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Clothes drying rack - diapers
What I Wish I Had Known About Cloth Diapers

What I wish I had known about cloth diapering, my experience, what worked, and what didn’t.

less baby stuff
Simplify Baby Gear: The Shopping Guide

If you don’t desire a house full of baby things, how to decide the “must haves” and what will make life easier.

Lane 3 months
Should You Keep the Baby Stuff You Might Want Later?

Discussion: What are your thoughts on keeping baby stuff that you feel you might use again (for the next baby, if there is one)?

childrens books
Baby Shower Idea: Books Instead of Cards

An idea to start the children’s book collection at the baby shower.

suitcases for trip
Tips to Travel Overseas With Babies and Kids

Tips for packing, what to bring, and managing the flight when you travel overseas with babies and small kids.

Tom pants 1
Wool Baby Pants from a Felted Sweater

After I shrunk my husband’s favorite sweater, I tried not to be too excited that I could make baby pants! Here’s a quick how-to.

Kids in tote bag
What to Expect When You’re Expecting and You Still Live in an Apartment

“What’s it like living in an apartment with a baby?” is a question I am often asked. Here’s the real story.

20100523 - Tom cup
Never Clean a Sippy Cup Again

Did you know sippy cups are optional? Teach your baby to drink from a cup.

The Essential Baby Item You Don’t See on “The Lists”

I have a baby item that I consider essential, but you never see it on those “Top 10 Must-Have Baby Gear” lists.

20100116 - Tom
Refining Moments

On Monday I fell while holding the baby. It was one of those things I had wondered about earlier, especially when going up or down stairs. If it happened, would I be able to fall backward?

Tom’s Four Generations Baby Quilt

Tom’s baby quilt, made from the fabric of clothes from the three older generations of men in our family.

Getting Through It

Sometimes the best of circumstances still have bittersweet struggles.