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I’ve Been Cleaning My Home All Wrong

This week I noticed a disturbing trend in how I pick up my home so it will look nice. I’ve been doing it wrong.

Quick Cleaning Tip: Baseboards

Baseboards? Really? I know you’re thinking, “Whatever Rachel, like I’m really going to clean the baseboards any time soon…”

Undoing the Mess

What is your best trick to put things away?

vintage cleaning ad
Who Taught You How to Clean?

I learned how to clean from watching television commercials, and later I had to unlearn all of it. Who taught you how to clean?

Hierarchy of Cleaning
No Time to Clean? What to Do.

What do you focus on when you have no time to clean? The hierarchy of cleaning.

Laundry detergent
Cleaning Products: Are you spending more than needed?

Let’s talk about cleaning products and see if we can find some ways to save you money.

clean bathtub
My Top 5 Cleaning “Ah-Ha” Moments

These 5 ideas completely changed my approach to cleaning, so that I could spend less time doing it with better results.

Shaklee Basic H2
Get Clean with Shaklee Basic H2 – A Review

I like cleaning with Shaklee Basic H2: it’s super-concentrated, it’s fragrance-free, it works, and it’s safe.

Two Home Rules for Cleaner Floors

There are two rules in our family to help us stay ahead of the dirt and crumbs on our floors and carpet.

Spring Clean: How to Put the Voom Back in Your Vacuum

I gave my vacuum a little cleaning and maintenance, and holy moly, I could not believe how powerful it was! Give your vacuum a power boost with these tips.