Good Reads for March

I love the doors in the children’s bedroom. They open to the balcony that overlooks the street.

I’m glad we live in a quiet neighborhood. We don’t hear the late night crowds and revelry, just the occasional horn honking and Vespa zooming by.

How about some links for weekend reading?

I’m a contributor to the blog Alphamom, and I wrote about:

Create Your Family Soundtrack

Draw Your Story: The Illustrated Journal

I bookmarked:

Dreamy/Practical from Salt and Chocolate – I think we all need a dreamy/practical list for this weekend.

• Evening Prep for an Easier Morning from Simple Kids

No Pantry? 8 Tips for Keeping Counters Clutter-Free from the Kitchn

Have a good weekend! I can’t even tell you how happy I am that spring has come. We’re going to do some sightseeing. See you back next week!
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  1. Great links, thanks! By the way, I love the door and the balcony. O, and Vespa’s! I want to visit Italy right now :)
    Maaike Quinn´s last post…Read more blogs about FlyLady and add your own!

  2. Happy Spring! Have a great weekend!
    jennifer´s last post…On my needles – the Raring to Go Edition

  3. Oh wow, Rachel. I just finished publishing a dreamy/practical list, and I click over to your blog and see you have linked to me. How delightful! Thank you!

    I am loving your posts from Italy and continue to be so inspired by your thoughts and attitude.
    Mary Beth´s last post…dreamy-practical

  4. Love the pics of the doors! Oh and vespas sound like so much fun! Can’t wait to see and read about your sightseeing!
    Living the Balanced Life´s last post…The cure for everything and an interview with a blogger

  5. Have fun sightseeing! And I LOVE that illustrated journal! What a great idea!
    Kait Palmer´s last post…What Must Eve Have Thought

  6. I love the doors!
    Julie´s last post…Weekend Cooking – Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management

  7. Totally love the dreamy/practical idea… this is so true of life. I dream all week of the weekend and then the practical is nothing like the dream and while the weekend was great and we did fun stuff it just wasn’t the dreamy, so I feel that the weekend was a bit bleh!!!
    I never dreamt I would sleep till 10 am this morning surrounded by my three youngest sleeping sleepy heads, because my hubs was sweet enough to take the older kids out very early and very quietly!!! Instead I was disappointed the laundry wasn’t done by 9 am and the older kids hadn’t done their jobs… Am I insane!!! The reality was the dream and I am off to give everyone a hug and thank them!!!

  8. Living in a 3rd world country and having just moved to a place with unusual cupbaord placement and sizes, I discovered the use of tins for storage. I gathered all the small bags of pasta, noodles, etc and placed them in one colorful tin. Yes, it does sit on the counter, but it looks better than the plastic bags.
    I also took a low crate that I had and placed all the plastic containers and lids (that I do use at various times) and confined them to the small crate, then slid it into the bottom shelf on the lower cabinets.
    Flour, and baking items get stored in the frig/freezer. Keeps bugs out and uses up wasted space in the frig/freezer.

    I also put the glass dishes, coffee mugs, etc on the open shelves. I would much rather have those showing than boxes, bags or plastic items. Wooden spoons went in a flower pot near the stove.
    Just a few ideas that I found to ease the storage issues…

    Love reading your blog…thanks for sharing your life!

  9. Great links! I love being up early in the morning before the rest of the house stirs, and love the idea of setting up the house in the evening for the next day. Last fall when I visited a dear friend in Germany, she set out the kids’ breakfast dishes at night, and not only did it seem incredibly practical, but I also felt it was a really sweet way of thinking of her children and their nourishment, last thing before bed. Almost like a little bow to them. I loved that.
    Maggie @ Maggie’s Nest´s last post…Visual Sunday