Grom gelato
Good Reads: Lost in Venice Edition

Pink grapefruit gelato and good reads.

Children's door glass
Good Reads for March

I love the doors in the children’s bedroom. How about some links for weekend reading?

Lady in blue coat
Good Reads & the Reigning Monarchy

Italian grandmothers, language lessons, and a few good reads.

At Grandma's House
Good Reads – the 92nd Year

My Grandma turns 92 this weekend. She is lovely.

white flowers green
Good Reads: Favorite Lines Edition

Today I give you some of my favorite lines written by talented women around the blogosphere for your weekend reading enjoyment:

20100811 - Dried Almonds
Good Reads: the Smokin’ Hot Edition

Who needs a dehydrator when it’s a hundred and seven outside? Thank you, Texas. Good reads for your weekend.

Good Reads for Your Weekend

So many tips to pass along. Enjoy reading!

Good Reads – Tax Break Edition

I’m starting to work on my taxes this weekend (just as soon as I find the rest of the paperwork for it).

20100318 - Rachel and Tom
Good Reads: Here We Are, This is You and Me

Tom just started crawling, so things are about to look very different around here. Let’s see what’s good to read.

Footprints in Snow
Good Reads – the Staying Warm Inside Edition

For the record, I am never wearing a Snuggie, no matter how cold it gets. Just can’t do it. Let’s read.

Dead Plant
Good Reads – Brought to You by Doug and Tazo Chai

While I sit here and type out these links I want to share with you, Doug has been putting away the clean laundry and washing the dishes. He’s the best.

Good Reads: Snow Day Edition

It’s a snow day here, all the better for coming inside and doing some reading with a cup of warm tea.