Real Solutions: Kitchen


Classic Dishes: Fiestaware

Fiestaware dishes were my first home purchase, and I use them every day.

Open Kitchen Pantry Remodel (And How To Keep It Pretty)

Ready to see the new open pantry? To fully appreciate it, you have see how it looked before.

Venice Kitchen
Smart Design from a Petite Venetian Kitchen

We’re staying in Venice, and our tiny apartment kitchen has clever use of space.

Skillet eggs
A Half-Dozen Kitchen Tips

Here are 6 kitchen tips that have been really helpful to me lately, from digital scales to keeping celery fresh.

Simplify Your Stuff: Choose the Classics

Do you ever wonder how we accumulate so much stuff? I want more of my things to resemble a cast iron skillet, modest and hardworking.

Organizing Recipes: Kickin’ It Old School

The long search for the ideal way to organize recipes.

DIY Simple, Modern Pot Rack

I’ve wanted a pot rack to organize my cookware. A vertical rack on the side of the cabinet would efficiently use that empty space. I also didn’t want to spend more than $40. Here’s how we made one that was simple and modern.

The Spice Cabinet Cleanout

How long has it been since you checked how old your spices are? The guide to how long you can keep spices.

Kitchen Pantry
Glass Jars in the Kitchen Pantry

Since most of our food is on full display in open shelves in the kitchen, I used glass canning jars as inexpensive and beautiful containers.