Good Reads: Granola Edition

Today I’m munching on granola bars made by (mostly) following this recipe at Smitten Kitchen, and I’m thinking about…

Good Reads: Garage Sale Edition

We went to a community garage sale this weekend and came home with nothing, but I did find a bunch of good articles to share with you today.

Good Reads: the Money-Free Weekend Edition

This weekend we’re money-free. Here are some interesting reads I’ve found to keep us motivated.

Good Reads: Hey, Cupcake!

What I’ve read and enjoyed this week.

Good Reads: the Lemonade Edition

One of my summer joys is to open the fridge and see Paul Newman’s face smiling at me from a carton of cold lemonade. I’ve got quite the collection of links I’ve been meaning to share. Here are a few good reads from a talented bunch of writers:

San Marcos sunset
Inspired Reading from August

As we wrap up the summer, I hope you enjoy these links I found inspiring.