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Winter Favorite Recipe: French Lentil Soup

This is the lentil soup recipe that we eat every single week in winter. It’s that good.

Six eggs
What to Eat on a Beans and Rice Budget (Besides Beans and Rice)

Every family needs at least one meal that they can eat for pennies. What are your favorite cheap meals?

What is Your Absolute Favorite Cookbook?

This year, 2010, is the year I learn how to better cook. What are your favorite cookbooks?

15 Minute Dinner: Tilapia with Spinach Salad

One of my favorite dinners takes only 15 minutes to prepare! This recipe for tilapia with spinach salad makes two adult servings. Let’s get started.

Batch Cooking: Meal Starters

If I need to cook dinner fast and all I see in the freezer is frozen blocks of uncooked meat, then I’m so tempted to go out to eat. I decided to prepare meal starters, so dinner is almost ready.

Free Printables: Menu Plan & Shopping List

If you liked the idea of combining your menu plan and grocery shopping list in one, but you don’t want to create a spreadsheet, here’s a simple blank one you can print.

A Week’s Menu Plan and Grocery Shopping List All in One

What if you organized your menu plan into a spreadsheet that you could also use as your shopping list? A week’s worth of dinner recipes plus the grocery shopping list is organized for you and ready to print.

Comfort Soups: A Collection of Recipes

A collection of favorite soup recipes: chicken noodle, tortilla, chowder, black bean, and suggestions for garnishing.

bowl of tomatoes
Batch Cooking: A Collection of Tips

I love batch cooking because it lets me reach into the freezer on busy nights and have a home-cooked dinner ready in minutes.