Real Solutions: Clutter


What to Do About Other People’s Stuff

What to do when other people keep giving you stuff you don’t want.

cardboard box
The Perpetual Giveaway Box

Using a giveaway box helps you donate things as you think about it, instead of doing a big purge once a year.

ink boxes2
Container Clutter Confessions

What kind of container clutter might be hiding at your home? Boxes, jars, butter tubs?

Used books
Selling Used Books: Still No Money

Selling used books brings back memories of college bookstores and the semiannual disappointment of how little someone will offer you for your $90 Physics textbook. That you used twice.

Drop Off Old Computer Parts at Goodwill

Do you have old computer parts sitting around? You might be able to donate or recycle them at Goodwill’s Reconnect program.

Simplify Wall Plaque
Just What Everyone Needs, Right?

Is it just me or does this decorative wall hanging strike anyone else as funny?

Spring Cleaning: Saving on the High Cost of Storage

Did you know that in the US, nearly 1 in 10 households rents a storage unit? I’d rather keep my cash in my pocket, instead of my stuff in my storage.

What have you done for me lately?
Janet Jackson’s Guide to Decluttering

How can you declutter stuff you used to love? You have to follow the wise words of Janet.

Decluttering (Peacefully) With Your Spouse

If you get rid of something that belongs to him with asking first, he’ll never forget it. How to work on cleaning out your stuff together, peacefully.

number ten
Declutter Your Home

Declutter your home with ten tips to find the space you need.

fan on books
What Motivates Us: Inspiration to Declutter

My personal top five incentives to declutter my stuff and have fewer things. What are yours?

Goodbye clutter, I won’t miss you

It baffles me completely that there is more to get rid of. Whenever I start to think that we need more storage space, it’s time to get rid of stuff.