Help Your Future Self

A couple of months ago I lost the small point-and-shoot camera that I usually carry in my purse. I didn’t realize I had lost it. I thought it was in the house somewhere and it would turn up eventually.

Out of the blue I got an email from someone who had my camera! It was at the front desk where my daughter takes ballet lessons. Weeks had gone by with no one claiming it, and she was trying to find the person it belonged to.

I am so grateful to the woman who made the extra effort to return my camera. I realize this whole situation would have been easier if I had put my name and phone number on it like I know I should.

This got me thinking about simple things I know to do but haven’t done yet.

Therefore, I promise to:

1. Label my camera with my name and phone number.

2. Memorize my husband’s phone number instead of relying on automatic dial.

3. Hide a spare house key.

(There are more things I need to do, but I’m only committing to three this week.)

Is there anything you need to do? Your future self will thank you. Let’s discuss ideas in the comments.
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  1. I have a spare car key in my wallet as I often leave my keys in my car but always grab my purse. Just the other day, I left my keys in the car. And instead of panicking, I smiled. I know my future forgetful self too well! :)

  2. 1. Take care of the FSA receipt submission I’ve been avoiding for weeks.
    2. Find homes for the books we bought at the used bookstore almost a month ago.
    3. Enter in the rewards points from all the coke bottle tops that have been sitting in our bedroom since I cleaned out the pantry, or just give up and throw them away.
    4. And label my camera! :)
    Jessica @ Quirky Bookworm´s last post…Weekend Reading: The Scorpio Races & With No One As Witness

  3. My cellphone ran out of battery last week and I was so thankful I know my bf’s number by heart.

    I’m trying to remember more phone numbers: my dad’s, mom’s etc.
    Rae´s last post…Reduce

  4. I’d like to always keep a spare $10 or $20 in my glove box for “just in case”. I especially wish I had this when I’m getting a car wash or something and realize I have no cash for a tip or end up at a parking garage that only takes cash. I need to recommit to this habit b/c these two scenarios both happened to me this week!

  5. Oh, and keep a travel-size deodorant at work for the days I forget!

  6. Write a Will and Guardianship documents.

    I have done it but only after years of procrastinating. Not doing so could (god forbid) have catastrophic consequences for one’s children.

    I also need to have a pad of paper and pens in the car in the event of an accident.

    Aren’t I cheery today?!

  7. It’s the fact that I don’t do things like this that not only drives me crazy, but makes life harder when I’m scrambling to get it done.

    1. House key.
    2. Organize bill info (translation: the basket I throw everything in!)
    3. Spare clothes for the kids in the car.
    4. Spare shirt for me in the car (How do I always end up with coffee spots on my light colored sweaters?).

    ps I tweeted this! Good things to help us simplify the future for sure.

  8. Ooh, good ideas. I need:
    1. Spare cash, tooth brush, and snacks in the car.
    2. Label my new camera.
    3. Reload diaper bag so I don’t run out of wipes like yesterday!

  9. I need a change jar!! My fella leaves it in his pockets, and it falls out when he sits down, and ends up all over the bed and the floor, or gets left in his pants and falls out when I compile the laundry. It’s a small thing, but it makes me feel bitter to have to deal with it.

    • my rule is any money I find is mine. that change adds up too!

      • Yep, I have a little silver pig that collects any money left around the house and it yields a tidy little sum once a year… ;o

      • Any change I find, including what is at the bottom of my purse, goes into a stiff canvas bag. When it is almost too heavy to lift, I take to a grocery store that has a change counting machine. Last time I got over $100.00. I consider it “free” money and use for something fun.

      • That’s perfect :-)

    • At the end of every day I empty my change into a coffee cup. Once it is full I put it into a quart size ziploc freezer bag (any larger and it is too heavy). Once I have two or three quart bags full of change, I sit down with my kids (elementary age) and we count it and roll it up. Educational – learning to recognize coins and to count and add money; and – savings.

      • Jessica says:

        My kid is of the ball-chasing, rawhide-chewing persuasion, but I now have a quart bag of my own, marked “Jessica’s Piggy Bank” :-)

    • I just put it in my purse and use it to pay at self-service tills at the local cornershop/supermarket. No counting – I just throw it in until its paid. Gets rid of all the change and I never have to use one of those coin counting machines that takes a percentage.

  10. Great ideas! I always carry a notebook in my handbag to write down lists, things I remember and so on …
    now, if I could only remember *where* in the notebook I put each bit of information … ;)
    Amanda@EasyPeasyOrganic´s last post…Avocado, Miso and Tahini on Toast

  11. I need to have a spare key made for our truck! We currently have only one, and have had to ‘break-in’ to it at least once that I can remember… Having a second (or third!) one made has been on my radar for, gosh, 2 years now!
    We need to hide a spare house key somewhere too… thanks for the reminder!

    • I used to keep a spare car key wired to the underside of my car. I figured it was safe there (who would think to go looking there?), but yet it was always there when I needed it. I finally broke myself of the habbit of locking my door as I got out of my car and now I always lock it using the key or key fob from outside and haven’t locked myself out in years as a result.

      • I started the alternate habit of having the keys in the hand that closes the door… Bundled up to keep them from scratching it of course

  12. Here, here to memorizing some key phone numbers! I learned a few by, one at a time, actually dialing the number out longhand when calling instead of looking them up. Soon enough you’ll have it memorized. Plus, if you get it wrong at first, you’ll know when your phone doesn’t pull up “Boyfriend” after you call.

  13. write down numbers and information for utility services in case power or internet goes out and I can’t look them up online…and I should find the flashlights too. (we had power flicker in a storm last week which is why this is on my brain!)

    • We keep a couple manual flashlights around.. the ones you need to squeeze or shake to give them power, no batteries to worry about either.

  14. A great safe way to hide the house key is in a lockbox hidden in your yard. If a thief were to find it, they couldn’t get to the house key without the combination.

    A tip I use to label my camera is to take a photo of a sheet of paper with my contact information and keep that photo as the first stored photo in the memory.

    • Another good option for hiding a house key is to hide it outside a trusted neighbor’s house. Even if it is found, the finder won’t know it’s for your house.

    • I love your tip about the Camera!That’s brilliant! :)

  15. Another idea for your camera, is to take a photo of your name and contact info. That way, anyone scrolling through your photos will be able to identify the owner.

    Now, I’ll just have to remember this tip when it comes to my own camera ;o)

    P.S. Thanks for all the super tips you provide!!!

    • That’s an interesting idea, but it would be deleted every time you formatted your memory card (which you should be doing every time you remove the photo files from it). You’d have to keep taking the picture over and over again or come up with another solution.

  16. A few months ago I had a gut feeling I should keep a spare car door key in my purse. I attached it to an inside zipper with a paperclip. Last week I was SO glad I followed my gut instinct because I was 30 minutes from home late one evening in bad weather and realized my car keys were NOT in my purse! Sure enough I used my hidden spare key and I had left the keys in the IGNITION!!! (woah is me for memory loss at the young age of 41 lol…look out future me!!!!)

    Loving all the suggestions!!!!

  17. I like to trade house/car keys with a trusted friend. That way I don’t have to worry about someone finding them or about locking myself out.

    • Our neighbors have a key to our house, and we have one to theirs. Actually, they have quite a few keys because they often walk other neighbors’ dogs. One clever thing I noticed is that they label them with the dogs’ names, not the owners. So even if someone broke into their home and literally found the keys to the neighborhood, they wouldn’t be able to match them to the houses unless they knew all the dogs by name. :)

      • I love that! I will have to get a key to our neighbor and label it with the names of our dogs! Ha ha!

  18. Always put my debit card, DL, etc. back in my wallet instead of sticking them in my back pocket. That way I won’t end up at the grocery store with no money like today!

  19. Scan your important docs like social security #, passport, birth certificate and put them on the (network) cloud.

  20. 1. always have a bag with toiletries ready for easy packing on overnight trips
    2. make a copy of everything in your wallet. that way if it ever gets lost/stolen you’ll know what you lost and how to replace or cancel it.

  21. I have photocopies of the front and back of all credit cards in case they are lost ornstolen i will have all the contact numbers from the back side and cc number from the front.
    When we travel we each keep our own passport and the passport card for the other person in case one is lost. I leave photocopies of both with my office.
    Cute purse in my glovebox with extra contacts, kotex, deoderant and toothpaste…just in case.

    • Such a good idea to put those things in a cute purse! That’s my next project!

    • I once lost my wallet the night before flying out of town, and was actually able to go through security with photocopies of my documents!

  22. I need to:

    1. Leave a small bag with a change of kids clothing and extra diapers in the car.
    2. Make a copy of my passport and other important info. and leave with my parents (just in case)
    Christyn@StrivingforSimple´s last post…Two More Months Until Bathing Suit Season!!!

  23. I label my husband’s epi-pen with our home number – “If found, please call xxx-xxx-xxxx.”(He doesn’t use a cell phone much.) He usually wears cargo pants to hold it, but sometimes he doesn’t and things fall out of his pockets and, well, let’s just say I know him pretty well. ;) He was at a conference a couple years ago and I got a call from a rather confused man saying he’d found something on the escalator – he wasn’t even sure what it was – and it said to call this number. Luckily, he was part of the same conference as my husband, so I had him leave it at the main desk for him to pick up. I love it when a plan comes together. :)

  24. I have a simple spiral bound notebook on a bookshelve near my computer that I jot down membership numbers, passwords, instructions for tasks I don’t do often etc. I know we should not write down passwords but I have so many books and the notebook looks pretty humble. Someone would have to spend a LOT of time looking for it!

  25. 1. Put a tupperware full of emergency supplies in our crawlspace/basement so I wouldn’t have to try to carry those plus a daughter down during severe weather.

    2.Write a Will and Guardianship documents. My husband and I have been procrastinating SO LONG on this!
    Rachel @ Common to Moms´s last post…A Good Old-Fashioned List

  26. A magnetic hide-a-key under the car! Last month the wind blew my door shut and I was locked out…I’m so scared of accidentally locking the baby in the car during the Oklahoma heat! And get our will notarized…
    Kait Palmer´s last post…Week 34 and Lots of Firsts

  27. 1. Extra medication, in purse (2 days’ worth)
    2. Correct change for exiting hospital parking lot, in car
    3. Extra cash, hidden in wallet

  28. 1. Take the spare keys for the Plymouth out of my bag (ok, did that last night… they should only be in my bag when we’re using it, and we’ve been back for two weeks)

    2. Work out some kind of reminder system before the next two lots of school holidays so that I am aware that they’re coming up and I have to make arrangements for the kids for two whole weeks so I am not in a panic a week out with no idea what to do with them!

    3. Make time to update the calendar every single week (so I don’t end up having to be in three places at the same time like I did last night)
    Harriet Archer´s last post…It’s probably down the back of the couch.

  29. Debra Kasel says:

    My best tip for assisting my future self is to get a smartphone and learn how to use it effectively! If my phone is lost it is only a temporary PITA because the data is backed up on my computer and in the cloud.
    What do I use it for?
    To-do list
    Grocery list
    Notes (I have 78 notes right now, from listing all the steps of the bathroom reno to one listing and commenting on the bottles of wine we’ve received as gifts, from whom, and our description of it, the cat’s data including her chip number and vet info, the names and dosages of any medicine we’re on, etc. ad nauseum!)
    I’ve scanned all our vital documents & id, and banking accounts/passwords
    and keep it on a secured app
    I download listening exercises for my students on my phone

    I love all the functions of my phone, DH calls me a hardcore user:) but that
    means I go through the battery at a rapid clip. Now I keep one charger at work and make sure I charge up before my commute.
    I keep a tiny foldable nylon shopping bag in its own pouch in my purse for stopping off to pick up groceries on my way home from work
    I put all borrowed books/DVDs in one basket and only pull out the one item I’m currently reading/watching then put it back so we don’t have to search everywhere to find things when they have to be returned.
    I keep sticky notes in my wallet and every time someone lends me a book I write their name on a sticky and put it inside the front cover so I don’t forget where it came from. Between my friends and my Bookclub it seems as though there are always so many books in circulation it’s hard to remember.
    What we haven’t done, and it’s nagging at me, is write our wills!
    Friends have a set of our housekeys and we have theirs

    • Technology can be a great help! I use my smart phone a lot too. I still like to write a shopping list on our kitchen board but I take a photo of it when I want to go shopping. soooo easy :)

    • Debra, you are really well organized! I am going to adopt your idea of carrying a foldable shopping bag around with me since I am sick of having to buy yet another bag to take the groceries home. One idea for you. I started carrying around a rolled up tape measure and a small roll of adhesive tape in the bottom of my bag. I have used them on hundreds of occasions – really useful.

  30. Some great ideas & I had never even thought of labeling my camera! Must do the take a photo of the info option. Scanning my wallet contents along with a few other documents & storing them on a secure app is also a great idea. We have taken photos of our rooms, inside cupboards & wardrobes etc for insurance claim purposes (heaven forbid) & stored them off site. We also have wills, guardianship & succession planning documentation ticked off the list.
    What I really need to do is put together an emergency survival kit.

  31. Set up a password for my phone.

    Make a master plan for doing weekly household chores, bill paying and grocery shopping.

    Put my daughter’s school and activity schedule on my Google calendar and set times for appropriate reminders.

  32. A spare house key is a great idea!

    & learning Ben’s mobile number would be really useful. If I got stuck, the only number I know is my parents house number because it’s the same as when I was a kid.

    Great reminders, my other commitment is to start writing everything down again. Some personal deadlines have passed because I have got out of the habit of writing everything down,x

  33. I´m definitly going to hide a spare house key somewhere outside!

  34. We really have to reinstall the smoke detectors now that the house extension is ready!
    Natacha´s last post…Smoothies

  35. The key thing is always an issue. My mum had the best idea. She hid the spare key in the dog kennel. We knew the dog was harmless but strangers didn’t!

  36. I think the best gift I’ve given my future self that I didn’t see mentioned is my file of receipts and my file of owner’s manuals. I can’t think of how often I have been glad or relieved to be able to quickly put my hands on something from these.

    What do I need to do? Reading the comments has made me realize that we need to apply some thought to our vehicles’ keys. We are now a family of five drivers and the way we used to allot the keys isn’t working so well any more. That’s the way it goes — systems have to change as needs change!
    Lori @ In My Kitchen, In My Life´s last post…{pretty, happy, funny, real} Birthday edition

  37. After having to buy back my husband’s 357 handgun that was stolen by a neighbor’s son…I am in process of keeping a notebook with serial numbers on guns, computers, cameras, etc. I’m also taking photos of those items, going through each room in the house, taking photos of room contents then storing the information in the safe.
    Further, using a black magic marker, I’m writing my first initial, last name and phone number of some of those items.
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm´s last post…Grief Unadorned

    • clothespin says:

      Just be careful with the marker. Even “permanent” markers are easily removed off of smooth surfaces using nail polish remover with acetone. if you really want to permanently mark something – use an engraver.

  38. My future self would appreciate it if I always keep at least half a tank of gas in the car. We live 45 minutes away from the nearest hospital, so a middle-of-the-night trip to the ER can be made without a stop at the gas station. Learned this one the hard way.

  39. MichelleH says:

    My husband keeps 2 doses of his meds in each vehicle. If he forgets his meds in the am, he can take them on the road when he remembers. There are 2 doses in case he forgets to refill that night. ;-) When he gets a refill, he rotates the pills so they won’t expire.

    We’ve labeled all of our cameras and video cameras, but with cell #, not house #. If lost out of town you can recover while out of town rather than having to mail. I put a business card in the front pocket of all of our Nooks AND a label on the back. iPod has label as well. An honest person will make an effort to return, so why not make it easier for him/her?

    • clothespin says:

      But high heat (closed car in the summer) can chemically alter the meds. Be sure to check with your pharmacist to be sure that this is a safe idea!

      • MichelleH says:

        We did. For what he takes, one month in the insulated compartment of the console is okay. But, yes, of course, each should check with his/her own pharmacist for specific meds.

  40. More thank good ~ excellent ideas from everyone! Thanks so much :)

  41. I love the title of this post :)
    Have already hidden a spare house key (that is a great idea) and have also made copies of all important info kept in my wallet in case purse is lost or stolen (credit card info, drivers license number, etc).
    Now what needs doing? Making a little bag for the car with an extra set of car-chargers or adaptable-for-car-chargers for the phones, ipods, gps, etc. This will be a life saver.

  42. Great idea for a topic Rachel – I’ve learned a lot reading through. Here are mine:
    Keeping in the in-between-front-seats box (what is that called? not the glovebox): kleenex purse pack, band-aids and rolls of quarters.
    And yes, the fake rock with they key hidden amongst other rocks under a bush in the garden. Our neighbors all work and I usually get stranded outside with the kids at 3 in the afternoon (I am an inveterate key-loser).
    For that same reason, I put a peg board for keys RIGHT next to the front door. I hang them there as soon as I walk in, and don’t take them until I’m ready to leave… otherwise they get lost in coat pockets or purses or forgotten on the way out, but now there is visually only one place for keys.
    Also for me: keeping gift cards in my wallet. It’s a bit bulkier, but otherwise I invariably forget them when I leave the house.
    Also, a small pop-up umbrella in my purse at all times, too often the weather changes unexpectedly in New England and we get drenched.
    Also in the purse: snacks I don’t like but my kids do (hello fruit strips) — otherwise I get tempted to eat them when I really shouldn’t (hello anything with chocolate).
    Last in the car: a pack of diaper wipes in the car – even though my kids aren’t in diapers anymore, these are good for cleaning up a host of other messes.

    A separate non-travel one: I try to cook big portions Sun-Tues, when i am home longer in the afternoon, because I work full days Wed and Thurs and know there won’t be time or energy to start a meal from is a huge weight off my mind.
    Also on the food prep front: I bought some divided tupperwares (the “easy lunchbox” is great) for kids lunches. Inspired by blogs like Wendolonia, I try the bento box approach – makes it easier to put little bits of this and that into kids lunches and have it add up to a meal. They like it more, we use up more food, buy less packaged stuff, and you don’t get stuck in the sandwich rut.

  43. I have, and have encouraged my other family members (I have young adult kids)to do, is to write on a card and keep in their wallet, a short list of phone numbers of their close family members.
    If, God forbid, something were to happen to you and your cell phone is stolen or broken, or you just lose your phone, having that info on hand is very helpful.
    Bernice @ Living the Balanced Life´s last post…Why overcoming depression can be so hard

  44. I’m committing to scanning my physical documents and condensing as much as I can onto one hard drive, or two.
    I’ll have to think about whether it will be smart to then, after, shred the physical documents once I have them digitized and archived/condensed onto a hard-drive or two.
    I’m also going to look into online cloud archiving services as a backup, but this might be unnecessary. Maybe I could just back up onto CD.
    But I think this will be an awesome way for me to get rid of the file box that I have to lug around, replacing it with a small hard drive that I can take in a suitcase anywhere I move.

  45. Just this morning I emailed myself, and my husband, a list of “things I’m committed to do in April.” I lose papers, forget to look at my calendar, but haven’t lost my email yet! Seeing the craziness in print also reminds me to not take on anything else.

    We just cut up all of our credit cards (yay! Love Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!), but I need to photocopy the front and back of debit, insurance, AAA, and other cards. Make a paper copy AND email this to myself as well.

  46. I was actually up in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago making a mental list of all the things I should scan and save onto a flash drive and put in a safe deposit box in the event of a fire.

    But our scanner doesn’t like my computer, so that one will have to wait.

    Things I can do now:
    – Put my name and phone number on my coupon sorter (left it at the stores few weeks ago with $60.00 grocery money inside. I’m lucky no one stole it!)
    – Put a CHAD sticker on the spare car seats (in my parents’ car and my husband’s truck)
    – Talk to our next door neighbor about keeping a spare key for us. I love all the helpful hints about that!

  47. I helped my future self out just this week … er, my old self helped my current self, rather.

    I had intended to bring an apple and PB for my lunch on Tuesday, but somehow forgot to pack the apple??? Instead of having to go out to eat (I live 30 min. from where I work) and spend money on food that isn’t good for me, I remembered that my self of a couple of months ago knew that I would forget to bring a lunch someday and would need a little help. I had a can of soup AND a glass bowl in my desk drawer that I could heat up instead.

    I even wrote a Facebook status thanking my old self for knowing me so well. Now I just need to replace my emergency soup and bowl . . .

  48. I’ve had to break into my house several times because I forgot to put the spare key back outside.

    It’s those small things that you always forget about doing until it’s a little late…

  49. I have tried to do list like these before, both long and short, and have somehow always struggled with getting those things done. I do make little progresses at times, but I have found for me that simply adopting a daily mantra, “Be kind to your future self” has helped me make more progress. It means that when I set my keys down, I think, will my future self be able to find these? Then, I take an extra second to walk back to the front door and hang them on the key hook. When I am walking upstairs to our bedroom, and I am about to walk past the pile of stuff on the bottom stair, I scoop it up with me, to again be “kind” to my future self who might have to run downstairs to grab whatever it was I needed. I’ve found that this simple mantra has helped me make many small moves in automatic ways throughout various areas of my life, at times when I am not or cannot stay motivated to finish short or long lists.
    Rachel Hill´s last post…Interferon… Day 3

  50. Keep business card from your primary care doctor (and pediatrician) in your wallet in case of an awful emergency. If you can’t talk or think, the EMTs or police or fire will look in your wallet to find out who you are and the medical information your doctor can provide may be helpful and faster than calling a contact who then has to look up the info.

  51. make a will!!

    give my parents a spare key to our house.

    organize 2011’s photos.

    I’m only comitting to three also!
    Margo, Thrift at Home´s last post…Why, Yes, I Darn My Dishcloths

  52. 1. update the emergency contact list on the inside of kitchen cupboard door (incl. family members, doctors, fire/police etc etc)
    2. order spare medic alert bracelet for my son – he is insulin dependent and manages to snap these at school during play at an alarming rate!!
    3. check car spare tyre – we use British english in South Africa, so that would be ‘tire’ in the US :)
    4. file personal papers

    Thats enough for the week!

  53. It’s not a life-or-death thing, but I’d like to create a document with all my travel membership numbers on it – all the frequent flyer cards, car rental cards, etc. – and put that document on Dropbox so I can access it with my phone anytime I need it. I want to make everything as mobile as possible!
    Maggie: Multipassionate Maven´s last post…Rome Part IV: St. Peter’s and the Rest

  54. It’s funny that you mention memorizing your husband’s number because that is something my husband gets on me about all the time. I have his SS# memorized but not his phone.. hmm… dunno? I’ve been trying to get better at those things you know you should do but just never get around to doing, because… last year my computer crashed and I didn’t have a backup. OUCH! That was my wake up call to get around to these kinds of things. They are the “insurances” of our everyday things.
    Oh BTW, I’m new here. Hi, My name is Noel. I’ll be back. Love your spot here on the www.

  55. I haven’t read all the comments so apologies if I’m repeating something someone else has said…Write your name/address/email on a piece of paper (or use a business card if you have one) and take a photo of it – that way you don’t ‘damage’ the camera. You can also do this with a mobile phone if it’s got a camera on it. Just another way of identifying your stuff!
    Claire Rudkins´s last post…No Waste Tastes Great – 23rd Mar 12

  56. Mty husband hid an extra car key on the under-carriage of my car. I am SO relieved when I need it!

  57. I am so glad you found your camera. I never thought of to write my name and number on camera, I should.

    I put my kid’s name and phone number on his razor bike and some larger toys we take to park, so in just in case we lose it,we get it back. I think it is good idea to do same for our stuff as well.

    Thanks for reminding us.

    Zengirl @ Heart and Mind´s last post…Why Our Grandkids Will Pay For Our Debt :Infographic

  58. I must go do the last 2 things right now! Always enjoy your posts.
    Robyn Q´s last post…Kingdom Kites

  59. SOme things I try to do are:
    -keep snacks and water bottles in my van.
    -Keep an emergency $20 hidden in my wallet. (I have heard of people doing this in their car in case they actually forget their wallet and I think that is a good idea.
    -Rain gear in a van compartment.
    -I keep extra clothes for my smaller kids in the van (I have used them for my kids and for other kids as well!)
    -A house key hidden outside.

    There are a lot more things I should do (like lable more things than just books) but I am trying. Being prepared is good!

  60. My future self would appreciate it if I would get a grip and condense my important papers better. Initially I had a portable file, but somewhere down the road I moved to a small file cabinet. We have a fireproof file that would be too heavy to pick up in an emergency. Simplification is in order!

    When you discussed it some posts back — it reminded me that that’s something I need to do.

    Plus, I need to organize my photos on my external drive and hard copies too. I have scrapbooking issues.

    So my future self needs me to stop procrastinating and “Snap Out of It!” Appreciate your suggestions.

  61. -Nice lotion in the glove compartment of the car. I love that it is there for me when I have an urge to use it on Sunday mornings when my husband is driving us to church. After spending the morning washing dishes, bathing kids and changing diapers, it feels so soothing!

    • MichelleH says:

      That’s a tip I could have used this morning! haha My hands were dry on the way to church and I didn’t have any lotion in my smaller purse. I’m going to do this one!

  62. Somewhere I saw the idea of making a series of messages on cards like (I’m so glad you found my camera; my name is XXXX, my email address is XXXX, my phone number is XXXXX. Please get in touch so I can arrange to retrieve my camera – and thanks!) and taking photos – and leaving those photos on the camera. The blog post was much cuter than I’ve phrased it, but you get the idea…
    Shelley´s last post…Suffragettes, Abolitionists and Authors – Part I

  63. Pjjunker says:

    I stopped using a house keys when we bought a new front door. For $100 you can get a key pad. No more worrying about whether the teenagers or the grown out of the house kids have a key. Funny thing is…none of us know the numbers just the pattern on the keypad!

    • Great keypad idea, but also don’t forget to change the keypad batteries before they run down…if the they die while you’re outside the house, not even a hidden key will help! (recently had a real adventure with this one: we’d been taking care of a friend’s cat and were supposed to return her to the friend’s apartment, but the keypad batteries had nearly died! It took a bit of doing and three staff members to get that door open.)

  64. Pjjunker says:

    Need to do this too! When my computer did crash the last time, I was delighted to find most of my photos were still on the Costco website. The good ones anyway….

  65. I always keep a roll of toilet paper in a tupperware container in the trunk of my car just in case. Much preferred to the Survivorman method.