Routines for the Kids

About a year ago I briefly shared the routine chart that my daughter uses (she showed it in a guest post). Today I’m sharing it again at Alpha Mom with a free printable version.

Also at Alpha Mom is what I do to help the kids not be afraid of thunderstorms, which I did again today (thank you, Texas).

So do click over and read about those two helpful traditions, and I must tell you that now I’m writing this post with a British accent because I’ve watched far too much British television lately. That happens sometimes. Or is it just me?

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  1. Gretchen says:

    Thank you for the very usable chart. And yes, I also start speaking and writing British, either after a long talk with my friend from the Midlands or an overdose of Downton Abbey/Dickens on PBS/Gavin and Stacy.

  2. My kids love charts too They like to know what to expect. I also do the accent thing – I’m Australian, but if I’ve watched too much bad reality TV I start, like, totally thinking in an uh-maazing LA-type accent!

  3. I love this! Makes it so everyone is on the same page and sometimes that’s really hard with kids and your own schedule of things to get done. Very helpful!

  4. It’s not just you! I listened to Elizabeth the Queen on audiobook (21 hours of very proper British) and I couldn’t stop myself.

    Also — whenever I try and do “voices” when I’m reading to Eleanor they come out weirdly British-y. Poor kid is going to think her board books are populated by bizarre Cockneys.

    • Karen (scotland) says:

      lol! I love that bizarre cockney accent that Americans do. I’m thinking of a Friends episode but can’t remember which one “…And my friend. Who is English. Apparently.”

      All the little girls round here do a strange high-pitched American accent when they are “acting” out scenes with each other. I’d blame it on too much US TV but I remember a friend of mine doing the same when we were kids (almost 30 years ago). Obviously, a US accent is just more glam…

      I remember starting to think in a southern US accent when I was reading Gone with the Wind. Surreal.

      Karen (Scotland)

      • Oh wow, I never thought about it going the other way around – how funny! Suddenly I’m remembering my ex-boyfriend’s attempts at an American accent, and imagining him reading Gone with the Wind, and it’s HILARIOUS. :)

  5. Always happens to me (British accent) but then I am British. :) It does get even plumier after watching period drama’s lol,x

  6. What a great little chart. I’ve used something similar in the past. I found a chart like this to be especially helpful for my autistic ds.
    Heidi´s last post…Ivory Soap, My Favorite Workhorse

  7. Liliana says:

    HI, i just wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

    im from Mexico and I have been traying to be more organized and efficient, since i became a mother it has been more difficult for me to get everything done, i want to follow many tips that you give here, thanks a lot for the help and congratulations for what you do.

  8. We do something similar for our boys. A chart with their morning routine works very well for them, also what day is their laundry day is included.. They like to do their laundry and change their sheets. It makes me happy knowing they will be prepared with valuable life skills when it is time to leave the nest (eek! Don’t even wanna go there yet!). For our older son (14) we have a separate chart with the days of the week for his chores, listing the different ones for each day.

  9. When my four kids were little we used the accountable kids chore chart system. It was awesome, and my kids loved earning the reward of special time with the person of their choosing. Now my oldest is 13 and more responsible than I am sometimes. I tell her all the time she has the best self management skills I have ever seen.
    And yes, when I am around my relatives from the east coast I start picking up their accents without even realizing it. Or my friend from Minnesota… I start saying Yea, sure You betcha ! :)

  10. Great chart!!
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  11. That’s a great idea…that may help get my kids excited about getting things done (especially at nite!)

    How are you doing down there in TexAS? Especially with the recent horrible storms? My family lives in Houston…so far they’ve just had the thunder/rain storm end of things.
    Christyn@StrivingforSimple´s last post…Two More Months Until Bathing Suit Season!!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I love the accent thing! My son came home yesterday and said he and his friends spoke with British accents all day. His example? “Good day, mate!” British…Australian…whatever!

  13. Iliana says:

    Thank you Rachel for your wonderful chart. I no longer have battles with my son over homework. My son is now able brush his teeth and get his pajamas on without reminders. I love your blog and thank you for sharing with us your talents and inspirations!