Winter Plants


After three years of waiting, the camellia is in full bloom.

The pansies are still going strong. Even my oleander and mandevilla, which I didn’t think would make it through the winter, are still alive.


The basil was not so lucky.

Window Shopping

Today I took Lane out to get coffee and browse by the shop windows. It was chilly, but not too cold to play with Preston the boxer, a regular at our Starbucks.

And then run around a bit.

Later she told her Papaw about it. She said (while nodding her head emphatically), “mall…dog…ball…..we go.” Which was, we went to the mall, we saw a dog, the dog had a ball. It was her first story.

She started to put sentences together too. This week she said, “It’s the sky.” And my favorite, “Dirt is dirty. Dirty dirt.”