Progress on the Pink Room

It was four months ago that we bought this house, to the day. (It feels like longer.)

Such a milestone should have fanfare, so how about we celebrate with something pink?

This is the bedroom our daughter inhabits. Our five-year-old daughter with a sparkly personality. I suggested painting it a stylish color like a silvery-gray (“Think of all the bright colors we could accent it with! Yellow! Pink!”), but that idea was rejected as not special or fancy. I thought about what my favorite color would be if I was young, almost six years old, and it would be unabashedly pink. So pink it is.

In case you could forget, this “before” picture pretty much sums up the way all the bedrooms in this house looked when we bought it. That was a burlap wall with crazy wallpaper underneath.

It was a plain room, and kind-of small, and I really want each bedroom to have something memorable about it, so I decided that the large window in the center of the wall that you see when you first walk into the room would be perfect with bookcases on both sides.

(Thanks to my brother for helping!)

The bookcases were planned and built, and the paint rolled. A built-in desk will go under the window. Next the new crown molding will wrap around the top of the shelves to make them look as though they were always there. The bookcases are being primed and painted white this week for crisp, bold contrast.  More to come…

(Doesn’t that last bit sound a little like HGTV? I can tell I’ve been watching it lately.)

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  1. I had the smallest bedroom in our house when I was growing up. My dad put floor to ceiling shelves on either side of one window – and over 50 years later they are still there! They held toys, then books, then craft projects. Shelves made my room very special. I love the desk you’ve created under the window. It’s going to be a wonderful room!
    Shelley´s last post…Gone

  2. I LOVE the bookshelves on either side of the window. You’re totally getting pinned to Pinterest for future inspiration. :-) Can’t wait to see the finished product! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Carrie @ Busy Nothings´s last post…Thankful For :: 661 – 670

  3. Ha! I would also be thinking a nice neutral with splashes of color, and my daughter would also reject that outright. Her choice, however, would be purple. My least favorite color ever. I kind of anticipate a “dying to self” moment when she wants to paint her room purple one day. To me, that would be undesirable (to say the least). To her, very very exciting and special.
    Katherine´s last post…Thiiiiis close to losing my mind completely

  4. The house we moved into had bookshelves built into my boys’ bedroom just like yours. I can’t tell you how much I love having them. I think your set up is fantastic and love how you are giving each room a memorable design element.

  5. Love the built ins, very smart, especially in a small room. I thought you were going to put a built in window seat with storage under the window, I’m partial to a soft place to curl up and read a book. But what a nice place to do homework for a little girl. Can’t wait to see more of the house pictures! Good luck, it looks beautiful and very functional so far!

  6. I love that you love your girl enough to look at her room through her eyes instead of your own. The shelves/desk/crown molding is a terrific addition, and the wall surface of the shelves will make the room a little less… PINK. ;)

    Our two boys both chose the same shade of very, VERY bright blue for the bedrooms a few years ago. I was privately dubious, my husband was publicly dubious, but with crisp white paint on the wide baseboards and other trim, it turned out quite attractive, as your girl’s room is doing.

    Anybody else like me and LOVE the smell of fresh paint? Mmmm…
    Lori´s last post…Unsolicited Advice, Kitchen Edition: Spend Time to Save Time

  7. I love this room! When I was in 1st grade we moved into a house that pink & purple wall paper, fuschia carpet and built in bookshelves that surrounded not a desk but a window seat that lifted up, perfect for toys and stuffed animals.
    We didn’t change it until I was in High School and could stand it no longer.
    just a thought…with the window seat :)

    I love the chandelier and the built ins are great.

  8. I love the floor to ceiling shelves! I’ve always wanted them but my husband is pretty busy. Maybe someday I will find the courage to build them myself. Good to know about the crown molding! Thanks.
    Frances´s last post…How to Can Venison

  9. beautiful b-room! so thoroughly enjoying seeing the wonderful job you & yours are doing to make your home “yours!” love the idea of a notable item in ea. bedroom; maybe i’ll have to copy this when my husband & i get around to remodeling the bedrooms in our old farmhouse. =) as for letting your daughter pick her color, so caring of you; however, the practical part of me says, “when she’s tired of this color, (which she most likely will be by the time she’s a teen at least!) then she gets to do the repainting.” can you tell i dislike to paint? ;) happy 1st thanksgiving in your very own purchased home! =)

  10. It looks great! That is the exact color my daughter chose for her room when we made it for her here. She’s since moved to a new room – with beige walls – and will not stop asking me to paint it bright pink. I haven’t given in yet, but I can’t deny it needs a new color forever. I love the book shelves – can’t wait to see them white with the crown moulding. You all are doing such a great job!
    Emily@remodelingthislife´s last post…How To Be Happy

  11. I have a six year old step daughter, and she couldn’t imagine anything NOT being pink! I was never a pink person, but my MIL is still (ALL her walls are pink!) so they have a lot of fun with their pink and sparkles. I LOVE the bookshelves! Lovely!

  12. Love this! Well, I don’t love the pink, but I am not a 6 year old girl, lol! It is going to be a special room for her!
    I remember when we were remodeling our house. We would watch HGTV for ideas. I remember constantly looking at my husband and saying, “What if we…?”
    Truly Grateful

  13. I have the exact same chandelier in my dining room. I love it in a little girl’s room. Mine is over 100 year’s old–the chandelier, not my little girl. :)
    Staci´s last post…F is for…

  14. When I was younger, my sister and I shared a room, and my parents let us decide on a color for our room. We choose two very different colors, so we divided the room in half and painted each side the color we wanted.

    It was probably an eye-sore for them, but it was a magical thing for us. Lane will thank you someday for letting the room be truly hers.
    Jennie´s last post…Meeting Goals Halfway

    • Karen (Scotland) says:

      lol at this too! My Dad made the mistake of coming home with two options of wallpaper and asking me and my sister which we wanted. We promptly each pointed at a different roll and said “That one!” My Dad papered two walls with one design (Winnie the Pooh ) and two with the other (Noddy).
      We loved it.
      Karen (Scotland)

      • Karen (Scotland) says:

        Or maybe that’s just memories of Aberdeen in the coldest winter of fifty years affecting my judgement…

  15. vermontmommy says:

    Practical and pretty. :) We just added shelves to our dining room (but we call it our music room). The next step is to add molding to make them look like they were there all along.

    We are not as handy as you so we are doing this.

  16. I actually love that pink for a little girl’s room. It’s cheery and fun. Don’t we all want our kids’ rooms to be bright and happy? No need to rush those moody, angsty years to come more quickly.
    Meghan´s last post…Thanksgiving Prep

  17. I want this room. Could you, your husband, and brother come to my house?! This room will remind her how much she is loved!
    Mrs. E´s last post…Ol’ Pooh

  18. I’m another mother who will cringe if my (currently only one-year-old) daughter comes to me one day and wants to paint her room bright pink. My plan is to try to come to a compromise with window coverings, bedding, pillows and artwork in the colour of choice. My daughter’s room is REALLY small and a bright colour would be very hard to live with.

    I agree that the expanse of white shelves will break the colour up considerably, and be practical as well.

  19. Oh I so want built ins now. My kiddos have small rooms but we do have a playroom and I think built ins would be great.

  20. So jealous of the bookshelves! I wish that my husband or brother was that handy. :)

    Also, I have to say, as an almost six year old I would have picked blue or green. I was really into maps, and liked map colors. No pink for this girl!
    Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…What Makes a Book Addicting?

  21. Just loving the transformation – what a fabulous room – loving that you go the pink paint – Nice one!!!
    se7en´s last post…GiveAway Winner: A Pile of Priddy Books…

  22. Rachel, I would have been absolutely wild to have a room like this as a little girl. Bookcases on each side of a window and a desk right there at the window?? Incredibly special. And the pink is – while girlish, sure – still unabashedly feminine. And that’s something girls and young women can never be reminded enough is what they uniquely are. Sorry for gushing. This is just fun. :)

  23. What a great idea! It is going to look fantastic when done and your little girl is going to LOVE it!

  24. I can see it’s going to be beautiful…You’ve done a beautiful job! Watching HGTV has taught you well!lol But seriously, the desk and shelves look awesome and are something that will serve her well into her teens and beyond (depending on how long she’ll be living at home : )
    Christyn@StrivingforSimple´s last post…What Are You Thankful For?

  25. What glamour….that chandellier is to die for ! Love your uber eclecticism !
    Tasmanian Minimalist´s last post…The Budget Book Beckons….

  26. Ooooh! I’m liking all of those shelves and the sparkly little chandelier. (Plus you’ve got two handy dandy guys too to help make your ideas come to fruition. Nice.)

    When I was little I don’t remember having much pink in my bedroom, but I’m a big kid now and I “can haz” touches of pink in my room if I want to (just not in the rest of the house.)

    • Little kids thrive on stimulating colors. However as a big kid — I like touches of certain sweet candy colors (specifically, pink and blue) on a backdrop of white, but they have to be on the really softer side for me to live with them and be able to function in my room.

  27. I love the pink color for a girl’s room. The atmosphere of the room is somewhat an academic type where books are given emphasis. Instead of more on closets, the book shelves were prioritized. I like also the Table’s Area, should the little girl needs to peep outside, feel the Air. She could freely do so, while reading or studying of course.
    Lyka Ricks´s last post…Making Electronic Music

  28. Karen (Scotland) says:

    Love the colour and the bookshelves!
    It must be a genetic thing with the pink. I’ve pushed my little girl towards purple, red, aqua – I tried not to even mention pink as an option when she was younger (I do the same with football and my boys. They think it only happens every four years and only for Daddy’s country (Holland).)
    However, that’s her now asking for a pink room. I prefer that funky pink you’ve used to any wishy-washy pastel. I can see cerise, purple and deep pink in funky swirls…

    Karen (Scotland)

    • Karen (Scotland) says:

      Thought I’d mention that, although window desks are amazing for light and inspiration, they can also be draughty and cold on the fingers when studying (OK, she’s a few years away from lengthy studying but you know what I mean!)
      It’s a trade-off: natural light v frostbite.

  29. Morning Sunshine says:

    in the before pictures you can see wood panels – are those closet doors or just wood panel decorations?

    also, it looks like you have drilled holes in the shelves for a cord from the outlet on the bottom shelf, or am I wishful thinking that?

  30. I love that you gave her what she really wanted – PINK!
    Dana At Cooking At Cafe D´s last post…New USDA Recommendations for TurkeyAnd, The President Calls The Turkey Hotline

  31. Even at this age, I think I’d enjoy a fun, pink room…my husband might not, though!

  32. This looks like any little girl’s dream room. I’m sure she will enjoy it for many years to come.

  33. My daughter is 12 and has hot pink walls and a deep purple bedspread. I love it that she still loves these girly colors!