Clean Out Summer’s Wardrobe

clean out old clothes

The last weeks of summer vacation were crazy-busy, but one thing I made time for (and I’m so glad I did), is to go through my wardrobe and remove my worn-out summer clothes.

It’s been a while since I’ve bought new clothes for summer, so most of mine are faded or no longer fit. I decided to clean them out now rather than to continue looking at them in my closet. I have a few remaining summer dresses and a few shirts and two shorts. Those will be enough as I transition into fall.

It will be summer weather a while longer here in Texas, so I’ll gradually start mixing in fall pieces. I’ll see what I need to add to my wardrobe, and by that time the fall clothes will all be on sale.

It’s so much easier to refresh a fall wardrobe by taking out what is old and worn out rather than starting with buying new. If I didn’t think I would be glad to see certain clothes next spring, they went in the donation bin or the rag pile.

I sorted through my daughter’s clothes too and took out the outgrown play clothes so that it would be easier for her to get dressed for school. One thing we try to do during the school year is choose her clothes for the next week on Sunday nights. It makes it so much easier for her to get ready on weekday mornings.

Getting my closet ready for fall, even though the weather isn’t quite here, makes me feel organized and ready.

Are you planning to clean out your closet too?

clear the clutter

How to Repot a Fern

I’ve realized and accepted that I am a Martha-style gardener. I like to read about plants, look at them, buy them in garden centers, and picture where they will go at my house. I’m pleased with myself when I can name the plants I admire in other people’s yards.

Just like Martha, I would prefer to have a crew of gardeners do the actual work of gardening like remembering to water those plants.

There was a day this summer when the heat rose even hotter and all of my spring plants and flowers died on the very same day in one mass exodus. “Show’s over folks, we’re done here.”

The fern survived not by my care but by neglect. I left it next to the driveway on a little strip where only weeds grew, which just happened to have the right amount of sunlight and shade. The fern thrived and outgrew its first pot.

Dividing and repotting a fern is good for it so that it doesn’t become root bound and lacking in nutrients. It’s easy enough to repot a fern that even a Martha-style gardener can do it.
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Clear the Clutter: the Laundry Area

What my laundry room has going for it, besides the facts that it’s an actual room and it has a window, which I love, is that it’s the smallest room in the house, and therefore, the closest to being finished. In a house full of renovation projects, that is a very big deal.

We have already put in a new tile floor, new paint, and replaced the light fixture. Now what it needs is a colorful curtain and a few organizational touches.

Motivated by the idea that this room could be done soon, I decided to make progress on it by cleaning and straightening it.

1. Remove the dirty towels from the floor and wash them.

2. Wipe the dust and lint from the top of the washing machine and dryer.

3. Straighten the washer and dryer so they sit side by side instead of crooked.

I still need to clear off the top of the dryer. There is a huge container of a detergent that’s not my favorite, but I didn’t go to the store that day. I want to decant it into a container that’s smaller and easier to manage, and put the rest of the things away.

Time estimate to work on the laundry area: 10 minutes, tops.

Ready to improve the laundry area? This task is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to make a big impact just by cleaning the top of the washing machine and dryer.

clear the clutter