I usually drop off at least once a month. I have a pile right now by my front door as I have been doing some purging. Been waiting for the snow to melt out of hubby’s truckbed! I think tomorrow it will be whisked away to be donated!
    Living the Balanced Life´s last post…Talk to God… and then listen

  27. Lily (from Italy) says:

    I’m not patient… when I decide to get rid of something, I immediately do one of these:
    put it on eBay
    put it in the Red Cross bin
    regift it if new


  28. It never gets a chance to take up residence. It goes straight out the door into a plastic-lidded box in the boot of my car. This means that next time I am passing the recycling area or charity shop, it’s right there, ready for its new home.
    alexa´s last post…Throwing away

  29. We always have boxes. With two little ones in diapers. We always tend to a box or two laying around so I save it just for this. I leave it in my garage next to my car. Once it fills up. I put it in my car and off to the women shelter or library we go to make our donations.

  30. Karen (Scotland) says:

    This is something we need to introduce as a permanent fixture in our home. I often have bags hanging from the stairs or tucked behind doors but end up getting confused between the rag bags and the charity bags and end up re-sorting it all out.
    Going to set up some boxes right now,
    Karen (Scotland)

  31. I keep a perpetual pile going in the store room (kind of an attic space) and eventually I get it to the thrift store in town – usually when I can’t stand the pile any longer. How novel to actually keep it in a box! I think I better get on that and get that stuff corralled.
    Amy @ Homestead Revival™´s last post…Italian Sausage and Bean Zuppa

  32. We have the same thing. We get a CSA box delivered every other week with fruits and veggies. I use that box as my donate box. I can’t believe I can really fill up a donate box every two weeks but it’s full every time.

  33. We do the same thing. I just keep tossing things into a box. Once full I store it in the basement and then when I have a few I call the local pick up number to come and get them. Unfortunately I could get rid of much much more things!
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  34. We do the perpetual give away box as well. What I find really helpful is to envision the face of someone who has been looking for just that thing at the thrift shop; how happy they are and glad that someone donated the item. Alternately, I envision the face of the child who is enjoying a program, a meal, etc because I donated an item to be sold.

  35. This is perfect for my resolution this year. Thank you for the idea!!!!

  36. We do the same thing and it works! We have a tall lidded basket in an unusable corner behind our bedroom door.

    I always say yes when Purple Heart, AmVets, NCC or whoever calls offering a pick up date. I have yet to put out an empty bag on pick up day because there is always something in our giveaway basket ready to go.
    Tracey´s last post…Share Care Love Disciple Mentor

  37. I like this idea. We’re contemplating moving in late June, which would be two weeks after my husband finishes school (he’s a teacher). Add to that a new baby in March, and packing up with three small children almost feels impossible. But if I start purging and Craigslisting now, steadily week-by-week, I think it will be doable.

  38. We live overseas, and where we live now does not have the feel-good way to get rid of clothes and stuff like the last place we lived. In our last country, we had bi-annual flea markets at my kids’ school where everyone sold their things for a euro or two. (It was a great way to stock up for our next season of clothing needs!) We heard that if you put your clothing in the public bins there they’d be cut up for rags or you might see them at the public flea markets.

    In my new country, I’ve been skeptical about those same type of clothing bins–where does that stuff go? Thankfully I met a woman who works at a relief center to give things to the poor. It felt nice to know they were getting things to the right people. So, now I have a “Perpetual Bag” sitting by my closet. It hasn’t bothered me enough to put it away out of sight. Instead it helps me remember to not keep that so-so shirt any longer and put it in the bag for my next trip to the care center!
    Jenni´s last post…Happy New Year’s Planning

  39. We moved almost 2 years ago from a house with over 2,000 sg ft & a huge basement full of stuff to a house with just under 1,100 sq ft & no basement.You couldn’t even imagine the things we left behind…including furniture b/c we couldn’t sell it and you know what,after a few days,I forgot what we even left behind & these were items I didn’t want to leave behind at all but we just didn’t have the room for them.We literally had boxes in every space of our new home that you could imagine and it took me a while to go through them & there are boxes we haven’t even opened in our shed out back.It’s amazing how quickly you can forget about these material things.I agree with what you said,put it in a box & you will most likely forget about it & have an easier time letting it go than if it were something you saw in your hosue everyday and had an attachment to. We still have to get rid of stuff, but our move has showed me that I can let the stuff go and not miss it like I thought I would.
    Renee Alam´s last post…Please join our letter project

  40. My husband and I move a lot too, and have spent most of our married life living in apartments. So we have gotten very good about giving things away regularly and finding Goodwill or thrift stores near our home. I am currently in the process of a major pare-down. It is scary seeing a bunch of expensive items going out at once because I feel like I should sell them and get some money back. But I know the measly amount of money I get won’t be worth the time and headache of listing them somewhere. Though I am thinking seriously about freecycle.

  41. It is very important that if you are getting rid of something that you not be able to see it again. So in our family – we use “white kitchen bags” to get rid of items that are still usable (can not see through it). All of our garbage/trash cans use “black bags” so if anything is not usable to anyone else, it goes in a black bag (can not see through it). If something large needs to be stored – we use large “clear” bags.
    This makes it very easy for anyone in our family to know where a bag goes!

  42. I like to keep what I love and use. I think I have less “stuff” then most people. But we just moved from Seattle to Chicago and I could not believe the loads I took to the Goodwill. YIKES.

    Glenda Childers´s last post…50 things to do this winter while we await spring

  43. We have a box in our utility closet which is right next to the door we enter and exit by. It is so easy to pull the stuff out, put it in a bag and then take it with us when we drive an hour to the biggest town that has a Goodwill/DAV. I also have a box for things that need returned to people. Right now it is full with tupperware, gift bags, kids toys and clothes I will pass on to my sisters boys. Sure makes it easy to declutter when you know you have somewhere to put the stuff.

    • Oh, that’s a good idea to have a box for stuff to return to people! Whenever I have books or tupperwares to return to people I never know where to put them!
      Jessicah´s last post…55 years

      • Ann (N.Z.) says:

        Hi, when I have anything to return to anyone, I put it in a plastic bag and label it with the person’s name, and leave it beside the front door till I’m heading in their direction. If it stays a full week, I make a special trip to deliver it! Otherwise, I might forget to return things.

  44. I keep a box behind the door of my bedroom. Everyone here knows that if you outgrow your clothes, purge your room, or just plain don’t want something anymore, it goes in the giveaway box. It’s great that I’m on several charity organization call lists, so every month (or two at the most), I’ve got a truck coming right to my door!
    Zoanna´s last post…Starting Over with a New Doggie

  45. This is such a great idea and one that I fully plan to implement once I’ve finished my yearly purge (thank goodness it’s almost done — I’ve been working on it for two weeks!)

    2011 is the year that I’m embracing simplicity and choosing quality over quantity… so much of what I’m getting rid of now is stuff that I knew I wanted to get rid of during the year but never did. Love this tip!

  46. I live in an apartment too and I do the same exact thing. I have a box in my closet of things I’m getting rid of.

  47. We have a 3 boxes at home in our spare closet: Donate, repair and sell. Trash or broken stuff usually go in trash or recycle when appropriate. But, I admit with 2 active little boys at home, I do fall behind on clutter occasionally. It is always work in progress.
    Zengirl @ Heart and Mind´s last post…Car-Free or Car Owner – Finding A Happy Middle Ground

  48. I am with you on the stopping bring it in… this year I have resolved not to buy anything for inside the house (unless its an emergency item like a tap fixture that breaks)…16 days in and holding! :)
    angelvalerie´s last post…compassion and mercy…

  49. I do exactly the same thing. We have a box (a big Pampers box) in the laundry next to the paper recycling and I drop things in there that need to be donated. When it’s full, out it goes :)
    Marcia Francois´s last post…Gorgeous- new business cards

  50. I agree with this completely. I love to keep stuff I don’t need moving out the door both to keep me clutter free and to feel good about passing it on to someone who could make regular use of it. I try to make a monthly trip to the Good Will and I set aside stuff all month as I come across it.
    Scarlet´s last post…Tips for Saving Money By Growing Your Own Garden and Beginners Gardening Tips

  51. Once I get through my big purge (so overdue). I think that will be something we will definately set up. Thanks for the great idea!

  52. I agree that moving things on little and often is the best approach. You don’t have time to get sentimental about things

    I have always sold my children’s clothes on ebay as soon as they grow out of them – if I came to do it a couple of years down the line I know I’d find them tough to part with.

    We have a sturdy bag that I keep in the bottom of my wardrobe where clothes/toys etc live in transit before ebay for a month or so. For items that go straight to charity shops I load them in a box in the car and make a drop off the next time I’m in town (have a bag of books and binliner of clothing in there at the moment that are destined for drop off tomorrow whilst I’m on my lunchbreak at work). I won’t miss them, but won’t tempt myself by looking in the bag again before I hand over!
    Anna´s last post…Garden in January warningits depressing

  53. what an absolutely wonderful idea! i am going to try this for sure. my husband doesnt like to throw things away because “we might need it some day”. this would be great to do.

  54. I can’t have a “give away” box because my husband the hoarder would find it and hide everything that I want to give away. So…I wait until he goes camping for the weekend and then I run around like a crazy woman grabbing things to give away. I did that this weekend!
    Joan J.´s last post…Cheeseburger Helper

  55. We have a similar system which works well – whenever we find something we no longer need or clothes which the kids have outgrown or if we replace an item and want to recycle the old item – we pile stuff in a nominated spot. When the container is full my husband halls it off to St Vincent de Pauls. It is amazing how quickly this container fill up though – unbelievable the amount of STUFF we accumulate without realising! M
    Mandy´s last post…A child dies every 30 seconds from Malaria

  56. I’m with you on this one, I just started doing this at the start of the year. We have a plastic bag and then fill it and take to the charity shop, we have so much clearing out to do!
    Jade @ No Longer 25´s last post…Do you want to be Average

  57. We also have boxes of things to give away or donate, that we keep in our ‘extra’ closet. I have a daughter and a son, and every other month or so I’ll go through their closets to give away the clothes they’ve outgrown, to a friend with a younger daughter and my nephew that’s a little younger than my son. Everything else goes to the goodwill. It’s a great way to share the things that are still in good condition, and the younger kids love getting a bag of ‘new’ clothes!

  58. I’ve started keeping one of these too. After all, the Goodwill store could use new stock all year, not just when everybody is spring cleaning.

  59. Thanks much, Rachel, for including my comment in your post. :D

    Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. It is Garbage Day in my neighborhood. So Monday is my “run around day”. I grocery shop, clean out the refrig of leftovers and anything gone bad.

    Then I go through all the rooms to make sure what needs tossing gets put outside. Sometimes it is just shipping boxes I can’t recycle. And sometimes larger items, like a broken chair. Large or small, it is one less item taking up space.
    don_mae´s last post…Quilting Tip 6- My “Star Ruler”

  60. We do this as well…we’ve lived in our new house now for 4 years, but we had to move twice in a short time span to get here. We purged a lot of stuff then, but now donate stuff almost monthly as we continue to go through items in the house. I run a home based business, and everytime a delivery of product is made, we get a nice size box. It sits in the hallway and we fill it up. One box of stuff in, one box out.

  61. hello!

    just found you through steady mom. (bought simple blogging and read it over the weekend — just what i needed after returning from a one-month blogging sabbatical!!! thank you!)

    i’ve always had a “give away” pile tucked alongside our tv cabinet. it used to work fine when the kids were little but now they are on to me and often go ransacking through the pile looking for things they are not ready to say good bye to.

    definitely need to get some brown boxes to use (and a new hiding spot!)


  62. What a great idea for reducing clutter!

  63. I keep a box in my room to throw donate-ables into…and then it goes on the doorstep each month when Volunteers of America comes by. I love it! Keeps the house tidy, good things get to go to people who can use them, and there’s regular pick up. Perfect!

  64. Wish our neighborhood had free pickup. I would probably be more organized with a regular box. I live in a small rural area and we have a local Salvation army that takes a lot of stuff but you have to remember to get there during their hours and when I work most of those hours myself it makes it a little less convenient than it sounds like it is for most of you out there. I do take stuff a few times a year to a local consigment if there is anything worth selling but there again they only take stuff during a few hour window about once a month. I have made my own new rule though for this year though and that is to stop bringing anything into the house unless it is to be used right away. I am also going to craigslist some stuff and check into freecycle.

  65. When something new comes in, almost always one thing (or more typically) goes OUT. Most of the time it lands in 1 of 3 bins I have in the garage that I use to hold items for donation. Once the bins / boxes are overflowing, I donate them to Goodwill. I like having the donated items still in our posession for awhile, rather than just immediately donating them, for several reasons. One of the kids or the hubby may really want that item back. But most often, I might hear of someone who needs something & – voila – it’s in one of my garage bins! So, it’s still donated, but even better, it’s being used by someone I know & love.

    Also, days before an event like a birthday or Christmas, especially, I’ll roam the house & collect unused toys and items that have been sitting for awhile. Just makes the enjoyment of the new(er) toys and books that much better when I don’t have to find a place to fit everything!
    Vicki´s last post…2011 Menu 3

  66. I keep a mesh hamper down in the basement in the laundry area – an area that I’m in all the time =/ As I find things that we no longer want/need, or that no longer fit, I place them in the hamper. (I did this as I got Christmas decorations out this year, and got rid of a lot of things that I didn’t even want to decorate with anymore!) When the hamper gets full, I put everything in a big plastic garbage bag, and take it to Goodwill. My secret: don’t let my daughter see me transfer it to the garbage bag. She will always find something she wants to keep!

    I’m done storing things up for the garage sale that will never happen! What freedom!
    Sally´s last post…Circles Photo Challenge

  67. We do the exact same thing…except it’s a giveaway BAG in our case. I almost always have one laying around (…which drives my husband a little bit crazy). ;)

  68. I’m really bad about it normally. But we live close to a donation place so I try and keep a box by the door or in my van. As I get something I put it in the van and then drive through about once a week.
    Shell´s last post…Writers Workshop- Winter Roads

  69. I have about 4 “pre-season” purges. We all try on, pass on or donate clothes. Before my children have birthdays,they go through all their stuff. Generally they have matured and part with their ‘young’ or unused things. This way they make place for new gifts (and I’m not overwhelmed!) I also have place in a corner of my laundry with bags for recycled tins, plastic bottles, glass jars and paper. When they are full, we drop them off.
    Nadene´s last post…What kind of disciples does the mission demand

  70. Have been doing this and loving it.. Except it’s not a box but a bag, like Stephanie.. And completely agree with you about having it around perpetually.
    Prerna´s last post…30 Simple- Cheap and Creative Organizing Hacks

  71. ok, so I am looking at the picture and thinking of the Charles and Diana tin I “gave away” last year and now wish I had. (It was special because we were married the same week as they were back in 1981.) Does anyone else have regrets after giving stuff away…or is it just ME???