Dropbox: My Online File Cabinet

What happens if my MacBook gets lost, broken, or stolen? My data will be fine with Dropbox.

The Wish List

I use Wishpot to keep track of all our gift ideas. It’s a helpful tool when someone asks for gift suggestions.

Craigslist Ad
Craigslist Photo Tip: How to Show Big, Clear Photos So Your Stuff Sells

This tutorial will help you show large, clear photos on your Craigslist ads so your stuff will sell.

Evernote: Free Software that Knocked My Socks Off

This software is worth trying. Seriously. I use it every day, and it keeps me more organized and free of paper clutter.

Craigslist Savvy: How to Buy and Sell to Decorate Your Home

Craigslist is my preferred place to shop for furniture, even over buying new. Here are tips you need to know to buy the good stuff and sell the clutter.

Savings Tip for Online Shopping

Retail Me Not is my way to save a few dollars when I need to shop for something online. It’s a website that provides coupon codes, but the format and reliability is much better than other coupon sites I’ve seen.