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Apartment Living

at the table
Advice for Downsizing the Family Home

What advice would you give to a family who is moving from a house to an apartment?

Venice Kitchen
Smart Design from a Petite Venetian Kitchen

We’re staying in Venice, and our tiny apartment kitchen has clever use of space.

Nursery - Dresser and Rain Gutter Bookshelves
7 Ways to Add More Storage Space to Your Home

Many houses and apartments lack decent storage space, so let’s brainstorm ways to add more storage space to your home.

Kids in tote bag
What to Expect When You’re Expecting and You Still Live in an Apartment

“What’s it like living in an apartment with a baby?” is a question I am often asked. Here’s the real story.

balcony view
Dress Up Your Small Garden with Container Plants

Plants are important to make your apartment feel like home. What do you consider when choosing your plants for a container garden?

home table
How to Decorate Your Apartment to Feel Less Temporary and More Like Home

It’s not necessary to have a mortgage to feel like you have a home. Here are a few decorating tips for apartment dwellers.

Bears treehouse
Making a Home — the Last Chapter (but not the end)

Doug and I married in the fall of 2003. With each passing anniversary we wondered, “Would we finally settle into a home of our own?”

Nursery - Lane and Tom
Lane & Tom’s Shared Nursery Tour

Lane (age 3) and Tom (5 months) share a bedroom in our two-bedroom apartment. See how we made it a room for both of them to enjoy.

Rental Re-do: How to Build a Baby Closet from a Cabinet

A wet bar is not my favorite feature in an apartment, especially when the kitchen sink is only twenty feet away. We didn’t need a wet bar, we needed closet space.

Simple Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Do

Here are a few quick projects that can make your apartment look better.

Cherry blossoms
Find Contentment Where You Are Right Now

How to stay content in an apartment when everyone else is buying a house.

Snow day
20 Tips to Stay Warm in Your Apartment

Sometimes ideas for staying warm at home don’t apply to renters. Add insulation to the attic? Don’t think so. If you live in an apartment, here are ways you can keep warm.