Clear the Clutter: Sell or Donate One Big Thing

clear the clutter

Last week’s Clear the Clutter challenge was to put away the “worn but not dirty yet” clothes that pile up next to the bed. This is traditionally a struggle for me because I’m so tired when I go to bed, but this week it was easier to put my clothes away since I took care of the pile first.

This week’s challenge is to sell or give away something (one thing) that is in the way, big, or bulky, so that by getting rid of that one thing you can clear up a lot of space.

This does not mean you have to go through all the rooms in your house to find a bunch of stuff to donate or sell. We’re going for big impact with little effort. I’m always impressed by how much space I get back when I can finally get rid of something big. If you sell it, that means someone is paying you to improve your home!

The motto for this is, “Remove to improve!

My job this week is to sell my old TV stand. I sold the TV and the speakers long ago, so right now the stand is sitting in the garage, and we don’t need the storage.

You might have:

  • an old couch or chair
  • unused exercise equipment
  • an old appliance or TV
  • baby gear such as a swing or exersaucer

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling, some charities will come to your house with a truck to pick up furniture or appliances.

If your stuff is not in good-enough condition to donate to charity, put it on the curb with a “free” sign, or find what day the city will do a bulk-trash pickup.

I only sell something when I can get at least $20 for it. I donate most household items and clothes, but I do like to sell the big stuff.

Tips to Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist

Price: I generally price things at 40% of what it costs to buy it new, assuming it’s in good condition and something I bought in recent years. (I only sell things that would cost at least $50 new since I have a $20 resale minimum.) It makes me laugh when I see listings for “Custom drapes, gorgeous!” when they’re clearly from the 1980s. “Custom” means it suited the owner’s preference, but to me they’re just old drapes. Price accordingly. Check other listings to compare and estimate a good price.

Photo: Include a big, clear photo on your ad. Craigslist makes your photos look small with low resolution, so overcome that by following the instructions in this post: Craigslist Photo Tip: How to Show Big, Clear Photos So Your Stuff Sells.

Detail: Be descriptive in your title by naming it something like, “Sage Green Loveseat from Pottery Barn,” not “Couch.” Preempt questions by listing measurements and flaws. Also list your terms, such as, “Pick-up only, no delivery. Price is firm. Located near ___. Available evenings and weekends.”

What can you donate or sell this week?
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  1. We have a big (beautiful) oriental rug that had a home in our old house, but not our new house. It’s been rolled up in our living room since we moved (in MAY!)

    It’s a great candidate for selling.

  2. I got rod of maybe 12 shirts (about half of what i own) last week.. I never wore them, they made me look horrible!

    Ivebeentrying to sell our too big dining table for a few weeks, but this deffinitely puts a fire under my butt to sell it!

    I love this series and cant wait to see whats next!

  3. A broken rocker-glider chair might be a good thing to get rid of! You can still sit on it though…
    Elizabeth@ReadySetSimplify´s last post…Menu Plan for the Week: 1/8 – 1/14

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m loving this new Monday series of yours, you always inspire me. I have quite a few pieces of furniture in my attic that I was going to try to paint and sell, but I might just get rid of it so I don’t need to think about it anymore. It takes mental space in my mind that is just not worth the $20, I might get one day when I sell it.
    Jennifer Spadaro´s last post…A Pillow Cover Giveaway!

  5. I’ve been purging like crazy lately, and I’ve managed to make $143 from CL (in about 2 weeks). I have put several smaller items on CL and while it is a pain sometimes to arrange the details of pick up, it all adds up!
    Tammy´s last post…~Nifty Gifties~

  6. Thank you so much for the tips on posting things effectively! I may use this in the future!

    Right now, the big thing we needed to get rid of was a crib. It was in poor shape after our three children, as the up-and-down mechanism (I know they don’t even offer those anymore) had stopped working and the varnish had started peeling off due to moisture. It was in pieces…some in the garage, the headboard in my husband’s clothes closet…Well, today, I shored up my courage and brought it to the curb. Thank you for the motivation.
    Jeannine´s last post…Cake with the Queen

  7. We just moved a small sofa out of my husband’s office/studio to free up more workspace for him. We had originally thought having a sofa in the room would (1) look nice and (2) be a great place for cat naps if he chose to do so. A year and a half later and it was clear the sofa was rarely used for napping and it was taking up way too much real estate. The sofa is lovely, in good shape but we can’t use it anywhere else in the house (without sacrificing floor space somewhere else!) so we found a family member who would love to have it. It’s moved out – sitting propped up in the garage waiting to be moved – and my husband has already happily re-arranged his new space. A small comfy chair has replace the sofa and sighs of satisfaction ensued. Love simplifying!!!

  8. I put a big underbed storage box to a Finnish equivalent of CL yesterday. I’m planning to make a murphy bed from our guest bed and the box will be no longer needed.
    Leena´s last post…Frrreezing

  9. As soon as we get back from overseas, I’m selling our Amby baby hammock. We loved it for our daughter Nelle (who’s 4 now), and even though I know we aren’t having another baby I’ve been holding on to it. I think more for emotional reasons than anything else. I won’t get into it here, but though we can’t have another child for medical reasons … my heart still hasn’t let go of the idea.

    Time to move on.
    Amanda@EasyPeasyOrganic´s last post…The Year of Sunshine and Lemons

  10. Great post. Yes yes yes. My two candidates are an old TV, and a slant-top (read: useless) old desk of my husband’s. He’s a bit attached to it still, though…
    Kate @ Green Around the Edges´s last post…Cocoa ala Mouse

  11. My husband and I were just discussing getting rid of an old dining room table when this email came in. Thanks for the push!

  12. JenLarson says:

    My husband’s little brother just got his first apartment, so we were able to bring him some boxes of things we were holding for him (he lived with us several years ago) and brought him our extra vacuum! It feels great to get rid of things that someone else can actually benefit from!

  13. You posts are always so timely. We were given a new tv & stand for a Christmas Gift. So now the old tv (I think the tv is exactly the same as the one you pictured) and the stand (which is similar to yours) was wheeled into the “junk” room. Because of your post I will be donating it this week.

  14. I love this series! I got all of my laundry put away last week and it feels AMAZING! I was digging through laundry baskets of clean clothes every morning and it made me CRAZY.

    Ironically, just last weekend we got rid of our huge TV which was sitting in the garage, as well as six large items that had been sitting around since we moved six months ago! However, we replaced our toilet last week so getting rid of the old one will be my task for this week (although it won’t be sold or donated – it’s just garbage, unfortunately).

  15. I love how you are encouraging people to sell their unwanted items on Craigslist, donate them or put them out on the curb instead of trying to pawn them off on other family members. (Jen, this is in no way a criticism of you giving your brother-in-law his things back. That seems like a different situation entirely.)

    I have some family members who have a hard time letting go of things they think are valuable, so they try to pressure us into taking them. Then they get upset and offended when we politely decline. It seems like some people try to “keep their items in the family” as a way of getting the stuff out of the house, but putting off that hard decision to actually let go of the clutter. That isn’t really decluttering, and it puts the intended recipients in an awkward position.

    So thanks for advocating other methods first!
    MaryJo @ reSPACEd: Budget Organizing´s last post…I’m in love with this innovative DIY wall calendar for the whole family

    • This is so true! I have 4 grown kids, and though I do offer them things, I always tell them it’s okay if they don’t need it, just thought I’d ask before I sold or donated it.
      I remember my dad asking me where this god-awful velvet picture was that he gave us. I told him it was hanging in my bedroom! I had given in to goodwill shortly after he gave it to me!
      Successful Woman’s Resource Center´s last post…Make an appointment with yourself

    • I agree! My mom often shows up for a visit with things I have no space or desire for. She doesn’t ask, just says I don’t want this so I’m giving it to you. I don’t think it is for sentimental reasons, but think it is just saving her a trip to Goodwill and so it becomes my problem. If I say I don’t want it either, she says oh well, you can take it to Goodwill. Now I have to make a trip I didn’t have any intention of making to keep my house from clutter. I need to address this with her.
      Kim´s last post…I’ve been asking myself…

      • This happens a lot, and honestly, most of us are willing to take their stuff to Goodwill for them. On the bright side, be glad that she’s cleaning out her stuff now instead of keeping it all.

    • Absolutely! It’s even worse when the family-donated items are “heirlooms”. My husband’s family could stock an antique shop with the furniture, tools and accessories stored in their garages. When we lived in an apartment we could politely decline their offers due to space, but we recently purchased a house.
      I made a mistake and asked for this one. I am interested in handcrafts, and at one point (pre-house) expressed an interested in great-grandma’s loom. I didn’t know she had THREE looms – small, medium and large – as well as benches, spindles, cabinets, and trunks and boxes full of weaving-related paraphernalia. While out of town for Christmas this year, an uncle called asking for a key to the house so he could drop off the loom. You guessed it; we returned home to find the entire right garage filled with looms…I mean heirlooms. Oh my word!

      • Heir-Looms! How funny. Oh those are big. Maybe you can find a college art department that would benefit from some of your collection.

  16. When we moved last summer we got rid of tons of big things–sold many on CL, which gave us some funds to buy things that worked better in the new house. Now my challenge isn’t to get rid of anything we have (we were very intentional about what we moved into the new space), but to keep from bringing anything new in. (A challenge because I just love a great find!) We decided just this weekend that any new furniture coming in means something old will have to go out. We’ll see how we do…´s last post…Bathroom MaintenanceA step-by-step guide to getting that perfect caulk job

  17. I just sent a large unused bookshelf home with my parents yesterday. And I’ve got a weight set w/bench and coffee table ready to go to Goodwill as soon as possible!
    Joanna´s last post…Random Friday

  18. Thanks for the Craigslist tips! Good luck with this week’s challenge!
    Danielle´s last post…Around the World in 48 Minutes

  19. Hmm, our apartment is really small, so all of our big stuff has a home and is put to good use. However, I do have a netbook that I used in college that is sitting in a cupboard. I have the original box and it’s just taking up space.

    Thanks for the reminder: sometimes we look at something for so long, we don’t see the precious space we could have if we got rid of it.
    jennie´s last post…Admiring vs. Buying

  20. A microwave! That currently resides in our closet!

    Because where else would a microwave be??
    Katherine´s last post…Really Reaganing

  21. I just posted my ad on Craigslist. We’ll see if anyone wants it. I put a cheap price on it, so maybe someone will email me today or tomorrow.

  22. We’re getting the nursery ready for our baby’s arrival, and have to get rid of a large craft table first. Hopefully we’ll get it donated tomorrow!
    Chrysti @ Hedding Somewhere´s last post…The Hedding Salon

  23. I am dejunking over on my blog (really in my HOUSE, of course!), and I will keep my eyes peeled for any large items. We tend not to let those hang around too much, although I would be THRILLED to get rid of two big fish aquariums stored in our cellar (dh thing), but you never know. Just now, I’m taking a break from being ruthless with our books — my hardest thing to declutter.
    Lori´s last post…Decluttering/Refreshing/Cleaning a Kitchen Cupboard

  24. Yay! I have my projector and screen for sale! We moved here a year ago and we have only watched 1 movie on it…. bub-bye big clutter.
    Also I am sell a few smaller things on a local auction site… Freeing and fun!
    Sarah Scott´s last post…Pirates Day 2

  25. Curious: How hard is it for you to let go of books?
    Lori´s last post…Too Busy Decluttering to Post…

    • Books were hard for me to get rid of. Many were reminders of times when my kids were younger. We did a lot of chapter read alouds and the characters became “parts of our family”. As my children grew, I started letting some of the books go. Now I have grandchildren, and I have passed on many of the beloved books onto them!
      I have also sold a lot on Amazon.
      Successful Woman’s Resource Center´s last post…Make an appointment with yourself

  26. Hm, that baby piano toy, which is tipsily leaning on top of our grill in our garage, should maybe hit the road. :)

    And, after admiring your rather spartan bookshelves in Saturday’s post, I’m going to do some book gleaning this afternoon! Goal: 20 books. (Eek)
    Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…A Geeky Review of 2011 (and My Updated 2012 Reading Goals)

  27. I just sold a black pier 1 armoire! That opened up a huge amount of space. My husband and I move a lot and I was getting tired of taking it with us. I also have a brand new slow cooker on craigslist for sale and already have inquiries. I LOVE getting rid of stuff.

  28. I’m going to get rid of a broken printer and scanner I’ve been holding on to because I keep feeling they could be fixed if only I knew what I was doing. Well, I don’t, and the electronics-recycling place is only a few blocks away so I can easily carry them there once the place is open. They’re not too big, but they’ve been bugging me — especially the scanner, which I’ve had for five or six years (and moved across the country! then kept for another year!) and think I’ve only been able to make it work properly twice. It’s GOING.
    Victoria´s last post…Walking New Streets

  29. Katie @ imperfect people says:

    We just sold a bakers rack that was just collecting clutter. I come home everyday happy to see that clutter magnet gone. So much cleaner and organized in it’s old home. Love it!
    Katie @ imperfect people´s last post…15 Things you should NOT pay for

  30. I’m nesting, baby #3 will be here in March, so I’ve been clearing the clutter little by little over the last couple months. Just today I dropped of several bags of toys that I siphend off the kids stash after christmas. (Quick, trash the junk while they are distracted with all the new stuff!!!) I also made it a point to get rid of all the christmas decorations I hadn’t used this year.

    My favorite line in this post though is the one about preempting questions. I’m a notorious CL’er. My husband jokes that I’ll sell anything that isn’t nailed down. In all of my CL experience though, I find it is nearly impossible to preempt questions. For that reason, I will never put my phone number in an ad. I can’t stand people wasting my time with stupid questions!! I find it is much faster to fire off an email.
    Chole´s last post…Before I blogged: {My Version of the} He’s All Boy Baby Blanket

  31. So ahead of you here. We are getting rid of two large lounge chairs and HUGE 2 person chaise type lounger. I am so excited about the extra space we’re gaining!
    Jolene´s last post…~*Challenge*~

  32. Minimalist Wannabe says:

    I have an old broken VCR… keep putting off finding a place to dispose of it! I’ll do it this week! :)

    That said, my real project is getting rid of a dying desktop computer… but I have lots of data to sort and save, not likely to happen in a week (I work full time and have a family!).

    Will get rid of the VCR and start on the PC.

    Love your series!!

  33. I am loving these updates,too! After Christmas and before New Year’s is always the time when I organzie. I like starting off the new year with a clean slate. We were able to donate 6 huge black heavy duty garbage bags filled with old clothes, towels, bedding toys and stuffed animals to the Vets. They picked it all up. This week we sold a washer and dryer on CL! They had been sitting for 5 yrs in the basement!

    Feels so good. oh, and a friend needed a toddler bed for their son they are adopting. I was just about to put that on CL, and said they could have it for free! Felt so good! The house is organized! Thanks, keep up the great posts!

    • Ditto — for us too! We donated several bags and boxes of things before Christmas to the vets. We donate once a year — every year.

      We used to have a garage sale every year or put ads in the newspaper. I haven’t tried craigslist. Signed up with freecycle but have given anything away yet. Also, sold a few smaller items via eBay.

      Even though we donated stuff before Christmas — I still need to purge a few things out of my bedroom to simplify. It really does feel good to do it at this time of year. Kind of like a cleansing ritual/therapy of sorts:D

  34. I have nothing large in size to get rid of, but already had a plan to recycle (the broken ones) and donate (the working ones) some used electronics this Saturday. The bags are ready to go.

  35. I get the decluttering bug this time of year as well. I like your minimum effort for maximum impact approach!
    Kim @ Extra Organized´s last post…Clutter hotspots for advanced organizers

  36. Great timing! My husband’s actually renting a Home Depot truck this weekend for exactly this purpose – the stuff that didn’t sell in LAST SPRING’s garage sale has Got to Go. Like now.

    This is a great series – keep bringing it on! :)
    Aimee´s last post…The Tigers Come at Night

  37. We just sold two broken laptops on eBay, netting $100 to put toward replacing our dying desktop. I love having only things that work the way I want them to!

    I’ve also been paring down baby stuff as I realize how few items one really needs.
    MightyMighty´s last post…What I’m learning about hosting a party

  38. Totally read my mind. Spent some time yesterday looking on eBay at the price of baby items and realised we have about £200 worth sitting in our garage. I also need to get hooked up with freecycle as we are soon going to have a ‘new’ kingside bed as my parents bought one last year and soon realised they didn’t like the memory foam and need a larger bed due to health issues now. So we need to get rid of our still serviceable double storage divan.

  39. Hi,
    I think you can make a great play kitchen for your kids based on this TV stand.
    you can see some examples here:
    (not in english, but the pictures are great)

  40. Ha!!! You catch me every single time!!! We have a heap of stuff in our garage from a year of decluttering and just downsizing our stuff to livable… I need to get the donatables out, out, out… but some of them are like: a bed, a tumble dryer… and what about our car that well has died – “Old car, beyond repairs, any buyers?” We just don’t know where to start!!! So this weekend I will begin with the bags of clothes and things – getting them out… I should blog a year of getting rid of remains!!!
    se7en´s last post…Sunday Snippet: Puzzles, Qizzes and Other Stuff – A GiveAway…

  41. We got rid of a motorcycle (and all of its maintenance costs, gear, and insurance costs) last night. That felt really great!

    My other goal for this week was to get rid of my scrapbooking things that I haven’t touched in a while. I’ll call going through that category my big thing, I think.

  42. I’m really enjoying this series. I can do the one thing a week! There is a loveseat in my hallway that has been there since we got new living room furniture about three or four months ago. We just squeeze around it. Maybe I’ll working on getting the legs off myself so it can finally go up the stairs this week. Hopefully, my husband will realize I need help and feel sorry for me, lol. Thanks for the inspiration.
    ♥ Amy´s last post…Changing your diet… (or Part 2 of a Gluten-free/Dairy-free)

  43. my husband put our 50 gl. fish tank on craigslist and some one is coming this weekend to pick it up! yay! we will have so much more room in our livingroom now :D

  44. Holy Moly. We have that SAME Samsung TV! I’ve tried selling it THREE times on Craig’s List for $20. No one wants it, so this weekend it’s getting donated to my parent’s church rummage sale ;o) Love this series you’re doing because we are bursting at the seams in our little house and need to simplify big time. Thanks!
    Jennifer G´s last post…Baby Blanket – 100% Cotton "Parisville"

  45. I love getting rid of clutter!!! We must all be in the same mindset this time of year!
    I just dropped off 5 bags of Stuff at Salvation Army and decided to donate a bookshelf we don’t need. Yeahhh!
    Christyn@StrivingforSimple´s last post…Start Here: New Year, Clean Slate

  46. I was inspired last week to get rid of a bunch of little stuff. Does this count? I don’t think I have anything big to get rid of.

  47. Please check my blog for photos- the decluttering is obscene !
    Tasmanian Minimalist´s last post…First Wardrobe Cull (Pictures)

  48. We’re having unseasonably warm weather in our midwestern state and I have been looking at my garage contents. Something usually reserved for spring. Good bye old yard toys, welcome open shelving space!

  49. We just got rid of a hugely oversized stuffed bear that my daughter was clearly done with. Took me a while to realize that we no longer had a reason to house it and keep picking it up and putting it away. But now she has more space and we all have more peace!

  50. I try to clear out year round. And just this week I shipped off 20 lbs of craft supplies to the winners of my New Hobby giveaway contest on my blog. Yes, I had to pay postage but it was for a good cause. It was worth every penny to reward my loyal blog followers.

    I do have a huge, HUGE bag of yarn that I will probably donate to the Salvation Army. Getting rid of it will reclaim a big space in one of the bedroom closets.
    Donna´s last post…Sneak Peek: Striped Zig Zag Quilt

  51. I don’t have too many bulky things laying around anymore, but I do have two full boxes on their way to goodwill and my daughter decided to get rid of her bulky doll stroller (took up way to much space in the closet).
    Lorilee @ Loving Simple´s last post…I’m Not Too Busy

  52. We had a recliner in our living room that was only there because my son didn’t need it anymore. Perfectly good IKEA recliner. At Christmas time I gave it to my daughter who is in her first apartment, they had nothing to sit on!
    Successful Woman’s Resource Center´s last post…Make an appointment with yourself

  53. This week we sold the following on Craigslist:
    -A guitar $300
    -20 wooden hangers for $10 (Because I purged in my closet thanks to you!)
    -2 Bales of hay $10
    -2 nightstands $50
    -2 homeschool books $20

    I’m saving up money for an interior design course and am almost at my goal mostly due to Craigslist!

  54. I found a single mom in need of household items so we are cleaning out the house and giving to her.we could probably sell it but I like giving thing to people who need them. Love your blog

  55. We’ll be moving soon, so I HAVE to get rid of things. I have a large box in the main hallway. Each time I see something in a room that I don’t want to take to our new home, I dump it in that box. Once I fill the box, I will take it to Goodwill.

    Interesting to see my children understand the value – or lack of it – in their old belongings.
    Karisa Rivera´s last post…Be an encourager!

  56. My old computer died leaving me with a keyboard, printer and monitor I did not need, but my babysitter did. Someone else gave her a computer, so now she’s all set. :-)
    Dixie Redmond´s last post…Love Your Studio or Office!

  57. We put a HUGE wooden HEAVY baker’s rack out on the curb. Fingers-crossed it will be done in the morning.

    We’re finishing up a kitchen re-do, and it was big, bulky and not at all what we needed. But, it was free. And, when we had no furniture, it was a blessing.

    So, we are passing it along.
    And, hoping someone will make use of it :)
    Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D´s last post…2012 Home Goals

  58. Hi, Thank you for the post! I love your motto “Remove to Improve”! And I love all your posts!

    I am from Singapore. Too bad, we do not practise garage sales much over here. I would have love to sell my bulky items that are still in good condition. One way we do over here is selling through ebay. And we do have a community website where things donated are matched to those needy families’ wish lists. I have just discovered this community website last week.
    And in Singapore, we are going to have Chinese New Year on 23 Jan which is 11 days to go. Our practice is to spring clean our house ready for the new year. It’ll be a good excuse to clear our clutter in the house and all your clutter posts will come in extremely handy!
    Simple Mum´s last post…5 Things I Love About Sweden

  59. Good tips. I have sold a few items on Craigslist and always feel a sort of high after I do! :) Donating is great too, in my opinion.
    Nicole´s last post…Balancing Act

  60. This is Great! I’m interested to sell or donate our baby’s crib, stroller, long chair and some baby stuffs that are no longer used and some of them are still brand new. They are just being dust in the baby’s room.
    Lyka Ricks´s last post…Benefits of Leisure and Recreation

  61. This week is the one I finally get rid of my boyfriend’s old ski boots and a roof rack for a car no longer owned! They aren’t huge, but they are valuable and could (at the very least!) cover a gas or electricity bill.

    We recently got rid of three, yes three!, printers or multi-purpose office machines which no longer worked. One was recycled at Staples for a $25 credit towards the purchase of a new printer, which we needed, and two others were shipped back to Epson last night as part of their corporate recycling program. You can enter the printer’s serial number through their website, and receive a pre-paid shipping label (via FedEx ground) in the mail about a week or two later. Our town does not have a very inclusive electronics recycling program (CRT’s and TV’s only, for a fee, computer CPU’s for free), so finding out about this was a Godsend.
    Eleanor´s last post…Wedgwood, or not Wedgwood? The Tale of Ranunculus Brown

  62. I love this series! I have a whole list of things I’m going to get rid of!

    1) I tried to sell my Tupperware Stack Cooker on CL, but no bites. I have a cousin who wants it, but couldn’t afford my CL price, so I’m going to let her have it for $20. I never use it because it’s too big for my microwave and it takes up a lot of cupboard space.

    2) I have also decided that I’m going to get rid of our baby swing. I know I will want one later, but at the rate I’ve been getting hand-me-along baby gear (the swing itself was a hand-along) I don’t think I’m going to need to worry about spending money on another one later (which is why I was keeping it).

    3) My Goodwill box is nearly full, so I’ll drop that off, maybe tomorrow.

    4) I have a printer that I need to get rid of …I just went over to FB and posted to my friends to see if anyone wants it (otherwise it will go to Goodwill too).

    5) I’m going to post two non-op vehicles on CL. They are sitting at my in-laws taking up parking space.

    My new goal is to get all of this done before your next Clutter Challenge comes out (Jan 16? I have two days! …not counting the Sabbath).
    Ryann´s last post…A Tupperware Wish

  63. I’m enjoying this series, and can’t wait for the next one.
    Our daughter has just moved into her cot, so yesterday I returned the bassinet we’d borrowed to the person who loaded it to us. This means the bassinet, along with sheets and blankets is no longer in our house, it was also a decent sized bassinet. Now to get sorted on the area near the kitchen, so I’ve got somewhere to store the high chair….
    Holly´s last post…Updated list of 2012 Goals

  64. Rainya Mosher says:

    It took me most of the week to make it important enough to actually DO it, but it’s listed! My daughter got a set of bunk beds a few months ago and the previous headboard and boxspring have been stuffed in the guest room. Now they are listed on craigslist. If it doesn’t sell in a week or so, it’s going to goodwill! (Although, I might have to sneak it out of the house when my hubby isn’t looking…he’d rather hang on to something that “might” be worth something than get it out of the house and be done with it… I have a habit of clearing out things I might have been better off keeping for at least a little while… We’re both working on that together!)

  65. Yeah! Thanks for the inspiration! Just wanted to check back in and let you know that the extremely large guinea pig cage has now (finally) made its way to a new home via Craigslist. I same at that empty space now every time I walk past it…and I have some extra spending money for the week!

  66. It wasn’t a huge appliance, but it’s removal opened up valuable real estate in the kitchen cabinet. I got rid of our rice cooker. It worked great in Jackson, TN but since we’ve moved to CO it makes a big mess everytime we use it. I don’t know if it’s the altitude difference or what? Since we only cook rice on the stove now, I’m glad to reclaim some cabinet space.

  67. Hi Rachel –

    It’s taken me a week to complete this challenge. First day, I walked around our house & identified four things I wanted to get rid of. I wasn’t sure the first two were “big enough”. The second two just required some time to contact the potential new home. It look until two days ago to realize that the first time items, two kitchen appliances & accessories, actually took up 25% of the counter space in my tiny kitchen. No they weren’t large, but they were HUGE compared to relative space. Thank you so much for challenging me to look at my things in a new light. (BTW: the other two items should be going to their new homes today also.)

  68. I have made some progress in the kitchen and it’s literally changed our lives for the better. I swapped the large round, extendable dining suite that took up too much room in my kitchen for a small, rectangular 50’s laminex table I had under the house, picked up some fabulous green chairs at a bargain price. Now, instead of a dumping ground, we have a really usable, friendly space that the kids are all really enjoying and we are eating three meals a day – at the table!! Major achievement. Now I’ve just got to get rid of the old dining suite – thinking I will donate it. Also I spent a rainy morning after I got the two babies to sleep at the same time (minor miracle) and cleaned out that ‘chuck and slam’ cupboard that contained all my plastic wear. One big bag to the rubbish, one big bag to charity and I am now loving this cupboard which is all organised for the new school year which starts on Monday for us down here in Oz.
    Rose´s last post…Wind Chimes

  69. I was curious of your opinion of this. I graduated from college in May, and currently have no plans of returning to school in the next few years. Since graduating, I’ve rarely used my desk. It’s a beautiful desk that I love, but I have noticed it has simply become a storage place instead of a workspace. I used it often in college but it isn’t being used properly now and am considering selling it. I’m wondering if you yourself would sell it as it is not being used properly, or really, at all. One reason I am not sure is that I am currently working on beginning to build a photography business that could potentially require editing but at the same time, I know there are other places in my home that I could use as a workspace when editing which makes me lean towards selling the desk for someone else to love and use for it’s actual function. I have been slowly ridding myself of things I no longer use or need, but this is one item I can’t completely decide on.

    • People right out of college tend to move frequently, and it’s nice to have furniture that is versatile, so if you’re using your desk as storage space instead of an actual desk, that’s fine. When it comes to the question of whether or not you should sell something, it comes down to if you can use it, if you have the space, how much you love it, and how easily you could replace it later. I think it would be nice to have a space dedicated to working on your photography business instead of using the dining table.

  70. I love this reminder — what do you REALLY use in your house, and what can go … powerful when you think about it like that.

    I tend to get after it with donating clothes or books, but the bigger items … I could get better at.

    Great stuff!
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