Real Solutions: Decorate


20101206 - Clementines
Holiday Decorations Made with Food

Clementines and popcorn garlands – what could be more perfect for apartment renters than decor that doesn’t have to be stored once the holidays are over?

Repurpose a Fireplace Mantel into a Headboard

Looking for DIY headboard ideas? A repurposed fireplace mantelpiece is a perfect fit for a queen bed.

Nursery - Lane and Tom
Lane & Tom’s Shared Nursery Tour

Lane (age 3) and Tom (5 months) share a bedroom in our two-bedroom apartment. See how we made it a room for both of them to enjoy.

Bubble Light
DIY Glass Bubble Chandelier

When we wanted a new light to go over the dining table, I knew a glass chandelier would be much nicer than our current light fixture, even if we made it ourselves.

Stacked Wood Fireplace Mantel January
The Stacked Wood Mantel (Before & After)

When we last saw the stacked wood fireplace mantel, it was covered in Christmas garlands. Take a look at it now!

Building a Stacked Wood Fireplace Mantel

Sometimes when you live in a plain beige apartment, you have to add your own architectural interest. We didn’t a have fireplace, and we thought a mantel would make our apartment more cozy.

The Halls are Decked

A little holiday house tour…

Craigslist Savvy: How to Buy and Sell to Decorate Your Home

Craigslist is my preferred place to shop for furniture, even over buying new. Here are tips you need to know to buy the good stuff and sell the clutter.

Rental Re-do: Lighting Switcheroo

The crown jewel of our former apartment, a reminder of how our rent was cheap, and what made us stare and wonder, “What were they thinking?” –This chandelier.

ornament garland
Christmas Decorating at Our Home

If you could come over and visit this morning, you’d get to see our Christmas decorations. And have some coffee. There’s always coffee. Hanging Christmas ornaments is one of our favorite traditions, but in our apartment there is absolutely no room for a tree. We do the next best thing: our collection is displayed on a […]