Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

I’m not on Facebook. I did join Twitter, although I don’t use it frequently. I’m also on Pinterest.

Q: Is it OK if I quote and link to your blog post?

Sure, I love it when people have enjoyed reading something and want to link to it. Quotes are fine too as long as they are limited to a few sentences, and it’s not a copy of the entire post. Please contact me for permission before using my photos.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

Most of my photos are taken with a Canon Rebel SLR. What’s more important than the camera is having a good quality lens, and the lens I use most often is a Canon 50mm. Some of my best pictures have been with a little point-and-shoot camera and a lot of natural light, so cameras aren’t everything. I like photos to look natural, so I don’t use Photoshop, but I occasionally do light editing with iPhoto.

Q: How do you make your little ink drawings on this blog?

They’re actually ink drawings. I draw them with a gel pen on white paper and then take a photo.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, but only once in a while when I have time and when it’s a really good fit for my blog. Please see my guest post guidelines.

Q:  What are your advertising rates?

I’m currently not offering direct ad space on Small Notebook.

Q: How do you manage time for blogging?

So glad you asked! I hear this question so often that I wrote a book. It’s called Simple Blogging: Less Computer Time, Better Blogging. It contains everything I know about how to grow your blog in a limited amount of free time. Click here to find out more.

Q: How did you set up your blog?

Small Notebook is a self-hosted WordPress blog. It is hosted by and they give you a free domain. (If you sign up for Bluehost through this link I will receive a commission for the referral.) The design is based on a framework by StudioPress that I customized. When I first began blogging, I started with a free blog from and used that until I was ready for more options.

Q: My family has diet restrictions too. Do you have any recommendations?

I’ve shared some of our strategies for avoiding dairy, and specifically casein. I’ve written a dinner host’s guide to cooking gluten-free, which includes links to my favorite gluten-free recipe websites. My favorite baking mix is the gluten-free all-purpose mix by Arrowhead Mills.