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Updating my wardrobe to keep fewer, but better, clothes.

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The Shopping Guide: Comfortably Dressy Style

It’s not just about the stores where I shop, but the techniques for how I shop. How to find a comfortably-dressy style with fewer, better clothes.

The Style Guide: “Comfortably Dressy”

How to develop your personal style for dressy clothes you can wear every day.

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Stylish Dressing with a Small Summer Wardrobe

How to make an outfit look polished and put together when it’s blazing hot outside.

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Add Classic Style to the Small Wardrobe

My goal: fewer, but better, clothes. Here are my techniques to bring more style to an otherwise basic and small wardrobe.

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How to Downsize Your Wardrobe with Common Sense

A reader’s question: “Do you have any guidelines for how many clothes to keep/have? It is so hard to follow the 6-month rule.”

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Too Many Spares? Simplify Your Pairs.

If your underwear drawer has been neglected for too long, you might open your drawer to four cute pairs and twenty spares. Let’s simplify that.

Clean Closet
The Closet Makeunder

Before my closet was a mish-mash of too many clothes in different sizes, but now everything is organized!

The Closet Makeunder: Buying the New

After I cleaned out my closet, I challenged myself with shopping rules for new clothes.

Closet Makeunder Before
The Closet Makeunder: Out with the Old

How could I have a closet filled with 4 different sizes of clothing and still feel like I had nothing to wear? I needed a closet makeunder.

Organizing Your Children’s Clothes Storage

Having cute baby clothes in a drawer usually means having off-season, different-sized children’s clothes stored somewhere else in the home. It’s hard to organize it all!

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Tips to Buy Kids’ Clothing for Less Money

Buying used clothing can be such a value. Here are some tips to help you make good buying decisions at resale shops.