Clear the Clutter: The Pile of Clothes in the Bedroom

clear the clutter

If you want to make some real changes in your home, every Monday we’re going to take action on a trouble spot. It won’t be hard, but it will make a big impact. Are you with us?

Are you ready to make some changes? I sure am. The place we’re going to start is the pile of clothes in the bedroom, the one that’s beside your bed or on your chair.

Why start there? Because I know you usually clean your bedroom last.

We’re going to put away the clothes you took off before you collapsed into bed.

You probably wore them once and thought you might wear them again. They weren’t dirty enough to throw in the laundry, but since they’ve been sitting in a pile, you don’t know if they’re dirty or clean.

How to decide if clothes are dirty or clean:

1. Do a visual check for any dirt or stains.

2. Sniff your clothes to see if they smell clean. (Don’t check socks and underclothes! Always assume those are dirty.)

If your clothes look and smell clean, then they ARE clean, even if you’ve worn them. Hang them back up in your closet or stack them in your drawer with the rest of your clean clothes.

If you have lots of clothes in your pile, you can put them all in the laundry and give yourself a fresh start.

clear the clutter

Did you put away your pile of clothes? Tell us in the comments!
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  1. This is a great idea. Thanks for the added inspiration. I am on track, but still need posts like this to assist me xx
    Tasmanian Minimalist´s last post…Day 2 Challenge ( a day early )

  2. KathyinLondon says:

    Your blog really ‘spoke’ to me. I have been working on my clothes in my bedroom for quite some time now but I have managed to donate a lot. I am new to decluttering and I aim to put an item into my charity shop bag every day. Slow but sure. Kathy

  3. Hubby and I are pretty good about NOT creating piles of worn clothing. We about 99% of the time do just as you have posted.

    But you may find a basket of unfolded laundry sitting around. In fact, I just folded and put away one basket from several days ago. And it had been in the bedroom. :D
    Donna´s last post…January’s Open House

  4. Nothing makes me feel better than having my room clean! That way I always have a beautiful retreat, even when the kitchen is out of control. I have a tiny morning routine that helps me. As soon as I wake up, I get out my timer and set it. 5 minutes for my bedroom (making bed, opening blinds, picking up last night’s clothes). Then 5 minutes for the kitchen (unloading dishwasher, maybe swiping a counter-top). Then 5 minutes for putting on a load of laundry and tidying the bathroom. 15 minutes total, and you wouldn’t believe how much I can get done. Even if my room has gotten too messy to clean up in 5 minutes on a single day, after 3 or 4 consecutive days of this routine, it’s all under control again. I love this routine! Sometimes, when I skip it and end up lazing through my day, I’ll realize in the afternoon that I need to hit the re-set button and get a fresh start. I just do this routine and I feel like I’ve got a whole new day!

    • Great idea, Alison! That little 5 minute routine is probably just what I need. I’ll start that tomorrow.

      Rachel, I laughed when I saw the picture, because my pile of clothes is about 10 times that size. We have such a tiny house with few rooms and our bedroom tends to become the “catch all” to avoid accumulation in my living room. I really hate the mess in my bedroom, though. I will be doing a cleanup of those clothes tonight!

    • I like this idea too! I’m always up at least 15 minutes before my daughter, and far too often just spend the time checking email.
      Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…Review: How to Survive the Titanic

  5. Thanks! I do this all the time! I wear something for a few hours, don’t want to put it in the laundry- let’s face it, we have enough of that but I don’t know why I’m frightened of putting it back in my wardrobe, so it ends up in a pile until I wear it again. Sure, it’s a mole hill, not a mountain, but bedrooms should be tidy so we can feel relaxed in them. I have to sort this out. While I’m at it, I need another clothes clear-out! X

  6. countrycat says:

    I’ve been hanging up wearable clothes for years, I started back in my having to go to the laundry mat days.
    My tip for this time saving habit: I have a bright coloured shirt that I never wear hanging mid rod. All freshly laundered items hang to the left, all worn once items to the right. I find this helps minimize damage from judgment errors….”oops, missed that aroma when rehanging” doesn’t contaminate the “clean and fresh” items.

  7. Thanks for giving me nudge to finally do it. I find it very tiring to have all the clothes around me instead of in the drawers. This, however, brings me to my more important problem, that is to get rid off some clothes which I’m no longer wearing because the pile of clothes that keeps on growing in my bedroom is a direct result of the fact that I have no place to put them since my wardrobe is full. Simplyfing is the first step (and one of my resolutions for 2012)!
    Majtki Rambo´s last post…Postanowienia 2012

  8. Rachel, when I first read that post about cleaning your bedroom last it made *such* an impression. I have been cleaning my bedroom first ever since! It’s the only cleaning thing my husband has ever noticed as soon as I started–he loves it, too!

  9. I’ll definitely be doing this later today! We’re on vacation, heading home today, and I’m often guilty of leaving piles of clothing & suitcases lying around for days. I’m going to try to put it all away immediately!
    Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…Happy New Year!

  10. katherine says:

    Wow. You know me. Really well.

    My husband always jokes about the dresser that has clothes stacked up on it, but not always in it!

  11. I have to force myself to decide right when I take them off whether they’re dirty or clean. There never seems to be a point where I think “I know! I feel like looking through that pile of clothes!”

  12. Totally agree! My tip is to always put white or other very light-colored tops in the laundry regardless of how long they’ve been worn. Otherwise, underarm stains can develop.

  13. I am so guilty of piles of clothes.
    I always have clothes ‘in transition’ hanging around!
    Your post was right on the money. :)

  14. vermontmommy says:

    I am very good about picking up our bedroom. My worst habit is clean laundry I placed on our bed to fold but one thing or the other happened and there it sits when we go to bed. We would then place it on the floor till I got to it the next day. I decided I would not do that anymore and at least move the basket to the laundry room so we don’t have to look at my unfinished work.

    I think it also helps to have a place for everything. If you closet is a mess and you don’t want to step inside to put your clothes away you probably won’t.

  15. I differentiate between clean never-worn clothing and clean once-worn clothing by leaving the worn items inside out when I hang them or put them back in my dresser. I just feel.better knowing for sure if I’ve worn a certain item or not. :)

    • I do something similar. I hang the clothes back up with the hanger turned around backwards. For folded worn clothes, I turn them around the opposite direction from the fresh clothes on the shelf or in the drawer.

  16. I’m so pleased to say that I don’t have any clothing piles in my bedroom. This is one area I’m usually really good at. There are other areas that don’t get the same consideration! We have hooks hanging on the inside of our closet and also in our bathroom. If you stand right beside them when you’re putting pajamas on it’s just as easy to hang your clean, worn clothes on the hooks as to throw them in a pile. Plus, there’s no guessing about whether they’re clean or not. I do like having an uncluttered bedroom. I think it helps me sleep better.

  17. This is so funny that you are talking about putting our clothes away…..I have a rocking chair (clothes magnet) that is off limits for clothes flinging. Guess who had to put her clothes away from on top of it this morning? Guilty.
    It’s such a good idea to just put them away in the first place, it saves time and messes for sure. Bless you, Tami

  18. How did you know I had that rocking chair beside my bed overflowing?! I really hate doing that but when things get crazy this is my weak place. Mine happen to be clean cloths that now are very winkled and have fallen multiple times on the messy hardwood – now collecting lint, a few hairs and well ya know… Glad to know I’m not alone. Here’s to making changes.
    Robyn Q´s last post…Welcome 2012

  19. Audrey Sheppard says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. My pile is actually in the master bathroom, for the most part. I will see what I can do about that today.

  20. Thanks for posting. I love your take on all things domestic and hope we get to hear from you more this year. I need your helpful reminders and tips.

  21. Our family has a tradition of creating new terms to label – to us new – situations…thus, we have “clirty clothes”…clothes that have been worn (usually once) and can be worn again, but because of the body contact cannot be declared “clean”…so we have “clirty clothes” (clean + dirty), and these are hung, but not in the closet – hung on the closet knob…if not worn the next day, they are declared “dirty” and put in the laundry…so that is how we declare that “pile”…

    loved your post!
    Cindy´s last post…2012 Goals Lists Review – Find You…

  22. Kelly Lange says:

    Love this Monday feature! I just have to say that controlling the pile of clothes has been so manageable since I “curated” my closet (and the three kids’) after reading your posts on the topic. Just need to tackle the hubs’ things now. Thank you for all the inspiration; I’m looking forward to 2012 at Small Notebook :)

    • love the idea of curating the collection

    • Rainya Mosher says:

      I am working up to curating my hubby’s things. He’s warming up to the idea and eventually ALL of our things except perhaps some special occasion items, will fit in the closet in our bedroom (he’s stuck in the hall closet for now I’m afraid!)

  23. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I’m on way to put them away right now.

  24. I made the mistake of doing the sniff test on a pair of hubby’s socks once, expecting them to be clean. I will NEVER. EVER. EVER. do that again :) I now do exactly what you said and I always assume they are dirty.
    Jennifer´s last post…Seeing the Lord in everything…

  25. This is one area I really let go in our house. Today my husband and I finally got the piles cleaned up… and packed! We’re moving so all the piles are gone and the house looks great. =)

  26. This Christmas, I had all of our presents beside a small tree on my dresser, too keep them out of reach of small, curious hands. This left me with no were to put clothes other than where they belonged. For an entire month, I had to put clothes back away or in the hamper as soon as I was done with them. I was hoping this would create a habit of putting clothes away immediately. But the day after Christmas, once my dresser was clear again, right on top of it my clothes went. Thanks for the reminder to keep the pile cleaned up!
    Amy´s last post…Of Sundays and Mondays

  27. My pile was small, but I JUST TACKLED IT thanks to your encouragement. (Part of it was items I am giving to a homeless shelter because I have replaced them. I’m really trying to purge and/or replace, not augment my wardrobe.)

  28. Dirty clothes go in the dirty clothes basket but clean clothes are still piled in baskets, waiting to be put away.
    We’re in the midst of a huge snow storm; good time to drink hot chocolate, eat popcorn and watch movies…so much more fun than going into a cold bedroom and wrestling with chores.
    Sandra´s last post…Sabbath Keeping

  29. OMG, thank you. I am lying on my bed right now, and there are FOUR piles of clothes around me. (Happily, two are clean, in laundry baskets, waiting for folding.) I’m going to watch Murder, She Wrote and get them ALL put away. Thanks SO much for the shove to do so.
    Aimee´s last post…That’s a Lot of Purple

  30. I don’t have the pile of clothes but i do have a suitcase in the corner and a box waiting for good will that are draining me. Thanks for the small to do that will pay off big!

  31. Oh my…I thought I was the only person that cleaned their bedroom last…so relieved it’s not true. I will start putting clothes away…or at least try and remember putting them away :)

  32. I’m reading this and literally, there is a pile of clean laundry sitting next to me in my bedroom. It has been neglected for at least 5 days now…and we’ve resorted to living out of it rather than folding it. Oy! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Kim´s last post…Buble?

  33. Rainya Mosher says:

    It always makes me grin when the post of the day is along the same lines of my “I really should get to that but there are other things that are probably more important so I’ll just put it off” tasks. Today it was the clean laundry on the wing-back chair in the master bedroom and the dirty laundry in not one but two baskets in the master closet. The clothes are put away and the laundry is going and NOW I feel like I can tackle my “top three” (which are all fairly fun compared to laundry!) Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  34. So true! So simple! Thanks for telling it like it is. We’ve at least done better at this in our new house than we ever did in our old one! Thanks for the inspiration, Rachel – looking forward to this series this year.
    Danielle´s last post…Making Lists

  35. I have been doing that for some time. I have taught our daughter to be organized and the value of being that way. Its easy to just drop items or let them pile up. For me I see it the opposite way, clean first and then relax. Thanks for the tips.

  36. I love this! Can we do this every Monday?? I need a little accountability.

    Love your blog! I’ve been reading for a while now and always look forward to hearing what you have to say. Your advice has really helped me streamline and simplify routines at our house. Thanks!

  37. FANTASTIC tip – little steps really do add up! :)
    Alana @ Domestically Challenged´s last post…You say you want a resolution? Well, I don’t

  38. I needed this encouragement today! We started doing laundry this morning and neglected the pile on the floor. I think I will just go with a fresh start on all of them. Some have been sitting there longer than I care to admit…

  39. Thanks for the great reminder that the more private spaces of the home are important, too! Such a simple thing, but it makes a big difference when my first step of the day is on to a clean floor!

  40. Since I didn’t have a clothing pile, I decided to take this on as a laundry challenge. I’ve since washed all the things that aren’t on my normal laundry cycle. Last up is my apron whose flour and whatnot stains have made me feel guilty every time I put it on. Here’s to brand new stains in 2012!

  41. One step ahead! The pile (and it was LARGE) one my dresser finally got to me. I couldn’t take a minute longer on Sunday so I wiped it out in a matter of minutes. Twice today I’ve into the closet just to stare… geek.

  42. I love this idea!!! We don’t have a pile of clothes in our bedroom at all… It is in the lounge – aaahhh!!! My husband comes home and takes off his jacket or jersey and he might change into shorts instead of longs… and it all goes on the back of a chair in the lounge… Stuff he has worn once and may wear again… bah!!! I am sure there are clothes buried in there that he has forgotten about… Gotta deal with this – thank you of for the gentle nudge!!!
    se7en´s last post…Se7en’s Weather Tree… A Free Printable.

  43. I am good at keeping our bedroom picked up of clothes. It’s the pile of magazines and books that is my problem in there.

  44. Such a great Idea!! Clothes in my bedroom is not my issue, magazines, un-finished work. Seems to be the downfall for me.
    Sheila´s last post…What Is Elder Abuse?

    • I wish my bedroom was not the last place to clean up or the first place I stash things when guests come. It feels so great to clean up that pile but I wish I had a good strategy to prevent it from accumulating. One thing we did was hung four hooks behind our bedroom door for our jeans that have been worn but can still be worn. This helps a little

      I am super good about making my bed as I get out of it. Maybe I could add to that routine to deal with last nights pile of clothes??

  45. Didn’t see this until evening, so I’ll play catch-up. Seriously, I have a pile of piles, clean laundry from pre-Christmas packing, clean clothes unpacked after Christmas and clothes worn in the last few days back home, plus more clean laundry done since. Of course the children’s clothes are ALL away and as usual I’ve left myself living out of a washing basket. Am I the only mama of small people who does that? I doubt it. Reminder to put mama first sometimes duly noted. Looking forward to more motivations.

  46. Catherine says:

    So my husband is the one who always dismantles my wear again pile. Typically just throws it in the laundry. Btw, I was in a major editing/ cleaning frenzy today. What do you do with Christmas photo cards? I have an idea of saving them in a book so you can see family’s grow up but I want to be realistic with my time. Thoughts?

    • AnnaMarie says:

      Personally I would not save the Christmas photo cards, as with facebook, flickr, etc (and to some degree twitter) you can see current and past photos of friends and family without it taking up any physical space. Those sentimental things are hard, best of luck to you making the decision!

    • I usually scan them and the save them on the computer with our family’s December photos.

  47. Thank you so much for this blog! I was referred to by a friend, but it makes me feel better to know that I’m not the only one with *that* pile of clothes in the bedroom. My husband and I spent about six hours in our room yesterday cleaning out. We got rid of so much accumulated JUNK!! Thank you for the added inspiration!

  48. I just now read this and I did take care of one stash of clothes. Tomorrow I will take care of the other stash (of outgrown baby clothes that need to be put up for the next blessing)
    Jolene (Homespun Heritage)´s last post…~*Your Invited*~

  49. Ha! I actually just decluttered the clothing pile before logging onto my computer. Great minds think alike today! Thanks for the great post (and the validation that it’s okay to wear your clothes more than once!).
    Kate @ Green Around the Edges´s last post…Braiding My Daughter’s Hair

  50. You might as well have peeked in my windows!! You DO know! I have been working on it today, even before reading this. More work to do but I will make a point of dealing with the clothes I wore today no matter what! Thanks for the push.

  51. LOVE the “clirty” label. Not fresh-clean – but not really dirty, either. Also the inside-out on the hanger for the clirty ones, as well as the bright-colored hanger to note the different ones. Love this topic.

  52. When I clean my house (I have a cleaner, so I don’t normally do the actual cleaning – I still have to tidy, however), I always start in our room! I will never leave the “public contact areas” however, I would often leave our room! Plus, there’s the simple matter that once our room is done, it actually stays tidy for the rest of the day!

    The clothes situation is one that does my head in a bit – not so much *my* clothes – I pop the not dirty yet ones on the chair in our room if I plan to wear them in the next day or two and hang or fold if they’re not going to be worn again straight away. The Bloke however is a different kettle of fish – he leaves his dirty and not quite dirty on the floor until you can’t tell what’s what and it all ends up in the wash! I have taken to folding his ‘still have a couple of wears left’ jeans and putting them in the front of his wardrobe. This appears to stop the “ZOMG I HAVE NO JEANS” thing when all his stuff ends up in the wash at the same time.
    Jodi´s last post…Round like a record, baby….

  53. Bless you, my child. I am sick of my bedroom — clothes and books all over the place. I’m going to hang up stuff now!!!

  54. I don’t have a pile! Yay! Probably could not have said that a year ago. I credit Project 333 (which got me to reduce my number of clothes considerably) and Fly Lady, which taught me about daily routines. I almost always put my clothes either away or in the laundry when I get ready for bed. And I make the bed almost every morning. Makes a huge difference when going to bed.

    So appreciate you defining what’s clean vs. dirty. Clothes last longer when they aren’t laundered as often, and we really don’t need to wash them every time we wear them (except underwear and shirts). I always wear a t-shirt under sweaters.´s last post…How to go from replacing a few tiles to major bathroom reno in 10 easy steps

  55. This is why the shakers had a row of hooks in the bedroom. I have a row of hooks on the wall outside of the closet. One for towel, one for bathrobe and nightgown, one for used but not dirty “work around the house” clothes, one for used but not ready for wash “work/professional clothes” and two extra for swapping around. I literally wear 3 outfits for a week and a half this way.

  56. A chair or similar surface in the bedroom is both a bane and a blessing when it comes to tossing clothes there “for now,” isn’t it? I usually lay my today’s clothes on ours at night because I don’t always know whether I will wear them again the next morning — if only until I take my shower. So, I can end up with some clothes to deal with.

    My secret is having a mental 48 hour boundary in place. If I’m too busy to deal with them “now,” it’s ok but that can’t go on and on. I keep my own boundary because I know it only takes a minute or two to deal with a small pile that hasn’t lain there long. Further procrastination simply multiplies work exponentially — not only are there more clothes to deal with, but I can’t remember their status and even if they are still clean they get wrinkled and sad-looking from being treated to time under the weight of other haphazardly tossed garments. Not worth it!
    Lori´s last post…Tuesday Task: Undecorate

  57. My motivation for keeping clothes hung up or put away is knowing that if I don’t tend to it in a timely manner, an iron will eventually have to be taken out to make them presentable again…nobody needs that stress. A few proactive minutes saves me hours.
    Kim´s last post…Welcome 2012!!

  58. I love the idea of Monday uncluttering! Fresh week start, fresh tips for a neat home and peaceful environment!
    I try to keep our worn-but-not-dirty clothes folded in a neat pile at a special place in my closet. I do this mostly for t-shirts and sweaters, as my husband insists on keeping our pants and jeans hanged behind our bedroom door. What I hate about my bedroom is that I have nowhere to keep our decorative quilt during the night. We usually fold it and put it on the dresser but that way I can’t use that space for some decorative items, photo frames and such. Any ideas?

  59. Thank you! This is just what I needed to tackle that pile of clothes in my room. I have every intention of clearing my house of clutter but never know where to begin and it somehow feels easier to do something else instead.

  60. Thanks for the inspiration–I just moved aside a pile of clothes to sit on my bedroom rocker–now I will go put them away!

    My problem is that putting things away quietly-in the dark-so as not to wake a sleeping husband (and children who sleep like secret agents) is impossible!

    Does anyone else have this difficulty? I get up earlier and go to bed later than anyone else in the family, but I find it hard to get anything done without waking someone up. All the advice you see about getting up before your children so you can empty the dishwasher and clean the bathrooms seems to be geared toward mums with really heavy sleepers for children!

  61. So what you all are saying is that my exercise bike and a very old antique wooden chair that I lovingly and patiently refinished and painted weren’t put there to pile clothes on? I have to admit these two things have been an eyesore to me for a while now and this post couldn’t have come at a better time. I am now truly motivated to take care of this once and for all, today, and my lovely huge bedroom which is simple and pretty will really look like a grown up lives there. Oh, perfect timing, thank you!

  62. Forgot to put this in my above comment. In response to Claire, have you thought about buying an inexpensive ottoman with a top that comes off and you have storage in it. We bought one for $40 and love it. I put in the very few decorative pillows that are on the bed during the day (but highly annoying when you’re trying to sleep). Or, how about an inexpensive trunk/chest at the foot of the bed that adds to your decor but is obviously functional. Would you have room on your closet floor for a cute wicker basket that is just there for your folded quilt? Hope this helps you some!

  63. Minimalist Wannabe says:

    Guilty as charged!
    My husband is retired and I still work. He’s great at doing the laundry, but putting it away is another story. LOL No complains, he’s doing a great job with meals and lots of stuff around the house while I’m at work.

    If I may add my own trick to your first project… I have work clothes that are a bit delicate, so I hand even clothes ready to be washed. My trick is to turn the hanger so the open part of the hook faces me when I look in my closet (all my hangers are placed in the other direction).

    Thanks for defining weekly projects for me. :o)

  64. The pile of clothes in my bedroom is exactly what I’d planned to tackle this week anyway, so thanks for the extra motivation! I may even have to do some before and after pictures because it is that out of control. Sad, sad, sad!

  65. I don’t have a pile of clothes to put away because thanks to you dear lady I always clean our bedroom first :) So excited for next Monday’s tip !!!

  66. With 2 kids under 2, if I’ve worn something I can be assured its dirty! :) My problem is the few random things that missed getting put in the right clothing box as I was moving clothes, the few items that are too big for one son but too small for the other, the one or two things I need to mend, etc. And my goal WAS to deal with those today, but nice to get an extra nudge.

  67. I’ve been doing something very similar…I call it De-Clutter Monday! :)! I stopped for Christmas break, but will be up and running again next week!

    Yes, ahem, clothes do seem to pile up in the bedroom…great place to start!
    Sharon´s last post…January’s Mini-Goals

  68. Clothes that can be worn again go on the hook on the inside of the closet door to air out. Then back into the closet the next morning. My clothes, anyway. My 47-year old husband can’t seem to be able to make this decision, so his are left draped over a chair, the couch, the playpen, etc. for me to determine their status.

    As a child, I remember my mom always cleaning/tidying up her bedroom before she ever walked out of it in the morning. A new routine I’ve been trying to adopt is all laundry put away (and off my bed!) before I start supper. If I wait any later, I’m tired and end up putting it on top of the dresser for later.

    A recent purge (thanks to your encouragement) means I don’t have clothes I toss aside because they don’t fit well or look right.
    Maybe you’ve written about it before, but do you keep clothes that are in good shape but maybe a size smaller than you currently are? I hate to store them, but feel guilty getting rid of them, especially expensive jeans.

  69. Piece of cake– only because yesterday I started Project333! So goodbye extra clothing hanging around (at leasr for the next 90 days!). Now it’s the kids’ clothes that need to be dealt with!

  70. You read my mind! That purgatory of clean and dirty has been given notice.

  71. I’m so proud of myself! I put away my pile of clothes last night before I read this post! Hooray.
    I’m living in temporary spaces right now though, so my “real” spot for clothing is folded nicely on the coffee table in my room.
    Christine´s last post…Farewell, 2011.

  72. I have been sitting with about 4 loads worth of clean laundry piled high on a basket in the laundry room for probably 10 days. I get so frustrated every morning when I have to go to the laundry room to get clothes to get dressed, but by the time I get home from work, make supper, and get the girls in bed… I forget about the laundry pile. Tonight, I am planning to tackle the laundry pile! First though, I might go to my closet and put away all my maternity clothes (Baby is 6 1/2 months old now), and try to get my husband to clean up his clothes purgatory pile too. That will make the closet cleaner, neater and more livable. Right now, it is so disorganized I only go in as far as I need to go search for something in (or on) my dresser.
    Thank you for knowing what I need to hear when I need to hear it. And for letting us all know that we’re not the only ones!

  73. Done! Great idea! I am really bad for doing this.
    Catherine´s last post…Pudding origami box

  74. I love this idea! You could post this same thing every Monday and it would STILL be helpful because the pile would already be starting for grow again! lol.

  75. I’m with you. I look forward to seeing this every Monday on my iGoogle page. Of course, it’s Tuesday, and I just saw this, so, I’ll get it done today.
    Rhonda´s last post…New Kids, Site Maintenance, and Other Stuff

  76. PatsyAnne says:

    This is a wonderful idea – I, however, missed yesterday (Monday) so will start next Monday – since I’ve recently retired, its the perfect time to set new routines and this is a perfect one – my clothing pile is so high some has tipped over and fallen to the floor (the pile is on the floor to begin with)… so next Monday – look out pile!!!

  77. Getting my bedroom back into being a “retreat” is high on my priority list this year. I do have a pile, but need to figure out what to do with those clothes we are speaking of. Do I just rehang them when I take them off? I guess that would be the best answer, lol!
    Thanks for the motivation!
    Successful Woman’s Resource Center´s last post…50 tips for busy moms

  78. Leighanne says:

    Yes! I’m in and I’m starting today. Yes, there is already a pile. Thanks, Rachel. And I’m sure Adam will thank you also.

  79. WOW you hit the nail on the head. I was afraid I was the only one who had that “wore it once” pile!

    Still don’t know how I’ll deal with it long-term, but that laundry is getting put away TONIGHT!

  80. One thing that I have started doing that has saved me a lot of time doing laundry, as well as wear and tear on clothes is that I wear my work out clothes 2-3 times before I wash them. I pretty much just do some daily walking and light weight lifting so I don’t sweat too much. I found a pretty tote that I put in the corner of my bedroom and when I finish working out I fold up the clothes and put them and my shoes directly in the bag. That way they do not clutter up my room and if I want to go meet a friend to walk after work I can just grab the bag and go. I love the convienence and it is so much nicer to look at than a messy pile of clothes!

  81. Christine says:

    How did you know my bedroom never gets clean??????? Are you in my cluttered mind or what?

  82. This is something terribly hard for me. Why is that? When planning my new bedroom (we recently moved), I even bought an old ladder specifically for the purpose of hanging my semi-dirty clothes. I haven’t seal-coated it yet, so I cleared a spot on one shelf of my closet to hold them. Aaaaand there’s a pile of at least 5 shirts at the end of my bed. Thanks for the kick in the pants (no pun intended)!
    Minnesotamom´s last post…Down Time

  83. I’m a little behind reading blogs but I did it! First time commenting- love your blog. inspiring.

  84. This isn’t actually a problem for me, but I had to laugh at the “assume underwear and socks are dirty” bit, because I actually have a “system” for socks: I wear a prosthetic on my left foot, so I can wear a pair of socks twice; on day two, I just switch and it doesn’t matter that there’s a dirty sock on my prosthetic!

    Oh, but there is a pair of pants next to my bed, forlorn and forgotten…off for a rescue!
    MK Jorgenson´s last post…Theme of 2012: Diligent in Love

  85. I have cut down my wardrobe to having just what I need. … so if it is in a pile in the corner of my room, it isn’t clean for me to wear :)
    Lorilee @ Loving Simple Living´s last post…Comment on Too Fat or Not Too Fat by Lorilee

  86. Why is that men take off their clothes and leave them right beside the hamper? Dirty socks, stuff you know needs cleaned? Igood very clean and organized person, but I need advice on how to teach a man. Maybe you could write a series on that!
    Jennifer Spadaro´s last post…A Master Bedroom Makeover

  87. This is completely true and seems to happen every week, no matter how hard I try to avoid it!

  88. Provocative post!! Thx

  89. Just what i needed. I’m in !

  90. The timing of this post was perfect! I have been diligently trying to keep the pile of clothes in my room absent, but a few days ago one developed. So yesterday, after I read this post I went and cleaned it up! All gone! Yay! Thanks for the challenge.

    …I have to admit that I have a pile of clothes in my closet… but I didn’t want to tackle that one. That pile involves taking ALL of my clothes out of the closet and putting back only the ones that I like and that fit… which isn’t very many of them.
    Ryann´s last post…So much to say that is slipping away…

  91. I am so with ya! I have neglected my bedroom since May – May I tell you! My baby girl was born in May and now that I am back to my regular size I still see a pair of maternity jeans hanging out in a lonely pile on the floor of my closet. This has to change. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Paige´s last post…Infected

  92. Really…you must have gotten a peek into our room…although I have to say the really dirty stuff goes in the hamper. It’s the wore it for 2 hours between dinner and p.j.’s that collects on the footboard and the chair. Closets still not settled from our move in August but thanks for the boost to get them finished up this month ;)

  93. Amusing time for me in reading this post. Last night my husband said that the thing that bothers him the most in our bedroom is the chair with my pile of clothes on it. He finds it an eyesore and a pain to get past. My plan this evening (after reading a couple of blog posts) was to put away the clothes and rehome the chair. I might go do that now….
    Holly´s last post…Updated list of 2012 Goals

  94. Theresa Haberstroh says:

    I have a bottom drawer in my dresser reserved for previously worn, yet not dirty enough to be laundered casual clothes. For my clothes that need to be hung up, I turn them inside out on the hangars if I’ve worn them once before.

  95. I thought I would share how I have been “tricking” myself so that I stay ahead of my laundry.

    I have one and only one laundry basket that I put laundry in from the dryer. If that basket has laundry in it, I have to put that laundry away before I put more laundry in the washing machine.

    Works for me.

  96. I put hooks in my bedroom closet to hang purses, belts and the clothes that I wore that day to signify they were worn. Overnite I may put some things over a chair arm or back, but in the morning I hang those things on the designated hook — until they go in the hamper in my room.

    Too much clutter throws me off, and just rubs me the wrong way.

  97. My husband and I call this “the halfway pile” and I’ve struggled with it all my life! You make a good point though…if its clean enough to wear again, then it can go in the cupboard. Now just to follow through on it when it’s 11pm and I’m exhausted!

  98. Have you been walking through our bedroom?
    How did you know we each have a pile of worn but not dirty clothes?
    (I never thought about the fact that others might have those, too!)

    My big deal is having a laundry basket of clean clothes that aren’t folded. Then when I fold them, they are all wrinkled. (T-shirts, especially.) So, since my husband does the wash and I’m the folder, I have asked him to dump the clean clothes on the bed. That way I’m sure to put them away.

    Well, most of the time.
    1% of the time they go back into the basket…
    It’s a system that works for us.
    Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D´s last post…2012 Home Goals

  99. I have a quilt rack that holds my pile. If the rack is full, it’s time to weed out.

    Last year my goal was to stop fighting the inevitable.
    ex1: We will make a pile of used-but-wearable clothes, so give it a home and a limitation on space. Mine is the quilt rack, his is his chair.
    ex2: We will not use the coat closet for coats, because it is across the house from the door that gets used as our main entryway. So, I got a coat rack that hangs by that door so people would stop dropping everything on chairs, and turned the coat closet by the kitchen into a pantry.

    Everything I did as far as organizing went last year was focused on the idea that, “We’re going to do this anyway, so how can I make it look intentional?” I must say, it was a resounding success. And it took a lot of the anxiety level out of all of it–I felt in control of the situation because I was making a decision, I was able to stop being angry about people not putting things there they are supposed to go, and also it cleared out a lot of the visual clutter.

    I must say though, you are right about the bedroom being the last place on the priority list. We now have one day a week of housecleaning that is devoted to bedroom projects. If we finish whatever we want to accomplish we’ll move onto the rest of the house, but the bedroom comes first so I have someplace comfy to lay down at the end of the day.