Real Solutions: Clear the Clutter

Clear the Clutter

"Clear the Clutter" is a weekly series designed to help you make real changes to your home. Join us on Mondays. It won't be hard, but it will make a big impact.

Patio Window
Make a Weekly Cleaning Routine

In this post I’ll give you the weekly cleaning routine with the essentials I rely on and a template you can use to plan your own house cleaning routine.

tag on blanket
Clear the Clutter: Remove the Tags

Tags and labels don’t take up much space. They’re visually distracting, though, and stuff looks better without them.

file crate
Clear the Clutter: Limit the File Storage

About ten years ago I decide to always limit my paper file storage to one box, and that helps me to clean out the papers when it gets full.

spices organized
Organize the Spice Shelf

Let’s clean out the spice cabinet and keep the spices that we really use, not the ones that are old and expired.

When You Haven’t Filed Papers All Year, Reduce Them by Half

Every year in January I try to control the damage and file the papers that I have let pile up in my “I’ll Deal With This Later” file.

entry cabinet
Create a Good First Impression: Organize Your Front Entry

Use hooks and open surfaces in the entry to make your home look more organized for surprise guests.

kitchen progress january
Clear Your Kitchen Counter (It’s a Work Space, Not a Storage Space)

Clear the kitchen counters so you have an open surface for all the work and activity that goes on in the kitchen.

cluttered purse
Clear the Clutter from Your Handbag

Clear out the receipts and clutter from your handbag, and tell us what is the most random thing you find!

TV stand
Clear the Clutter: Sell or Donate One Big Thing

This week’s challenge is to sell or give away something (one thing) that is in the way, big, or bulky so you can clear up a lot of space.

pile of clothes in bedroom
Clear the Clutter: The Pile of Clothes in the Bedroom

We’re going to make changes to our home, starting with the pile of clothes in the bedroom.