Real Solutions: Storage


Nursery - Dresser and Rain Gutter Bookshelves
7 Ways to Add More Storage Space to Your Home

Many houses and apartments lack decent storage space, so let’s brainstorm ways to add more storage space to your home.

20100701 - Back Room Organized 1
Back Room Makeover Results!

I finished cleaning out the back room, and I didn’t have to block out an entire weekend to do it! See the before and after photos.

20100629 - Back Room Tues 0127 PM
Back Room Makeover: A Clean Slate

I knew if I was going to clean out my back room, I had to empty it first.

Jumping on the bed
Back Room Makeover: the Strategy

It’s time to clean out the back room. Should I pull everything out first, or focus on a little at a time?

Back Room Before
Back Room Makeover: the Before

Doesn’t everybody, no matter how neat or clutter-free they are, have at least one place of messiness in their home? Here’s mine.

The Card Catalog File

I first saw it on Craigslist. It was solid wood, and it was vintage — a combination that’s very hard for me to resist. The card catalog file became the home for all of our little things that had no home.

The Lost Rule of Organizing

No matter what article you read about how to organize stuff, they all cover the same three principles, and they usually forget to mention something very important.

Organizing Your Children’s Clothes Storage

Having cute baby clothes in a drawer usually means having off-season, different-sized children’s clothes stored somewhere else in the home. It’s hard to organize it all!