Gift Recommendations for Small Kids

Since we are talking about Christmas shopping, I thought I would mention the gift ideas for small kids in Small Notebook’s Amazon shop. It’s mostly a collection of stuff that I bought that I like and recommend, like these wood blocks from Melissa & Doug.

We have this play kitchen, and since it’s in our living room I’m glad  it’s wood and not bright colors. I bought it over three years ago, and it’s been played with for countless hours. I really like having something for the kids to play with in the living room, but that’s a topic for another post. It’s on sale right now at Amazon for about $80 which is a killer deal.

This baby doll from Gotz looks “real” but doesn’t have all the harmful phthalates found in most plastic toys and dolls. I don’t want to worry about off-gassing the toys my kids are going to cuddle up with.

Find more ideas and recommendations at the shop.

I do very little product promotion at Small Notebook, but I realize that sometimes it’s nice to hear a gift suggestion or product recommendation. That’s what the shop is for. Another benefit is when you click over to Amazon from Small Notebook, I receive a percentage of the purchase price on anything you buy.

So if you’re going to be shopping on Amazon anyway, be sure to start by clicking on one of the links here. Like the one on the sidebar or this one:

Allright? Thanks!

(Don’t have small kids? There are also recommendations for kitchen, organization, baby gear, and other stuff I like.)

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  1. I use amazon a lot so I will try to remember to click through you next time I make a big purchase! Wish wi would have known this the other day, I just got something big that had been on our shopping list. I want to make sure if I do it, it will go to you. Do you know if it will let me know in the confirmation or something?

    • Thanks, it won’t give you a confirmation, you won’t see it after you click through, but it does work.

  2. Again, I’ll have to recommend Etsy! Handmade goodies for kids, including lovely wooden toys …

    I too love Amazon, but you really can’t go past stuff that’s made by crafty and artistic individuals :)
    Amanda@EasyPeasyOrganic´s last post…Where to Start

  3. Or you could be a miserable Grinch like me and buy your child one thing, trampoline ! I do love Amazon though and the book depository !!! So…don’t count me out entirely.
    Tasmanian Minimalist´s last post…I Kept A Spending Diary And Now I Must Stick My Finger In The Dyke

    • We normally buy our kids one gift too. They get other gifts from extended family, so I’d rather save us from gift overload and having too much stuff.

      • We buy our kids one gift, too–this year it’s monogrammed aprons and white chef hats because they love helping me in the kitchen. “Helping” in the broadest sense of the word, but they do love to try! :)

        Oh, actually, I do buy very small stocking stuffers, too. I just found these auto bingo cards at a unique toy store and I couldn’t resist–my sister and I had the same ones when we were young and took them on all our road trips. The little pictures of stop signs, traffic lights, etc. with those cute little clear red sliding covers brought back such neat memories.

  4. Well since you are renovating your house…

    In all honesty, I think a great gift would be a big thick cardboard box from a moving company. I bet the kids would have (well supervised) fun turning it in fort?
    Slackerjo´s last post…The 500th Review!

  5. I am Amazon’s best customer! Does it help you when I enter through your blog?
    Natacha´s last post…What I Wore Wednesday 16/11

  6. Does that kitchen come with all of the extra bits? Pot, shakers, etc. I’d actually like it more if it didn’t, haha. Suppose we could take them out before giving it to him…

  7. Thank you so much for these recommendations. We have a one year old boy and it is very helpful to hear advice from more experienced parents.
    Our gifts for him for this Christmas are already purchased (he’s getting a duplo set and a book), but I will keep your list in mind for future times.

    I don’t comment often, but would like to tell you that I appreciate your blog very much — it’s my favorite!

  8. Thanks for the gift ideas!! I especially love the wooden kitchen and wooden blocks! I’ll be stepping away from buying any plastic toys this Christmas!
    Christyn@StrivingforSimple´s last post…5 Ways To Keep The Peace During The Holidays

  9. I’d like to make a recommendation. I just discovered a new line of board books called Baby Lit. I just got Pride & Prejudice for a friend’s 2 year old birthday and she LOVED it (so did her mom)!!
    It’s a counting book (1 english village, 2 rich gentlemen, 5 sisters, etc.) I also picked up the Romeo & Juliet board book and they are coming out with Alice in wonderland and Jane Eyre.
    The art in the books are really lovely.
    Holly´s last post…Salsa Black Bean Chicken

  10. I’ve been trying to decide which toy kitchen to get my 2 year old for Christmas, and I’m sold on your rec! We live in a small house so I didn’t want anything too big, the colors complement our decor, and it isn’t plastic! On sale and I get to support your blog, SOLD!

  11. Those are great suggestions. I used to love wooden blocks as a kid. Also, legos, Lincoln logs and Tinker Toys.
    Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D´s last post…Where is Your Honey From? You Might Be Surprised!

  12. Oh my goodness…thanks Rachel, superb ideas! I love your blog, every entry is so refreshing and fun to read! I have 2 year old twin daughters and I am going to buy the kitchen for them for Xmas! I also sent an email to relatives who always ask what the girls could use, suggesting, Charlottes Web, Abby and Emma dolls and the Petit Fours, they got a tea set for their birthday recently. We only give one gift as well because they get so many things from family, so its great to be able to suggest some things so they dont get a bunch of junk! Thanks so much!

  13. vermontmommy says:

    I use your link all the time. I set it up as my bookmark for Amazon. I use it every time I shop there…and that is a lot. I have also purchased the ebags, food scale and the pots and pans that you recommended.

    We already owned the blocks, dvd and books you mentioned. :)

    I have three children (11-boy, 9-girl and 4-girl). They all play with playmobils. I got them each one new item to add to our collection. They are similar to the Thomas the Train toys as they are bit pricey but last forever and are classic toys that get played with by everyone.

    A fun game that we all can play together is the Hullabaloo by Cranium. I first saw it a few years ago at a birthday party. We bought one and we take it out from time to time. I love that no one has an advantage so we are all on the same playing level. It gets everyone up and moving. My kids will even set it up and play it with stuffed animals.

  14. Thank you for the ideas. I enjoy seeing examples of lovely craftsmanship and natural materials in children’s toys, not just grown-up furniture. Children deserve high-quality things too! Lovely alternatives to plastics in your post. And toys like this tend to be a bit harder to find, so I appreciate your links.
    Kim @ Extra Organized´s last post…Q&A with an expert organiser: Carol Posener

  15. Love these recommendations Rachel! Thanks for sharing items that are more simple and less intrusive to our environment overall!

  16. Thanks for sharing these ideas! We also like to include a book that corresponds to the gift item. For example, when we gave a birthday gift of a fire truck, we also gave a book about fire trucks. We love seeing the correlation of literacy with a toy!
    Our Learning Collection´s last post…Behind the Scenes–Question Collection

  17. I really like the kitchen. So many of the kitchens are just way too big and bulky and colored in crazy colors. I like this one because it looks simple.
    Amy Sullivan´s last post…Opting Out of Black Friday and Free Punjammies For You

  18. Those blocks seem like a wonderful idea but I do wonder if it is too late to buy since my little one is 5 years now…

  19. I just have to thank you for your post (and blog!) for children’s gift recommendations. The kitchen is adorable and it actually caused us to break our cardinal parent rule and we bought it for our little ones (29mos & 5 mos) even though we were already done with their gifts! LOL

  20. Rachel
    I am ordering several things through Amazon and want to help you out but when I click on your link it only takes me to your Amazon recommendations page. If I click the powered by Amazon button on that page it clicks me through the main site. Will you still get credit for my purchases that way? Thanks!
    Lisa Medley´s last post…Thirty Thankful Things