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Rachel Meeks

Hi, I’m Rachel.

I started Small Notebook in 2008. Although my life has changed (a second child, a new business, living in several places…) what has remained consistent is that when we have less stuff, we can do more.

I’ve learned that simplifying is an investment to make life easier. I want a home that is welcoming and peaceful, without clutter. Fewer distractions, so I can focus on what’s really important.

In my home, I want to:

My hope is that you find encouragement and practical tips as you read this blog. I’m doing these projects right along with you.

More About Me

I live in Texas with my husband Doug and our two children. We’ve lived in several apartments. In 2011 we put our stuff in a storage unit and lived in Italy for a few months. Now we live in a 1970’s fixer-upper ranch house that we are renovating.

chickenI love to learn how to make and do new things. I love makeovers. I always burn toast.

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