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What Reaching a Goal Really Looks Like

Reaching your goals don’t always look like most self-help articles describe. Here’s what they can really look like.

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In Search for Compelling Goals

When I worked at an office, the most dreaded week of the year was when we had to take time off from our real jobs to write our “goals” that would be used later for our performance reviews.

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Messy With Purpose

Sometimes a mess simply means you’re working really hard on something, and you’ll come back to it later.

Staying Balanced While Life is Full

Focusing on priorities helped me to pull back from responsibilities that were receiving too much importance, and focus more on areas I felt had been neglected. Having a clean home was important, but it wasn’t the measure of my success as a wife and mom.

Prioritizing Goals and Letting Some Go

What do you do when there is more to do than you ever have time for? It’s easy to be reminded of all the things that would be good to do. It’s also easy to feel worn out or overwhelmed.