Real Solutions: Life with Small Kids

Life with Small Kids

Grocery trip adventure
My Day is a Series of Five Minutes at a Time

Some days when I look at the clock, I can’t believe it’s lunch time because I don’t know where the morning went.

Kids in tote bag
What to Expect When You’re Expecting and You Still Live in an Apartment

“What’s it like living in an apartment with a baby?” is a question I am often asked. Here’s the real story.

Nursery - Lane and Tom
Lane & Tom’s Shared Nursery Tour

Lane (age 3) and Tom (5 months) share a bedroom in our two-bedroom apartment. See how we made it a room for both of them to enjoy.

Lane and sky picture
A Tip for Photographing Your Child’s Art

One way to reduce the amount of artwork that you should save for your child is to photograph it or scan it. Don’t forget the most key part.

Dollhouse Kitchen
Your Child’s Keepsakes, 30 Years Later

What will you keep for your children as they grow older, and what do you do with that stuff when your children have grown?