Real Solutions: Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

"Clear the Clutter" is a weekly series designed to help you make real changes to your home. Join us on Mondays. It won't be hard, but it will make a big impact.

More Organized Bathroom Storage

Sort and toss: straighten up the bathroom to make it less cluttered and more organized.

butterfly wall hanging
Clutter Prevention Tactics

I try to avoid shopping online late at night. What shopping rules do you follow to avoid buying clutter?

cardboard box
Want to Simplify? Start Here.

Hi Rachel, I have been married 23 years and have three teenage children and have accumulated A LOT of stuff. I want to simplify, but where to begin?

canned food
Use Up the Pantry Clutter

Pantry clutter is when pantry is full of food, but “you have nothing to eat.” Let’s use up the food we have and organize the pantry.

baking dishes
An Alternative to Organizing the Tupperware Cabinet

Instead of owning, storing, and organizing plastic food containers, simplify and reuse what you already have.

bowling trophies
It’s Safe to Get Rid of Old Trophies

If as the years go by, you care about something less and less, then let it go. You won’t regret losing those old trophies and awards.

wrapping paper organization
Simplified Gift Wrap

If you don’t have the space for organizing gift wrap, simplify it instead.

evernote home design
Evernote is Still as Awesome as Ever

I love using Evernote to collect notes for all of my projects, and I use it every single day. You should try it.

flowering hedge
Bloom Where You’re Planted

A story about two hedges, and which one grew and blossomed.

organized medicine
Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organize your medicine cabinet so you can easily find your first-aid supplies. Find out what you need, and dispose of what’s expired.

toys on shelves
How to Simplify & Declutter the Toys

How to teach your kids to simplify and declutter toys.