The First Day of School & a Few Links

Everything for the past few months has been leading up to this–her first day at kindergarten.

We rushed to find the house so she could go to school, but the house is not ready yet so we’re staying at my grandmother’s house this week.

My grandmother has lived in her house for more than fifty years. It’s the one place that has been the same my whole life. Everything is so comfortingly familiar–my grandad’s recliner, the rug, the guest bedroom. I’ve had many pictures taken during my childhood on those same steps in front of her house. I can’t think of a more fitting place for Lane to have her picture taken on this day.

I’ve tried not to be too sentimental during these last few days because I know that we made the most of all the days in the middle.

New outfit, check.

New hair clips.

New lunch box.

Fun trip to Chick-hooray to celebrate.

I don’t have any more days of not needing to be anywhere by 7:30 in the morning. I’m ready for this new chapter. I’m desperate for routines, feeling settled, and getting to write here more.

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Here’s to a new week, and a new school year!

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  1. Good Luck Lane!!! You will be a great Kindergartener:)

  2. You might not be too sentimental, but as a long time reader, I can’t help but feel a little sentimental. I still remember the cute little post you did about her second birthday with the pink candles in the ice cream bar.

    Lane, I hope you love school, make new friends, and learn a lot.
    Meghan´s last post…Freebies

  3. Wow, Kindergarten! I agree with the reader above…I remember when you talked about Lane turning 3–crazy she’s a kindergartner. How exciting though to be in a new phase of life. Bet Tom is going to miss his big sis today!
    Jessicah´s last post…mmm…breakfast….

  4. Congratulations! Have a wonderful first day!
    Natalie @ Maple Leaf Circle´s last post…Our Sprouting Box

  5. She is just adorable! I can’t wait for 1st day of school either – routine, I miss you!!
    Stephanie @ henry happened´s last post…Guest Post + DIY Beauty

  6. Oh, yay! So happy for her. This will be my first fall in 17 years not starting school. It’s nice to know the torch passes. Good luck with everything!
    jennie´s last post…The Savoring of Life

  7. My son, Nathan, is also starting kindergarten this fall, and while I’m glad to have more time to blog (, I’m also a little sad, because it means the end of early motherhood. I’ve really loved the preschool years! But now we have a new chapter to look forward to, with more time for me to focus on me and my organizing business.

    Good luck to your sweet little one on her big day!

  8. Enjoy your first day of school, Lane! And enjoy your first day of this new season, Rachel! I hear your desperation for routines. I feel like I’m sitting on the sidelines watching everybody else I know pack up their little one’s backpacks and lunchboxes. Meanwhile, Eves first day of preschool doesn’t start until after Labor Day. I don’t know who’s anticipating it more, me or her.

  9. She’s a doll! Hope she loves school!

  10. New outfit, new hair clips, new lunch box…everything is perfect. She’ll do great.

    Thanks for the links, not sure that I’ve been to Alpha Mom yet. I will go check it out now.
    Amy Sullivan´s last post…Six Steps to an Amazing Mom and Daughter Date

  11. Sandra Gonzales says:

    Oh my goodness! She’s grown up so quick. Tell her to have gobs and gobs of fun in school.

  12. How adorable!! I hope Lane loves school.
    don_mae´s last post…The Doll Days of August

  13. Wow is time flying past!!! What a sweet young lady that darling little toddler of yours has become!!! Hope she has a fine time at school… hope you all readjust well to another change in your lives!!!
    se7en´s last post…Sunday Snippet: The Bible Institute of South Africa…

  14. How sweet! She will do fine, world traveler that she is! Imagine when they ask what she did for her summer vacation! “Oh, I traveled around Italy…”
    Living the Balanced Life´s last post…7 things you should have done last night

  15. We’re gearing up for that here too. Best of luck to all of us!
    Megan@declutterdaily´s last post…Day 191 – Organizing Tips from the Disorganized/ Diet Tips from the Horizontally Challenged

  16. We’re starting pre-school in September, and I’m excited to see how we do with the schedule.
    MightyMighty´s last post…Parenting Style: ehhhh…..?

  17. I’m a creature of routine myself. When my son was young, summer was the most difficult for me as a single parent. I had my routine. The same one I had in the spring. However, my son didn’t have a routine. It drive him loco so, of course, it did the same to me. Fall is a wonderful time of year.
    Glynis Jolly´s last post…What Are Your Three Greatest Strengths?

  18. After home schooling last year, we have decided to send our six year old to school for first grade. I am feeling a variety of emotions right now, guilt, relief, excitement, and anxiety. She starts in two weeks.
    Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith´s last post…The Big Decision

  19. I look forward to you writing more as well :)

  20. What a sweet photo! Today my mom posted a picture of my sister and me on facebook of our first day of 5th and 2nd grade. Let’s just say denim backpack and scrunch socks. it made me laugh!

  21. Off to school on your first day in your red shoes! How sweet. My how time flys. It brings back memories of “moi” as a kid during this time of year. Enjoy your school year, Lane.

    • The first day of school was always kind of bitter sweet for me. If the bitter lingers today — unlike back in the day when there were no alternatives — there are other options to help sweeten things up a bit.

  22. How beautiful, exciting and groovy. A new epoch in your lives. All the best :)
    Tasmanian Minimalist´s last post…From The Keyboard Of The Sick And Germy

  23. Congratulations to Lanie! Starting school is so very exciting!

    And thank you for sharing the links– We have been living for a year and a half without a permanent home (house-sitting, with family, traveling), and were somewhat temporary the year before that… we’re looking, but things will probably be pretty temporary for a bit longer, and some days I ache to be settled and to have my “normal” routines… Thank you for sharing, and I’m exciting to see and hear what your family does next!
    Eliz. K´s last post…[next adventure]

  24. Such a precious time…can just see her excitement in her eyes.

  25. Leonor Miller says:

    I really appreciate this article as this is something needs to be shared. I know our kids are always small in our views but I also enjoy sharing these moments as they are evergreen to anybody who reads it as well.
    Leonor Miller´s last post…Trackball optique Expert Kensington

  26. How special to start this new chapter (both you and her) surrounded by so much family and in such a place. Embracing change while wrapped in comfort and familiarity. She’s also sporting some really awesome little red shoes!
    Stephanie´s last post…Strawberry Pots Forever

  27. How exciting!She looks so sweet! Enjoy this next chapter!
    Kait Palmer´s last post…Birth Announcements are ordered!

  28. Rachel,
    Congrats…it’s only the beginning! I still have the picture of my oldest on her first day of school…Now, 20 years later she is married and teaching high school students…Enjoy because it goes fast!
    Sharon´s last post…Earthquake with Hurricane Irene following.

  29. Oh, the sweetness. I definitely feel like I have watched Lane grow up, so I’m feeling a little pang of bittersweet over her going to Kindergarten. I hope yesterday, today, and all of the days to come in this school year are full of magic and learning and growth and good.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last post…Repurposed Fun: Packing Peanuts Construction Projects

  30. Oh my goodness, look at that big girl! Have I really been reading this blog long enough to watch her go from a baby to a Kindergartener? This is going to be such a great time for you, Rachel, I am really happy for you. Adding, I think I might die if you don’t post pictures of the house soon. Seriously, keel over and die. My children need their mother so please buy Doug some Red Bull and git er done ; )
    Juliet´s last post…Bank of America wets its beak

  31. Love the posts on Alpha Mom, esp the Felt Tiny Town – adorable! Hope she had a great first day at her new school!

    {mommy chic} latest post: blogiversary giveaway
    finley :: mommy chic´s last post…Bonkers for Babybonkie & GIVEAWAY