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file crate
Clear the Clutter: Limit the File Storage

About ten years ago I decide to always limit my paper file storage to one box, and that helps me to clean out the papers when it gets full.

When You Haven’t Filed Papers All Year, Reduce Them by Half

Every year in January I try to control the damage and file the papers that I have let pile up in my “I’ll Deal With This Later” file.

Greeting cards pile
Organize Greeting Cards: the Stack Method

Reader’s question: How do you organize holiday cards, birthday cards, postcards, and other special cards?

Paris papers
Display Memorabilia and Paper Souvenirs

Most of our souvenirs are bits of papers tucked into envelopes or taped into notebooks: drawings, ticket stubs, and maps. What do you do with them?

Lane and sky picture
A Tip for Photographing Your Child’s Art

One way to reduce the amount of artwork that you should save for your child is to photograph it or scan it. Don’t forget the most key part.

Paper Pile Makeover Results!
Paper Pile Makeover Results!

My tower of papers before was an overwhelming catastrophe. You’ll be amazed at it now.

How to Keep and Store Children’s Art

How to keep and store your kids’ artwork in a meaningful, yet manageable, way.

7 Strategies for Going Paperless
7 Strategies for Going Paperless

Technology can reduce a remarkable amount of paper clutter. It takes time to scan old papers, but you don’t have to do them all at once.

What Papers Can You Get Rid Of?
What Papers Can You Get Rid Of?

Are you overcome by papers but don’t know if it’s safe to throw them away? Don’t organize what you can toss.

A Solution for Lost Papers and Late Bills
A Solution for Lost Papers and Late Bills

Take a look inside my correspondence notebook which keeps me from losing bills, invitations, and other mail that requires a response.

Paper Pile Makeover (Before)
Paper Pile Makeover (Before)

What is your best paper-organizing tip for preventing a huge stack like mine?