They Say House Cleaning is Good Therapy

Know what this is?

It’s a beater to clean your rugs, but mostly it’s a way to relieve some pent up frustration while you clean your rugs.

Hard day? Whap.

Bothered and annoyed? Whap.

Don’t hold back now.




There now. Don’t you feel better?

Does cleaning make you feel better when you’re stressed out?
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  1. I wish I cleaned when I was angry or frustrated! I’m sure it would feel good… I have noticed lately that cooking makes me feel better, even if I don’t feel initially inclined to do it. This post actually makes me think of how much my boys would enjoy helping me clean the rugs if they had some sort of beater. :)

  2. Yes! Cleaning always makes me feel better – I thought I was just weird! It’s gotten to the point that if my husband comes home and I am cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, he immediately asks what he has done. : ) Lovely site, thanks for sharing.
    Lisa @ Just here. Just now.´s last post…Just now.

  3. Yes! Cleaning makes me feel like I am totally in control of… well, at LEAST my house, even if the days are hectic or a little on the crazy side!
    Meggie´s last post…Happy Fourth of July

    • i totally agree that i do it when i am feeling out of control of something going on in life, big or little. i guess it is a bit of a hidden control freak thing coming out of me when i try to make up for the things i cannot control by controlling at least my physical environment… not sure if i think it is healthy, but it does make for a tidy home in the hard times of life.
      Charis´s last post…a surprise waiting in the wilderness

  4. Yes. I go by the cat’s motto: “When in doubt, clean.” (but not to the point of obsession–usually, after awhile, I’m in a better mood and can go on to the next thing, but what’s wonderful? Things are picked up! And clean!)

  5. Yes! I have had a lot of stress over the last year dealing with my daughter’s biological father and I have noticed every time he crops up I immediately go into cleaning mode. I guess it’s therapeutic :)
    Alisa´s last post…Menu Plan and Menu Plan Printables

  6. Kate S. says:

    Absolutely. If I’m in a really nasty mood, it can be hard for me to get going on any sort of cleaning project, but as soon as I get moving and being productive that bad mood is gone. Cleaning is, by far my favorite mood lifter.

  7. I can’t say cleaning helps me feel better, since I have very little interest in spending my time that way. I will admit, however, that a freshly clean house makes me feel calm and relaxed.

    Love your photos!

  8. Denise C. says:

    When I am really frustrated I scour my house. There was one time I pulled out my stove and fridge and cleaned behind them. Much better. Great therapy! :)

  9. Nothing restores a sense of control when things are feeling crazy like bringing order to chaos–i.e cleaning! Seems to be the easiest way to actually see a tangible result! Therapeutic to say the least, and much cheaper (and simpler) than shopping therapy, right?

  10. I had a similar rug/comforter beater when I was in Japan! It was a lot of fun and comforting to hear all the other housewives all over the neighborhood on nice days beating their comforters as well.

  11. I clean when I’m angry all the time. If I get really frustrated my house will be spotless!
    Holly´s last post…Chicken & Dumplings

  12. Cleaning helps, but push-mowing my lawn is the best cure for a nasty mood for me! I crank up my iPod on my iPhone, put my ear buds in and and mowe away my frustrations. Crazy, but I love it!
    Daphne´s last post…Red, White and Oh So Blue

  13. I wanted to also say that I bought your Simple Blogging ebook a few days ago and I think it is going to make a great difference in my life.
    Kristy´s last post…Displaying Independence with Allowance

  14. I love how cleaning gets my mind off what was bothering me. It helps me think clearer, and I actually start talking and listening to the Lord. Not to mention the benefits of the physical exercise and sparkling, clean house. lol

    Have a blessed day!
    Lynda´s last post…God’s will be done

  15. oh yes – putting order to anything always helps me feel a bit more calm. must be something about the ability to control ones environment in some way shape or form when other areas of life may seem a bit off kilter?

  16. It’s true! Cleaning is not my most favorite thing to do but when I upset or tense it’s just what I need. I can be quiet and think or listen to my ipod it’s lovely. Especially when I work up a sweat.

  17. What a beautiful place that was, to go at *whapppping.*

    And what a beautiful mother and child, having a go at *whapppppping.* :-)

    “Aunt Amelia”´s last post…It’s Tues., but it’s gonna’ seem like Mon., all day… :-)

  18. Cleaning is a huge stress-reliever to me…nothing’s ever as spotless as when I need to work out a problem or relieve some frustration. Things just start to sparkle, and the answer usually comes to me by the time I get to the bathrooms! (Yay!)
    michelle @ this little light´s last post…What Day Is It?

  19. First of all, YOU, my friend, are GORGEOUS.

    Second of all – YES. I picked up this habit from my mother who, when she was mad at my dad or irritated with us kids, would attack a sink of dirty dishes with VENGEANCE. (Four kids = lots of dishes, always)

    I am the same way. When I am stressed or upset, I love to clean house, especially if I am upset over a situation I have no control over. There’s something comforting in cleaning which you can control when things feel like they are spinning out. You know?
    Megan at SortaCrunchy´s last post…What Are You Into – Summer 2011

  20. Yes! It’s mindless and exhausting (especially if you let it go too long!). It clears the “mind clutter” and I always feel much better afterward.

  21. Yes! Something about getting things organized & neat does make me feel better. I need to get one of those whap thingees tho – that does look fun :)
    Stephanie @ henry happened´s last post…Fun Magnet Giveaway!

  22. Rebecca says:

    Absolutely! Gives me something to do rather than sit around and stew about the issues at hand. Good for the mind and body as we get to burn extra calories while cleaning.

  23. Always! Good to channel that stress energy into something productive.

    Agree with others above that it’s all about the control.
    Whoops a daisy anna´s last post…Three beautiful things

  24. Awesome! I tend to get into what we call “cleaning frenzies.” I just put on some music and clean the heck out of everything. I always feel better afterward, not just because of the clean house, but because it’s good exercise and it really is therapeutic.
    Jennie´s last post…Losing the Weight of Stuff

  25. Mrs. Kate B. says:

    I wish I dealt with stress by cleaning, but actually I usually shut down and zone out in front of a few movies. By the end, my head feels clearer but nothing is cleaner!

    Side note: so when you beat your rug, did the downstairs neighbor get a bunch of dust on their porch? Or in their windows? I don’t understand city living like that, since I’m a country girl. :)

    • Sure wish cleaning was my default stress reliever… but no, not so much. Cleaning usually produces more stress (i.e. feeling out of control) because it lasts for such short time; before I’ve finished one job, someone has undone or created another and I feel like I’m just chasing my tail! I’m more what they call a “perfectionist messy.” If it can’t be done perfectly (or at least done acceptably and remain that way for more than 5 minutes!) it’s not worth the effort. Maybe I’m a rare breed, but that’s me–and my messy house! :)

    • The wind just carries the dust away.

  26. A resounding Yes! When life gets out of my control then I start cleaning, sorting etc.
    Monica´s last post…Keep Calm

  27. Funny topic :D

    Sometimes cleaning works for me, especially when there is hard work involved. Using a beater to clean rugs would work great, I guess, but I don’t own any rugs, so I never do it.

    However, somehow sometimes cleaning tends to get me into a nasty perfectionist mode. And when that happens, I just feel even more stressed and overwhelmed. But luckily I get better and better at ignoring that perfectionist part of me :D
    Maaike Quinn @ Life with FlyLady´s last post…The Top 10 Most Beautiful Laundry Rooms Ever

  28. Wow! I wish I looked like you when I was cleaning! Hair done and jewelry…modern day June Cleaver. I always start cleaning when I am really mad. Probably not always a good thing since I make rash decisions about throwing away things. But I do beat my area rugs, although it’s just with an old broom.

    Still amazed at how beautiful you look! I may have to rethink my sweats.

  29. I can’t believe how beautiful you look while cleaning! But you are a real looker in most of the photos I’ve seen of you.

  30. You. Are. Gorgeous. The end.

  31. Yes, indeed, cleaning is a kind of therapy in a way!
    Btw, how do you call that thingy you hold to whap the carpet?
    My mom has the exact same object for this certain chore, only bought in Greece many many years ago. Isn’t it weird how things were the same for so many years in places so far apart?

  32. Well I just hope you don’t live in an apartment building ;)
    I do and I have this problem with my neighbour who lives above me..she just loves to clean her carpets the way you do…while I am having my breakfast in my balcony :/

    • Oh no! Downstairs neighbors usually have to deal with leaves from when I sweep the patio. When I lived downstairs we always dealt with seeds from the bird feeders above.

  33. Yes, I love to clean and rearrange….and fiddle with house stuff.

    When my house is clean I dont feel stressed, but when it looks like it does now ( mind you I am in the middle of rearranging furniture) I get all stressed!

  34. That is the most inspired household tool I have ever seen, seriously whap, grr, whap, grrr, whap!!! I find nothing like combining a bit of frustration and a decluttering task I have been avoiding – toss, toss, toss… toss some more and then TOSS… invincible I tell you!!!
    se7en´s last post…Saturday Spot: Tribeca in Kalk Bay…

  35. Cleaning, not particularly. Organizing or purging clutter, most definitely. As someone said above, bringing order to chaos.

  36. That would be so much fun! Cleaning, putting things away, etc. is therapeutic for me. Whenever I’m upset I tend to find the things around my house that needs tending to. Doing those things helps me think.

  37. It’s amazing how quickly and thoroughly my house can be straightened and put in order as I talk myself through a stressful situation – and the bonus to this therapy . . . a clean house!
    Natalie @ Maple Leaf Circle´s last post…An Invitation

  38. The cleaning doesn’t make me feel better – but a clean house certainly does.

    I’m often surprised by how the tidiness of my home affects my well-being. As soon as my home gets cluttered or chaotic – that’s exactly how my mind feels.
    tricia´s last post…Creating children’s spaces in every corner of your home

  39. The repetition in most chores, break away from the family, and music I listen to are therapy!

  40. uh. yes. nothing apart from Jesus brings me as much joy as cleaning my bathroom.
    Jen´s last post…4th of July!!! {recap}

  41. Heck yes! I think that is the whole point of nesting!

  42. Yes – I totally clean when I get stressed – mostly when there’s so much I’m thinking about I can’t process anything anymore…and so by cleaning I feel productive and like I don’t have to think about anything :)
    Allison´s last post…resonate

  43. I don’t clean when I’m mad. It’s normally option #2. Option #1 is to go for a run.

    But the main reason I’m commenting is to say how adorable you look!

    Oh, and I love that you have a bonafide rug whapper thingie, to use the technical term.
    Kat @ InspiredToAction´s last post…The Perfect Remedy For A Busy Life

  44. I have no sense of accomplishement with my job so cleaning = sense of accomplishment.
    Slackerjo´s last post…One of a Kind Unique Post About Redundancy

  45. I feel very proud to have correctly guessed that that’s a rug beater! Honestly, we need one for our rugs…where did you get yours? And you look absurdly adorable beating that rug!

    I used to clean when I was angry or frustrated or just totally grossed out by the house, but I haven’t done that much since having a baby…it’s hard to clean with a kid around!
    Cate´s last post…Frugal Meatless Meals: Baked Potato Bar

  46. Typically cleaning does NOT make me feel better while doing it, however afterward I feel pretty darn good!
    Very cute pics!
    Living the Balanced Life´s last post…The successful woman’s guide to NOT doing it all

  47. My life might not be perfect, but at least my guests will find me living in a cleanish home :-) There are soo many silly things to be neurotic about.

  48. Absolutely. I take out my frustrations often on the carpet with the vaccuum cleaner:)

  49. I feel about my throw rugs and bathroom rugs like those people who love to hang their clothes outside to dry. Even though I vacuum them, I still feel compelled to take them outside to bang them upside the brick. That’s my rug beater. The side of the house. I do it in the back so people driving down the street won’t see me. Two or three whacks and I am happy. Fresh air just makes them “seem” cleaner. :D
    don_mae´s last post…Stippling… Ah, Much Better.

  50. yes! cleaning absolutely relieves my stress. can’t take out anger on anyone else? take it out on the dirt. :)

  51. Hah, sometimes. I get my frustration out pounding chicken or pork for dinner. Stressful work day? THUD! Sick of being pregnant? THUD! THUD THUD! :-)
    Kait Palmer´s last post…Seattle Bucket List

  52. Cleaning does NOT relieve my stress. In fact, cleaning creates more stress for me. I hate it!
    Tonya´s last post…To Hire or Not To Hire: That is the Question

  53. I wish I had a rug beater! I just use a broom.

    and YES cleaning makes me feel so much better. It’s something I can control when other things in my life feel out of control. I discovered this when I had post partum depression after my daughter was born. I could sit and be depressed or I could clean the bathroom and be depressed, but at least I had a clean bathroom (and most of the time, that gave me a lift).

    If I cleaned the way my mother did, I would not like it or feel good. But I created my own little system and it works so well for me – I generally feel that the house is decent, which goes a long way towards relieving stress!
    Margo´s last post…Flirting with Warby Parker

  54. I’ve only ever seen that in the movies. I always thought it looked fun.
    Megan@declutterdaily´s last post…Day 159 – What To Expect From a Toddler

  55. Sometimes the physical activity makes me feel better, sometimes cleaning makes me feel worse. What really stresses me is de-cluttering. I love the after effect, but the process is stressful.
    Bonita´s last post…But Am I Really a Writer?

  56. I love your blog! I found you through “My Heart’s Desire” blog- I may have stumbled across you before, but this time I am officially following you. Your ideas are very helpful.

  57. LOVE this – yes! I agree completely. I can get so much done when I am working through something. I can think quietly while cleaning……. it is extremely therapeutic – But this means, often, the cleaner my house – the more stressed I must have been feeling!!!
    Kiersten´s last post…Rain in the Desert!

  58. Cleaning is often frustrating in my house because it requires the picking up of serious amounts of small child clutter first, and it always takes far longer to tidy than it did to mess up. I feel better when I regain control of small areas the kids can’t mess up quickly – closets, kitchen cabinets etc. An organised closet makes me smile even if nobody else gets to see it.

  59. Your hair looks amazing in the photographs you’ve been posting. Could you do a post on how you style it and what you use for hair care products (for intance, do you use anything besides the apple cider vinegar rinse? And when do you use your baking soda – is that every day?). I would love some tips on moving toward a more natural beauty routine!

  60. I agree. Cleaning that “outer vessel” helps get some stuff out of the “inner” one, too. ;)
    Marti´s last post…A Time to Savor

  61. Although tidying up makes me feel better when I’m stressed or overwhelmed, I still don’t actually ENJOY it.
    GrowingRaw´s last post…Veg Up and Build Healthy Eating Habits for Life

  62. When I’m upset and angry I clean. It makes me feel better and I tend to tackle the projects I hate the most…

    After, my home is cleaned (or an area is purged) it just makes me feel so much better… too bad I don’t have any rugs to beat.
    South County Girl´s last post…Weekly Updates (Spending/Groceries, Job updates, & Money Goals)

  63. Yes, I’m a stress-cleaner! It’s the best therapy.

    I’m new to your blog, and am enjoying it very much. :)
    Becky @ Decluttering Diva´s last post…Cat nip, Cheerios, and Cool Whip tubs