Real Solutions: Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

"Clear the Clutter" is a weekly series designed to help you make real changes to your home. Join us on Mondays. It won't be hard, but it will make a big impact.

couch in study
How to See Hidden Clutter

Change your perspective with 4 tips to see the clutter hiding in plain sight.

How to Deal With the Keepsakes You Shouldn’t Save

Here is a guide to help you sort through the keepsakes that you shouldn’t be keeping.

clean out old clothes
Clean Out Summer’s Wardrobe

It’s easier to refresh a fall wardrobe by taking out what is old rather than starting with buying new.

laundry room progress
Clear the Clutter: the Laundry Area

Simple steps to clean and straighten the laundry room.

sewing drapes
Get It Done: Finishing Projects

Later when you see my new drapes and I casually mention, “Oh these? I made them myself,” I want you to remember…

How to Simplify Children’s Clothes Storage

How to store and organize children’s clothes to make the most of what you have and only keep the best.

my bookshelf
Declutter the Reading List

How to decide which books to keep or give away when you love your books, and how to keep your reading list current.

coffee mug
Clear the Clutter: Free Stuff

Even free stuff has a price, so you have to be selective about what you accept.

DIY Arts and Crafts Caddy
Organize Arts & Crafts Supplies for Free!

Make an arts and crafts caddy from recycled materials to organize your craft supplies.

Clean Out Under the Kitchen Sink

We’re going under the kitchen sink to clean out the clutter that collects where no one’s looking. Here are 3 steps.

stash and dash closet
Clean Out a Stash-and-Dash Closet

Now that the party’s over and the guests have left, it’s time to put away the pile from the stash and dash.

shopping returns
Clear the Clutter: Take It Back

I want this stuff out of my house, but mostly I want money going into my checking account, not out of it.