Fear is Not a Good Reason to Keep Old Junk

You know why it’s hard to get rid of things and give things away?

We’re scared, mostly.

What if we give away something we need later and we regret it?

Fear of regret.

Fear of wasting.

Fear of missing out.

Fear of going without.

But what are the odds that an old skirt we will never wear is something that should make us afraid? Why should I be afraid of missing something that I’ve already forgotten about once it hits the inside of the donation bin? We know the truth, when we look at it in that perspective. We call ourselves out for it and laugh.

We’re afraid of the fear, and you can’t make good choices based on fear. Make brave choices. Don’t keep old stuff around that you don’t need. It’s slowing you down.

Make bold choices. You don’t need those extra dishes, the skirt you won’t wear, the stuff in the garage. They’re not helping you.

I loved this line from a post by Susie Davis:

“My things should complement, not complicate, my life goals.”

May you go into your weekend making choices that fit your goals.

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I have a friend who is quirky and fun. First of all, she looks like Snow White. She wears colorful tights and jumpers. Sometimes she speaks with a funny accent. She has the kind of personality that grows on you, and the more I spend time with her, the more I like her. She is enthusiastic about getting involved in activities.

One time when we were eating breakfast at La Madeleine’s on a Saturday morning, I asked her, “Are you a joiner?”

She knew exactly what I was talking about. “Absolutely,” she replied. If there’s a club, she’s in it, and she usually holds an office too. She doesn’t go out of her way to avoid committees the way I do.

I do The Long Pause. While everyone is encouraging me to jump in, I stand there and wait because I savor that minute before I jump.

And so it has been with Twitter, a long pause between when I thought I might want to be in the stream but relishing the quiet before I jumped in. I did. I’m on Twitter now. Join me? I’m Rachel Meeks (@SmallNotebook).

18 Signs That You Move Around a Lot

signs that you move a lot

name engraved in brass

I moved a lot during my twenties and early thirties. That’s pretty common, especially when you rent.

When I temporarily lived in Florence, I noticed how many houses had family names engraved on brass plaques on the door frames. I wondered what it would be like to live in the same place for so long that my name would be engraved in brass. I considered that someday when we bought a house, I would get a name plaque of my own, or at least one of those custom return address stamps.

Here are 18 signs that you move around a lot. (Do any of these sound familiar?)

  1. Your name on the mailbox is written on a piece of masking tape (or an adhesive label if you’re getting fancy).
  2. Buying a custom return address stamp seems like a poor investment.
  3. Your driver’s license never shows your current address.
  4. When you buy new furniture, you first consider how big and heavy it will be to move.
  5. You paint walls knowing that it’s temporary and you’ll have to repaint them beige next year.
  6. Your towels are white because they’ll match every bathroom.
  7. You keep light fixtures, curtains, and curtain rods that you don’t currently use because you might need them at the next place, and it’s too expensive to buy new ones every time you move.
  8. You keep the original boxes for your energy-efficient light bulbs so you can take them with you.
  9. You remember what year something happened based on where you lived at the time.
  10. Your closet organizers and shelves have been installed and taken down many times. (I like thoseĀ canvas closet organizers that hang on curtain rods since they’re versatile and not permanent.)
  11. You measure the amount of stuff you have in terms of how big of a moving truck you’ll have to rent.
  12. You’ve hired the same moving crew three times in two years. (Love you Frank!)
  13. You store some of your things in moving boxes because that makes it easier for next time.
  14. You know which recycle bins in town have the best cardboard boxes.
  15. You buy packing tape in bulk.
  16. All of your plants are in planters so you can take your container garden with you.
  17. You still check real estate listings even when you like where you live.
  18. You like the idea of settling down and staying in one place for a while, but somehow it still makes you feel antsy.
Can you add to the list?

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