Why Should I Subscribe? RSS Explained.

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Do you ever wonder what people are talking about when they say RSS?

RSS is what lets you subscribe to blogs, and it is a huge timesaver.

How does it save time?  If you read just one blog, it’s not hard to go see if there is something new.  If you read several blogs, it can take a lot of time to check them all.

Subscribing lets you go to just one place, and all of the updates are sent to you.  

One option is to subscribe by Email.  If a blog offers this feature, you can type in your email address, and each new post will be sent straight to your email for you to read when you have a minute.

Another way to subscribe is with an RSS reader.  An RSS reader lets you go to one website to see all of the new posts for the blogs you’ve subscribed to.

The RSS reader that I use and recommend is Google Reader.  It’s free to sign up, and if you already use Gmail then you can use the same account.  Sometimes an RSS reader is called a feed reader.  RSS and feed are the same thing. 

It’s easy to use an RSS reader:

  1. First set up an account with Google Reader or another service.  
  2. Add the list of blogs you want to read.  (You can do this in a couple of ways.)  On Google Reader, you can click on “Add Subscription” and then type in the web address.  If you are visiting a blog, you can click their orange RSS icon.  It will take you to a new page where you can choose your reader and then choose to subscribe.  
  3. Whenever a blog has a new post, you can read the content and see the pictures in your reader.  
  4. If you click on the title of the post, you’ll go directly to the blog to read the discussion in the comments and add your own comment.

Google Reader lets you star the posts you want to read again later, and you can arrange everything into folders.  You can unsubscribe from blogs at any time.


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