What I Love About You Valentine

I just came across this valentine I made a few years ago, so I thought I would share it in case you’re looking for a valentine gift idea. The things you love about someone, handwritten.

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  1. great simple idea… heartfelt words are often the best gift.
    Charis´s last post…get me a lock… a big one.

  2. Hmmmm….something like this just might be the perfect Valentine’s gift for my husband–gifts is dead-last on his love-language list! But I think he’d go for this :)
    Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy´s last post…Shy Fashion

  3. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea!

  4. Nice & unique. Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow that is a lot of writing and thinking and writing more.

  6. Love the idea and not just for lovers. After a favorite teacher died last week, my 13 year old daughter asked me why don’t we say what we appreciate about others before they are gone? I would say that is a pretty good question. Thanks for your idea.
    Leslie´s last post…Moving Forward

  7. I love this! I’ve been looking for a sweet, simple way to let my husband know I love him. Taking the time to think and write out all the ways your spouse makes your life wonderful is a better gift than grabbing something red and heart-shaped off the grocery store shelf.


  8. That’s adorable! Also, you have such nice, tiny handwriting. :) I’m pretty sure mine won’t turn out that cute, but I just might give it a shot.
    Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…Love of Reading: Nonfiction Favorites

  9. Very cute.
    Kika@embracingimperfection´s last post…The Importance of Being Heard: connected parenting

  10. This is a great idea, thanks for sharing :)

  11. What a wonderful idea! I’m going to get to work (secretly) on this over the weekend. It would be the perfect Valentine to give to my sweet husband along with the sugar cookies I always make him. He’s always happiest with something I make myself. Thank you so much for sharing the idea.
    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine´s last post…Spring Dreaming

  12. We’re going to do this for our son. Thank you for the great idea! And, I’m going to pin it. :-)

  13. I absolutely love this idea! I’ll use it for my sons and my husband. Much MUCH better than any store-bought card. I don’t think the boys (8, 6, and 4 months) will appreciate it now, but I’ll file it away in their keepsakes box for them (or their wives/girlfriends) to appreciate many years down the road.

  14. I love this idea too!!

    I bet I can fill it up with “The Reasons I Love You” for my hubby.
    Donna´s last post…Flip-It: Planter For All Seasons and Holidays

  15. Genius idea!!!

    I may very well do that :)

    I read somewhere recently another lovely idea where on the days/weeks leading up to valentines you write little love notes/affectionate thoughts and give them on valentines to show all the loving things you think about them when they’re not around :)

    I like these types of valentines gifts, so heart felt,x

  16. Really really lovely! Sweet, simple, and from the heart.

  17. Better than any $5 card from the grocery store, thats for sure. :)

  18. I’ve done something like this in person in a workshop once (I think they called it flooding), but writing is forever. Very nice.
    Catherine´s last post…Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream

  19. Wow.

  20. Loved this idea and our whole family got involved: http://yellowhousedays.blogspot.com/2012/02/happy-or-hoppy-valentines-day.html

  21. I made one of these for my husband on V-day. It came out so great! Fabulous idea. Blessings.
    Tami´s last post…him

  22. Had the same idea last V-Day but I used little pink hearts instead. Didn’t spend a single cent that day!

    Read about it here: