Join Me at the Simple Mom Podcast

Have you listened to the Simple Mom podcast? It was my pleasure to be the guest on the latest show.

It’s hosted by Tsh from Tsh and I are friends, but we’ve both had whirlwind years, and we haven’t had much chance to sit down and catch up. This podcast is a personal talk between friends about what’s going on in our lives, and we want you to be the third person at our table.

We’ll be talking about our common interests: living overseas, adjusting to cross-cultural lifestyles and surprises, small-space living, blogging, home renovation, and clothes.

Don’t miss:

  • The story behind my random short-term move to Italy. (6:20)
  • We confess about our junk. Can you imagine leaving the country all of a sudden and your friends have to pack up your junk drawers for you? That happened to Tsh. (17:00)
  • This summer felt crazy to me, and it was hard to put it into words on the blog, so we talk about it some here. (24:00)
  • Why I chose the ugly-duckling house, and our kitchen design plans. (26:50)
  • The decorating tip I learned from a reader’s comment that I’m applying in my new house. (31:15)
  • Tsh said my house used to look like an old fast-food restaurant. Oh yes she did. Find out which restaurant. (43:15)
  • We talk about clothes and developing a personal style. (44:15)
  • Do you think I should join Twitter or Facebook? (51:00)

At the end of every podcast Tsh asks the same ten questions, and one is, “Name a historical figure you admire.” For some reason I could only think of one person.

And I knew it wasn’t the right answer to give, but I just couldn’t stop thinking of her, and then I finally came up with a random Founding Father. So when you hear a long, awkward pause at (1:02:15) that’s why. I really love Claire Huxtable.

Thanks for hosting, Tsh!

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  1. Claire Huxtable is absolutely one of the greatest fictional characters every created! We own all 8 seasons of that show on DVD and we’re going through our third time watching them – they never get old! She has so many great lines, “You’re WEAK, and SAD!” is one that is quoted a lot around our house. We also love the episode where she and Cliff go rescue Vanessa from “Bal-ti-more” where she was having “BIG FUN” – Claire at her best. Can’t wait to listen to what all you ladies talked about! :-)
    Carrie @ Busy Nothings´s last post…Two Years and Five Winners Later…

  2. My favorite (non)historical figure is Olivia Walton. She has always inspired me to become better than I am.
    Lori´s last post…Balancing Balance, Part V: What are Your Family’s Gatekeeper Filters?

  3. I would certainly listen these pod cast. Mahatma Gandhi is one historical figure who has impressed me a lot. His lessons of truth and non-violence are still effective in the modern world.
    John´s last post…Getting over a breakup – The Do’s and Don’ts

  4. Jen Spadaro says:

    I just listened to the podcast, it was actually kind of great. It’s funny how even though your posts are so short your answers were familiar from reading the blog. I really enjoyed it and I’m excited to see more pictures of the house, I was excited to hear that the kitchens done and the little kids area too, can’t wait to see pictures. It is also totally crazy that you have a 40 year old stove that works but now the life expectancy is only 7 years. It’s such a shame that big businesses make things of poorer quality to make more money.

    • I’m so glad you thought is sounded familiar. I really want people to feel that sense when they read my blog. The kitchen’s not completely finished, so that’s why I’m holding out on the reveal.

  5. I’m syncing my ipod as I type! I love the Simple Mom podcasts anyway, and I love this blog, so I’m quite excited. :)

    My plan is to listen to this while I completely rearrange the furniture in our bedroom today and surprise my husband. (Fingers crossed)
    Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…Phew, I’m DONE!

  6. Love Simple Mom Podcast and was so excited to hear you speak!!! Just totally brilliant!!!
    se7en´s last post…Se7en’s November…

  7. I would chose Jesus over Claire Huxtable.

  8. I just want to say that I think Claire Huxtable is a perfectly acceptable answer. What a great mom to look to. I keep trying to get my kids to watch The Cosby Show on Netflix but they just don’t get it!

  9. The Cosby Show is on Netflix? Oh, I know what we’ll be watching around here someday soon! Growing up my husband lived overseas and Cosby was one of the shows his US grandmother recorded (on VHS!) and sent to them–so he knows all the episodes.

    Claire Huxtable is a great answer–especially since the question asks you to name *a* person you admire–not the one you admire the most.

  10. Really neat to hear you talking, you have a great sense of humor. Loved the bit about the night table or lack of, also to understand a little more of the situation with the year off for your hubby. Good luck with the reno and can’t wait to the see the pics.

  11. I like Claire Huxtable too!

    And you have to appreciate the humor in those moments later when you think, “Oh, I should have said !!!” Of course, you are witty and knowledgeable and intelligent and know many inspiring historical figures, but the name that comes in the moment has quite a ring of truth (and is awfully funny too).

    I’m going to have to track down a copy of those old episodes now…
    Jennifer´s last post…7 billion people

  12. I have really enjoyed Tsh’s podcasts, and I think this one is one of my favorites! I loved hearing the reason behind your short posts. That really has me thinking. And I love what you have done with your wardrobe. I think I am slowly heading in the same direction. Thanks for sharing.
    Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify´s last post…Hot Spot Check Up: Desk | Week 5

  13. I was never one to enjoy audio posts but this was one podcast I thoroughly enjoyed- two bloggers I greatly respect and admire. Was really wonderful to hear the insights of the great posts (perfect models of brevity!) I always enjoy reading… Now back to being inspired by more of your home-making journey, without feeling tied down

  14. I’ve listened! you were the best!
    Larissa´s last post…How to get rid of scars- fast and easy!

  15. I really love Claire too and would have loved to hear you say it! I love your blog and line for more posts. But I respect your balance and priorities in life. I am still hoping for that post on scarves: sizes, weights, fabrics, colors and how to make it look lovely not 80s! Though I did find a cool you tube tut on like 25 ways to tie a scarf.

  16. I simply love these Podcasts as I get to learn a lot from it. The most famous historical figure that I have almost appreciated is Abraham Lincoln. His story of struggles always inspires me.
    Leo´s last post…Informacion sobre los riesgos del cigarillo

  17. Such a great podcast! It was great to have you on.

    Thank you.

  18. Denise C. says:

    Loved the podcast! Love your Texas accent Rachel, makes me homesick for Dallas! :)

  19. vermontmommy says:

    You know what I loved? That you said you call a DVD player a VCR. My hubby and I were just shopping for such a thing. I told the sales person I was looking for a VCR. My husband looked at me and I realized what I said. I corrected myself and said, “DVD.” My husband still had a funny look. He than said, “We are looking for a BluRay.” Apparently, I am two generations behind. Not VCR, no DVD, BLU RAY. I can do it. :) I was just pleased that I did not say a Beta player.

  20. I don’t listen to many podcasts, but I enjoy Tsh’s series on Home Fries and I was so excited to see that you were on this one! I downloaded it and listened while I watched my kids in their swimming lessons last week :) I’ve been reading (and loving) your blog since…well, I don’t really remember when I started reading it, but it was the first blog I started following, and I’m always happy to see a new one from you in my e-mail! I like that you keep the posts short and simple, with great ideas and photos! thanks!

  21. Moving and settling abroad is really a challenge. There are so many cultural adjustments and new experience to feel when we move abroad. I loved the podcast specially the part where Tsh compares your house to an old fast food restaurant! I think it is great and I would love to see your house.
    Rosalia´s last post…Video consejo para engordar