Real Solutions: Keepsakes


How to make decisions about what's important enough to keep.

How to Deal With the Keepsakes You Shouldn’t Save

Here is a guide to help you sort through the keepsakes that you shouldn’t be keeping.

bowling trophies
It’s Safe to Get Rid of Old Trophies

If as the years go by, you care about something less and less, then let it go. You won’t regret losing those old trophies and awards.

Greeting cards pile
Organize Greeting Cards: the Stack Method

Reader’s question: How do you organize holiday cards, birthday cards, postcards, and other special cards?

red shirt
The Man/T-shirt Connection: Why Guys Still Love Their Worn-Out Tees

Explaining why men still wear their oldest T-shirt, Doug gives us the man’s perspective.

Lane and sky picture
A Tip for Photographing Your Child’s Art

One way to reduce the amount of artwork that you should save for your child is to photograph it or scan it. Don’t forget the most key part.

Dollhouse Kitchen
Your Child’s Keepsakes, 30 Years Later

What will you keep for your children as they grow older, and what do you do with that stuff when your children have grown?

Holding on to Sentimental Things

When it comes to keeping sentimental things: the fewer things you keep, the more special they are.