Tom pants 1
Wool Baby Pants from a Felted Sweater

After I shrunk my husband’s favorite sweater, I tried not to be too excited that I could make baby pants! Here’s a quick how-to.

Sewing Box
How I Broke a Safety Pin Addiction and Started Mending Clothes

I used to think mending my clothes would take too long, so I’d rely on safety pins. But it doesn’t take long to mend your clothes.

Tom’s Four Generations Baby Quilt

Tom’s baby quilt, made from the fabric of clothes from the three older generations of men in our family.

Made With Love from Gloves

This puppy used to be a pair of gloves. I sewed him up with some brown thread, added a button, and then stuffed him with cotton balls.

Teaching Sewing

It was girls’ weekend while Doug was out of town, so we spent it watching movies, eating ice cream, and sewing. My three-year-old has been very into sewing.