Introduction (Start Here)

Welcome to Small Notebook where you’ll find practical advice to simplify and organize your home. My name is Rachel, and you can find more about me here.

Small Notebook is based on these 5 philosophies:

1. Life is more simple with less stuff.

You won’t need to buy more containers to hold your stuff. Let’s simplify first and organize what’s left. (It’s so much easier this way.)

We’ll focus on choosing quality over quantity (with help for the tough decisions).

2. The fewer things you keep, the more special they become.

Do you struggle with too many sentimental things? This is one of my favorite posts to help with perspective: Holding on to Sentimental Things

3. Organize until it’s good enough, then stop.

I don’t want to spend all of my time organizing. I don’t even own a label maker. I really don’t want to gripe at my husband and kids if they can’t maintain a certain level of order. I just want to make a few changes that will be helpful.

4. You don’t need a house to make a home.

After living in several apartments, I’ve written a lot about how to make a home in a small and temporary place.

5. Taking care of home is about taking care of people.

It’s not about the stuff. (You knew that.)

That’s just the beginning because there is so much more. I like to write about ways to take care of your home with practical tips and how-to’s for DIY, Money, Homekeeping, Gardening, and more.

Jump to the Table of Contents to explore and find what will specifically help you.

We have an amazing community so you should definitely check out the discussion in the comments after each post.

I hope this blog encourages you. Thanks for reading it.